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The Invisible Thief by lovestings
Chapter 10 : Favorites suck
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ah-mazing CI from the awesome golden.@TDA


I have been having serious inner conversations with myself since my classroom conversation with Weasley. Dominique. Whatever I’m supposed to call her. It happened three days ago and I still just feel so…off about it.




It’s just not a very Dominique-y think for her to do. She’d probably rather bite my head off instead of smile and have a somewhat civil conversation with me. Maybe she’s ill or something. Perhaps she has something serious and she’s trying to make amends or some shit like that.




“Can you hurry up already so we can go down and eat?” Amelia asked impatiently as she tapped her foot, leaning against the door frame. “I will be royally pissed off if I don’t get French toast again.”




I rolled my eyes. Of course all Amelia would care about is food which is a complete joke considering she weighs barely a hundred pounds. Totally unfair, okay. I wish I could eat like she does and look like she does.




Skinny arse bitch. She’s lucky I love her.




“Whatever you want Queen Amelia,” I snorted as I walked around my bed and grabbed the sweater Al had given me yesterday off my bed and slid it on over my tank top. It was oversized and comfortable, coming to my mid thighs. It smelt of a mix of his usual cologne, mint, and homemade apple pie.




Okay, I’m not weird and I don’t sniff people’s sweaters, it’s charmed okay. Don’t look at me like I’m some creep.




I had decided to wear just basic black leggings and brown boots considering it had started to snow last night and there was no way in hell I was going to wear flip flops and let my poor toes freeze to death. 




“I’m ready!” I grabbed the plain black hat that I had gotten for Christmas last year from my cousin and slid it on over my damp brown hair. I joined Leslie and Amelia who were waiting for me at the door frame wearing quite conflicting outfits. They both had on an array of greens and reds, supporting all of our new friends and their teams.




If we hadn’t met Al and everyone this year we probably would have just worn our usual Ravenclaw blue…or you know, we probably wouldn’t have bothered coming to the game. Actually that’s a lie. I would have forced everyone to come so we could view both teams tactics so we would be ready when it came time for us to play them.




“I’m so glad we aren’t playing today.” Amelia said as she threaded her fingers through her hair as she spoke, making our way out of her common room and down into the hallway. “I’m not in the mood to deal with the thought of flying around while it’s freaking snowing.”




“Agreed,” I yawned as I waved lazily towards Fred who waved back enthusiastically. He had a broom closet door propped open and as we got closer it came to my attention that he was holding the door open because one of his fellow teammates was throwing up into a spare bucket.




Isn’t that just lovely.




“Good luck today!” I yelled at him as I felt Leslie’s grip on my arm tighten as she steered me towards the opposite end of the hall, away from Fred. She was still embarrassed about what happened at the sleepover and she’d made it her point to avoid Fred as best as she could. It made things like meals really awkward whenever Fred and James wanted to eat with us.




I ignored Leslie’s stealth like grip and let her push through people and lead me towards the Great Hall. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have a bruise in the shape of Leslie’s fingers. 




“You’re being such a pansy, Leslie.”




Way to break the ice Amelia. Real smooth girl. In case you weren’t aware of it yet I’ll make it clear to you now – Amelia has no tact and when she has the need to say something she’ll just spit it right out. It makes for plenty of awkward situations and handfuls of fights.




“Excuse me?” Leslie scoffed as she glanced over at her friend, her fingers digging into my skin in anger. I yelped and she released her grip on me – thank Merlin! – so I opened the door to the Great Hall.




“You heard me – you’re being a downright pansy. No one else cares that you have a crush on Fred except for yourself. He’s not even addressing what happened so as your friend who loves you I’m telling you, you need to either get over it and find a new guy or talk to Fred. You’re pick.”




Amelia was staring down Leslie with a demanding look, her eyes in slivers with her lips pursed into a thin line. Leslie had her mouth agape as she stared at Amelia in shock. Me? Oh I was just standing in between them dragging them both towards the Ravenclaw table in hopes that they would just shut their mouths and be friends.




Yeah, I like that idea. Why can’t we be friends? Isn’t that like a muggle song? I’m pretty positive it is. I’ll have to make a note to go harass Scorpius and ask if it is in fact one. I find it a tad bit odd that Scorpius is obsessed with all things muggles considering his family is raging purebloods. It’s refreshing.




“Are we interrupting something?”




No Malcolm, of course you’re not, we Ravenclaws just like to have daily staring contests all the time.








I tactically grabbed the nearest thing to me ( a spoon ) and threw it at his chest. “Make us laugh!” I commanded, wanting to break the tension between my two friends.




“What?!” He sputtered, rubbing the side of his cheek that my spoon skillfully smacked before tinkering to the ground.








Thank you Amelia for assisting me. Isn’t she just a real charmer? I’ve really grown fond of manners and kind personality. Sarcasm. Sarcasm people, you need to learn it.




“Uh…Um…” Anytime now, Jr. “Why didn’t the chicken cross the road?”




Original, Malcolm, real original.




“Why?” Leslie stabbed her fork into her hashbrowns as she answered.




“Because Dominique Weasley was there.”  I could tell Malcolm was pleased with his clever joke, smirking proudly at the three of us with his dimples poking through his cheeks. I had to admit it was funny and despite me trying to keep myself in check I ended up laughing hysterically, giving him a high five.




You go Malcolm Wood!




Amelia snorted with laughter, milk coming up through her nostrils and spraying her eggs on her plate. Eugh – not a good image. There goes my large appetite…okay who are we kidding I’m still going to eat. I’m a growing women now shove off it you judgmental skinny bitches. Leslie, despite her straight poker face, chuckled softly letting a smile to peek through.




All is good at the Ravenclaw table thanks to one clever and semi-good looking Malcolm Wood. And me of course. Brielle Patil saving Ravenclaw friendships one step at a time.




“It’s so bloody loud!”




Thank you Mel for stating the obvious. Why don’t you screech in someone else’s ear, yeah? That would be wonderful thanks. 




“These seats are brilliant!” Leslie called from over the noise from my left, grinning, having quickly gotten over her small disagreement with Mel. “It was so nice of the boys to grab these for us.”




The seats were indeed great ones. They were towards the center of the Gryffindor crowd and they were high enough that we could see almost everything at normal Quidditch height. We got the seats right by the bars so we could peer over and see the tierces bellow us.




“So nice of them to charm them for us,” Mel corrected with a  lingering smile on her lips. We had managed to get in yet another round of laughs as Malcolm and Lorcan Scamander (he’s a Hufflepuff while his twin brother is a Slytherin and on the quidditch team) had attempted to steal two out of the three of our seats.




It didn’t end well for them.




Malcolm is currently swearing (and crying – he won’t admit it) off in a corner while attempting to find a seat as farthest away from us as he can manage while poor Lorcan got sent to the infirmary. Looks like he won’t be getting to see his brother play.




Apparently he got the wrong end of a hex and his bum got burnt to a toasty crisp. Poor lad. Smells kind of like burnt bacon now. Is that odd? Maybe Lorcan is half pig? That would be pretty neat. If you ever were stranded on an island with him and you got hungry you could just slice a piece of him off and cook him.




Merlin I sound like a nut job.




Eh, whatever.




The three of sat and chatted for a few moments before they started announcing the teams and green and red began to fill the fields. Jeff Goyle was the speaker and announcer and while he claims he isn’t prejudice (Slytherin) he has managed to already make some derogatory yet hilarious comments.




“And here comes the mighty snakes!” He called over the roaring crowd that only seemed to get louder. I cheered along with everyone and got some evil eyes. Don’t judge me you little Gryffindors! I don’t care if I’m sitting with you guys. My homeboy Albus is on the Slytherin team and I got his back.




Homeboy? I really need to stop watching those muggle tele shows where girls scream at each other and tell people to hold their earings. I have serious problems.




“Albus Potter – our captain and seeker – is taking front with his bloody awesome team. He’s obviously the better Potter and if you weren’t aware his older brother is a downright arsehole – I’M NOT BEING HOUSE PREJUDICE, PROFESSOR – Sorry about that you guys! Here comes his right hand man Scorpius Malfoy. YOU GO SCORPIUS MALFOY.”




“I think Goyle has a little man crush on our Slytherins.” I commented with a laugh, pulling my beanie down over my hair that was whipping with the wind.




I couldn’t be sure but I was almost positive Leslie muttered something along the lines as, “Don’t you mean your Slytherins?” Maybe I’m hearing things. Yeah that seems about right.




“- And here comes the Gryffindor team which is for sure going to lose. No worries Professor I’m just predicting! You’ve got bigger Potter taking up the rear –HA THE REAR – with his right hand man who’s about as dumb as rocks Fred ‘ not as good as the original’ Weasley! What is with these Weasleys’ and Potters’ being named after their grandparents and shit? Can’t they have some creative names I mean come on.”




This was just about time that Professor Longbottom pulled Jeff off the speaker by his ear. That’s what you get for dissing the golden trio’s kids. I’m pretty positive Professor Longbottom is like friends with them or something.




“Fred is not dumb,” Leslie commented dryly with a frown as both Potter shook hands.




“Of course he isn’t. He’s just taking sixth year Charms for the second time because he wants too.” Mel responded sarcastically and I couldn’t him but snicker.




What? Fred really does struggle with Charms. It’s kind of funny. Poor boy needs a tutor. IDEA. I need to get Leslie to tutor Fred. That would be just puke worthy cute.




The game began and we stopped talking except for our occasional cheers and groans. Both teams were well trained and had skill. I couldn’t help but admit that I was a little nervous to play both of them. James, who was a chaser, managed to score a few goals here and there. He had great hand eye coordination. Fred deflected some balls with his beater bat but did send a good hit towards Albus who dodged it and gave him the finger.




Keeping it classy, Wotters.




Scorpius was doing a decent job as a keeper though he did let a few balls in. Rose was doing a nice job as keeper as well for Gryffindor. I was surprised she even played considering she was so stuck up and pitch perfect. She did have a slip up an hour in the game were she slid off her broom a bit when she went for a save. She was fine – naturally- but some people made a bigger deal of it.




By the time the snitch was finally spotted both teams were tied and the crowd was going crazy. Of course, the two seekers were Albus and his younger sister Lily. She was only a fifth year but she was bloody brilliant and even I had to hand it to her – she was one of the better seekers I’ve seen in a while.




How embarrassing would it be to lose to your younger sister? I mean for Merlin’s sake she’s probably at least a foot and a half shorter then Albus and he’s got a good fifty pounds on her as well despite his lean built.




Oh, whoops, guess I’ll have to go ask Albus how it feels to have your little sister beat you because she just got the snitch. She even pushed Albus off his broom. That’s funny I couldn’t help but laugh. They were so close to the ground that he didn’t get hurt but instead he rolled around on the floor before landing face plant in the dirt.




“FUCK YEAH YOU GO GRYFFINDOR!” Amelia screamed very loudly. She decided half-way in that she wanted Gryffindor to win because one of their chasers had nice arms and she wanted to snog him at their congratulations party. Classy Mel, real classy.




The crowds were going crazy and I swore I lost some of my hearing with the way people were screaming and yelling around us. The three of us cheered and decided to head down to the fields to see how everyone was.




“That was a good game, wasn’t it?”




I think I just pissed my pants.




Dominique had managed to surprise the three of us and fall into step next to me. She had a semi-normal smile plastered on her lips and her blonde hair was falling around her face in a friendly way as she flicked it over her shoulder.




“You guys are going down to see my cousins, right?” She asked after no one responded but kept on walking down the stairs while staring at her. We nodded. “Same here!”




“Oh, er, that’s great!” I said meekly after Leslie elbowed me in the ribs. Thanks guys for all the help.




Weasley must have sensed how awkward it was because once we made it down the pitch she squealed. “Oh, my parents are here! I’ll see you back at the dorms,” She cried before turning to me and adding, “Make sure you tell James congratulations.” She had a teasing edge to her voice and she winked at me.








“What in bloody name was that?”




“I don’t know, Les, I don’t know.”




“You’re such a sore loser,” I commented with a laugh as I stood over Albus who was still face planted in the dirt. He had his arms spread out and his broom was disregarded towards his left side. He didn’t respond to me. “I can’t believe you lost to your baby sister,” He groaned in response at my comment.




I nudged him with my foot and he moved his head so I could see some of his face. He was sweaty and dirty. That’s kind of gross…and hot at the same time. Is that weird of me to think? I don’t really care either way.




“That was not bloody fair!” He finally cried out, still laying in the dirt. “Lily pushed me.”




I laughed. I’m sorry! I couldn’t help it.




“Don’t be a baby, Al.” I rolled my eyes. “You’re only upset because not only your older brother beat you but so did your little sister too.”




“I hate you, Brielle.”




I mocked upset and placed a hand close to my heart. “Albus, I can’t believe you!” I gasped clutching my – well his – jumper. “I guess you can’t be my favorite Potter anymore. I’ll have to replace you with either James or Lily now.”




“Pick me!”




I turned to look over my shoulder to see James grinning, holding his broom. He had dirt all over him and Albus groaned upon seeing him. Once again, I repeat, sore loser.




“No way! I’m the better male Potter.” Al retaliated, rolling onto his back while still lying on the floor. Did I mention Al’s really lazy too?




“As if, Al.”




“Um yeah as if.”




























“I PICK LILY!” I called loudly after they started yelling, pointing towards the red head who was standing next to James. Hopefully she’s Lily. She just turned and thankfully she’s Lily. “Lily Potter you are now my favorite Potter!” I yelled dramatically and through my arms around her narrow shoulders.




She looked scared. She should be. Both Al and James laughed from their spots.




“Can I be your favorite Weasley?”








Fred looked a little put off before he started to cry. I’m not even joking you. His eyes actually started to water and he stomped his foot. How is he seventeen?




“A-are you being serious, Bri?” His bottom lip quivered and I think I saw Leslie sigh.




“Oh my god. You’re actually insane Fred.” I mumbled but once tears started to roll down his cheeks – I know, I can’t even believe it either – I opened up my arms. “I don’t mean it. Come here,” I responded with a sigh and Fred nearly pushed poor Lily out of the way and gave me a suffocating bear hug.




I mean the whole nine yards. He squeezed me like a sack of potatoes and lifted me off the ground.




“Freddy! Stop it!” I yelled, holding onto his shoulder for dear life as he threw me over it. “This is Ravenclaw abuse!” I added in as I kicked my legs.




They all laughed. I have no favorite Potters or Weasleys anymore. I hate you all. Okay not really but right now I do.




“If you kidnap me again I’m telling on you!” I whined into his shoulder, directing my comment to all the boys.




“Frederick you kidnapped this poor girl?”




My head snapped up and I was greeted with a pretty caramel skinned woman. She had kind eyes that were narrowed in slits currently with her arms crossed over her chest. She looked a lot like Fred. She had a tall ginger next to her who was actually snorting with laughter. Hm, these two can totally pass for his parents.




“It wasn’t just me, mum!” Fred said quickly as turned around so he could look at his parents while I started at the ground. Thanks Fred. “Al, James, and Malfoy did it too!”




“Put her down right now mister!” Thanks Mrs. Weasley, you’re being a real help right now.




Fred naturally listened to his mum. Well kind off. Instead of placing me gently on the floor he just let go off me and let me laugh. I landed next to Albus who was now rolling with laughter while James snorted and pointed at me.








I can’t even curse in front of his parents this is bollocks. I have to say bloody eff you, like how old am I?




“’Eff you? This is just golden!” Albus managed to say in between laughing from next to me.




I stuck my tongue out at him, “You are so not my favorite anymore, Albus.”




He looked over at me with a frown before his lips quirked into a smirk. Oh no – this is not going ot be good. “Well fine then,” He began to say with that still creepy smirk. “If I’m no longer your favorite then I want my sweater back.”




“Tough luck, Potter, it’s mine now.” I made an effort to cling to the over-sized jumper, smirking at him. Sucks to be him. There is no way he’s getting this back from me. What is he going to do? Take it off me himself.




I stand corrected.




Albus threw himself at me as he began to pull at the fabric. Albus is a lunatic. Why do I even like him again? (Gosh, calm down, not like that! You know as best buds)








Guys I’m specific on who saves me I would just appreciate if someone got Al’s crazy arse off me.








He’s not stopping. Sucks to suck because I warned him.




“Ow!” He cried, sitting up quickly still half-on top of me clutching his hand. “You bite me,” He whined.




He actually whined. What a pansy. I decided to voice this opinion.




“Oh stop being such a pansy,” I pushed him off me and stood up. I kicked him too for good measures. I turned on James and Fred who were snickering off in the corner. “Thanks for the help guys,” I said in an overly sarcastic voice.




“You’re welcome, love.”




“No problem, babe.”




I think I’m going to go crazy. Totally crazy.




“OINEROIGJIONREOIGOINRE,” I cried random words and sounds before stomping off towards  the train leading up to the house. Mel and Leslie spotted me and had to jog to catch up.




I didn’t look back but I knew I left a train of gingers/black/blonde haired people laughing behind me. I spared a look behind my shoulder. Shit man, I think their whole entire bloody family was there. That’s embarrassing.




“What happened?” Leslie asked after we were a far enough distance away.








I am so intelligent. 


A/N: Okay, so this is the longest chapter i've ever written. YAY. I actually really not like this chapter. I feel like it's very all over the place and mostly a filler. Sorry about that guys but I really wanted to post it and get the plot going. 

Thank you for all the amazing reviews that you guys leave me! It makes me smile and I wanted to let you guys know that we are 20,000+ words! I've never written and stayed commited to a fanfic as much as I have with this one. It makes me smile and I really can't wait to continue Brielle's crazy life with you guys. 

As always please review for more and tell me what you think! Sorry for the sucky chapter! I LOVE YOU ALL! 


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