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I'm Sorry by alicia and anne
Chapter 1 : I'm sorry
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 A/N: This is written for the Skins challenge, which I was given the line. "Just because I'm useless, don't mean that I'm nothing" which is said by the character Pandora. Skins is owned by E4. 

This is my first ever Dramione. Let me know what you think.

“Just because I’m useless, it doesn’t mean that I’m nothing.” Draco told her. He was hurt, she could tell by the tone of his voice and the way that he seemed to slouch slightly as he spoke. She wanted to reach out to him, wanted to take his hand and go away from where he would be hurt.

Didn’t he know that he wasn’t useless, he was far from it.

“You’re not useless Draco,” she stated, reaching her hand out and placing it gently on the side of his pale face. He looked to her and all she could see was the sadness written across his face, she could tell that he was trying so hard not to give up, not to give in to the orders he had been given.

“I am Hermione. That’s why I was given this mission, because the Dark Lord knew that I was useless and would fail; he’s doing this to punish my father.”

“We can talk to someone about this; we can go to Snape or Dumbledore.” Hermione tried desperately, wanting him to listen to her and take her advice. He needed to know that he wasn’t alone in this, that she would find a way to get him out of this situation. But it had fallen on deaf ears; it had always fallen on death ears.

Draco shook his head slowly as he took her hand off of his face and held it in his own.

“This is something that I need to do; I have no choice in this.”


“I wish it was different, I wish that there was another way.” Draco told her honestly, she could see that tears were forming in his eyes and he shook his head as he took a deep breath. He ran his thumb over the soft skin of her hand and seemed to want to get lost in this moment. A thousand thoughts ran across Hermione’s mind, ways that she could stop him, ways that she could warn someone.

He dropped her hand and she felt the warmth of his touch leave her, she looked up to see that he had begun taking a few steps backwards leaving her, possibly forever.

“I won’t let you do this,” Hermione stated as her own eyes began filling with tears. She took a few steps of her own towards him as she fumbled for her wand in her robe pocket, but by the time that she had reached for it she had been hit with a charm, freezing her in place. Her hand was still in her robe pocket, clutched around the wand she wasn’t quick enough to use to defend herself, her head was half bowed as she had looked down, and it was why she hadn’t realised that
Draco had used a Freezing Charm on her until it was too late.

She heard him walking towards her as she felt anger filling her frozen form, hating that he had done this to her, that he had stopped her. She felt one of his hands touch her face tenderly as he paced a kiss on the top of her head.

“I’m so sorry; I hope that one day you can forgive me. I can’t fail at this; I can’t do that to my family.” He told her in a whisper; before his hand left her face and she heard him walking away from her. She couldn’t stop the tears from finally falling down her frozen face as she realised that there was nothing that she could do to stop him.


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