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The Only Test Hermione Granger Ever Failed by Slygrifflepuffclaw
Chapter 5 : The Society for Roasted Turkeys
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The only test Hermione Granger ever failed.

Chapter 4: The Society for Roasted Turkeys


The next several weeks passed by really quickly but what Sirius had said that night kept niggling away at me. My mum had tortured Neville’s parents to insanity. It put it all into stark perspective for me. My mum and dad were both serial killers, isn’t that a nice thought.


Harry arrived last night and he was pretty shook up. They told him I hadn’t arrived yet; it’s probably for the best though. I have to break the news to him after lunch. It’s nerve racking. Sirius called Harry out of the room to take him to the family tapestry room. I got up and followed. Sirius was still explaining the tapestry to Harry, and Harry was freaking out that Sirius was related to the Malfoy family, this was going to be a long afternoon…


Sirius began to speak again as Harry fingered the large burn mark where Sirius had been. “Harry… couple of weeks ago Hermione came to see me and Tonks.” This got Harry’s attention as he looked away from the tapestry. “…She had been to Gringotts and… and they had told her that she’s adopted. She’s a Black Harry. We didn’t tell you straight away because we knew you’d ask who her parents are…” Harry had a confused look on his face and went to turn back to the tapestry to try and find me as I stepped out from behind the door. “Don’t bother looking, I’ll tell you myself.”


Harry whirled around; looking from me to Sirius, and back to me again. “Who are you” he asked reaching for his wand, but Sirius beat him to it grabbing his arm and taking his wand. “It’s like Sirius said. I went to Gringotts last month and I found out that I was adopted when I was three weeks old…” I cringed at this bit. I knew that my mum did it to protect me, but it still hurts. “…They had Bill and Fleur remove the block on my magical core to make me seem more muggle and the glamour charms that made me look like the Hermione Granger you know and love. But if you were asking for the name on the tapestry; my name is Hermione Sophia Black, daughter to Bellatrix Cassiopeia Black and Tom Riddle Jr.” I stood there as Harry’s jaw dropped and his eyes started to water. I crossed the room quickly, and wrapped my arms around him. “Everything’s going to be fine Harry; Ok? I’m still the same Hermione everyone knows and loves except now I look a little different.” I said firmly. I felt him nod into my shoulder. “Okay I’m going to leave you two to catch up and go to see Remus about Dumbledore’s offer…”


I disentangled myself from Harry and made my way towards the door as Sirius shouted something about roasted turkeys. I went upstairs to find Remus, who was sitting in his room looking at some old photos. I knocked softly on the door and walked into the room. “Hey Remus, can you tell Dumbledore that I’ve made my decision about what to tell Hogwarts.” He smiled and said “You can tell him yourself at the order meeting tonight. I think he’s going to let you join, probably so you can spy on the junior death eaters in Slytherin; and if your dad finds out about you, which he probably will you can be a spy with you mother.” He said smiling another one of his sad smiles that he gets when there’s a full moon coming up.


“Thank you Remus, I’ll see you later then.” I said as I smiled and closed the door. Only a couple of more hours until I became a spy for the, as Sirius liked to put it; The Society for Roasted Turkeys… I walked down the hall to mine and Ginny’s room and sat down on the bed to read but after about five minutes I was asleep.


“Hermione RUN! Get as far away as you can!” yelled an unfamiliar voice coming from the sillouete in front of me before it was all obliterated in a bright light.


“Hermione! Hermione wake up it’s time for dinner.” Ginny said as she tried to shake me awake. Her eyes were filled with concern. “You were tossing and turning and you were muttering something to yourself like ‘not him. No not him.’  Are you ok Mione?”


“Yeah Ginny, I’m fine…Let’s go down to dinner then, before Ron eats it all.” She smiled at that. I think she’s starting to thaw out a bit, although I’d be a bit cold if I discovered that my best friends parents  were a homicidal madman bent on world domination and blood purity and an insane serial killer with a predilection for torture.


When we got down to the kitchen Ron had indeed started without us as we sat down on either side of Tonks Ron was already on what we were informed was his third or fourth helping. Everything was going along fine until Harry asked what was going on with Voldemort. Molly was furious when Sirius started to tell him ‘He’s just a boy Sirius’ Harry was determined that he was going to join the Order. I could see it in his eyes. After all the children were forcefully pushed from the room By Mrs Weasley> I sat on the chair outside the door for about five minutes while  Harry, Fred and George were all trying to listen from upstairs using the extendable ears.  Another ten minutes passed and the screaming match between Mrs Weasley and Sirius had started again. Almost immediately after they woke up Sirius’s mother for the fifth time Professor Dumbledore arrive with McGonagall and Snape.


“Good evening Miss Black. Would you, Mister Potter and the Weasley twins; who are undoubtedly listening in on us at this very moment…” said Dumbledore looking up to the landing where Harry, Fred and George were perched with their extendable ears. “…care to join us for the meeting?”


“Yes sir.” I replied hoping not to sound too eager. He smiled and turned to enter the room. “Oh and sir…” I called after him.


“Yes, Miss Black?”


“I’ve made my decision sir.”


His eyes seem to twinkle behind his half-moon spectacles. “Very well Miss Black. I look forward to seeing you for the sorting next week. And I have seen fit to grant Sirius’s request to allow you to join the Order regardless of what your decision might be. I shall discuss it with you in more detail later.”


By now Harry and the twins had made it down to the door and all six of us entered at once. Molly’s face went Gryffindor red and started ranting about how we were all too young, until Dumbledore put up his hand to silence her. “I now call to order this meeting of the Order of the Phoenix. The first order of business is to induct our four new members. I would ask Hermione Black, Fred and George Weasley and Harry Potter to stand. These are our newest members and I would like you all to welcome them. Now our next our next order of business is protection duty. Alastor you’ll take the first month and we’ll appoint someone else at a later date.” He said looking down the table at Moody.


The meeting dragged on for another hour and a half and finished with Snape telling everyone what Voldemort was planning. All the Order members not staying at the house got up and slowly filled out of the room; then Mrs Weasley got up and fled the room in a rage. I got up and walked over to Dumbledore, who was engaged in conversation with Sirius at the moment.


As I approached he turned from Sirius and smiled “Ah Miss Granger, I hear that you have made your decision as regards to the flow of information at Hogwarts.”


“Yes Professor, I have. I have decided that I’ll keep my identity a secret When I go to the Ministry tomorrow with Harry, Mister Weasley and yourself; while Harry has his hearing I shall go to the Department Of Magical Records and change my name back to Black but switching my first name and middle name, as I think it would be a bit suspicious if Hermione Ganger disappeared and then suddenly Hermione Black comes storming through. I mean I know Malfoy and his goons aren’t that bright but even they would think something is up.” Professor Dumbledore nodded although his facial expression told me that he didn’t exactly approve of my example for getting my point across. “So when Sophia Black come marching into the Slytherin common room no one will bat an eyelid. You can tell the school that me and my parents died in a car crash while we were in France. And Harry, Ron and Ginny can pretend to scatter my ashes near the Black lake. I want this to be thoroughly convincing. Also I would like to ask that I join Professor Snape and my mother in spying on my dad… after the prison break.”


Dumbledore stood there for a minute considering what I had just said. I had to admit to myself sending a fifteen year old girl to be a wartime spy did seem a bit unethical but, however crazy Voldemort had become he wouldn’t torture and kill his only daughter…would he?


I was drawn out of my thoughts when the headmaster started talking again. “Very well Ms Gran-sorry Ms Black, be ready to leave for the ministry at seven o’clock sharp. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cornelius moved the hearing up just so he could expel Harry. Goodnight Ms Black, I shall see you in the morning.” Then he turned around and disappeared in the green flames of Floo travel into the fire place.


Sirius looked like he wanted to argue with my decision but kept his mouth shut and said goodnight before sending me in the general direction of my bedroom.  Tomorrow is going to be a long day.



A/N: That’s it for this chapter folks. I promise the next one will be longer but I’ve been kinda busy lately so I haven’t been able to do much writing.


As always please review and tell me what you thought of the chapter and ther should be another one fingers crossed next week.



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