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Beneath by keyty
Chapter 10 : girls
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beautiful chapter image by aconite at tda!

Marlene, Carmen, Lily, and Rainne leave their dorm together Thursday morning. The three outspoken girls discuss their outfits for Saturday night as they arrive at the Gryffindor table. The Marauders are already eating. James grins upon seeing Lily; Ben does the same upon seeing Rainne. Lily scowls at James while Rainne smiles at Ben.

Everyone starts talking about their plans for Halloween.

“So, Rainne,” Ben says over the chatter, “I was thinking about what we could do on Saturday. Do you have any ideas?” Rainne shakes her head. She no longer needs to visit the bookstore, “Well, I was thinking we could go to the costume party at the Witch’s Wart. Have you heard of it?” Rainne shakes her head again, “It’s a club at the other end of Hogsmeade. We could meet there, if you’d like?”

Rainne smiles and nods as Lily joins the conversation, looking away from Carmen and Marlene.

“The girls and I were going to walk around the town and then head over to the costume party,” she says, “Would you like to come, Rainne?”

Rainne looks at Lily, unsure of what to say.

For some reason, she is reminded of her grandmother. That lady was a true social butterfly, she never declined an invitation to any event. She had many friends, something Rainne has always admired.

Rainne nods, inspired by her grandmother.

“Yeah,” she says, “I’d li-like that.”

Lily smiles.

Remus, who has been watching Rainne closely, speaks up.

“Rainne,” he says, “Aren’t you hungry?” he looks at her pointedly.

Rainne frowns, grabbing a plain piece of toast and taking a small bite.

Ben looks at Remus strangely.

“What the hell, man?” he whispers.

Remus gives Ben a look that tells him he’ll explain later.

Rainne’s frown deepens. She stands up, toast in hand.

“I’m going to c-class,” she says, “I h-have to talk to F-flitwick.”

She leaves the Great Hall, throwing her toast in the first trash bin she sees. She goes outside and lights a cigarette, trying to calm down.

Ben turns to glare at Remus.

“Dude!” he says angrily.

“Ben,” says Remus calmly, “Haven’t you noticed that Rainne is... very thin?”

Ben glares at him.

“Don’t suggest stuff like that, Moony. Rainne’s going through a hard time. I wouldn’t be very hungry if I were her either. Stop judging her.”

Remus sighs, dropping the subject. He hopes Ben will notice before it’s too late.

Soon, they all leave for class.

Lily thinks about what Remus said. What if there is some truth to his words? She realizes she has rarely seen Rainne eat.

She decides to watch Rainne more closely.


Carmen and Ben sit beside each other in Potions. They work on an Alihosy Draught.

“No, Carmen!” Ben says, laughing, “You put too many fairy wings in, it’s not supposed to be purple!”

Carmen stares at her cauldron, laughing.

“Oops,” she says.

Rainne and Remus speak quietly across the room.

“What the hell, Remus?” says Rainne. Her stammer has been replaced by anger venom dripping from her every word.

“I told you I was going to make sure you ate,” says Remus calmly. He adds bat spleen to his cauldron.

“What, I can’t have a conversation before starting my breakfast?”

“Well,” says Remus matter-of-factly, “You weren’t really talking.”

Rainne glares at him. She is breathing heavily through her nose, her jaw clenched.

“How dare you?” she says through her teeth. She clenches her fist and what was once and ashwinder egg becomes dust, falling through her fingers.

Remus remains calm as ever.

“I would rather you be angry at me than let you starve yourself,” he says, “What you’re doing isn’t healthy, Rainne.”

“I know perfectly well what I’m doing, thanks,” she says.

“I don’t think you do,” Remus responds, looking at her sadly. He reminds her of her doctor and the way his words were always so condescending.

“Since when is this any of your business? I’m not your fucking problem,” Rainne bites, keeping her voice low.

Remus sighs.

“Even if you don’t like me, Ben likes you. I’m not going to let you hurt yourself like that. It would kill him if something happened to you.”

“You don’t know me, Lupin.”

Remus sighs again.

“You’re not going to convince me otherwise. I’m sorry, Rainne. If I don’t think you’re eating enough, I’ll tell Ben.”

“Gaah!” Rainne yells, exasperated.

Students turn to look at her, surprised by her sudden outburst. She smiles awkwardly, pointing at her potion as if to say that is the reason for her anger. They nod in understanding and look back to their own cauldrons. Rainne ignores her partner for the remainder of the lesson.

Carmen and Ben discuss the costume party.

“Does Rainne know what she’s going to go as?” Ben asks. Carmen shakes her head, “What about you?”

Carmen laughs.

“I’m going to go as a witch. Like, how muggles see witches,” Ben laughs as well, “What are you dressing up as?” Carmen asks him.

“The guys and I are all gonna go as quidditch players. Simple,” he says. Carmen gasps, “What?” Ben asks.

“I know what Rainne is going to go as,” she says, giddy. She hops up and down in her seat, excited.

“What?” Ben repeats.

Carmen shakes her head, “Not telling!” she taunts.

Ben shakes his head as well, smirking, “It better be good!”

“Oh, it will be!” says Carmen, laughing.

“Carmen, your potion!” exclaims Ben, “I think you burnt it!”

Carmen laughs louder when she sees her potion.

“I’m a lost cause,” she says.

They both laugh and continue to work.


“It’s perfect!” Lily gasps after Carmen shares her idea.

“I know, right?” says Carmen, “I’m a genius.”

“I have wings from last year when I was an angel,” says Marlene.

Carmen grins. She looks at Rainne and her smile fades. Rainne sits on her bed, glaring at the floor.

“What’s wrong, Rainne?” asks Lily.

“Do you not like my idea?” Carmen asks.

Rainne looks up at them.

“Wh-what?” she says, “No, I l-like it. Remus j-just pissed me off.”

“Oh,” Marlene frowns, “Yeah, that was pretty rude this morning.”

Rainne nods, then smiles, thinking about her upcoming date with Ben. She hopes he will kiss her again. At the thought of her lips touching his, her heart races.

“I’m n-not going to l-let him ruin H-halloween,” Rainne says, smiling.

The girls grin.

“That’s the spirit!” Carmen says, “Fuck Remus Lupin!” she starts chanting, and Lily joins her.

“Fuck Remus Lupin! Fuck Remus Lupin!” soon, all four girls are chanting and parading around the room.

Rainne grins.

Is that what it’s like to have friends?

She hopes it is. She likes the way this feels.

author’s note: i’m so close to 1k reads, it’s ridiculous! thank you all for reading and also to those who left reviews, i’m so excited about where this story is going!



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