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Everything Happens For A Reason by LeatherAndHeelsKindaGirl
Chapter 2 : So that's the new girl
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Drew Roy as James Sirius Potter


James’ P.O.V



        I sat slowly and hit the off button on my alarm. I got up and put my robes on. I walked over to Fred and woke him up. I grabbed my stuff and headed for the common room. When I got there I saw that rose was standing there.


        “I’ve been waiting for you!” she said quite loudly “Where’s Fred?” she asked


        “Geez Rose quiet down, people are still trying to sleep. He’ll be down in a minute.” I told her


        “So this it for you huh?” she said a little bit of sadness in her voice


        “Yeah this it, I still can’t believe it.” I said  


        Then Fred came down the stairs half asleep. He walked right passed us and open the portrait hole. “Are you just going to stand there? Let’s go!” He said


        Rose and I followed him out of the common room. We made our way to the great hall, when we got in there I saw Albus sitting by Scorpius and all his friends. I waved at him and he waved back, then he went back to talking to a girl that I have never seen here before.


        I sat down by Fred and started to fill my plate up.  “Do you guys know who Al was talking to over there?” I asked them


        Rose looked over my shoulder and shrugged. Fred turned around and his eyes widened.


        “I have no idea who that girl is, but I would sure love to get to know her.” He said winking


        I gave one last glance at the girl talking to my brother. I turned back around to Rose and Fred and continued to eat my food. After I was finished I left went over to the slytherin table.


        I walked up to my brother and tapped his shoulder. He turned to me and smiled “Oh, hey James” He said “Do you need anything?” He asked


        I scratched the back of my head “Yeah, can I talk to you before dinner?” I asked


        “Yeah, I guess you could. Is that all?” He asked


        “Yeah that’s it” I said just as Scorpius walked over.


        “Hey Al, wanna walk to class with us?” He asked Albus but then noticing that I was there. “Oh Hey James, wait did I interrupt something?” H asked


        “Nah, I was just asking him something. You can have him, see you after dinner.” I said and walked over to Fred who was waiting for me by the door.


        Fred and I walked to transfiguration and took our seats. “What do you think of the new girl?” Fred asked me


        I just shrugged in response; I honestly didn’t get a good look at her. “I don’t know I didn’t good look, unlike you who was drooling over her at breakfast” I said


        Fred sent me a glare but then laugh “How could you not she was hot!” He said “I’ll let you get a closer look but I call dibbs” He said


        “Sure” I said chuckling


        “I’m not kidding James, I’ve got dibbs” His voice was serious


        “Alright I heard you the first time you said it. I’ll keep off you can have her all you want” I said


        “Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley perhaps you two would like a detention this afternoon?” Professor Remington threatened


        “No” I muttered


        “Then I suggest you keep quiet and pay attention to the lesson” He said sternly


        I threw my head back and groaned. I hated this class and I hated Professor Remington. He was the one to call you out for breathing to loud. He once gave this one kid detention for sneezing during a lesson.


        He usually lets me off with a warning, I’m not so sure why though. I’m sure it’s because he’s scared of my dad or something. Wimp. I turned my head to Fred who was rolling his eyes. He didn’t like Remington that much either. He loathe him actually, Fred like the class itself he just hated the teacher teaching it.


        Fred smirked at me and mouthed the word “dibbs” I bit back the chuckled that almost escaped my lips. He must really not trust me, I don’t know why though. I’ve always been good with dibbs plus Fred’s girls usually aren’t my type anyways.


        I gave him thumbs up letting him know I understand and winked. Fred and I have been friends sense we were kids. I mean it wasn’t hard to see him since he is my cousin and all. We’ve always been able to get along probably sense we’re into the same things; we both like pranks, girls, and getting in trouble. I don’t recall a time where we have ever fought over anything.


        After Remington dismissed us I flew out of the classroom with Fred right next to me. We like to make it out before Remington and can stop and talk to us about behavior. I usually manage to escape before he can begin a lecture.


        I looked around but I couldn’t see Fred. He must’ve gotten further than me when we were running from Remington.


        “Fred!” I called out to a crowd


        “I’m right here” He answered walking over to my side


        “Where’d you go?” I asked him while we made our way to class


        Fred smirked “I thought I saw Albus and I figured his new blonde friend was with him” He said


        I rolled my eyes at him “If you start stalking her she’ll find you creepy instead of attractive. Haven’t you learned anything from me, dear cousin?” I asked teasingly


        Fred chuckled at my joke and sent me a playful glare as well.  After a short walk we entered the classroom and took our seats. Professor Steele had separated Fred ad I from each other. He was forced to sit all the way on the other side of the room.  I noticed that it wasn’t the same people as usual.


        In potions sometimes higher students got to work with the 7th years       . My brother, Albus and Scorpius were usually in here when that happened. There in the middle table sat Albus and Rose and behind them was Scorpius with a girl that I couldn’t exactly recognize.


        She and Scorpius looked almost identical beside that her hair and skin were darker. Her facial features were slightly softer as well. She had the same pale pink lips and grey eyes that looked like they were made of steel. She looked new as well, is this chick that Fred was going all googly-eyed over?


        I hate to put a damper on Fred’s new fantasy but she wasn’t his type. For one thing she was younger than both of us and Fred isn’t good with younger girls. He usually gets to big headed and scares them off with his “Smooth moves”. I can’t say that I blame him though, she was definitely on the hot list…but Fred called dibbs. Not that they’ll mean anything, he won’t be able to get her anyways.


        Wait; hold up…If she is a 6th year why haven’t I seen her here before? And if she hasn’t been here sense year one how did she get into an advanced potion class? I’ll just talk to Albus at dinner and ask him.


        At the end of class Steele gave us the extra time to do nothing sense the lesson was done. I looked over and saw Fred going over to the girl who was sitting with Scorpius. He looked over to me and winked. I threw him a quick thumbs up and shook my head slowly. I watched him as he tried to flirt with her and failed terribly at it. Whatever he said she seemed to be blowing it off.


        This chick must be hard to get because lots of the younger girls love my cousin (Before they get to know him.) I mean he is one of the best looking kids at Hogwarts, besides me of course. Every time he’d say something she just pushes it away.


        Dahlia’s P.O.V


         “So you’re new around here huh?” A boy asked me


        He had a darker skin complexion that looked like a coffee color.  His eyes were dark like chocolate as was his hair. He had a bigger frame but it wasn’t fat it was muscle. His arms were big as was the rest of his body.


        “Yes and you are?” I asked


        He sent me a toothy grin “Fred Weasley the 2nd?” He asked me


        “Dahlia Malfoy the 1st” I said smirking him


        He had a shocked expression on his face “You’re a Malfoy? I didn’t know Scorpius had a sister. Why haven’t I seen you before?” He asked


        “I was home school” I answered quickly


        He raised an eyebrow but shrugged it off “So the first hogsmeade trip can I take you?” He got to the point


        It was my turn to raise a brow “My first day and I’m already getting asked out? Thank you but no thank you” I said


        He smirked at me; I’m guessing he’s not going to stop trying “Then maybe I can show you around the castle?”


        I picked my book seeing as class would be over soon “I’m sure my brother or one of my roommates can do that.”


        Before he could make another attempt to ask me out class was dismissed and I ran out of the classroom taking my brother with me. I looked behind me to make sure he wasn’t following me or anything.


        “Slow down Dal, what are you running for?” Scorpius asked


        “Um…Nothing just wanted to get out of there, you know?” I lied


        I took one last look behind me before walking to class with Scorpius next to me.


        James’ P.O.V


After the lesson I had a free period and so did Fred. We usually went to the room of requirement and messed around in there or we roamed the halls. Whenever it was available we went down to the quidditch pitch and practiced for upcoming games. I was captain this year and I wanted to ready as I could be. Sense this was my last year and I didn’t make head boy (Not a shocker there) I want to be able to say I led the Gryffindor to victory.


        “I saw you talking to Blondie in potions, how’d that go?” I asked smirking


        Fred let out a low growl and gave me a glare “She blew me off” He stated “I asked to take her to the first hogsmeade trip and she “Thank you but no thank you” He explained mimicking a girl’s voice. “Then I offered to give her a tour of the castle and she said that her brother can do it”


        “Wait she has a brother?” I asked


        “Yeah, Scorpius is her brother. Her name is Dahlia, Dahlia Malfoy” He told me


        That’s why they looked so much alike! That must also be the case why they were together in class and at dinner last night. “Oi’ mate; you didn’t use the whole Fred Weasely II thing did you?” I asked

        Fred glanced at me “I might have, why?” He asked now looking fully at me


        “How did she respond to that?” I asked


        Fred let out another low growl under his breath “She mocked me by saying ‘Dahlia Malfoy I’ Can you believe it?” He yelled clearly annoyed


        “You shouldn’t have come on so strong. You know that Belle from herbology? I’m planning on asking her out to hogsmeade, just watch and learn” I told him.


        “You know just because rejected me doesn’t mean dibbs are off” He said sending me a warning glare


        I put my hands up in surrender “I got it trust me, hands off I got it” I told him.


        The rest of the day went by pretty fast for me. Then it came to dinner time. I remember I asked Albus to talk to me before dinner. I walked over to the Slytherin table and walked up to Albus.


        “Can I talk to you?” I asked making him turn around


        “Sure” He said standing up following me into the hall “What did you wanna talk about?” He asked


        “You wouldn’t happen to be friends with the new girl would you?” I asked smirking


        Albus’ eyes got as big as saucers “No, No James I’m not talking to her for you” He stated


        I rolled my eyes “I don’t want you to talk to her for me. I want you to talk to her about Fred, just talk about how you saw him flirting with her in potions. Then say how great he is and to give him a chance at some point.” I told him


        Albus eyed me curiously “Why?”


        I shook my head slightly “I don’t feel like hearing him complain about being rejected that’s why” I told him.


        Albus smirked at me “I knew it” He said


        “You knew what?” I asked raising a brow at him


        “I actually thought you were asking me to do this for Fred, but of course it’s about you.” He said jokingly


        “Are you going to do it or not?” I asked


        Albus stood silent for a minute or two “I’ll think about it” He finally said “I’ll see you later” He said before walking back into the great hall taking his seat next to Scorpius.


        I took my seat next to Rose and looked at Fred. I smirked at him causing to give me a suspicious look.


        “What are you smirking at?” He asked


        “Well dear cousin let’s just hope Albus is sympathetic” I said


        Fred through his hands up in the air “What is that supposed to mean?”


        “It means that he might talk to Blondie for you” I told him


        Fred frowned turned into a grin that shoed all his teeth. His eyes where big as well, damn you’d think he has been in love with this chick for forever. “Really He’s going to do that?” He asked excitedly like a little boy in a candy shop.


        “Calm down you bloody idiot, you’d think you’ve known this girl for forever” I said


        Fred begins to come to his senses calming himself down. After dinner I headed back to the Gryffindor tower. I walked up the stair case with Fred right behind me. I changed into my pajama pants and left my shirt off.  I climbed into bed and flicked off the light ignoring Fred’s protest to turn it back on.


        I just let myself drift into a deep sleep getting ready for the jumpy teenage boy that would be Fred tomorrow.


        Merlin so help me.

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