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Once upon a time by anonymous diva
Chapter 1 : Fairytails and all that crap
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A beautiful chapter image of Cinderella be idioteque@TDA :)


 I don't believe in fairytales.All of them seem to have the same conclusion.




And they lived happily ever after...




That’s a big load of shit ,if you ask me. There is absolutely no happily ever after in real life. It just doesn't exist.You have to make your own happily ever after and by that I don't mean that you have to wait around like a stupid "damsel in distress" for your "Prince Charming."  You just have to go out there and face the reality for once in your life. Why should you let your happiness depend on someone else? Why should you let your emotions call the shots  when you know he’s just gonna shag you and leave you in broken pieces?




It is my advice to you ladies, please don't wait around anymore. Just stand up for yourself and for Merlin's sake don't act like a leech and latch yourself to a boy every goddamn time.




Hey! That sounded good ...


Leech and latch...Leech and latch...Leech and latch...




My internal monologue was oh so unceremoniously broken by a tapping sound which appeared to be coming from the kitchen.




I got up from my bed and made my way to the kitchen to see the cause of the noise. When I got there, I found a beautiful white owl perched gently on the windowsill who flew straight towards me, dropped a hefty envelope in my hand ,and was off.




I saw it disappear beyond the horizon and then began to open the envelope to find a letter inside.




Miss Cinderella Gabrielle Delacour


We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected for a one year internship programme in St. Mary's Healing Center for Magical Injuries, Australia. We would be delighted to have a talented witch like you amidst us. The details about the financial terms and services have been enclosed  . We hope to hear from you soon.

Marcus Cornelius Davis
Chief Healer


Don't give me those looks. I didn't have a say when my  maman chose my godforsaken name but you DARE call me Cinderella and I'll wring your neck with a machete. You can call me cindy, ella ..whatever I don't care but certainly not that.




I didn't need to open the other envelope to see what the so called "financial terms" would be. I had always known it would be expensive to enter such an elite healing center and I wouldn't be able to pay for it even in my dreams. I had filled the admission form just to get Dom off my back .




Seriously I love her and all but sometimes she could be a right pain in the ass.
It was not that I didn't want the internship. Only a fool would say no to an offer like that.
 It was a dream come true for me ,but unfortunately an expensive one.




I put together some breakfast consisting of a mug of steaming black coffee and toast. It wasn’t much, but I lost my appetite after opening that letter.




There came the popping sound of someone apparating in my living room and I rushed out to see who would be here to meet me so early in the morning. As I was coming out of the kitchen , I was tackled down by my crazy cousin and best friend Dom.




"Dom!! You scared me”,  I shrieked at her as I got up and dusted myself.




She just shrugged and gave me a goofy grin.




Honestly,  sometimes it was like I was the sane one among us.




Well ,probably not. We were equally fucked up . I like to call it the whole being-part-veela ordeal  .




"So what’s new",She asked me as she went over to sit on the sofa, or rather plonked herself down with a rather ungraceful thud to which I could only shake my head.




"Same old, same old Dommy dearest," I replied in a mock cheery voice and she rolled her eyes, indicating that I was no fun.




"What's that ?"she asked eyeing the letter I had received earlier that morning .Not waiting for my reply,She just did a ninja roll and grabbed it from the table.




"You could have just asked for it ,you know?" I teased to which she snorted in a very unladylike manner and muttered something which sounded like "what's the fun in that?" as she was too busy examining the contents of the letter.




Oh Merlin Ella it’s amazing!! Congratulations!!"she squealed in delight and hugged me .




I managed a fake smile in response and she caught my bluff almost immediately. It scared me sometimes seeing how much she understood me.




"What's wrong Ells ? You don't seem very happy to me,she said as she scanned my face to look for signs of distress.




"You already know the sodding reason,Dom“Internships like these are expensive and I can’t swing the funds”, I confessed finally .




"You can borrow it from me, you know."




"Absolutely not!" I shot back immediately.




Unfortunately it was the wrong thing to say at the moment as Dom practically lunged over me in all her part veela,part werewolf glory.




"Why not Ella?" I’m your cousin, your best friend for crying out loud .Is it too hard for you to suck in your pride just once and accept me help.




"It’s not that ,Dom ,and you know it."




"Now don't you dare  pull that I’m-going-to-lose-an-opportunity-because”
-I- am- too -self- righteous -to- ask -for your- help crap on me.”




Yep, definitely knew me too well.




"Well ,it’s true,"I cried back pathetically." I want to do this on my own, Dom, "I said firmly as I noticed that she was going to protest further .She only huffed a little and sat back moodily.




How mature.




"Okay ,"she finally said as she glanced back to look at me   I looked at her as though  she had sprouted two extra heads.




"Who are you and what did you do to my best friend?” I asked her in a half serious and half joking manner.




"Don't let it go to that pretty little head of yours. It's just happening this once." 




And  she was back.




"So what are you planning to do now?”




"I don't really know ,Dommy. I mean I really, really want to have this internship. It is the chance of a lifetime ,” I groaned. 




"Wait a minute, I have an idea,"she practically shouted with glee.




Oh Merlin that did not sound too good.




"Why don't you get a job?"




Scratch that, it was bloody brilliant.




At least, I thought so at the time....




A/N: So, what d'ya think of my first chapter eh?  I mean it doesn't give out much but it was just to give you a brief acquaintance to the characters(don't you always hate introductions?), . So how was it?Good? Bad? Ugly? Hopefully it's the former(fingers crossed).   But stick with it, please.  Also I would like to than luvinpadfoot for agreeing to beta read my story . YOU ROCK :D !!


Bye-bye for now!


P.S. Don't hesitate to fill out that nice little review box at the bottom of the page :) 







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Once upon a time: Fairytails and all that crap


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