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The Next Chapter by DaniPotterhead
Chapter 3 : Hogwarts New Student
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So new chapter up and Several more are written, just got to type them up and edit. Please R&R .



Chapter 3 - Hogwarts New Student




A lone figure walked the empty corridors of Hogwarts. Much damage had been inflicted during the battle. Once a majestic, warm haven full of life and laughter, the castle had been reduced to piles of rubble and laughter was vacant. The castle slept for the moment. Huge amounts of energy had been released from deep reserves for when students were in danger. Not many students realised that the castle itself was sentient. It was filled with hundreds of years of absorption of excess magic which was stored deep under the foundations. Little was known about it and those that were aware assumed that the founders had set up the first reserves and brought the castle to life. Since the founders, few had felt a connection to the castle and in recent years only one. Albus Dumbledore had bound himself to the sentient part of the castle which helped him in the running of the school and the protection of Hogwarts students. Another student was about to realise a talent that had laid dormant since birth.


Harry was wandering the castle, taking in the fact that he was a free man. No longer bound to a prophecy that could have meant his death, he could look forward to the future, something he hadn't done for most of his life. Hermione and Ron had left to talk to Kingsley, who had been appointed Minister Of Magic, about finding her parents. After a year on the run she was desperate to make sure they were ok and restore their memories. Ron had gone with her as he didnt want to be seperated from her after revealing how they felt towards each other in the room of requirement. Harry Smiled at the memory. They certainly did choose an inconveniant moment but at least were together now. After all the constant bickering he was sure he was gunna have to lock them in a room together. Everyone knew that they both fancied each other since third year. Thinking about Ron and Hermione made him think about Ginny. Yesterday she had told him she loved him. Even just thinking about her saying that made him smile. Everytime he saw her he felt complete, she was the missing piece in his life. He leaned against the castle wall recalling the conversation from the morning before when a slight vibration and a thrumming noise. Without a thought his wand came out and he stood alert. The sound and feeling disappeared but not entirley. Confused he looked around but he could see nothing. He leaned aginst the wall still confused and the noise increased in volume again. A suspicion crossed his mind and he rested his hand on the wall. This time he knew what it was but he didnt know how he knew. The castles sentient mind had connected with Harry and he could feel a small, faint emotion of sadness. Hoping to help, Harry sent out a thought of hope. He felt a small tug in his mind and a picture of the heads office appeared. Taking it as a sign that he was needed there he made his way through the corridors unknowingly taking several shortcuts which he had never been through. It seemed that Hogwarts was revealing her secrets to her new student.


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