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Hidden in the Dark by TheHeirOfSlytherin
Chapter 4 : Poltergeist
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Spoilers warning: Teddy's real name, belongs to Pottermore.


Victoire hated when Teddy was so concerned for her, always feeling guilty about worrying him so much when he was usually the most carefree, sometimes to the point of recklessness when he'd had a drink, but she could forgive him for that because it wasn't often.

She hadn't wanted him to know about her accident, her ankle had stopped throbbing long before he got home from work, but because she had decided not to go to St. Mungo's, her mother had insisted on staying with her until Ted had come in and then told him all about it herself. He'd tended to her ankle, looked after Ryan and made dinner. And Victoire felt horrible because he was worried for her the entire time.

Victoire was thankful that her mother had believed the story that she had tripped; she didn't have to talk to Ted about the forceful push she was sure she'd felt on her back, she didn't have to watch him freak out and tell her that he was right about the house because he would never know. She'd believed in the 'other ghosts' for most of her life thanks to her brother's terrifying ability, she'd even lived with them before, but she refused to allow those nightmares to force her out of her new home. Maybe she'd just imagined the pressure on her back, not wanting to believe that she'd been wrong about the toy moving and had just been clumsy.

Victoire told herself that reassuringly; it helped her to sleep at night.

And it had worked well, until something had woken up. Half conscious and propped up on one elbow, Victoire strained to hear what had woken her. It sounded like footsteps, soft movements echoing in the eerie silence. Louder sounds followed, as though someone was in the kitchen, opening and closing the cupboard doors. But she was in bed, Ted still sleeping soundly beside her, and Ryan was much too young to be able to climb out of his crib, let alone make his way to the kitchen and reach the cupboard doors.

The thoughts running through her head frightened her.

"Ted," she whispered, wide awake and fearful. She shook him hard until he stirred. "Teddy."

"I didn't do it," he murmured, his eyes still shut, but moving to sit. "What?"

"Teddy, I can hear footsteps downstairs," she mouthed. Ted shook his head, falling back down, but Victoire grabbed his shoulder and shook him again. "Listen. There's someone in the house."

He did, turning to her with a similar look, and she knew he could hear the sounds, too. "Go and check it out."

"You're the adventurous Cursebreaker, afraid of nothing," he protested quietly. "I work behind a desk. You go look."

"Yeah, well, you're the man," she countered weakly. "Just go, Edward."

"Full naming me now, are you?" he growled, pushing himself off of the bed and tiptoeing out, muttering about her previous comments that women were just as capable as men in most, if not all things.

Only when it suits her.

At the bottom of the stairs, Teddy peered around the banister to the kitchen, but it was pitch black. He only had to look for a moment, though; he found the source of the noise quickly and felt like an idiot. Turning left into the living room, Teddy frowned at the television, wondering how it could have been turned on - he was sure he had turned it off - as he watched one of those old, crappy late night programs. He picked up the remote and switched the television off just as the character went back into the kitchen.

He climbed back up the stairs with heavy footsteps, sleep creeping up on him now that the unnecessary fear had disappeared.

"What was it?" Victoire asked as he reached the door.

Teddy opened his mouth to answer, only to stop and turn to Ryan's room. He held up a finger, signaling that he'd be back in a minute, and made his way across the hall. Just like last time, he found Ryan stood up in his crib, mumbling to air, and the window was open again.

"Come on, kiddo, it's time to sleep," he muttered, picking Ryan up and lying him down.

"Mummy," he aid, pointing at the ceiling.

"Mummy is in bed, trying to go back to sleep," he replied, hoping that was true. Teddy had to be up early tomorrow, to sort out a problem with a small wolf pack close to the city; he needed to sleep, but he knew he wouldn't as long as Victoire was worried. "Good night, Ry."

It wasn't until Ted got to the door that he felt it, a cold presence in the room. It was like a sharp gust of wind hitting his back, making the hairs on the back of his neck stand up and a shiver run through him. He spun around, but there was nothing there and the window was still shut; there was only Ryan staring at him.

The rational part of his mind told him it was nothing, the room was just cold from the window being open. But the animal part of him, the part that rules his instincts, told him otherwise. His human eyes couldn't see anything, but the wolf could feel something.

They were not alone in this house.

The fear returned in full force.

"Hey," Victoire said, suddenly at his side and causing him to jump. "What is it?"

Teddy scanned the room, but even though the fear was back, the presence was gone for now. "Nothing," he said at last. "The telly had come on; that was what you heard. And I just came to lie Ryan back down."

"Oh." She didn't look entirely convinced, but she went along with it. It was easier, he supposed. "Come back to bed then, you've got that meeting thing tomorrow."

"I'm coming."

Ted glanced at his now sleeping little boy, afraid to leave him alone, and he knew what he had to do.

I need to talk to Nicky.


The pack only needed reminding about moving before the moon in four days, so not to be seen like what had almost happened last time. They were one of the smallest and the most cooperative group that Teddy dealt with; the whole meeting, including getting there and back, took no more than an hour.

Teddy stopped outside of Kieron Nott's apartment, knowing that was where Nicky was staying, and stared up at the building. It was one of the more expensive in London, but definitely not as much as the penthouse the kid had wanted across town; he couldn't believe it when he'd heard that Theodore Nott had promised to get him one if he graduated law school with great, if not full marks. At nineteen, he still had a couple more years at least. And that was just to get his law degree.

Scolding himself for putting things off, Teddy got out of his car and took a step forward, hoping Nicky would forgive him for bringing up his worst subject.


What little color Nicky had left his face the more Cassie told him about the house's occupant. Her sickly pale face was hard and her blood red lips were curled up in anger, scaring him ever so slightly. She reminded him of a poltergeist; a trapped spirit, drawing powerful energy from its anger.

Like the spirit in his sister's house.

"I am telling you, Nicky, she is pissed, like out of control, I-will-kill-you-all pissed," Cassie said, pacing the floor. "She kept kicking me out and blocking my way. It took me ages before I was able to see inside."

"Why is she like this?" he asked quietly, afraid of the answer. "What does she want?"

Cassie shrugged. "I haven't got a clue. Maybe it's because they're in her house. Maybe it's because they knocked her house down and built a new one. Maybe it's because she's a bitch and doesn't like to share. I don't know why she's complaining; I'd sell my soul to the Reapers to live with Teddy Lupin. Speaking of which, if you see one, don't tell them I'm here."

Nicky groaned; Cassie messing with the Reapers meant trouble he really didn't want to deal with. One was bound to come asking questions. Although, he was starting to hope the Reapers could help with this ghost problem; they were all about balance and this strange woman was not plaing fair.

"Teddy is so worried, my poor baby. I wish I could help him," Cassie pouted.

"Please stop telling me about your crush on Ted, it's creepy," Nicky frowned, watching Kieron shiver at the thought as he came into the room, only hearing that part of a conversation he would only be able to hear part of anyway.

Kieron caught his law book as it flew in the air. just about to hit his head. "I've warned you, Cassandra," he yelled at nothing, his eyes glancing around every corner of the room. "You mess with my stuff one more time and you're out!"

"Touchy, isn't he?" she muttered, rolling her eyes.

"How do I get this spirit out of my sister's house?" Nicky demanded softly, getting back to the subject.

"You find out what she wants," Cassie said regretfully, knowing how much he hated getting involved. There were many spirits who just wanted help and many who, like her, were just waiting for their time and they were almost always good. But there were just as many who were angry and confused, or wanted some type of vengeance, and they were as bad as this one. She wished Nicky didn't have to deal with it; messing with energy that powerful was likely to mess with his head. "I'll keep looking, I promise."

"Thank you."

The knock on the door startled them all and had Cassie looking through it. "Oh, my. My love is here," she squealed. "Why is he here? Oh, I don't care!"

"Creepy," Nicky called over to her while Kieron opened the door.

"What's creepy?" Teddy asked, confused.

"You being here," Kieron answered quickly. "What do you want?"

"Has anyone ever told you what you lovely person you are not?" Ted said. "I'm here to talk to my brother-in-law? Can we talk?" he asked, facing Nicky.

"Sure. We'll go for a walk," he said, mouthing "you stay" to Cassie, who glared and huffed before disappearing in front of his eyes.

Nicky felt much better outside, like the breeze was cleansing his mind and allowing him to breathe and think rationally. He sometimes suspected Kieron had something to do with with it, but he appreciated the gesture too much to risk spoiling it by asking; Kieron had a habit of stopping whatever nice thing he was going once it was pointed out. He had a bad boy reputation to protect.

"So, what's up, Ted?" he asked, though he suspected he knew the answer.

Ted got straight to the point. "What do you feel when you go to the house?"

"I feel cold," Nicky said after a pause. "Like there's a horrible wind cutting into my skin." From the look on Teddy's face, he knew the man had felt the same thing. "I'm trying to find out what it wants and how to get rid of it," he admitted. "But it takes a lot of energy, which is weakening the shields around my mind and making me a little crazy."

"Please don't put yourself back in the center for us, Nick," Teddy pleaded with him. "We'll find another way."

"That house was Vic's project; she may notice some strange things, but she won't let it go without a fight," Nicky pointed out. "No, the only way is to get rid of it. I'll be fine; I'll just need to go back on my medicine for a while afterwards. They'll block out the voices and allow my mind to rest, then I can put the shields back up."

"I hate this house," Teddy told him, whispering, as though he was revealing a huge, terrible secret. "Vic will leave if I take Ryan and go."

"Think about what you want to do, but for now I'd like to ask for a favor." He waited for Ted to nod and gave him his instructions. "While I look into the energy around the house, will you be the one who researches the house?"

Teddy promised that he would and once they got back to Kieron's building, they said good bye. Nicky prayed he found out what the spirit wanted before anything happened.

He never wanted to tell them that they were living with a poltergeist.

A/N: Hey, guys. I hope you enjoy chapter four. The next one will be up soon.

Teddy's full name is Edward Remus. Personally, I think that's awesome! :D

Please let me know what you think. :)


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