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First Name Terms by MissesWeasley123
Chapter 12 : Eve at the Granger's: Part One
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Draco was glad to notice Hermione didn’t pull away when he grabbed her hand. They were soft and oh so warm.

“And here we are...” he heard Jean say from the front as she pulled up to a house. It was a small building, but then again any place was compared to the Manor. It was lit up with little bulbs of blue, green, red, and yellow lights along with a wreath that hung on the door. Draco’s family never did decorations unless there was a gathering of some sort up from his father’s group of friends.

Draco saw Hermione unbuckle herself from what she called a “seat belt” and leaned over his lap to do the same to him. She was so close to him that he could smell the coconut and orange shampoo. It was stimulating as hell and it took quite a bit of force to stop himself from playing with her soft curls with his fingers.

When they began walking into the home, Draco tensed up knowing that in a matter of hours, the entire Granger family will be with him. The thought freaked him out and he smiled sourly at what his own family members would think if they ever found out he was in the company of Muggles. And that they remained unharmed.

Jean leaned in and pecked a man who he took to be Hermione’s father on the cheek, which made him remember the fact that his own parents lacked that kind of love. Hermione then did the same to her dad.

“And who are you young man?”

“Draco Malfoy, sir. Pleasure to meet you,” he said, gathering his strength and holding his hand out which still pained, and Mr. Granger graciously shook it.

“He’s a friend of mine from school,” piped in Hermione.

“Friend eh? Call me Robert,” he said to Draco before leaning in to Hermione and whispering, “Get a move on or the other girls will take him,” winking at him. Draco grinned back as Hermione flushed and looked the other way.

“Hermione please go change darling,” said Jean.

“Alright mum,” she said before turning to go up the stairs. Draco followed her until they reached a door.”Wait, why are you here?”

“You invited me?” he replied playfully, earning a roll of the eyes from her.

“I need to change, go downstairs or something. Please,” she said, fake pouting.

“Fine,” he said, before going to the living room, awaiting her presence.


For the millionth time Hermione went through her closet looking for anything suitable to wear. All her party clothes were laid out in front of her and yet she couldn’t decide what to wear. At the end she chose a simple black lace full sleeved top, and a white skirt. With some Sleekeazy’s Hair Potion, she got her usual bushy hair down and used her wand to make soft curls as she had once done for the Yule Ball. All in all she thought she looked good.

She found herself continuously flattening her skirt though there were no wrinkles and observing herself in the mirror. This was it. She had to go down and face them.

“Come on Hermione, you can do this,” she soothed herself, mumbling under her breath.

“Wow,” came a voice.

Hermione blushed. “It’s not that fancy Draco...”

“I know. You still look gorgeous,” he said, causing her to blush even darker when she sensed the truthfulness behind his voice.

She went down the last couple of steps before she stepped into the hall. Draco stepped towards her and put his hand in her hair. “It’s so... soft,” he said, causing her to snort.

“Thanks Captain Obvious.”

Draco looked at her generally confused. “Never mind,” she mumbled.

“Hm. I think I liked your old hair better, it’s more... you. This is nice too though,” he added in a rush when he saw her crestfallen face. “Really soft,” he mumbled as he put his hand into her hair again and began looping it in his fingers, leaning closer and closer...

“So where’d you get the new suit?” she asked in puzzlement, trying to evade the moment when she would have to kiss him. She wasn’t ready; Ginny was right in a way. He was Lucius Malfoy’s son.

“I got a house elf to bring it while you were changing,” he said awkwardly, knowing about Hermione and S.P.E.W.

“I’ll get it!” called Hermione, jumping as the doorbell rang. Draco followed her. “Will you quit following me like a house elf?”

“No,” he replied cheekily.

Hermione rolled her eyes. Releasing a sigh she didn’t know she was holding, she opened the door.

“Hello Hermy! Thank goodness Jean’s dentist plan is working, good job on the teeth not crooked and overly large,” called a really annoying voice. Oh bloody hell, here we go...

“Merry Christmas to you too Aunt Jen,” she replied stiffly.

She turned red when Draco leaned into her and whispered, “Hermy?”

“Bugger off Draco,” she hissed, elbowing him gently.

“Bloody hell, woman!” he whimpered sarcastically; though Hermione didn’t take notice for her beloved cousins had entered the building.

“Hermy! How nice to see you!” squealed Madi, leaning in and kissing both cheeks like French people did. Eva followed suit. “Your hair looks much better, not a bird’s nest anymore!” she joked, though Hermione didn’t find it funny at all.

“Oh yes, much better,” replied Hermione in a monotone.

“And who are you?” Eva purred, glancing at Draco with hunger in her eyes. Hermione felt as if hot liquid was dripping down her.

“Er – Draco. I’m a friend of Hermione’s from school,” he replied smiling a smile that caused the sisters to melt. Hermione shot him a dirty look, “friends” don’t snog each other. He grinned back at her.

“What school did you say you went to Herms?” asked Madi uninterested, her eyes still on Draco.

“It’s Hermione. Not Herms or Hermy. And we go to uh – the school up town,” she replied through gritted teeth, clearly miffed.

Madi then proceeded to taking off her winter coat and Hermione felt her eyes were going to bleed when she saw what her cousin was wearing. Madi, was sporting a very tight red dress that barely reached mid thigh and hugged every curve tightly, showing off her 21 year old body well, something Hermione lacked. Her neckline stooped dangerously low, and when Madi bent down to take off her pumps Hermione averted her glance away from the sliver of lace bra that she could see. She turned to Draco who was surprisingly looking at her, not taking in a single bit of what Madi had just flashed.

“What?” she hissed at him. Something about this situation was making her very ticked off. But it wasn’t, jealousy, right?

“I – nothing,” he said, running his hand through his hair that made it even more untidy and of course looked so good on him, that Madi literally had to physically close her jaw with her hands. Eva watched on dreamily.

Hermione looked up at Draco who looked at her back and she wanted nothing more than to put her hands on his neck and capture his lips with hers until Madi squeezed in between them.

“It’s been years since I’ve been here! I don’t even remember most of this house! Draco, why don’t you show me?” she said in a rush, giving Hermione the stink eye.

“Actually I –"

“Spectacular! Let’s go!” she squealed grabbing his arm and yanking him into the vicinity.

This would be a long night.

Hermione followed the trio grumpily, her hands itching to use a Confunding charm on her cousins. Damn that Draco for having a pretty face.

“Hermione dear, get the door please,” called her mum as the doorbell rang again.

“You would think I’m a house elf...” she muttered under her breath. She reached out and opened the door again, ready for the new guests to come in.

“Hermione, my favourite niece!”

“And your only niece,” she joked before leaning in to hug her Uncle Richard.

“How are you?” he asked eyeing her. “You’ve grown into a beautiful young woman Miss Granger.”

Hermione flushed. “Where’s Aunt Paige?” she said taking a glance at the new family in front of her.

“Oh, didn’t Robert tell you? She’s pregnant! With a boy! So she’s at her mother’s now.”

“So little Quinn’s going to get a baby brother eh?” she asked the little blonde girl in front of her. She replied with a toothy grin. “I see I’m not the only one who’s grown into a beautiful young girl!” she said picking up the giggling three year old. Hermione could remember when Quinn was born, she was the first one to pick her up because Paige was far too exhausted and Uncle Richard was out of town. She and Quinn just had a special connection after that, almost as if they were long lost sisters.

“Well why are we waiting here? Come on in, dad’s ecstatic to see you.”

“I’m sure he is, my brother, oh he’s one of a kind.”

“You think?” replied Hermione, causing Richard to laugh heartily.


Draco watched Hermione carry a little girl in a red and green polka dot dress and put her down beside a slightly potbellied man he took to be her father.

“How about I get us some drinks ladies?” he asked, wrenching his arm out of Madi’s tightly gripped hand and getting up from the crouch.

“That would be splendid!” she said, crossing, uncrossing, and re-crossing her legs in an attempt to get his attention. She’s worse than Pansy...

Draco however, had no intention of getting any drinks for the slag. The other, quieter one was okay, but he just assumed that she didn’t speak much because she knew she had no chance. The boy walked to where Hermione was standing, but didn’t notice the same little girl that had been in her arms walk into his knees.

“Sorry,” she said sheepishly.

Draco crouched down so he was at her level – or well, as close to her height he could get, she was quite small. “It’s okay. Doesn’t someone look pretty tonight?” And it was the truth, he thought. The little girl looked like a red and green Christmas angel. The girl smiled up at him.

“Mione looks better,” she said cheerfully. Clearly she was able to say Hermione because, truth be told, the name was a handful.

“That she does, doesn’t she?” he said looking up and glancing at Hermione who stood bored at the drinks table. The girl nodded, and ran off to who knows where. Draco stood up straight again and went over to Hermione.

“Hello, beautiful,” he said, smirking.

“You know, you can be a right git sometimes Malfoy,” she said, glaring at him.

“Back to last names eh Granger? It’s all a part of the charm, they just can’t resist!” he said, now on the defensive. What was it with women...

“Then turn off your sodding charm,” she hissed. She should be in Slytherin that one, hisses way too much like a snake.

“I don’t turn it on for them Granger,” he said getting annoyed, staring intently at her. She rolled her eyes.

“I don’t care,” she declared in a whisper and began to march away until Draco grabbed her arm. “Let go!”

“No,” he pressed, before dragging her upstairs. The entire way up the stairs she squirmed and muttered curses, but he didn’t care. She was listening to him.

“What do you want?” she snarled, still trying to wrench her arm away from him.

“What’s your problem Hermione?” he said in a hurt voice. “If you don’t want me here I’ll leave.”

Hermione looked away from his intent stare. “Fine, be that way. I’m going.” And he let go of her arm, and walked away.

AN: Yep. He left. Thank you for the reviews! Please drop a line whether it be good or bad. Alsoooo, while I was away (No Sophie, it wasn't that long -.-) I wrote TWO, yes, TWO one shots for challenges I've enrolled in. Both are rated M and are quite different from FNT... So maybe you could check those out too? 

Thanks lovelies!

Edited - 01/12/2013 -- typos



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First Name Terms: Eve at the Granger's: Part One


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