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my brothers bestfriend by Candeekiller
Chapter 8 : The Round Tale-part two.
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Dren Potter

His kisses are fire. So much better then the brief kiss we shared in his bed.
The amount of passion he put into this kiss was like none i have ever felt in the nights i;ve spent with Malfoy.

with anyone for that matter.

"Dren." he whispered my name as he pulled away from me with the need to take air into his lungs but all i could do was pull him closer.

I don't want him to stop.

All i want;
all i need in this moment is to feel his touch.
Whether its the drugs, the liqour or just the fact that i have been wanting this for a while now doesnt even matter

all that matters now is his touch his kiss and how right it feels even in all of its wrong.

"Sirius; i-"

"what the hell are you doing"

the dark corner of the club we had taken refuge in was no longer private as Remus stumbled upon us in our comprimising positions.

my back pressed firmly between the wall and Sirius' hard body; a place i liked being. i couldn't speak; i want to tell Remus it's not what it seems 

i want to tell him it is. but i cant think straight. Sirius however took the lead

"You can't say anything to James."

"James? you think he's the only one that matters here?"

Sirius quirked his eyebrow in question "who else?"

Remus pulled him away from me and my entire is filled with an unquentiable cold.

"are you forgetting about your date with Emmaline tomorrow"


Remus looked on in disappointment as i walked away searching for Lily but alas i could not find her anywhere and settled for an empty booth. my head spinning.

i want to laugh.
i want to cry.
i want to dance and to feel Sirius's body against my own once again.
I want so much and nothing all at the same time.

what's wrong with me. feeling a sudden grasp on my arm caused me to panick as i spun to face the owner of the hand and found James staring into my eyes.

"Dren! isnt this the best night ever!."he had this grin on his face like he was in heaven

i nodded slightly bitter; seeing Lily leaning against him; his arm wrapped around her protectively

"you and lily have gotten close i see" with a light smile i lead lilly to where i think the bathroom is for a little girl chat;my head is swimming. 

the lights of the club glimmering like fairies all around us part of me wants to reach out and try to catch one even though i know its useless.

"oh dren arent you having the best night! im so glad we came"
Lily seemed to be having a blast; her hair slightly mussed and her lips swelled with passion of obvious kisses between her and James

I wondered if she would remember any of this in the morning; if any of us would.

"me too although i may have done something foolish"

"what could you possibly do wrong?"


her eyes widened the size of saucers"you and sirius had sex!"

my laughter burst out of me along with the mouthful of water i had been attempting to swallow.

"merlin lily i just kissed him"

"oh; well be more specific"

i smiled with humor as we realised all we achieved was making our way to the bar and took the liberty of ordering ourselves another round of firewhiskeys for ourselves and the boys

"where could i possibly have done that?"

"Dren you're a resourceful girl; surely you would have found a way. i know i would"

"gee thanks"

"welcome" as she took the seat next to my brother i realised how easy it was for them to be together when no ones watching or when they're completely wasted but as i took a seat next to Sirius with Remus' eyes watching closely; even as some brunette sat near him whispering in his ear, i realised....

it wouldn't be so easy for us; but shouldn't i enjoy it while i can?

A/N short i know but i honestly havent had much time to write. I promise the next one will be much longer and more satisfying not just for you guys but me as well; so much to write so little time til then i hope you enjoy ^_^

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my brothers bestfriend: The Round Tale-part two.


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