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Project H by Emmerke
Chapter 2 : The one with the book
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 10 minutes later I hear the door of my dorm open.

‘What’s with you Rose?’ Dom asks as she walks in.

‘I’m just scared you know. Not of getting detention and all, but of the potions. Those are strong love potions. What if you like fall in love with Groyle (he looks like a troll, honestly he does.) or David falls in love with you and then the next day it’s all over.’ I say to her. She walks up to me and she takes a seat next to me on my bed.

David is like the hottest guy in the school, he’s a Ravenclaw. And he and Dom flirt with each other all the time. But she doesn’t like to admit she’s into him.

‘I would rather kiss Groyle than David. That guy thinks he has it all’ she coolly answers me. I roll my eyes at her.

Actually he has it all. The looks, the money, the family, and he’s smart too. The perfect guy.

‘I know you like him, Dom. You are just not willing to admit it.’ I throw back at her

‘That’s completely untrue and totally beside the point. You are just afraid that the guy you like will fall for another girl’ she cries.

‘I don’t like a guy! Maybe David, but hey who doesn’t like him, besides you of course.’ I reply lost in thoughts of me and David … Well let’s not go there. Some of you might be underage.

‘I’m not buying it Rosie. Besides the party is going to be awesome. Really you shouldn’t have to worry about what will happen the next day. That’s just it: It’s one night of letting go. One night before we graduate, we just can be stupid teenagers again. Leave our mark at this school. Come on, Rosie. Even you have dreamt about that once in your life.’ Dom says as she stands up and tries to make her point.

‘Yeah yeah. As long as no one dies, I’m okay with it.’ I answer sarcastically.

‘Knowing Al, I can’t promise you that.’ Dom says as she gives me a smile. ‘Good night, Rosie’ she adds as she leaves my room.  

I know she walks out with a smile on her face, she knows she has got me. I will allow the party to go on. After all, what’s the worst that could happen?

‘Jeeez, what the hell are you doing here!’

I open my eyes and look angry at Nymph, there’s no need to shout so early in the morning.

‘Al, seriously? It’s like 6 o’clock!’ Dom yells at him.

I see Nymph pull her sheets a little higher and she gets a blush on her face. Kylie and Jackie on the other hand pull their sheets a little bit lower so Al could see their perfect bodies.

‘So to what do we owe the pleasure of seeing you?’ Kylie asks. Ahn, she probably has read my Jane Austin novel, how would she otherwise know such polite English?

I see Jackie looking at her, totally numb. She probably doesn’t understand why Kylie said something like that. I have no idea how she got in her 7th year.

‘Sorry, ladies. This time I have other business to attempt.’ He says in a low voice, giving Mr. Darcy a run for his money.

‘Let me guess, important business?’ I ask sarcastically.

‘Yes, indeed. My fair lady, I have very important business to discuss with you. Ladies if you will pardon me.’ He says as he reaches out his hand to help me get out of bed.

He probably read my book too.

I got out of bed, ignore his hand, and put my bathrobe on. I follow him out of our room into the corridor. I can hear Kylie and Jackie giggling because Albus Severus Potter was in their room.

‘How the hell did you even get in here? Boys aren’t allowed up here!’ I say to him.

‘I have my ways. Look I’m sorry if I got a little bit overexcited last night. But you and I both know this party will never be forgotten. And I will be remembered as Albus Severus Potter, the guy who threw the most awesome party ever. Not Albus, the son of … You know?’ he said to me, with this glistering in his eye.

Yeah I do know what he means, it’s hard being in the spotlight. Not because of who you are, but because of your parents.
But then again I don’t know how getting kicked out of school will help us get out of those spotlights.

‘Yeah Al, I won’t break my promise. I will keep this a secret, even as a Head Girl. But I would like to know everything you are planning. Someone has to make sure this doesn’t go too far.’ I say to him.

He nods. ‘Now, I didn’t just wake you at this hour. Just to apologize. I have another favor to ask you.’

Oh boy here we go again.

That’s the reason that I’m walking here in the hallway the next night, alone. Of course I’m doing my patrol as a Head Girl to make sure nobody breaks the rules, jeez I’m going to be the worst Head Girl ever, I think Al is planning to break all the rules. But I made a promise to him yesterday and I’m going to keep it.

Now, you may ask why I am alone.

First of all: Normally I do these halls with David (Jep, he’s the Head Boy) and secondly only me and David are allowed in this hall after this hour.

Of course Al has an invisibility cloak, I should actually say had. Because McGonagall took it from him after she had found him breaking the rules for the hundredth time. So now it’s up to me to do the dirty work.

I would normally hope that I would find a couple getting it on in an abandoned classroom  or find some brats building an illegal potion in the girl’s bathroom.

But this time I was hoping that everybody had stayed in their beds.

‘Oh, Scorp. Stop it, they will find us!’

I froze. Tonight of all nights …. No, I can’t let this go. I finally have the chance to get back at that guy, I’m not going to let it slip …

I stopped at the door where I had heard the noise. I didn’t go in at first. I wanted to catch him when he would be most embarrassed.

‘Scorp, do you love me?’ the girl voice asked. It took a while before he answered.

‘Of course, I do. Kylie’ he answered.

Kylie? You have got to be kidding me! My roommate Kylie? I had to do something, now! I stormed into the room to find a topless Kylie and a bare chested Scorpius. I had to give it to him, he looked fit.

Kylie grabbed her bra and looked at me furiously.

‘You know you are not allowed in classrooms, especially not at 11 o’clock at night …’ I began.

‘Yes, we know.’ Scorp answered very calmly. He didn’t do any afford to hide his bare chest. He just lend against a desk, very carefree.

’20 points from Slytherin and Gryffindor’  I said, putting my foot down. I didn’t realize my knees were this wobbly.

‘Can we go now?’ Kylie asked. I nodded. She ran out of the room. Not looking back at Scorpius at all. Ahn, love.

‘Don’t you have a mission?’ he asked me.

‘Yes, I do. So would you get the hell out of here, so I can finish it.’ I snapped.

‘No.’ he said, he took a step closer. ‘I want in.’

‘Out of the question. I’m allowed in these halls, you are not. They will think I abandoned David to sneak around with you. I don’t want to ruin my rep, you know.’ I said.

‘You could say you’ve caught me, here, with Kylie. And since I was refusing to go away, you dragged me with you so that you could keep an eye on me?’ he suggested. I wasn’t a bad idea, actually …

I looked at him, thinking what I should do.

‘Or I could just refuse to follow your orders and stay here. And then you will need to get McGonagall and the whole plan will be ruined. I can be stubborn, you know.’ He continued.

‘I could just leave you here, though.’ I hated how full he was of himself.

‘Fine, Weasley. Then I’ll just go ahead and get Kylie back.’ He smirked.

I looked at him, surprised. But I soon got back to neutral.

‘Fine, you can come.’ I said. He took his shirt and put it on. Finally. We walked out the door.

‘Now, Weasley you would think you would actually want to sneak around with me.’ He said.

God, I hate him.

‘In your dreams, Malfoy’ I replied.

So here I was, back on my mission, with Malfoy. Oh, joy.

‘So what are you planning on doing?’ he asked.

‘Planning … I just planned on getting in, by opening the door, take the book and get the hell out of there.’ I said sarcastically. How hard could it be?

‘This is madame Pince we’re talking about. I mean she can see when you’re taking a book five miles away from her. And you expected she won’t see you when you are in her office stealing a book?’ he asked. He stopped walking and looked at me.

‘Yes’ I replied. I stopped walking too and just looked at him.

‘How?’ he asks further.  He’s looking at me with curiosity.

‘Madame Pince likes me, if she catches me grabbing a book, I would just make up a story and she will believe me.’ I said, I continued walking further away from Malfoy.

‘What kind of story?’ he asks.

‘That I couldn’t sleep because I forgot to turn my book in and then my eye fell on another book and I got curious so I wanted to take a closer look.’

It does sound lame, I know. But I take after my mother. I spend a lot of time in the library. So my story isn’t too unbelievable.

Malfoy snorts. He’s probably thinking the same thing!

Finally we arrived at the library, her office was at the end of it. We walked past the bookcases in silence.

‘It’s best if I go alone’ I whispered. He nodded.

I opened the door, it didn’t make any sound. I saw Madame Pince sleeping in her bed. Oh god, she even lives in the library. I scan around the room quickly.

Now if I were a book that should always stay hidden, where would I be? It actually was easy to find the book, it was on the top of the bookcase next to her bed. I recognized it exactly as Al described it.

It’s not like any other book. It changes color. The way the book looks is different to everyone. That’s why it’s best you go get it alone. I once saw it, in my third year. To me the book was green and sliver (I rolled my eyes when he said this) and quite small. I can’t imagine your book to be small, so I think you should be looking for a bigger book, since you like reading and all that ….

Yeah, Al got that right. The book was quite big. It had a red color, kind of like my hair. I guess it was because I liked being in this family. I wonder what it would look like to Malfoy. Probably the size of a peanut. I can’t imagine the guy reading anything larger.

Now how could I get to the book? ‘Accio red book’ I tried. Nothing. It was worth a try. I tried to remember what Al said.

The book is like the Room of Requirement. You have to say what you want to read and why you want to read it. Remember Rose, why we want it!

It was quite tempting though, the book would show anything you would like to read. I could get information about anything. But I was here to help Al and besides, I do remember uncle Harry’s warning, power isn’t everything.

I want the book so Al can plan his party.

No, that wasn’t good enough.

I need this book to tell me everything about how to throw the best party ever.

Yeah, that would do it. I repeated tis sentence three times in my head. And the book just flew to me. I went outside and saw Scorpious leaning against a bookcase with a I-know-I’m-good-looking smirk on his face.

‘Got it!’ I said. I wonder if he saw the book the way I saw it …

‘So this is it? Al said it was smaller …’ he said while he looked at the book I was holding.

‘Yes, that’s because Albus only comes to the library when there’s a pretty young lady waiting for him at the 12th bookcase.’ I answered sarcastically.

Everyone knew that the 12th bookcase was the make out spot.

‘Ahn, so your book is red because you like your awful hair? That makes no sense.’ He said.

‘Probably the same reason why your book would be white – blonde – as you call it.  Because you’re proud of being a Malfoy’ I answered.

‘You’re proud of being a Weasley? That makes even less sense.’ He said.

‘Don’t push me Malfoy.’ I stopped walking and stared at him. We were at the beginning of the library.

‘Why? What are you going to do, Weasley.’ He said with his typical Malfoy smile.

‘Nothing. It’s already done’ I smiled and moved on. At the end of the hallway I turned around.

‘I suggest you take a good look in the mirror’ I smiled.

1-0, Malfoy, 1-0 ! 

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