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Seriously Black by kjp
Chapter 10 : Mudblood
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Chapter 10 – Mudblood


“What rhymes with Evans?” James whispered furiously into Sirius’s ear biting at the end of his quill and beginning to stare around the room inquisitively.

Sirius looked up at Professor McGonagall who was half way around the classroom, showing Mary how to do a basic transforming spell of a rat into a mice.

“Uh- I dunno!” Sirius shrugged rolling his eyes once again. Ever since Lily had admitted to Snape she liked poetry James had been going mad, writing little notes of what really was terrible poetry and then leaving it on her desk before she came in.

James sighed and prodded Remus in the back who was a seat in front of them, the scratching of his quill echoing around the room, he stared around and glared “Are you going to do any work?”

“Why should I? I’m already an animagus”

“Keep your voice down, or do you have a wish to spend half your life in Azkaban, ‘cause I certainly don’t” Remus snapped back “What do you want anyway?”

“What rhymes with Lily, or Evans I don’t really mind?” asked James again hopefully his hand once again going to his hair to ruffle it up.

“I don’t know, uh- Melons?”

James went straight to his quill and began to write, once he had finished he looked up and squinted at his paper shaking his head but a glint in his eye telling his something was funny “nah, I don’t think it’s going to work”

Hello my dear Evans, you’re as tasty as a melon” Sirius read aloud staring over his shoulder at what he had just written before bursting out laughing “Go show this to McGonagall there’s no doubt in my mind she’ll grade you Outstanding!”

“What’s happening?” Peter finally turned around and leaned over the parchment to stare at it before bursting out in a fit of giggles “Are you going to show Lily that?”

“Not yet it’s a working progress?” He winked before putting it in his cloak pocket “We better get some work done before Moony here gives us another lecture about not doing work” he said before  picking up a quill and copying off Remus’s notes.

“Take your own notes!” Remus replied pushing him of his parchment and snatching it back frustrated.

James laughed along with Sirius as the two of them winked and smirked “Alright calm down, on your time of the month?”

There was no reply but a dangerous glare was passed to them over his shoulder.


Later that night when the marauders sat in their favourite chair closest to the burning fire and James had finally finished his poem after hours of moaning and whinging at the other three for not helping, it was only then after Peter had tried to come up with rhymes and failed did Remus step in and write it for him tired of his voice drowning on.

A lily is a flower, with beauty so bright

It’s pure white petals, mixed with pure spring light

Now date me please,

 Or I’ll just keep begging on my knees

Lots of loves your future husband

“That’s crap” Sirius tossed it to the side “you didn’t even put any kisses, that prongsie is the way to a women’s heart” He dramatically placed his hand on his heart, giving James an innocent pout.

“Stuff is Sirius. It’s perfect, who’ll be the one jealous when I’m in a broom cupboard snogging Evans” shot back James taking his glasses of and wiping them on the edge of is shirt.

“Not jealous mate, Evans isn’t exactly a walk in the park”

At that moment Lily, Marlene and Mary walked in who seemed to be in the middle of a half heated argument.

“I don’t know what you’re on about Lil’s” Mary commented mimicking Lily by folding her arms and sternly staring down at her “He deserved it, don’t you reckon Marls?”

Marlene was suddenly brought back to reality at the mention of her name and seemed to have woken from a rather relaxing daydream “Yeah, sorry pardon?”

Shaking her head Mary turned back to Lily who’s eyebrows were raised beyond anything “His friends called me a mudlblood Lil’s”

“Yes, his friends did. You didn’t have to take it out on him!”

“He laughed along with them!” Mary threw back angrily, her face growing red “I thought you’d be the one to understand, you’re a muggle-born just like me. I’m sorry if I don’t react well when people call me out on it!”

By now the whole attention of the common room had turned around to them, everybody’s eyes wide with interest as they watched Mary storm up the stairs in a huff cursing madly under her breath.

“She’s such a drama queen!” Lily insisted throwing her hands up in the air “Severus didn’t deserve to be cursed like that. He’s not like this friends, he believes in equal rights” 

Marlene stared at her unsurely before mumbling “You sound like you are trying to convince yourself Lily. After all he did laugh when they called her a you-know-what

“Oh not you too” Lily groaned swivelling around to face her, her face as red as her hair and emerald eyes staring deep into Marlene’s blue ones “I believe Severus completely, we’re best friends why would he think any differently because of my blood? Mary deserved to get that detention”

“Ok then fine, but she was just standing up for herself. You are only mad because she hurt Snape, if it had been any one else you would have been fine” Marlene finally snapped but desperately trying to keep her voice low, not wanting any more attention turning to them.

Staring with an open mouth at Marlene’s outburst she sighed “T-that’s not fair. I’m just trying to stand up for my friend. He gets treated like dirt from everyone! Just look at how those four treat him” Lily shouted pointing an accusing finger towards the corner where the marauders had huddled in hurried whispers about what they think could have happened between the three girls.

“Hey don’t bring us into this!” Sirius called across the common room waving a finger about.

Rolling her eyes lily continued “And, ok, he may have been wrong to laugh but he’s just trying to fit in with the slytherine’s. I promise he’s not usually like this” Her eyes were pleading with Marlene, and she felt slightly guilty for turning on her.

Finding nothing else to say Marlene mumbled good night before exiting through the girl dormitories the sound of tears of Mary traveling down the staircase.

“Ugh!” Lily complained plopping herself down onto the sofa and staring distantly into the fire.

“Evans, I’ve got something for you” James’s voice floated across the room.

“Potter, please don’t I’m not in the mood”

Trying not to look hurt he continued passing her a piece of parchment which held a delicacy written poem.

“What’s this?” She asked taking it in her hands and not even bothering to read it.

“It’s a poem, a brilliantly written poem by me, James Potter, just in case you wanted to know” James winked, sending a kissing face to her “Maybe I can even read it out on our wedding day, you know, for memories”

“Potter, I don’t want this” Lily tiredly closed her eyes, her stress building up and knowing when she went upstairs there would be nothing but a crying Mary and an extra pile of homework to greet her.


It was midnight and the marauders still sat, chatting away about the recent news; the fight between Mary and Lily and now had all finally got to the conclusion that after Lily went upstairs they had had a massive cat fight and thus Mary had transformed Lily into a mice, just because she was that damn well angry.

“Maybe she turned her into a rat, Mary hates rates” The conversation was still on go, and seemed to never end, their topics were limited. Not much had happened in the recent week to discuss, apart from that Peter had discovered a new wart just behind his ear, or the fact that Sirius had snogged Elsey Thompset in the transfiguration broom cupboard and got caught but by now that had happened so many times it could hardly be classed as new news.

“I think Lily won, she’s better at transfiguration”

“Me too, what do you reckon she transformed her into?”

“A fish” was James’s reply as they all burst out laughing.

Behind them a door opened revealing a still teary Mary with the arm of Marlene round her.

“Funny looking fish”

The girls ignored them as Marlene said quietly “Don’t worry about it, I will come with you. You will not have to face detention with just them in the room” She smiled sweetly guiding her towards the common room portrait hole.

“What’s happened M.M.?” Sirius asked raising an eyebrow.

“Mary has got detention, but she has got to suffer it with all the slytherines who called her a mudblood” explained Marlene who had turned and propped herself on the arm of the chair.

“What! Why have you go a detention?”

“Because I threw about fifty different curses at them” Mary whelped, her eyes red from the tears “Snape got of worse, he’s in the hospital wing with a slightly overgrown foot”

“Slightly!” exclaimed Marlene who shook her head quickly “It was bigger than the bed he is in!”

They all began to laugh at Snape, who, the idea of having a huge and overgrown foot was quite hilarious.

“I better go, McGonagall will kill me if I’m late”

We had better go” Marlene stressed taking her arm and pulling her out of the common room.

“You really don’t have to come you know, I can handle it” Mary’s voice drowned out as the portrait of the fat lady closed shut.

“That reminds me” Remus stood up suddenly “I’ve got prefect duties tonight, Lily should be down soon”

It was another ten minutes before Lily appeared, by then Peter, Sirius and James had had enough and tiredly slipped upstairs to their cozy beds, while Remus stayed below waiting patiently for a certain Lily.

AN sorry the update took so long. This is where the chapter ends but there’s a major twist next chappty so I’ll try and update asap. Nothing belongs to me, everything belongs to the lovely JK rowling :D


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Seriously Black: Mudblood


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