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'Till Death Do Us Part by alicia and anne
Chapter 12 : Chapter 12
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“Did you want to go out for dinner or did you want to order something in?” James asked Amelia as he walked into the bedroom to see that Amelia was still in the pyjamas that she had changed into after having a shower after work this morning. She was currently halfway through the book she had been reading for the past few days when she wasn’t able to get to sleep, due to the babies moving about.

James laughed as he watched Amelia engrossed in the book, “I guess we’ll be ordering in then. What do you fancy?”

“Anything I don’t mind, whatever you fancy?” She told him, still reading the book. “Pizza?”

“Pizza it is. The usual one?” he asked her, she gave a nod as he grabbed for his shoes next to his side of the bed and putting them on.

“Can you get some garlic bread as well? And some of that mint ice cream?” Amelia asked, looking up with a smile at James.

James nodded as he leant over the bed and gave Amelia a kiss on the lips. “I’ll be back soon.”

“Love you.” Amelia called after him with a smile.

“I love you too.” James told her as he walked out of the room.


“I never thought that it would be difficult to name our boys,” Amelia stated as she ate the ice cream off of her spoon. They had both finished their pizza quickly and were now laying on their bed as they listened to the radio playing in the background, not that either of them were paying attention to it. They had been trying to come up with names for their children since James had come back with the pizzas and told Amelia that the owner of the pizza shop had asked him about the names that they were going to name their children. James realised in that moment that maybe they went to the pizza shop a little too much, it was mainly whenever Adam had come over to see
James and the two were too lazy to cook so ordered pizza, but still.

“How about we just name one baby each?” Amelia suggested, after neither of them could agree on any names. “Then that way we can each get names we both like?”

“How about ‘Quid’ and ‘Itch’?” James asked with a grin at Amelia who shook her head at him.

“Or Dra and Gon,”

“Mag and Ick,”

“Left and Right,”

“North and South.”

They stopped for a moment as each of them realised that they couldn’t think of anything else.

“I think we’re running out of names,” James said through his chuckles.

“I think so too.” Amelia said wiping her eyes which were full of tears of mirth.

“Do we know who we want as Godparents yet?” James asked her as he dug his spoon into the ice cream before bringing it up to his mouth and eating it.

“I think we should have different ones for each twin,” Amelia told James as she dug her spoon into the ice cream.

“One’s definitely going to be Adam,” James stated, Amelia agreed with him. Adam was an important part in both of their lives.

“I think the other Godfather should be Brent.” Amelia said James looked up at her.

“Really?” he asked her, loving the idea of making his work partner the other Godfather, he had been there for James through everything and it was such a great way to repay him.

“Yeah, it’s either him or Uncle Charlie,” Amelia said with a laugh.

“Maybe he could be a Godmother?” James suggested as a joke.

“Charlie would love that,” Amelia laughed.

“What about Godmothers?” James asked Amelia, eating some more of the ice cream.

“Lucy,” Amelia said through her own mouthful of ice cream. “I’m not sure on the other one.”

“I was thinking Lily, but she’s already Godmother to Pedro.”

“We’ll think of someone else.”

“How about Fred?” James joked.

“Well he is worried about the babies being born on his birthday,” Amelia said, “So maybe it could be a birthday present.”

James and Amelia both laughed. Amelia put her spoon down on her bedside cabinet before looking down at her growing belly and smiling.

“What is it?” James asked her in concern, Amelia leant back slightly before pulling her t-shirt up so that her belly was exposed to him, James could see that it seemed to be ‘jumping’ up and down on the side closest to him.

“I think one of the babies has hiccups.” She told him happily.

James ran his hand over where her belly was moving and gave his own smile. A loud knock on the door interrupted them and James got off of the bed so that he could answer the door as Amelia pulled her t-shirt back over herself.

“Hello, Hugo. We’re a little busy right now so... or just come right on in that’s fine.”

Amelia heard two sets of footsteps heading towards the bedroom before she saw Hugo enter the room, carrying a bag in his right hand. He gave her a grin, before he noticed the pizza boxes on the bed and the ice cream which was now on James’s bedside cabinet.

He sat himself down at the bottom of the bed and grabbed for a slice of the cold pizza that had been left. James shook his head at his cousin before he sat back down on his side of the bed.

“What are you doing here, Hugo?” Amelia asked, wondering just why he was here and attempting to eat their left over pizza.

Hugo replied by throwing the bag in his hand at James. “It’s from Lily, but she was too lazy to bring it around herself.”

“Oh. Tell her thanks when you next see her.”

“I’m not your slave James, do it yourself.” Hugo told him, taking his wand out of his pocket and pointing it at the pizza to warm it.

“So how have you been Hugo? Did you find a girlfriend? I know that you were looking.” Amelia started, trying to make conversation with him.

“I tried to find one yesterday, but on closer observation I realised that girls are too high maintenance for my liking. You always have to buy them presents and brush their hair and stuff.” Hugo told them as he finished his slice of pizza and wiped his hands down his trousers to rid himself of grease and crumbs.

Amelia and James both let out laughs at Hugo’s words. “Hugo, you don’t have to brush their hair. Who were you watching?”

“I may have ended up near one of those beauty places down in Diagon Alley on my break yesterday,” Hugo said with a shrug, before carrying on with what he was saying. “I did happen to see Adam so I followed him around for a while. If he wasn’t going out with Lucy then I might have him as my boyfriend.”

“Adam likes girls. I don’t think he’ll be looking for a boyfriend anytime soon, believe me Scorpius has tried and failed to get Adam.” James said with a laugh.

Amelia gave a scoff before turning to look at James. “Shall we talk about how close you and Adam are?”

James went silent before shaking his head and muttering, “No idea what you’re talking about, love.”

Amelia gave a small frown as she arched her back slightly, feeling both of the babies move and something digging into her ribs.

“Are the babies moving?” Hugo asked, his eyes were wide and he was staring at her.

“Yeah, they are. It’s a bit uncomfortable.” Amelia admitted, trying to poke whatever was digging into her ribs away.

“Can I feel?” Hugo asked her, without waiting for an answer he placed his hands on her bump and stared at it in awe.

“Our family really don’t understand the concept of boundaries do they?” James asked Amelia, who was shaking her head and trying to stop herself from laughing.

Hugo ever so slowly lowered his head so he was resting his ear against the bump, as though he could hear the babies inside. Amelia frowned before turning to look at James in question, James was looking just as confused as Amelia.

Amelia felt one of the babies kicking the spot where Hugo had put his ear and Hugo moved away quickly, his mouth was open in shock before it changed into a wide grin.

“I like that one; I think that he’ll be my favourite.” Hugo told them both, looking back down at where his hands were.

“That’s good to know Hugo.” James told him with a small laugh.

Amelia smiled at Hugo. “Can you let go for a minute Hugo, I need to go to the toilet.” She told him. It was a lie, she didn’t need to go, she just wanted to move away from Hugo for a while.
Hugo moved away from her and nodded, Amelia gave a thankful smile as she got off of the bed and stood up before making her way out of the room.

She cursed to herself as she realised that maybe she did need to pee.


Bill walked into his parents’ house, not bothering to knock as he knew that it was only his parents and brother in there. He had made sure to turn up around dinner time, knowing that his mother would give him a plate of whatever wonderful food she was cooking at the time. He was feeling quite hungry.

“Mum? Dad?” Bill called as he closed the door behind him and wiped his shoes on the mat by the door before walking into the kitchen, the smells of dinner were wafting around the room and Bill could feel his stomach rumbling.

He heard a loud scream, of what could only be excitement, before footsteps came stomping towards him. Bill felt a fear go through him as he spotted Pedro run from the living room and into the kitchen, Bill looked around fearfully for any other people but realised that he would have seen them if all of them were here.

Pedro grabbed hold of Bill’s leg and refused to let go of him, latching quite tightly and almost stopping the circulation in his leg.

“Oh no, I am not going to have this passed down to a different generation!” Bill cried loudly picking Pedro up, it took a while to get his little hands to drop their grip, and throwing him over his shoulder, carrying him into the front room. Pedro laughed loudly as he kicked his little legs. Bill got him off of his shoulder and placed him gently on top of Mariah.

Mariah, Albus, Charlie and Bill’s parents were all sitting in there talking amongst each other.
Pedro laughed again as he turned around and climbed off of his mother’s lap, “Again!” he yelled running at Bill who gave a sigh, wondering just what he had started. Bill sat down on the floor and Pedro instantly tried to climb onto Bill’s shoulder, grabbing his hair and face in his efforts to climb.

“You know you can’t stop it bro,” Charlie said with a laugh.

“I don’t even know how it started,” Bill cried. Pedro had gotten bored of climbing on Bill and instead run over to Arthur, climbing up onto his lap and hugging up to him. Arthur was currently asleep in the chair, having his pre-dinner nap.

“I don’t even remember,” Albus admitted his arm around Mariah’s shoulders. “All I know is that your face whenever we run at you is priceless.” He chuckled as he pictured everyone running at Bill, who was almost always holding something so was unable to protect himself. Bill had tried to avoid this happening, by being early and sitting down on a chair, but they all piled on top of him, hurting themselves and him in the process. He had tried turning up quite late but they were all waiting for him in the shadows. Either way he could not win so now settled for performing a cushioning charm so the fall didn’t hurt as much.

“So what are you doing here, dear?” Molly asked her eldest son, standing up and beginning to walk across the room to check on dinner, Mariah followed her as she was helping Molly to prepare the dinner.

“I got hungry and Fleur is at work so there’s no one at home.” Bill said with a shrug. Molly rubbed the top of his head affectionately as she passed him.

“Nothing beats your mums cooking, eh?” Molly chuckled, walking out of the room. Bill stood up and sat in Mariah’s vacated seat, Albus’s arm was still behind him. Bill chose to ignore it around his shoulders, promising himself to give Albus a dead leg if he so much as tried to make him uncomfortable like he always did in situations like this.

“What you doing tonight?” Bill asked Charlie who was looking across the room at his father and Pedro, who had now fallen asleep his head rested on his Great Grandfathers arm.

Charlie turned to look at him and gave a shrug, “nothing spectacular planned, why?”

“Want to come over for a few drinks?” he asked him.

“Is anyone else going?” Charlie enquired, shifting in the chair to get more comfortable.

“Nope, it’s just us.” Bill said shaking his head.

“Brilliant. Count me in,” Charlie said with a smile. “The others are boring.”

“Percy is fun,” Bill said, Charlie nodded his agreement.

“Ok you can invite him if you want?” Charlie said.

A/N: A bit of a filler chapter I know, but I needed some cuteness and baby name decisions. Plus any excuse for Bill to feel uncomfortable right? :P Let me know what you think. 

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