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Project H by Emmerke
Chapter 3 : The one with all the red
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 ‘Look over there, is that Hugo Weasley?’

‘No, that can’t be. Hugo is a lot smaller.’

‘Which Weasley is it then? He sure has got a lot of attention. There’s a whole crowd around him.’

‘I don’t know, do they have another cousin?’

‘I know every Weasley and whoever that guy is, it isn’t a Weasley.’

‘That can’t be. Did you see the hair? It’s the red Weasley color.’

‘Guys! Guys! Hear me out, the guy standing there is Malfoy!’

‘Malfoy? But his hair is white … What happened to him?’

News spread really quickly around Hogwarts. And the news that Scorpius Malfoy was now a red head spread more quickly than the news that Kylie hooked up with Sam Davidson, the famous Quidditch player.

I could see her looking rather mad about it. She was giving me I-swear-I-will-kill-you look. Not my problem that Malfoy is much more interesting than you.

Wait … Did I just said Malfoy was interesting?

‘OMG Rose! You really did it this time. Everybody is talking about it!’ Dom said as she sat next to me at the Gryffindor table.

‘He got what he deserved.’ I smiled at her.

‘- I’m bloody going to kill her. I’m going to kill her, bring her back to life and then kill her again, I don’t care if she’s your cousin of not … -‘

I looked at the entrance of the great hall, I saw Scorpius Weasely (I couldn’t call him Malfoy, could I?) and Albus Potter approaching. Malfoy was shouting at Albus, who looked like he would burst into laughter any time soon.

 ‘Hey, Scorp. Looking good, I know you couldn’t stand being in my shadow anymore. After all, I have the most gorgeous blonde hair in this school!’ Louis bragged.

Scorpius looked like he could cry. Then he saw me and his face changed. Now he looked like he was ready to commit a murder.

I just sat there and laughed. Which probably wasn’t a good idea since he came over to me looking even more mad. Albus was following him.

‘You know you are not going to get away with this, Weasley.’ He said.

‘I wasn’t counting on it, Malfoy’ I said. Let the game begin!

I was on my way to the dungeons for my divination class. I was thinking about the book. I brought it to my dorm last night. It was too late to go to the Slytherins common room and besides, I didn’t want to be there when Malfoy realized what I had done. Because of all the commotion around Malfoy’s hair, I hadn’t been able to deliver the book to Albus. I figured I would bring it to him after Potions.

I came in to the room and saw that Nymph and Dom were sitting with Stacy, a girl from Hufflepuff. Thanks guys, for saving a seat for me! I guess that’s what good friends are for ….  

I looked around and saw an empty spot next to Lucas, a very hot Hufflepuff player. He’s a chaser for his Quidditch team. And since I’m a chaser for Gryffindor, we know each other rather good.

‘Well hello red.’ He said as I took a seat next to him. I saw Nymph looking and me and she winked. Ahn, she really was my best friend. She knew that me and Lucas have been flirting all year. This could be the moment to ask me out.

‘Nice to see you again, blue.’

You see, Lucas was a metamorphmagus. You know like Teddy. He mostly wore his hair blue. It’s a little thing between us, you see. He calls me red and I call him blue.

The lesson turned out to be really interesting. We laughed a lot. He even touched my hand at one moment. Thank you, Nymph and Dom.

At the end of the class I slowly put my things back in my backpack. I wanted to give him the chance to ask me out. I looked at him from the corner of my eye. His hair was turning green. I remember Teddy telling me that whenever he was nervous his hair changed color. When he proposed to Victoire, his hair changed into all the colors of the rainbow. Of course, she agreed.

‘Euhm, Rose.’ He began. He never called me Rose, I was red, remember?

‘Would you like to go to Hogsmeade with me this weekend?’ he spat out. His hair was yellow now.

‘I would love to’ I answered. His hair got back to being blue.

So as promised, I went back to my dorm, picked up the book and I was now on my way to the Slytherin Common Room. I hadn’t read the book yet. I decided I would read it together with Albus, it was his party so he had to read the book.

I wondered if the boy even knew how to read. I have never seen him in the library with a book, with a girl yes, but with a book?

My thoughts were roughly interrupted when I was pulled into an empty classroom. I looked to the hand that was holding me tight around my arm.

‘You see, Weasley. I have two options here.’

I looked up, I was looking at a red haired Malfoy.

‘Yeah really, Malfoy. What are they?’ I asked as I pulled away my arm. He stepped closer to me, I stepped backwards until I hit the wall.

He put his arms next to me. I was captured. Captured by a guy who now had the same hair color as me.

It was just me and Malfoy.

No, I’m not scared.

Okay, maybe a bit. After all the bloke is larger and stronger than me. And really really pissed.

 ‘You see, Weasley. You know I just can’t let this go.’ He paused and smirked at me.

Okay, why was it so hot in here? Why was my heart beating like this?

‘So either I will make you suffer …’

He moved his head closer to me, his lips were now close to my ears.

‘and take my revenge.’ He whispered in my ear. He moved his head and was now looking directly in my eyes.

I always thought he had blue eyes but his eyes were grey, why haven’t I noticed this before?

‘Or you change my hair back right now and I will, gentleman as I am,’ I snorted ‘will let this go and not kill you..’ He said. He smirked again.

Why wasn’t I able to reply? Say something … Anything! He was standing so damn close.

‘Or you can stand there with your mouth half open and appreciate the sight.’ He said. He moved his hands away. But he was still standing too close, smirking away.

I swallowed and regained my neutral look.

‘You see, I can’t.’ I began. ‘It’s a curse, it will go away after 24 hours.’

‘Well then, Weasley. It seems like you made your choice.’ He smirked and left.

I fell down, I put my arms around my knees. Why did he make me feel like this? I hate this guy … I’m just scared of my punishment, that’s it. Malfoys aren’t known to be forgiven.

I got up and looked in the mirror that was hanging in the classroom.

This hair color is gorgeous. I don’t see why he doesn’t like it. I smirked. Whatever he would do to me, it was worth it.

‘So this is the book?’ Albus asked. I nodded. I looked around, Malfoy was nowhere to be found. He was probably plotting my death by now.

‘Have you read it?’ I shook my head.

‘Maybe we should wait for Scorpius to read this.’ I snorted.

‘I don’t think you will see him again anytime soon.’ Maybe at my funeral.

‘You know, Rose. I like a good joke and so does Scorp. But be careful. He can overreact. Especially when it’s you.’ He began. What’s that supposed to mean? Especially when it’s me?

‘Just, be careful, okay. I’m just afraid you will get hurt.’ He looked very seriously at me. Are you kidding me Al? You are looking at the girl who killed all the spiders under your bed, because you’re afraid of them.

‘Not likely’ I replied. It was me, strong Rose. I don’t get hurt, especially not by blokes like Malfoy …

‘Well, alright. Let’s find him, Dom and Nymph and then we can read it all together.’ He suggested. I nodded.

We went to the great hall. It was 7 o’clock. So it was likely that they were all eating. Was it just me or was everybody staring at me?

‘Euhm, Rose, why is everybody staring at you?’ okay it wasn’t just me.

I went to the Gryffindor table and Albus followed me. Heads turned everywhere.

‘What the hell is going on?’ I asked as soon as I saw Nymph. She quickly looked down. But Dom got up and walked over to me.

‘You, go to your best friend.’ She said to Albus ‘Rose, follow me.’ Albus nodded, he gave me a sympathetic look. I followed Dom to the corridor. She pulled me in a dark corner.

‘Alright don’t freak, but it seems like Scorp, I mean, Malfoy took his revenge.’ She began.

‘What did he do?’ I asked. She also give me a sympathetic look. I hate those looks, what the hell is going on?!

‘Just tell me, Dom!’ I yelled.

‘Well he kind of told everyone you two kissed. He said you couldn’t resist his charm,’ I snorted. ‘And that’s how he got his red hair. It’s a curse he says. Everyone who kisses you will get red hair.’

‘WHAT?’ I yelled so loud that Dumbledore, in his grave, could have heard me.

‘And they believe him?’ I asked. ‘You know, he can be quite convincing’ Dom replied.

I stormed back into the great hall straight to the Slytherin table. How could he do this? Not one boy will come near to me ever again.

‘You jerk!’ I yelled and I held my hand ready to punch him in the face. Dom held me back and Albus stood in between us.

‘I’m really sorry Rose. But everybody had to know the truth.’ He smirked.

I tried to stop the  tears from running down my face. I saw Lucas looking at me, just the way all the other boys were looking at me, like I was something dirty. Guys who passed ran in a circle around me.

Didn’t he know what he had done? Not one boy would even dare to look at me now. Who wanted red hair after all ….

Scorpious’ face changed as a tear fell down my face. Albus was standing there, not knowing what to do. Dom had let go of me. I was just standing there, crying. No, I’m strong Rose. I don’t want him, of all people seeing me cry, I ran out of the great hall. Not bothering to hide the tears.

I was almost at the entrance of the great hall, when a hand held me back.

‘I swear, Malfoy. Let go of me if you wanne live.’ I spat out.

I turned around and was surprised to see Lucas standing there, not Malfoy.

Everybody in the great hall was looking at us.

‘Don’t let him get to you’ he said.

‘Shouldn’t you be running as far away from me as you possibly can? In case you haven’t heard, I am cursed.’ I said angry. Instead of letting go, Lucas pulled me closer to him.

‘I’m already a red head.’ He smiled. His hair turned red, my red.

And then his lips reached mine.  

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Project H: The one with all the red


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