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I'll Love Her Enough For The Both Of Us by alicia and anne
Chapter 18 : Going home
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A/N: Kieron and Alexa Nott belong to the wonderul TheHeirOfSlytherin. I am so thankful to her that she would let me lend them for my story. She's amazing! As are all of you wonderful readers and reviewers! I love you all so much!!

Louis is finally going home! Woo! :D

The next few days seemed to go quickly to Louis. His end of year exams were over ad before he knew it, it was time for him to go home.

He was sat in a compartment with Lucy, Steven, Horatio and Molly and the train had left Hogsmeade station about half an hour ago. Louis felt like the train couldn’t go fast enough to get him home to Freya.

“Train rides always make me feel sleepy,” Molly stated with a yawn, stretching her legs out in front of her and leaning her head back to rest on the wall behind her.

Horatio also stretched his legs out as he moved so he had his back slightly to the wall next to the window and resting his head against it.

“Me too actually,” Horatio agreed with Molly, closing his eyes as he shifted around to get comfortable. Molly did the same, moving herself closer to Horatio, Louis wondered if she had done it on purpose to get this close to Horatio.

Louis turned to look at Steven and Lucy, who were both whispering to each other about something that only they seemed to know about, before both letting out a giggle. Louis turned to look back out of the window as he thought about Freya, wondering what she was doing, if she was as excited about seeing him as he was seeing her.

He felt a grin cross his face as he thought about how much he wanted to just hug her and give her the biggest kiss he could, he didn’t care how soppy it sounded, although he kept this information to himself, he didn’t much fancy Horatio making fun of him for it.

He felt a nudge in his side and he turned to look at Lucy, who was smiling and nodding in the direction of where Horatio and Molly were sat, Louis turned to see that Horatio and Molly had both fallen asleep, Molly’s head was resting on Horatio’s shoulder and her hand was on his leg, Horatio’s was placed on top of hers.

“And they say that they don’t like each other in that way,” Lucy said quietly, with a shake of her head. “If they’re not a couple by the time we come back for our seventh year, then I’m going to have to bang their heads together.”

Louis gave a small chuckle; Steven nodded in agreement next to Lucy. Louis was going to mention about how Lucy and Steven should end up getting together at some point, but didn’t want to face the wrath of Lucy if he did.

“I’ll help you,” Louis said with a laugh. “I’ll have to have a word with Horatio when he comes over to see me.”

“Maybe you could invite Molly over as well? Force them to spend more time together, maybe you and Freya could double date with them.”

“I’m not sure how Freya is going to feel? If she’s not too tired then that could work,” Louis told her. “Although I don’t think that Uncle Percy will be too happy about Molly getting a boyfriend, especially with next year being our N.E.W.Ts, I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to ban her or you from dating anyone.” Louis watched her carefully for her reaction to what he had said; Steven shot him a quick look before going back to reading the comic that he had pulled out of his backpack.

“I’m not planning on dating anyone for a while,” Lucy told him with a shake of her head. “So dad hasn’t got to worry about that, and I’ll always cover for Molly if she wants to sneak out and see Horatio.”

“That’s good to know, although I don’t see Molly being the sneaking out kind of girl.” Steven told them as he turned a page in his comic.

“I never saw her as fancying Horatio, but apparently that happened. She’s a changed girl.” Lucy grinned over at her twin who was still sleeping against Horatio. Neither of the two gave any indication that they had heard the conversation that had gone on in the compartment. If they had both of them would deny anything going on between them apart from friendship, they seemed to be in a massive state of denial.

Lucy leant her own head against Steven as she began reading his comic with him, Steven looked slightly annoyed by the fact that Lucy kept pointing things out and asking him questions about what was happening in the comic, but he didn’t say anything, choosing instead to answer her questions for her.

Louis turned to look back out of the window and tried not to imagine how different it would be if Freya was in the compartment with him, all of them going home for the summer together, instead of
Louis staring out of the window and feeling lonely even though he was in a compartment full of people.

He needed this train ride to hurry up so he could go home.


Horatio and Molly slept through most of the train ride. Molly woke up first about fifteen minutes before the train pulled up in the station, rubbing her eyes as she sat up slowly, a faint blush creeping across her face as she realised that she had fallen asleep on Horatio. She glanced up at Louis, who gave her a smile in return; she shook her head at him as she stretched her legs out. This movement caused Horatio to wake up and look around blearily as he gave a yawn, sitting up properly and raising a hand to scratch his head.

“How long have I been asleep?” He asked Louis; as he moved his hand down to rub the sleep from his eyes.

“The entire journey, the driver just told us that we weren’t that far from the station now.” Louis told them.

“Where are Lucy and Steven?” Molly asked, running her hand through her slightly curly hair and trying to pat it down so she didn’t look like she had been sleeping on someone’s shoulder for a few hours.

“They left about an hour ago,” Louis said, “I’m not sure where they’ve gone though.”

“What have you been doing then?”

“Steven leant me a comic, it was a bit boring really.” Louis said with a shrug. “But it passed the time.”

“I’ve reduced you to reading?” Horatio asked, slightly horrified. “Sorry mate, you should have kicked me awake.”

“I was tempted at times. But you two looked so peaceful asleep that I didn’t have the heart to wake either of you.” Louis said with a laugh. Horatio gave a grin and shook his head, whilst Molly tried to avoid looking at Louis as she began to smile.


“Oh, there’s Dom,” Louis stated, nodding his head over towards where he could see his sister. He and Horatio had left the train after it had pulled into the station, Molly had left them to go and find her sister, after giving them both a hug goodbye.

Louis could see that his sister was currently standing with Kieron Nott and neither of them seemed to be too happy about something, Louis wondered if he was going to be met with some sort of bad news.

Horatio was craning his neck over the crowd, trying to find his mother or father in the masses of people on the platform.


Horatio looked towards the sound and saw his little sister running towards him; he just managed to drop his trunk, which he had been pulling behind him, to the floor before his sister jumped onto him and hugged him tightly. Horatio gave a laugh as he hugged his eight year old sister tightly.

“I’ve missed you squidge,” Horatio told her, giving her a kiss on the cheek. Horatio bent down slightly whilst still holding onto his sister and picked up his trunk again so he could pull it with his free hand. “Alyssa, where’s mum and dad?”

“They’re at work Ray-Ray, so Nik said that he would bring me down so we could meet you. Did you know that he works at Gringotts now? He said that he’s going to buy me the biggest toy in the toy shop when he gets paid.” Alyssa said, grinning at her brother, before turning to look at Louis. “Hello Louis.”

“Hey Alyssa,” Louis said, smiling at Horatio’s younger sister. “How are you?”

“I’m good,” Alyssa told him, “Nik said that he was also going to take me and Horatio to get some ice cream.”

“I believe that when I see it,” Horatio muttered, before he dropped his trunk again. “Alyssa jump down for a minute, it’s difficult to pull my trunk like that.”

Alyssa did as she was told and went to hold Horatio’s hand; Horatio shook his head at her before bending down slightly so she could climb onto his back for a piggy back. Once he knew that she was secure he grabbed for his trunk again and he and Louis began walking through the crowd again.

“Where’s Nik, Alyssa?” Horatio asked, looking around the platform again for a sign of his brother.

“I’ve found him; he’s just walked over to Dom and Kieron.” Louis told Horatio, pointing over to where an angry Dom and Kieron were standing; they seemed to be trying to ignore Nikolos.

“I don’t see this ending well,” Horatio told him.
Horatio was right, it wasn’t going to end well at all; they had made it over to where the three were standing to hear Nikolos attempting to speak to both Kieron and Dom.

“I must admit it’s always a pleasure to see you Dominique, although I’m not used to seeing you wearing this many items of clothing.”

Louis stopped in shock at Nikolos’ words, not sure how to react, but Kieron reacted for him. With a growl Kieron grabbed for the front of Nikolos’ shirt and turned to shove him into the wall, they were standing in front of as hard as he could.

"Just give me another fucking reason to hurt you and I’ll make sure that you won't be able to walk." Kieron told him angrily.

Nikolos just gave a smile at Kieron; he heard Horatio call out his name and could see him rushing over as he carried Alyssa on his back, a confused look on his face to see Kieron pinning Nikolos.
Nikolos looked back at Kieron and licked his lips before looking him up and down. "There's something about this scene that seems very familiar, wouldn't you agree Kieron? Although to be fair, you were very drunk and feeling very affectionate if I remember rightly?"

“Kieron let him go, it’s not worth it.” Dominique cried, trying to pull Kieron’s hands away from Nikolos but to no avail. “He’s trying to get a reaction from you.”

“Let him go,” Horatio said angrily, he had placed Alyssa back on the floor by now and was trying to shield her from seeing Nik being pressed against the wall by Kieron, but she was trying to move him out of the way.

“Come on Kieron; do as you’re told like the good boy that you are.” Nikolos said mockingly. They were beginning to cause a scene with a few of the adults muttering around them, trying to shield their children’s eyes from whatever scene might be about to take place.

Kieron moved one of his hands and raised it in anger, Dom let out a yell whilst Louis swore loudly next to them. Nikolos closed his eyes quickly and waited for the punch from Kieron, but it didn't come. Nikolos opened his eyes to see that Kieron's fist had been stopped from hurting Nikolos by Kieron's little sister Alexa, who had pulled Kieron’s arm to stop him.

“Kieron, stop It.” she told him simply.

Kieron gave Nikolos a hard look before looking down at Alexa who was now holding onto Kieron’s hand and looking up at him.

“I need to go home now, Kieron.” She told him.

They all watched Kieron carefully, unsure what was going to happen now. Alyssa had moved away from Horatio and had run over to Nikolos, she attempted to push Kieron away from her brother before hugging Nikolos tightly, fear across her face.

Kieron dropped his other hand, from Nikolos’ shirt and let Alexa pull him away, he glared at Nikolos before grabbing for his sister's school trunk and storming away from them all. Dominique watched him leave, Louis could tell that she wanted to follow him; she turned to look back at Nikolos with an angry look on her face before shaking her head at him.

“We should get going,” Dominique said, turning to look at Louis. “I’ll take you home before I go and see Kieron.”

Louis nodded before turning to Horatio, who was glaring at his brother, and pulling him into a hug. “I’ll write you a letter when I get home.”

“There’s a high chance that I’ll be coming round sooner than you think if he’s going to be at home.” Horatio muttered, meaning his brother.

Louis moved away from Horatio and looked down at Alyssa, who was still hugging onto Nikolos. “Bye Alyssa. Goodbye Nikolos.”

Louis followed his sister as she walked away, after a goodbye to Horatio and Alyssa. He could really understand just why Nikolos seemed to get on everyone’s last nerves and it seemed that Nikolos enjoyed it.


Dominique apparated both her and Louis into the front garden of their house, before she turned to look at him.

“I’m sorry that I’m not coming in Louis, but I need to make sure that Kieron doesn’t do anything stupid.”

“That’s fine Dom, go and make sure that he’s okay. Nikolos seemed to enjoy getting a rise out of you and Kieron.” Louis said, looking at his sister in concern. “What happened between you three?”

“That is a story for another time Louis. Mum, dad and Vicky are all at work, so it should just be you and Freya for a while. If I’m not back by dinner time, you’ll have to make yours and Freya’s.”

“It's fine Dom, Freya and I will be alright on our own.”

Dom gave her brother a hug, before she let go and apparated away from the garden.

Louis turned around to begin his walk to the front door and saw that the door was open and Freya was waiting for him with a big smile on her face.

Louis rushed over to her, dragging his trunk behind him and dropping it when he got to her. He pulled her into a hug and felt like the happiness was going to explode out of him at seeing her. Freya smiled as she hugged onto Louis tightly, Louis could feel her belly digging into him, but he chose not to mention how it was beginning to hurt him. He was just thankful to see her.

Freya pulled away and leant forwards to kiss him, "I've missed you so much." She told him as she moved away to look at him again. "I feel like I haven't seen you in so long."

"I've missed you too; I hated being away from you." Louis told her, leaning forwards to kiss her again.

Freya moved away from him and took a hold of his hand, bringing him inside the house. Louis followed; bringing his trunk with him and dropping it back down on the floor this time by the door as he closed it behind them.

Louis pulled her back to him for another kiss, he wanted to kiss her all day, and he had missed her so much.

Freya ran her hands through his blonde hair as Louis held onto her waist, both beginning to get breathless from the kiss. He didn’t want to stop kissing her; he wanted to make up for the time that they had missed.

Freya pulled away from him again as she tried to get her breath back, she grinned up at him and moved her hands back down to his, she pulled him towards the stairs and grin suggestively at him.
Louis couldn’t help the grin on his face at what she was suggesting.

“Are you sure?” he asked her as he followed her up the stairs slowly.

“Of course I am, I’ve missed you a lot.” She said.

“Won’t we hurt the baby?”

“Don’t be silly Louis, it’ll be fine.”

Louis gave a laugh as they reached the top of the stairs and headed towards Louis’s bedroom. He was very thankful that he and Freya had been left alone.

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