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Beneath by keyty
Chapter 9 : i'll never forget you
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He asked me for a favor

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I’ll Never Forget You -- Birdy (Orginially by Francis and the Lights)

Rainne walks up to Gryffindor tower Wednesday night. She feels like a zombie. Her brain is dead, it has been silent for days.

Her grandmother’s passing was the last straw. Her mind can’t seem to process it.

She doesn’t want to think about the funeral. All the tears, the quiet ‘I’m sorry for your loss’es, the flowers, the cloudy sky. It’s too much.

“Morning mist,” she says. The Fat Lady swings open and Rainne drags her feet into the common room.

“Rainne,” she hears someone say. Ben looks up at her from the couch. He has been waiting for her.

“Ben,” she says, sitting beside him. Suddenly, her mind is buzzing with thoughts. Now it won’t shut up.

She’s not ready for this.

She wants to tell him how sorry she is for ignoring him. How stupid she feels for kissing him back, for thinking it wouldn’t ruin their friendship.

She says none of this, staring at him.

They sit in silence. He bites his lip while she twirls a loose thread on the hem of her skirt, avoiding his gaze.

“How are you?” he finally asks.

“It was tough,” she says, her head still bowed down, “I had never seen my grandpa cry before.”

Ben looks at her.

“You know I’m here for you, Rainne. That kiss hasn’t changed how much I care about you,” she winces. She doesn’t believe him. “I...” he says, “Did you want to kiss me?”

She thinks about it, finally looking up at him. She nods slowly.

“But I don’t want to ruin our friendship,” she says, “You’re the only friend I’ve ever had and I don’t know what I’d do without you. I can’t go back to being all alone...”

“But what if it didn’t ruin our friendship?” Ben says, “What if you don’t have to go back to being alone?”

“Ben--,” Rainne tries to say.

“No,” he interrupts, “Think about it. Ever since that kiss I haven’t stopped thinking about you, Rainne. I can’t go back to the way we were. It would be too painful.”

Rainne looks at him.

“What are you trying to say?” she asks, unsure of herself.

“Give me one chance,” he says, “Go to Hogsmeade with me this Saturday. If you don’t feel the same way, I’ll drop it. We’ll be best friends and I’ll forget this whole thing ever happened.”

“Ben, I don’t know--”

“Please, Rainne. Just one chance,” he begs.

She looks into his pleading eyes. What if she doesn’t reciprocate his feelings? What if he’s lying? What if he can’t go back to being just friends?

What if he’s just bored? whispers anxiety.

But what if it works out?

“Okay,” she concedes.

“Yes!” Ben exclaims, “I won’t let you down, I promise.”

He kisses her cheek and runs up the stairs, cheering loudly.

Rainne smiles and makes her way up the girls’ stairs. When she opens the door, her three roommates fall onto the landing, tripping over each other. They aren’t even embarrassed.

“What was all that yelling?” asks Carmen without skipping a beat.

“It sounded like my dad when his favorite football team scores,” says Lily.

“Yeah,” says Marlene, “Wait, what? What’s football?”

Lily laughs and looks at Rainne, waiting for her to respond.

“Oh,” Rainne says quietly, “That was B-ben.”

“Ooh!” says Carmen, wide eyed, “Did he ask you out?”

The girls stare at her.

“H-how did you kn-know?” asks Rainne.

Carmen shrugs.

“I heard the guys talking about it,” she says.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Lily asks, “Wait, what did you say?!” she looks at Rainne.

Rainne blushes.


This time, Lily is the one cheering.

“Yay! Oh my gosh, you guys are going to be so cute!”

Rainne stares at her, suddenly self conscious. Marlene laughs and turns around, going back into the room. The girls follow her.

“Do you know what you’re going to wear?” asks Carmen as the girls sit on their beds. Rainne shakes her head, standing beside her bed.

She shuts the curtains around herself to change. The girls exchange a look before the curtains slide open again.

“Rainne?” Lily says quietly. Rainne looks at her, “Do you want us to help you get ready for your date?”

Rainne lets a small smile form on her lips and nods shyly. The girls grin.

“I can’t wait,” says Carmen, “I love playing dress up!” She sighs happily and falls backwards onto her bed.

“Goodnight, girls,” says Marlene as she flicks the lights off with her wand.

They all reply, Rainne the quietest of all.

Lily smiles into her pillow before falling asleep.

author’s note: i know i promised longer chapters, but this is the last one for a while, i promise!

i’d like to take a quick moment to thank Roots in Water for leaving lovely, extensive reviews. it really means a lot when you guys take the time to tell me what you think of my writing.

thanks for reading!



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Beneath: i'll never forget you


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