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Beat It by alicia and anne
Chapter 2 : The morning after
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 A/N: This is the second chapter that I'm putting towards the Grease quote challenge. I was given the line 'You're cruisin' for a bruisin'' which is from the movie Grease, which is owned by paramount pictures.

“Whose idea was it to drink so much last night?” Violet asked, before letting out a groan and bending over double.

Roxanne let out her own groan as she took a sip from the water bottle she was currently holding. She hadn’t long taken a vial of pain relief potion, but, sadly it didn’t seem to be working yet, she just hoped that it would kick in before she got onto her broom.

“I don’t remember getting home last night. I’m so thankful that I woke up at home and not in Turners house,” Roxanne muttered quietly, closing her eyes and running her free hand over her forehead in hopes that the movement would help ease her headache. Jason had tried chatting her up again last night, but she had managed to avoid him, or at least as much as she could remember doing so. Her memory of the night got a bit fuzzy at the end.

“Instead, you had to wake up and see mine and Shawn’s beautiful faces,” Violet said. Roxanne opened her eyes and looked down at Violet, who seemed to be trying not to move.

“I wasn’t too happy at the fact that all three of us had fallen asleep on my bed,” Roxanne told her friend. She had woken up that morning to find that Violet and Shawn had fallen asleep on her bed, in fact, she had woken to find Shawn’s feet near to her face and Violet snoring next to the said feet.

“It’s a small price to pay for Shawn being a gentleman and bringing us both to yours. I’m so glad that he didn’t splinch himself or us whilst apparating.”

“Are you alright down there?” Roxanne asked her friend who was still bent over double.

Violet shook her head slowly. “This seems to be the only position I can be in without feeling the need to throw up. I’ve also only just managed to get the grass to stay in focus.”

They heard laughter from near them and Roxanne turned to glare at two of her teammates who were laughing at some kind of joke between them.

“How am I going to see the snitch today? I can barely make the world stop spinning,” Violet moaned.

Roxanne took a deep breath and tried to stop her head from pounding. She wished for nothing more than to go home and crawl back into her bed. She was currently trying to resist lying on the floor and falling asleep. Violet seemed to be close to laying down herself, she was still hunched over, her hands on her knees as she took deep breaths.

“How are you all feeling after last night?” Their coach called to them, Roxanne could see that he had a smile on his face as he looked at them all. Most of her other teammates seemed to be in the same position as her and Violet, she noted that a few seemed perfectly fine and were laughing at the others. Roxanne knew that these would be the ones she would make a beeline for when she was hitting bludgers.

There were a few grumbles in response to their coach, Gerald Osborne, Roxanne could see their Captain Thomas Harrison standing next to him, looking pale and dark circles under his bloodshot eyes, at least he was in the same boat as the rest of them.

“I’m not sure if most of you remember, but our first match will be against the Caerphilly Catapults. Now, I know that we’ve won most of our games against them in the past, but they’ve recently promoted their Keeper reserve to the main Keeper. There’s a rumour that he’s been tipped to be a good contender for the England team, so, we need to make sure that our Chasers are giving their best on the pitch. We need to show him that the Appleby Arrows are not a team to mess around with.”

“Try telling Jason Turner that,” Roxanne heard Daryl Edwards mutter to Dillon Cazier, both of whom were reserve Chasers. “He tried enough to mess around with Roxie.”

Roxanne turned to look at them with a frown, trying to ignore the pain still in her head. “Want to repeat that Daryl?” She hissed at him.

Daryl gave a smile at her and shrugged, he was one of the ones who didn’t drink much the night before and Roxanne already hated him for that. “We all saw Jason trying to get you alone last night, maybe you can be his new shag of the week?”

Roxanne’s lip curled in anger as she pointed at Daryl angrily and glared at him. “You’re cruisin’ for a bruisin’, Daryl. One more word and you’ll be getting a Bludger attack you on the pitch.”

Daryl gave another laugh, but he didn’t say anymore on the subject.

“Beside’s, Turner can go to hell. There is no way that I’m being caught with a Wasp,” Roxanne sneered at him.

“Which is good, Weasley,” Gerald said, having heard the conversation between the two, in fact, everyone had heard the conversation between them. “We can’t have our players distracted; besides, there’s a ban on having our team near theirs unless it’s a match. Weasley would be stupid to even go near him.”

“I don’t want to risk my career, and Turner getting another broken arm, if he comes near me again,” Roxanne told them, finally feeling her headache begin to slowly stop throbbing.

“I want you all to begin running laps,” there was a groan from the team at the coach's words, Gerald gave a sigh. “Although I suppose, for today only, I want you to run as many laps as your sorry legs can carry you.”

Violet finally stood up straight, she jogged forwards a few steps before she shook her head and ran off in the direction of the bushes beside the changing rooms. Roxanne screwed her face up in disgust as she began her laps with the others, jumping over Jerome Housley, who seemed to have already collapsed onto the grass. She knew that today was going to be eventful and very long. It was the first time she could admit wanting practice to be over as quickly as possible, she could tell that her teammates were thinking the exact same thing.


Roxanne was feeling a lot more refreshed as she headed out of the changing rooms, pushing her long wet, dark hair behind her and hitching her backpack onto her shoulder. She waved goodbye to a few of her teammates as she walked to the exit point where it was safe to apparate away from. She had decided that the best thing for her to do today would be to go to her parent’s house. She had been craving her mums macaroni and cheese since about halfway through the practice, which Roxanne had to admit was one of the worst practices she had been to. Half of the team spent most of the time either passed out or lying down on the floor, thankfully the coach had taken pity on them and sent them all home early.

She apparated as soon as she got to the safe spot and landed directly into her parent’s front garden. She had to steady herself quickly to make sure she didn’t fall face first into her mother’s Rose bushes. She wouldn’t want to make that mistake for the hundredth time.

“Why did I think that apparating would be a good idea?” Roxanne groaned, feeling a sickness fill her as she slowly walked to the front door of her parent’s house, ducking under a sunflower that seemed to wilt down towards the pathway. She knocked on the red door and waited for someone to answer it.

“Oh hey, Roxie,” her dad said with a smile, after he had opened the door and seen her. Roxanne gave a smile back as she was pulled into a hug, she moved away and walked into the house, throwing her bag down in the hallway and making her way towards the kitchen.

“Nice hat, dad,” Roxanne said, chuckling as she turned back to look at her father. A giant white hat, that looked like a sombrero, was perched on top of his head. George gave a smile as he pulled his hat at a funny angle and over where his missing ear would be and made a silly face.

“I think that it makes me look respectable,” he told her, before they both burst out laughing. “Your mum is making me help her out in the garden and apparently she’s tired of me getting sun burn on my face so told me to choose a hat. Of course I chose the biggest one I could find.”

“Is mum in the garden?” Roxanne asked her father, who nodded in response to her. They both walked out of the back door which was situated in the kitchen and went off to find Roxanne’s mother Angelina.


Roxanne had sat herself down on the recliner chair and watched as her mother and father continued gardening around her. She didn’t feel like moving and had already convinced her father to make her a drink and a sandwich. It wasn’t the macaroni and cheese she had been craving, but it was still a delicious sandwich, that she was very thankful her dad had made for her.

She gave a sigh as she felt the warmth of the sun on her face and could feel herself wanting to take a nap.

“So, how was last night, Roxie?” George asked his daughter. The Daily Prophet had run an article that morning about the outcome of the draw and its own thoughts on the odds of certain teams winning their matches, Roxanne had yet to read it but the others during training had mentioned it.

“It was really good. Everyone loved my dress you helped me pick out,” Roxanne told them. Angelina gave her daughter a smile as she waved her wand at a few flowers, instantly trimming them. George was waving his wand at the large tree that was in the garden; it seemed that he was finally attempting to take it down with magic, although at a very slow speed.

“There was only one problem,” Roxanne said, “Jason Turner didn’t seem to want to leave me alone.”

George turned around to look at Roxanne quickly, he seemed to have stiffened at Roxanne’s words and a hard look crossed his face.

“Do you want me to have a word with this guy?” he asked Roxanne seriously. Angelina gave her husband a smile as she rested a hand on his arm to calm him down.

“Dad, it’s fine, I can handle Turner. It won’t be long before he gets the message and tries to find some other poor sap to date him,” Roxanne told him, choosing not to mention Jason’s comments about her being Mrs. Turner. She didn’t want to unnecessarily make her father more protective.

“George, Roxie is twenty three years old. She has her own flat, her own life, she’s a very responsible adult and can handle herself. We can trust her to make her own decisions about this,” Angelina told her husband.

“Jason won’t come near me, unless he wants his arse kicked,” Roxanne told her dad with a smile.

“You are definitely your mother’s child,” George said proudly as Angelina beamed next to her daughter.

“How about I cook us all some macaroni and cheese tonight?” Angelina told them both as she waved her wand at some more flowers, George going back to attacking the tree.

“I think that is the best decision you have made yet, mother,” Roxanne grinned, wanting to get her thoughts away from Jason Turner. She knew that it was no use thinking about what he had said to her the night before. She knew that he would move on soon enough and be out of her hair.

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