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Music is Might by shewhomustnotbenamed_
Chapter 20 : Final Shows and Farewells
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“This week has been hell” I complained to the band.


“You’re telling me, one girl told me if I didn’t break up with Adam she’d charm my hair bald. DO YOU HONESTLY THINK I COULD PULL OFF THE BALD LOOK?”


“It appears nobody in your family can; James told me that one of fans charmed Louis bald too”


“Oh I know, I managed to get a photo of it. It’s going to be on the Christmas cards we send out next year” Dom laughed manically.


“Can you send me one of them”


“Of course! You’ll be first on my Christmas card list”. I grin at her as Adam shakes his head slightly amused.


A small tawny owl appeared at the window, it started scratching at the panes. The sound sent a chill down my spine. “Will somebody let that bloody bird in” I complained. Adam stood up and made his way over, he carefully unlatched the window and slowly opened it doing his best not to the hit the owl. He took the letter from the bird’s beak and groaned. It was addressed to us. He opened up the letter and groaned again. “McGonagall wants us in her office”

“What?” I panicked. I automatically thought of all the bad things I’d done in my life. Like last year when I forgot to water my neighbour’s plants and her fern died so I replaced it with a new one. Mum wasn’t happy, who knew ferns could be so bloody expensive. Plus my neighbour paid me in muggle money, what use is that? Fair enough she’s a muggle herself but Mum refused to change it for me and I didn’t want to see the goblins on my own, they scare me. So now I’m stuck with ten pounds. I mean what even is that. That reminds me I could give it Adam or at least ask him what it is.

“Should we make a runner?” asked Marcus.


“I second that” I said, I didn’t fancy seeing McGonagall especially after this week, it could only get worse.


“We can’t do a runner, Ally you’re not even 17 yet you’d get us all busted” I cut my eyes at Spencer, one more week I thought. One more week then I would be 17 and then we could run away and live happily ever after. Well maybe not, but one more week!

“Come on guys, we might as well get it out the way with” of course Adam would say that Mr Goody Two Shoes. Get it out the way with, he’s like one of McGonagall’s favourite students, who’s not in her own house.


Dom jumped up eagerly. “Come one, you can’t tell me you’re not the least bit curious”. Well now you mention it…. We all stood up and walked out of the Ravenclaw common room, straight to the headmistresses office. Scared doesn’t even begin to explain how I felt. Thankfully we didn’t run into anyone on the way there, I don’t think I could have coped with another fan girl crying all over me. Not that I hate my fans but it’s getting unbearable. I found a fan in my wardrobe the other day sniffing my clothes, I’ve never been so scared in my life. She reminded me of bloody Gollum just crouched there holding my silver top close gripping on to it like her life depended on it. I told her she could keep it. Not like I’d be able to get it off her anyway. She ran away screaming. I stood there screaming internally. Dom thought it was the funniest thing in the world but I’m pretty sure I’m scarred for life. Since then Flitwick has agreed to put some charms up in our rooms to stop incidents like that happening, like for example only members of the dorm can go into the dorm unless they’ve been invited in. There’s like a bubble that stops them it’s quite funny actually especially since Ellie in our dorm was unaware of it so when she brought her boyfriend up he collided with it. I think she almost gave him concussion. I laughed a lot and got several daggers from the other girls. No regrets though ay? 


After telling the gargoyle the password (golden nuggets – I laughed so much) we walked up the spiral staircase and straight into her office, where both she and Flitwick were. I was kind of nervous to say the least.

“Ah, you got my letter I see” McGonagall said, my eyebrows knitted together, would we be here if we hadn’t of got your letter, I thought. The day I talk back to McGonagall is the day I grow some balls. And so far no balls. So I’ll just remain quiet.

“Now you’re probably wondering why you’re here…” We nodded at her. “You might want to take a seat” she motioned to the large red settee which I’d never seen before. We sat down and looked at her, I noticed Adam was looking rather pale, he should have listened to Marcus’ idea and ran while we had the chance.


“Now I’m not going to beat around the bush, but this is getting ridiculous” she announced “ever since you have come out about your secret, the whole school is in chaos. I’ve heard from Flitwick himself that all of your lives have been flipped upside down too. You’re even fearing for your own safety I hear” I nodded this was definitely true “I know you can’t undo telling your secret, so we’re going to have to do something about it. I fear the whole charade of Music is Might is disrupting the rest of the students education. I know this is none of your faults but the problem is still there”.


“After talking to Flitwick we have decided this can’t possibly go on. Not when the education of students is at risk. So why we have brought you here today is to discuss your plans for next year”. She’s going to kick us out isn’t she.


“Have you any thought to it yet?” she asked us.


“No Professor” Dom replied for us.

“Right, well Professor Flitwick and I have come up with a few possibilities. They are merely ideas but with both you and the rest of the students best interest at heart” we nodded. “Well I know it’s only been a week since you announced your secret but I don’t see it letting up any time soon, so the waiting for it all to blow over is kind of a risk taker, one that I don’t advise you to take… We thought about you carrying on your N.e.w.t.s next year but under different identities, we’d of course supply you with poly juice potion for the year that way you’d be able to get your qualifications and be able to continue your schooling under cover. However secrets have their way of being found out here at Hogwarts, so the chances of the secrets of your identities coming out again are very plausible. Which leaves us with our last idea which generally saddens me because of how bright and talented you all are, but if you wish to continue your career as a band you obviously will not need n.e.w.t.s to do so, therefore we’re giving you the option not to come back next year that way you can focus fully on your careers… However if you do wish to continue your n.e.w.t.s we can arrange tutoring and such so you can do it outside of Hogwarts but I understand you might not want to do that” I’m pretty sure she just smiled. My mouth kind of dropped open at the last one, the headmistress giving us the opportunity not to come back next year… that’s almost unheard of. Well ok it is unheard of.


“We will leave you, to make a decision” with that both Flitwick and McGonagall left, leaving us alone with the portraits in her office. Not one of us spoke, we just kind of looked at each other with a can you believe that just happened face on.


“Sooooooooo…..” I said breaking the silence. “Any idea what you want to do?”


“Did that realty just happen?” Asked Spencer.

“I’ve trying to figure that out for myself” replied Adam.


“Guys, we’ve just been given a free pass not to do our N.e.w.t.s” said Marcus who sounded over joyed by the proposal I have to admit I was too. We may be Ravenclaws but I can tell you for a fact nobody likes exams, they’re too stressful. The idea that your whole future depends on one booklet of paper is preposterous. I like that word. Preposterous.

“Does that mean you don’t want to come back next year?” asked Adam.

“I love Hogwarts I do” said Marcus “But I’m not going to say no to not doing my exams. It’s every kid’s dream”.


“I second that” I said, Adam looked at me quite surprised but didn’t say anything.


“Half of my family didn’t do their final exams and they turned out alright for themselves” said Dom, yes Dom is on team I don’t want to do N.e.w.t.s that’s three of us.


“But half of your family also fought Voldemort” Adam reminded her.


“So? Just think of the music industry as an enemy we’re about to destroy. I think this could be good for us” Dom replied.


“I’m kind of liking the idea of not coming back next year…” Spencer said slowly “No exams. Like McGonagall said we can focus fully on our career, what’s the point of doing out N.e.w.t.s when we don’t need them and we already know what we want to be? Why not just go fully into our career now and get a head start?” That’s four… Spencer makes a valid point he could have been an excellent politician or ministry official too bad he’s in a band.


“Look don’t shout at me now. But what if this doesn’t work, what if in a year’s time the bands a broke. We don’t sell any records we spiral downwards what do we do then? We have nothing to fall back on” I was completely shocked at what Adam just said I’d never thought about us failing.


“Adam do you honestly believe that? Have you heard yourselves perform? You’re brilliant you are going to be one of the best bands to ever walk out of the wizarding world I wouldn’t be surprised if muggles started hearing your songs. You are all talented there is no way on this earth that you could ever fail. And you will always have something to fall back on if it doesn’t work out. Aunt Hermione went back to do her seventh year you could easily do that too. Or if you’re that worried about it we can you get you a tutor and you can do your exams this year outside of Hogwarts” Adam nodded thoughtfully, before he broke out into a huge smiled and said my most favourite word in the history of the world “Ok”.


“That’s it then?” I almost screamed “We’re not coming back next year?”


“Nope” said Adam. I just screamed I didn’t think I’d be this excited. “Calm down Ally”.


“I can’t I’m so bloody excited! This is going to be brilliant”.


McGonagall came back and we told her about the decision that we had made. She didn’t seem angry of anything not even disappointed in fact she seemed proud. Not as proud as Flitwick though, he was gleaming.


“Now, I know you have a lot to do to prepare yourself for next year and such but I was hoping that as a favour to us you would perform one last time at Hogwarts, a kind of farewell gig for you” McGonagall just said gig I think I screamed “at our end of term ball next week”.


“Of course” I replied for the band “We’d be honoured”. We started our career at the valentines ball why not finish it there too?


“Then you may leave and I wish you all the best for your futures” she smiled proudly at us. We walked out of her office with a skip in our step. Today had been one of the best days ever. I couldn’t wait to tell James…



James’ lips were soft, very soft. I’m pretty sure he uses lip balm that’s the only explanation to how soft his lips are… we should stop kissing, I really need to tell him something… but I’m kind of forgetting what or why it was so important. I tugged on his hair I heard a groan escape from his mouth as I smirked against his lips. “James” I said desperately. “Ur huh” he murmured back as he brought his lips back to mine. “James” I repeated more sternly as I pushed him away.


“What is it?” he asked pouting slightly I hid back my laugh. He looked adorable.


“I need to tell you something” I said seriously.


“Can’t it wait?”

“No, I need to tell you now”


“Ok, then” he said as he sat down on the desk we were previously leaning on. An abandoned classroom every now and then was the only time we got any privacy, especially with all the fans.


“McGonagall called us into her office earlier, the band and me that is. She gave us an ultimatum she told us that the secret was causing too many distractions in school”


“Well can you blame her” James interrupted.


“She said we could basically come next year to finish our newts but we had use poly juice potion for the whole year or we could well not continue with our newts…” I continued ignoring his interuption.


“What are you saying?”


“I’m not coming back next year James”


“What!” he demanded.


“I’m not coming back next year” I repeated “Dom has spoken to the record label, they’re more than happy, we’re going to be working on our album and there’s a possibility of a tour” apparently I wasn’t selling it to him because he looked thoroughly pissed off.


“That’s great” he said, sounding completely sarcastic “And where do I fit into all of this?” he asked.


“That’s why I need to talk to you” I said suddenly feeling annoyed.


“Well what is there to talk about you seem to have your future planned”

“Why are you annoyed with me?”


“Because you didn’t ask for my opinion, you just went ahead and agreed to it. Did you even think about me?”


“I thought you’d be happy for me. You have your future planned why can’t I have mine”


“Are you saying you don’t want me to be in your future?”


“I never said that”


“Well it sure as hell sounds like it. I mean why else would you not consult me”

“How about the fact I have no idea what the hell this is and I sure as hell don’t need your opinion on every aspect on my life!” I was furious now. James stood up outraged. He came storming over to me.


“So what do you think this is?” he asked sounding completely disgusted.


“Well I don’t know, it’s like I’m just one of your random snogs”


“You honestly think that?”


“Well you haven’t suggested otherwise”


“You’re unbelievable. I knew this was going to happen”


“What was going to happen?”


“You were going to throw it all away, you’re so determined that I’m going to hurt you or something. That you’re letting it blind you. That’s the reason you didn’t ask for my opinion because you don’t think I’m going to be in your life this time next year”. He said and I knew it was true. I didn’t think he would be. “I’m right aren’t I?” I found myself nodding.


“I’m sorry” I said.


“I have to go. Good luck with your future I hope it’s everything you wanted” he said with such spite it made my stomach sick to the core. He stormed out of there quicker than a tornado it was only when he was gone. I realised I was crying.



“And now I’d like to introduce a very special band one you’ve all come to know and love without further a due I’d like to give a warm welcome to Music is Might” McGonagall announced. I heard the screams. Tonight would be the first night I would be performing without the confidence charms I had butterflies in my stomach but they were more from excitement than anything else.


My hair was it’s usual shade of orange. I was back to Phoenix for the night. We stepped out of the stage that McGonagall had arranged for us.


“Hello Hogwarts!” I screamed. They screamed back I found myself grinning from ear to ear. I couldn’t wait. So without hesitation we went straight into performing. We played all of our songs. The crowd sang back I know I’ve said it before but there was no better feeling. When you were performing you forgot the world all of your troubles and hurt everything. It was just you and the music and that was all I needed right now.


We had one song left to play Imperio. I couldn’t help but tear up as they sang back to me. We’d come so far since the first time I’d played this song. Hell I’d come a long way. I couldn’t sing the rest of the song I was crying but it didn’t matter the crowd sang back it wasn’t rowdy or anything it was beautiful. I choked up the mic. As the band finished playing they came over and hugged me. We took our bows as the crowd erupted.


I took the mike again. “Thank you!” I said “Thank you for everything, really you’ve all been so supportive. This has been one of the best year of my life and this is the best way I could think of to end our time here and Hogwarts. Honestly I love each and every one of you. So thank you for the best year of my, our life… I wish you all the best for your futures and I’m sure you all succeed in one way or another. This is our last year at Hogwarts we won’t be coming back next year but I’d still like to thank you all as much as I can. I don’t know how many times I can thank you none of this would have been possible without you, without any of you. Thank you again”.


We walked off the stage and I burst out crying. “This is it guys, our future has begun…”



Author's note: I don't own anything Harry Potter references belong to J.K.Rowling. Lord of the Ring references the wonderful J.R.R.Tolkein....

So tell me what did you think? Good? Bad? Ally and James? Part of me wants to be evil and leave it here..... tell me what you think? Do they deserve a happy ending? 

Thank you for reading and please review! 

Lot's of love,



(Ps... one more chapter to go possibly ;) )

-edit 02/12/2013 grammar and spelling- tell me if i've missed anything xoxoxo 

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