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I Hate James Potter by Proud to be a Puff
Chapter 1 : No Matter How Many Times You Ask
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I turned around to see James Potter looking at me hopefully, ruffling his already messy hair. “May I have the pleasure of helping you walk down to the great hall for dinner? The stairs are easy to trip on.” he looked so incredibly eager and sure of himself it made me want to laugh. Especially with the formal way he addressed me. I could see his best friends, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew and Sirius Black laughing silently behind him. Obviously this had been their idea, once again using me to embarrass James. I rolled my eyes and bit the inside of my cheek to keep from laughing.

“Potter, last I checked I was perfectly capable of walking down to dinner by myself.”

His look of hope was quickly replaced by one of embarrassment. His friends now had no problem laughing incredibly loud, and I think that Pettigrew and Black had tears of laughter rolling down their cheeks.

Potter turned around, hearing their laughter and turned furious.

“You bastards!” he hissed, but even Lupin, the most sensible of the lot, couldn't help but laugh even harder.

I laughed too and then started walking down to dinner by myself, absolutely no troubles with that.


“Oh, hi Sev.” I smiled at Severus half heartedly, and pretended to listen to him talk about how much he hated Potter and what hexes he wanted to use on him next. To be honest, since fifth year when he called me a mudblood, I haven't really forgiven him. I don't know why he still follows me around, because honestly, I don't really like him that much. But I also don't like James Potter, and me talking to Sev pisses him off more than anything else. But he's really starting to get on my nerves. 

“Well Sev, better go sit with my friends, see you in potions tomorrow morning!” I said, cutting him off mid-sentence. I walked away quickly to go sit with my girlfriends, and we talked about beautifying potions and what sort of dress robes we would be buying on our next trip to Hogsmeade.

“Lils! Look at Snape looking at you, doesn't that creep you out?” exclaimed Ashley. Ashley was definitely the prettiest Gryffindor in sixth year, and very girly too. She wasn't very bright unfortunately, and was pretty much the definition of 'dumb blonde'. But she managed to pass all her tests, even though she got a low score. But with her sparkly dark blue eyes, glossy blonde hair that fell in waves down her back, and such a confident and winning smile and do-all attitude, she will definitely go far in life. Apparently her mother is half Veela too, which definitely helps her get what she wants.

I groaned inwardly at the looks my other friends were giving me. They all disapproved of my friendship with Sev, but now I'm starting to see why. These past few months, he's been getting very clingy and... sort of creepy.

“Why do you still talk to him anyway?” asked Esther. Esther was extremely smart, and really shy too. She was actually really cute, since she was so small. She had a very slim figure, and yeah, I suppose she was a little on the short side. The school jumper half covered her hands and skirt, and with her pale skin and dark brown eyes, she gave off such a cute impression you couldn't help but want to be her friend.

“Yeah Lils! I don't even know why you bother with him when you have James effing Potter chasing after you. Oh my gosh, do you like seeing guys fight over you?” Mandy leaned over the table, interested. Mandy is the biggest gossip I've ever met, but if you tell her something big, she can keep a secret well. She is a bit of a rumour spreader though, but doesn't have a bad reputation. She has braided black hair and dark skin, and Ashley often refers to her as our 'African Queen'.

“No Mandy... I don't like either of them that way!”

“Sure you don't Lils, sure...” laughed Laura. Laura was certainly the funniest one out of the lot of us. She had a killer sense of humour and was always smiling or laughing. She also had the biggest crush I've ever seen on Sirius Black, and she'd been going after him since first year. She has curly brown hair, that she absolutely hates. She insists it's not even curly, just fluffy. She has grey eyes that look even bigger than they already are behind some round glasses, and despises the freckles that are scattered across the bridge of her nose, even though we all insist they look cute.

We looked up to see some guy was flirting with Ashley. A seventh year Ravenclaw by the looks of it, and after he'd left Ashley told us his name was Bernie.

“Meh, I don't like him that much...” she said, bored. “I don't think I'll talk to him again.”

“You're so lucky Ash! You have your pick of every boy in the school! I wish I was pretty...” complained Laura. Even with her cheery exterior, it was obvious if you knew her well enough that Laura had a huge inferiority complex, and was very insecure.

“Don't be stupid Laura, you're gorgeous!” said Mandy. We all agreed with nods and pointing out all her best features.

“You have such pretty eyes!”

“Your freckles are so cute!”

“You've got a body to die for!”

“You're super funny!”

We went on until dinner finished, then walked up to our dormitory together, chatting about whatever.

“Evans!” a familiar voice called out. My friends gave me the look and smirked. Laura started blushing when Sirius smiled at her. I could see why she liked him so much though, he was very good looking, and a pretty good match for her too. They both had a great sense of humour, both were mischievous...

“Oh, Potter. To what do I owe the pleasure?” I said, imitating his formality from before dinner.

“Evans, I've decided that I'll cut old Snivellous a break, since you seem to be his friend still, if...” he paused for a dramatic effect, but I knew what he was about to say.

If, you go with me on a date to Hogsmeade on this upcoming Valentines Day.” he finished triumphantly. Once again, his friends were pissing themselves laughing behind him. He looked at them indignantly then turned to me and flashed me what he probably thought of as his most winning smile.

“Do you know what Potter?”

“What?” he asked eagerly, obviously thinking I was going to accept. Now my friends had joined the boys in their laughter.

“I think this is about the tenth time this month you've asked me that, and this is the tenth time this month I'm saying no.”

He looked confused for a second.

“What if I keep hexing Snivellous, will you go with me then?”

I briefly saw Black clutching his sides, looking like he was having trouble breathing from laughter.

“James Potter, I will never, no matter how many times you ask, go on a date with you.


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