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Another Life, Another Time by Ravenpen
Chapter 4 : Coconuts
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Someone better be dying.

“Guys wake up!” I dragged my head up from the rather comfy carpet. Trying to kill Blaise with a glare before realising he was changing, I turned my eyes away to a small tangle of sheets on the floor with swear words radiating from the middle. “What? Blaise.”

“If we’re not downstairs in ten minutes we miss breakfast.” Kill me now. “I’m hungry and am not waiting till lunch.” Am kinda hungry.

I cursed “Fine! Arse.”


“Nothing.” I smirked at him. Dragging my carcass of the floor I forced myself into the bathroom, yanking off Cyrus’s sheets as I passed. I hopped into the shower cubicle as Cyrus cursed the door. I felt the hot water sear my skin before it cooled, I gave a quick scrub and stepped out to get dressed in jeans and shirt.

Cyrus pulled on a pair of shorts, looking around for the t-shirt on his bed. I picked it up and threw it at him. He grumbled something and yanked it on backwards. “Right we leaving or not?” We pushed up into the common room where there was a large Wizards Chess match going on between the lower years, Micheal who had his hand in Rihanna’s waved over.

“Wanna join in?” I smirked at Rhianna who just grinned.

“After breakfast maybe.” Birdy frowned.

“Well breakfast ends in five minutes.” Blaise began to power walk out the door. I walked with Cyrus stumbling behind me, barely moving fast enough to keep Blaise in sight.

“Merlin, anyone would’ve thought he’s forgotten I know where the kitchen is.” I looked at Cyrus and just laughed. Making everyone stop but I didn't care as ripples of laughter shot up my throat.

Cyrus began to giggle until we were both bent over laughing, I forced myself up the last few steps into the corridor, ignoring the immature hisses from the passing toddlers. Even Blaise was smiling.

I laughed at him. “I think we can skip breakfast in the hall.” I rested my head against the wall.

“Oh. But I am really hungry.” He always was after a midnight walk.

“Yes. We know.” I gestured to Cyrus who was still rubbing his eyes. “However, you seem to be forgetting something.” He frowned, trying to figure it out. “Cyrus?” I said it to him as a hint but the bloke just looked up confused. “Kitchen?” Blaise furrowed his eyebrows. Merlin this is hard, should’ve just said. “Map?”

“The map that Potter had Cyrus could steal and we could just go straight to the kitchen?”

“I’m offended!” Cyrus waltzed off, Blaise’s forehead became a carriage way of worried wrinkles. It was almost sad how confused he was.

“Dude, Cyrus told us on Friday that he knows where the Kitchen is.” I punched him on the arm and walked after Cyrus who was still pretending to be offended. “Come on then, wears this kitchen?” Cyrus smiled, waited for Blaise to catch up before leading the way. He trudged down the corridor and turning down the steps just before the Great Hall and came to a painting of a bowl of fruit. Cyrus reached up and tickled what looked like a pear that began to giggle.

“Weird.” I smirked at Blaise’s comment as a door formed in the wall and swung open.

“Masters!” A dozen elves rushed forward all smiles. “What can we do for Hogwart Masters?” Tables were laden with massive pots that were being magically washed from huge barrels filled with soapy water at the end of each table, further along was another table where fresh dough was being pounded by two elves each.

Elves were filing in from another door with bowls and bowls of ever type of fruits. At the other end of the stone room was an immense fire place that was happily roaring away as the elves fed it scraps of uneaten food of a hundred dirty plates.

“We missed breakfast, if it’s not too much trouble could we have some toast? We were up very late last night and too hungry to wait till lunch.” Cyrus hadn’t even finished explaining before half the elves shot off at once to hidden doors, the rest cleared the end of one table that left ample room for all of us to sit.

I watched the Elves carrying three trays laden with toast and every topping you could possible imagine; every possible flavour jam, marmite, peanut butter, butter, cheese, banana and even cream cheese and loads more I couldn’t name.

After thanking the very happy elves we all tucked in, Blaise’s tray held more toasts than ours. Elves don’t talk about their masters and the only way in is through the door and can’t get in without being serviced by Elves.

“You know.” They both looked up at me. “As there is no possible way of getting over heard down here.” Cyrus looked intrigued, but I caught a flash of concern in Blaise’s eye before he smoothed it out. “Blaise?” He froze. “Who have you been seeing?” Cyrus put down his toast and looked intently at Blaise, who had turned a bride shade of plum.


“Dude. We’ve lived together for eight years, and we grew up with each other. I’m surprised that you thought I wouldn’t notice.” For the first time in the whole time I’d known the man he put down what he was attempting to eat and lost all interest in the food in front of him. Oh merlin it must be someone bad. He sighed.

“Alright. I’ll spill.” I smirked. “At the battle of Hogwarts, I found Cho bleeding in a corridor. I’d lost you after what happened in the room of requirement and was trying to figure out whose side I was really on. I picked her up and took her down to our common room. It was completely untouched as the fighting was mainly outside and healed her up. She thanked me and we fought against the Deatheaters together. Afterwards she thanked me and I took a risk and gave her my number.” He scratched his left arm, his family was just as dark as ours but they hadn’t forced the dark mark on him.  “We texted each other and have gotten close recently and I think I quite like her.” He went red and stuffed his face with toast.

“So you and Cho Chang are you a…?” He took a deep breath.

“When I stormed out last night, I sat outside their common room until Luna came back from seeing Longbottom and fetched her for me. I can never work out that bloomin’ door of theirs.” He munched another piece of toast. Cyrus didn’t mind waiting but my leg was jumping up and down under the table. “I asked her if she would go out with me and she said yes.” Oh well now. “She’s quite shy of the idea of dating yours truly because my history so we’re keeping it quiet.”

“You done the deed yet?” He opened his mouth then very slowly shut it, shaking his head. I nodded.

“Have you?” I paused

“Pardon?” Dam I had to bring up this conversation.

“Have you done the deed?”

“Yes.” I looked at the two guys. Who were still openly curious. “Parkinson.” I sunk my teeth into another slice of toast. After a second I glanced up and both where still watching me. “What?” They shook their heads. “You two should know more than others not to judge.” I could feel the blood in my neck heating up, I was getting angrier by the second. Cyrus smirked slightly.

“D. We have all had a similar upbringing. You know, muggle-borns are scum, must marry pure-blood. Hell our parents decided who we’re going to marry before we knew what marriage meant. Your family was more hell bent on that than any others, we’re just a little surprised that you would be made to marry your family to the Parkinson’s.”  I sighed.

“Only because she was pure.” Blaise was pure as well but Cyrus was half-blood, both his parents were pure-blood but both got killed for some reason so he was raised by a muggle-born couple and for that he was considered half-blood. Which was part of the reason why I never wanted to talk to him in the past, Crabbe and Goyle would send a letter straight to Lucius and it just wasn’t worth the pain for a simple conversation.  They both nodded. “So what are you two planning on wearing for Halloween?”

“Haven’t really thought about it. Someone better not come as the Scream.” I frowned at Cyrus.

“It’s a muggle film, about a guy who dresses up in black with a mask and kills people. It is the most unimaginative and easy Halloween costume you can imagine and someone ALWAYS dresses up as one.”

“Right well I know what I’m wearing.” Cyrus kicked me under the table and I smirked at him, glad I’d gained a reaction.

“You would lose any respect if you did.” I smirked again making him glare.

“Bit of a weird idea.” We both looked at Blaise. Who seemed deep in thought. “Well at Halloween it’s meant to be scary.” No, really? Would never have guessed. “Why don’t we dress up as Deatheaters?”

“Not a bad idea, but it could back-fire in so many ways.”


“The war ended two months ago. People are still mourning, I think it would be too early to start making a joke of what happened.” My thoughts went to Fred Weasley. Why should I care? I did though, hiding in the hall and watching their family be emotionally destroyed when Percy struggled into the hall with Fred in his arms and tears on his face.

“I have to agree.” Cyrus cleared up the last of his toast. “What about. Vampires?”

“None of them were at the battle.” Blaise pointed out.

“Not a bad idea.” I paused. “What should we do for, decorations.” I’d never decorated anything in my life, so the other two should do it. No way I’m going to say that though, I’d look like an idiot.

“I reckon, we should have two bowls, one with fake blood and another with blood coloured jelly. Have real cobwebs all over the ceiling with real spiders and bats flying everywhere.”  Blaise started to look excited at the idea. “But mix up the labels of which is which on the bowls.”

Cyrus caught on quick. “We could have a banner above the buffet table saying TRICK OR TREAT, and then make everything look like something it’s not.”

“Oh yeah? Who’s going to do that?” I wonder if Hermione likes cooking?

No! I can't invite Granger.

Was just a thought.

“We will stupid. Look at this kitchen!” A few elves glanced up. “It has everything we need to make it all.” I could see their unhappy faces. We’re not going to be allowed if he carries on, he’s insulting them.

“Excuse me?” The elves came over, obviously unhappy. “For Halloween we’re having a party and we’re thinking of making food that looks like something that it’s not. So make say cakes but they look just like burgers?”  Their faces lit up as they each understood what I was asking.

“Yes sir! We would love to sir! You write a list sir about what you will want, what they look like and how many and we will be happy to oblige sir!” I smirked at Cyrus.

“Would you mind if we get back to you with the list?” Insult averted. They bowed and stammered their compliments about the idea before scurrying back to their relative jobs.

“Right. Well we need to get to these trust tests then.” I swung my bag up on my shoulder, looking at the new and impressive clock on the wall, it was huge and in scripted with roman numerals.  Right now it read quarter to one. “Meet up on the grounds afterwards?” They nodded.

Thanking the Elves as we left who were already cleaning up our trays. I walked out and headed in opposite directions to them. After rounding a few corners I spotted Jack Hall from Hufflepuff. I considered catching up with him but decided against it, the older years made an effort to pointedly ignore my existence. Which suits me fine. I kept about three meters between us as we went down the dungeon stairs, from the way he was determinedly looking ahead he knew I was here. Might as well have a bit of fun. I picked up the pace till I was right behind him. We came up to the corridor and he picked up his pace.

I couldn't help but notice that their was a whiff of coconut in the air. I stayed level with Jack, watching him tense when he realised I was playing with him. I saw him turn before he swung so I ducked under his fist causing him to stagger.

“Well now, that was uncalled for.” I smirked at him, he spat at my feet before storming through the door to the dungeon and slamming it behind him. I smirked making a point of very quietly and gently opening and shutting the door.

Professor McEvan was standing on the slightly risen platform at the front, all the tables had been pushed to the side except for one at the back, Jack, Granger and Neil were sitting on it, from their faces it was obvious I wasn’t welcome there, so I put my bag down and leant against the wall. Professor McEvan lowered his quill to study us all, noticing the obvious divide the corner of his mouth twitched as he scribbled something down on the parchment in front of him.

His hair was black and he was obviously quite young. New at Hogwarts he was the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. He had a scar running down the side of his face which continued down his neck and into his shirt showing no visible end to it. Even though he was a teacher many girls had commented on the fact that he was very good looking and as much as I would like to think I hadn’t noticed...

I had.

He was very good looking. He stood up and walked forward, looking at the gap of which me and the others were standing. He was easily 6ft 5inches and his eyes were the weirdest colour, a strong purple speckled pink around the pupil. I made a point of holding my eye contact with him when he looked at me, causing his mouth to twitch again.

“Well, looks like Professor McGonagall’s given me an easy group.” Hermione went pink. Professor shook his head. He had a strong Southern Irish accent. “Don’t be embarrassed that’s the whole reason why we’re doing this. However well it works.” He thinks this is flawed as well. “Now. Draco.” He flicked his wand and arranged for chairs in a weird looking square. “Sit on this chair please.” He put his hand on one. I walked over, wandering what this is. “Now, turn so you’re facing that way.” I did as I was told. “Now Hermione.” He’s calling us by our first names. “Sit here please.” He indicated to the one that was next to my knees, she did so but awkwardly. What’s that smell? I sniffed gently. Coconut. What smells like coconut? My eyes wandered to Hermione’s hair. Huh, smells nice.

Weird, shouldn’t really be thinking about her shampoo. 

“Neil, over here if you please.” He sat opposite me, facing the other way. “Now, last but not least Jack over here.” Jack sat behind me. “Now, what we’re going to do.” He walked in a full circle around the chairs. “Is to lean back and rest your shoulders on the knees of the person that is behind you.” Oh great. Hermione’s face paled slightly and I watched her turn to look at my knees, her mouth set in a straight line of determination and disgust. I turned to look at Jack, who didn’t look very happy. Neil looked like he had no problem with this. “Then I’m going to take away the chairs and you’re going to have to support yourself on the person you are leaning on and support the person on your knees.” I gently leant back my head feeling Jack tense as I rested my shoulders on his leg. I could feel Hermione on my right leg, but her head on my left. I looked up. “Mister Malfoy…”

“Can’t you reach?” Hermione glared at me, sitting to copy. Miaow.

“I’m fine.” Her eyes were hard and defiant. I sighed. Might as well do this test thing properly. I stood and pushed my chair slightly closer to Neil. They we’re all glaring at me.

“If we’re going to do these tests then we might as well do them properly so then we’re not wasting our Sunday afternoons for nothing.” I sat back down and leant back on Jack, I’d changed my chair angle so I was still lying on his knees. After a second I felt Hermione lean back onto my knees, fully this time.

“Well done Draco. Very mature of you. Now, I’m going to take away the chairs and when their all gone I’m going to start the timer. I watched him take away Neil’s, his face slowly changing to one of strain. “Well done.” He walked round, oh please not me, I felt the chair shift from under me, dam. I resettled my shoulders, as I felt my weight going straight to my calves. I watched him pull out Grangers. I felt her weight pressing down on my knees.

Dam she's light. I didn’t see more felt when Jack lost his chair, the weight became even then in a way. “Well done everyone, now hold this for three minutes.” Oh I hate you. I could feel my calves trembling, but Granger was trembling harder. Don’t you dare give up I’m not doing this for nothing. “One minute.” Minute never felt longer. I could feel Granger shaking, I twisted my head to see she’d gone white, I glanced at Neil. He was forcing everything he was supporting on to her. Selfish git! I tried to support myself more in my legs, taking it off Jack, I could see him glaring at me. Not trying to help you idiot. Granger was still struggling.

“Neil.” He glanced over. “Will you stop being a selfish twit and support yourself? Granger can’t hold you and Jack!”

“I can hold myself Malfoy!” She had to spit it at me threw clenched teeth.

“No you can’t we haven’t even reached two minutes. Neil do it now dam you!”

“It hurts!” Selfish twat!

“Well I’ll be, none of us noticed.” I watched him shift, Granger looked slightly relieved.

“Two minutes.” I glanced at Professor McEvan, who was watching me closely. Scratching something every now and again on his parchment. Idiot.

“I..I can’t..I can’t I’m sorry.” Granger was panting.

“Come on Hermione, it doesn’t really hurt.” Neil piped up.

“Yeah, don’t give up, you can take it.” I could feel her bend. Jack’s voice was really starting to bug me. “Come on ‘Mione.”

On must I do everything?

“Granger!” She stiffened. “Don’t you dare give up! I swear to Merlin’s Mother, prove everything I said over these years wrong! Only three minutes don’t be a pathetic girl who just clung onto Potter it’s only seconds for crying out loud.” She had clenched her white teeth, pushing as hard onto my knees as she could. “Push onto me if you must, don’t you DARE drop us all because your selfish.”

“Ten seconds.” The Professor was watching us closely, his hand scribbling on his parchment. “Nine seconds.”

“Come on Hermione prove him wrong!” Either the guys had cottoned on to what I was doing, or I will probably be punched later.

I’m dying inside. "Eight seconds."   

She's going. “Seven seconds.” 

I am never going to walk again. “Six seconds.”

I gasped. “Five seconds.” 

Pain. “Four seconds.” 

She's going. “Three seconds.”

 “Two seconds.”

“Come on Hermione don’t give up now you’ve done it!” She gasped.

“Done! Three minutes complete!” I threw my arms down and collapsed. Granger fell on my legs gasping as Neil and Jack fell next to us. I could hear the other guys struggling to get air in their lungs. Think this proves whose fitter. “Well done guys, especially you Hermione.” I lifted myself onto my elbows.

“Is that it?” All three glared at me. “Can we go?” I ignored them.

“Well, nope, that’s it. Once you’re ready you are free to go and enjoy the last of your weekend.” He smiled, then walked out. I shoved myself up onto my hands, giving Hermione a second to get up off my feet. Neil and Jack had snatched up their bags and were storming out, throwing glares at me as they passed. Like I care? I looked around for my bag, spotting it by the door I set off as the door slammed. Where’s the fire?

“Erm Draco?”

“Yeah?” I only half turned.

“You called me Hermione.” Ah.

“I called Neil Neil. Not really seeing your point Granger.”

“No. Don’t do that.” I turned fully.

“Pardon?” She had her arms crossed, blue jeans and a black t-shirt with stars in the corners trailing down her side. Her chocolate brown eyes burrowing into my skin.

“Don’t turn all sour on me, you called me Hermione and don’t try making up for it.” I smirked at her.

“Al’right, but why are you so obsessed with it?” She opened her mouth to answer, stopped then shut it. I smirked again. “Anything else?” No answer, I watched her for a moment. She changed her hair? Looks different. I turned to walk out.


“I’m not a dog you know.” I turned back. She wearing make-up?

“Could I see your arm?” Should’ve realised Potter would blab. “Just, please, I just need to see. For myself? Tell me to go if you’d rather not.” I walked closer, rolling up the sleeve on my shirt. She looked apprehensive. Stopped about a metre away and lifted the fabric. I watched her eyes grow wide and pale. The skin where the tattoo had been was still red, where the skin hadn’t grown over the freshly healed flesh. It was twisted where Healers at St. Mungo’s had tried to fix it, but Lucius’s curse kept it from doing so. “Oh my. Draco. What about you’re wand? Why isn’t healed? Why did you do something so drastic you could’ve seriously hurt yourself?”

“Bye Granger.” Smirking I turned and walked to the door, grabbing my bag on the way. Glancing at her as I left, she had sat on the desk and was deep in thought. She is quite pretty, in her own way...






Ooooh! I know I know! If you have any suggestions whatsoever as to the potential outcome or little side tips then feel free to throw them into the little grey box. Also I know the chapter lengths are a bit inconsistent. Hence the previous chapter, I am in the process of slimming it down and not losing any quality.

x Ravenpen x


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