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Love-Struck Gingers by MajanMalfoy
Chapter 1 : The Gray Area: Meeting The Weasley Family
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The Gray Area: Meeting the Weasley Family

(ci by MajanMalfoy @ tda, aka me)

Nimirah Daniels was never really the kind of person who was always in the spotlight. She did good - great, really - on tests, but she never raised her hand to answer questions. She was extremely brave (as she was a Gryffindor) but had never ventured into the forbidden forest or fought in any sort of battle besides arguing with her brother over who got the last Poptart. No, she never put her life on the line the way her friend Hermione Granger did.

Nimirah and Hermione had been friends since their second year. When her, Luna Lovegood and Pansy Parkinson had shared a carriage to carry them from the Hogwarts Express to the school itself, the four clicked and instantly became best friends. In their spare time, they often spent time together in places like the Room of Requirement. Places where they couldn't be seen together. A pureblood, blood traitor, halfblood and mudblood were a very unusual group, especially with a Slytherin, Ravenclaw and two Gryffindors. At Hogwarts, that was basically unacceptable, unless you were Mia and Mistah Hampton, a Gryffindor and Slytherin pair of twins (Mistah being the Gryffindor).

By the end of fourth year (Luna's third), the four made an agreement to expose their friendship by the end of fifth year. 

My name is Mistiree Red, and my job is to capture the life of Nimirah Daniels with words. Her rivalry with Ginny Weasley. Her friendship with Hermione, Luna and Pansy. Her secrets. Thoughts. Ideas. Dreams. Everything about Nimirah. 

So, here we go. Where her life got interesting.

Number 12, Grimmauld Place was a very scary, haunted-like place - not your ideal vacation spot. To be honest, it was desolate, creepy and just plain disturbing. Doxy eggs and Boggarts were hidden in nooks and crannies. There was simply nothing pleasant about it - except, maybe, the group of people that stayed there in 1995.

When Hermione Granger was staying there with the Weasley family and Sirius Black, she quickly got bored without her three best friends (that weren't Ron Weasley or Harry Potter). Out of pure desperation, she went to Mrs. Weasley and Sirius Black.

"Mrs. Weasley? Sirius?" Hermione spoke meekly at dinner one evening.

"Yes, Hermione, dear?" Mrs. Weasley responding warmly.

"Yes, Hermione, dear?" Sirius mocked in a high pitched tone, then whined in the same tone as his old schoolmate Remus Lupin bonked him on the head.

Mrs. Weasley looked irritated but smiled at Hermione anyways.

"I... I was wondering if I could have a friend come over to spend the summer...?"

Ron, Ginny and the twins snorted into their pasta at the thought of Hermione having friends besides them and Harry (as she was never seen hanging out with anyone else).

After Sirius curiously asked who, Hermione built up her courage and said confidently, "Nimirah Damiels."

Ron, Sirius, Remus, Ginny and the twins choked on their food at the name Hermione had provided. Sirius and Remus had known Benjamin Daniels and Morrisa Findley back in their Hogwarts days, while the others were having a hard time processing the fact that Hermione hung out with, in the Weasley children's standards, a nobody.

Mrs. Weasley agreed and told Hermione to write Nimirah a letter after supper, which Hermione gladly accepted to.

As soon as Hermione scoffed down the rest of her pasta and broccoli, she was excused to go write her friend a letter.

Dear Miri, she scratched on the parchment,

Things are still extremely boring here. To be honest, there's no life here without one of my best friends! 


I'm pretty sure Professor Dumbledore already told you the location, correct? If so, just hop on over! But if not, you could always owl him!

See you... Tomorrow at noon?



She tied up the letter, sent it off with Pigwidgeon and went to bed, excitedly awaiting a response.



Nimirah Daniels was alone in her bedroom. She'd already eaten dinner and was sitting, bored, on her windowsill, hoping for a letter, note or sign from her friends. None of them had written recently besides Luna, who was told her that she and her father were out looking for large populations of Nargles and Umbugular Slashkilters - basically, a whole bunch of creatures Nimirah had never heard of. She knew Pansy was on vacation in Greece and that Hermione was at some top-secret meeting place or whatnot.

A sudden tapping noise at the window startled Nimirah and distracted her from her thoughts. Sitting there, she saw the owl Ron Weasley owned, Pigwidgeon. She knew that Weasley had never even acknowledged her existence and automatically suspected the letter was from Hermione.

She ripped the letter away from Pigwidgeon, extremely excitedly, and scanned over it quickly before grinning widely and scribbling a response on the other side and sending Pig on his way.



By 12:15 the next morning, Hermione was pacing and extremely worried, as Nimirah was never late - in fact, she was usually early! Never late. Never.

After a half hour of pure torture, there was a ring of the doorbell. Funnily enough, Walburga didn't scream. But Hermione wasn't paying attention to the she-devil on the wall. She was trying to get downstairs. 

Besides the fact that she tripped twice and slipped six times, she managed to get down somewhat gracefully.

Hermione threw open the door, met with the sight of her best friend - the redheaded, green-eyed bozo that she couldn't get enough of.



Nimirah and Hermione threw their arms around each other in one of those best friend hugs only best friends could accomplish.

Both girls were wearing their favorite shirts - the same one. They both said Da Rayders, the name of the 'group' Nimirah, Hermione, Pansy and Luna created.

"Damn, I missed you!" Nimirah said, muffled by Hermione's shirt.

The two filled away and Hermione dragged her friend to the kitchen where the others were eating lunch.

"Guys," she announced once they got in, "This is Nimirah."

Everyone turned to face the girl they were meeting. To be quite honest, she looked a lot like a Weasley but didn't have the signature freckles. She wasn't very tall and her hair was extremely curly, quite unlike Ginny Weasley's but a lot like Molly Weasley's.

To be honest, Ginny and Nimirah always had a very... complicated relationship. 

The hated each others guts.

The one thing that fueled their hate - their love for Harry Potter. Unlike Ginny, Nimirah developed her extremely strong liking for Harry throughout the years. It truly hit her in the middle of fourth year. Ginny walkefd in on Nimirah telling her friends in an old abandoned classroom, so Ginny held many of Nimirah's secrets. But since Hermione was Ginny's friend, she didn't say a thing.

Ginny and Nimirah quickly glared at each other, a gesture that was missed by the adults.

"Hey there!" Nimirah said brightly. Hermione and Nimirah sat down. Hermione was next to Fred and Nimirah next to Sirius.

"So, Nimirah," Sirius said, "tell us a little about youself."

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Love-Struck Gingers: The Gray Area: Meeting The Weasley Family


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