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The Invisible Thief by lovestings
Chapter 9 : The Aftermath and Her
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 The Aftermath and Her


and yet another drop dead gorgeous CI from the awesome golden.@TDA

I tried to avoid everyone after the sleepover. It’s not like I didn’t have fun – because I had a lot of fun – but majorly because I had a killer headache from the nice amount of alcohol we all drank and I wasn’t in the mood to be attacked with questions about the whole James incident.




It was nothing! Honest to Merlin, no feelings are there…or at least I think. Ugh, I’m so confused and in my confused state I have found calmness in a worn-out, dusty table in the back of the library.




The serenity.




“Ow!” I shrieked, letting my eyes snap open and my head jerking up from the top of the table after feeling a heavy hand whip me in the back of my head. “What was that for, you crazy bint?”




“For letting me confess my love to Fred Weasley.”




Oh, yes, I had forgotten about that little event.




“Well, technically Leslie, you confessed your love for Fred to Malcolm not to him.” I answered, jerking away from her hand that was meant to smack my shoulder after my snide remark. “And for Merlin’s sake, please stop trying to hit me.”




Leslie let out a frustrated groan and we earned some rude stares from our librarian. She threw herself in the seat across from me and I finally got a good look at her. Even hungover Leslie managed to look presentable. She had her long, dark black loose hair around her heart shaped face (which is clear of any makeup, in case you are wondering). She wore our classic uniform minus the tie and she had thrown on basic ballet flats.




I on the other hand looked like I just had a party with the trolls.




My hair was braided down my back in a messy French braid, pulled to the side to rest over my left side. I didn’t have any makeup on and I looked like I just woke up on the completely wrong side of the bed with bags under my eyes which had red tinges in the corner. I opted to not wear the uncomfortable uniform and instead put on some basic yoga pants and a loose fitting long sleeve.




I am a walking, talking super model. Everyone bow down to me.




“He probably thinks I’m a freak,” Her voice was tiny as she threaded her hands through her silky hair. I felt bad for my friend who was currently having an inner melt down. Leslie was honestly one of the most genuine people I had ever met but she got too invested in her crushes.




They’re just boys; their bound to mess up at some point, anyways.




“He does not think you’re a freak!”




She gave me one of her signature looks that told me to shut-up because she wasn’t in the mood to be lied to but I really wasn’t lying. Trust me, if Fred thought she was a freak then I must be some god forsaken mental patient because Leslie is pretty normal compared to me.




I frowned before something – more like someone – caught my eye. I stood up slightly, waving Albus over to us. He ditched which ever guy he was in the middle of talking to – ha! Take that guy, Al likes me better. – and took a seat next to me at our little table.




Before he could even say a thing I asked him, giving him a pointed look, saying, “Fred doesn’t think Leslie’s a freak, right?”




“Huh?” He furrowed his eyebrows together in confusion and it wasn’t until I stomped on his foot quite violently that he jerked upward and faced Leslie. “Oh! Nah, Fred doesn’t think you’re a freak.”




“Well of course you’re going to say that,” She huffed, flicking some black fringe out of her eyes and standing up while managing to push some of my paper to the ground in a physical exult of frustration. “You’re just too god damn nice to be honest.”




“Am I supposed to be insulted by that?” Al asked with a cross smile as we watched Leslie stalk out of the library, nearly running the last couple feet out the door when Fred walked in with his little sister, Roxanne.




“I don’t really know, to be honest,” I twirled my quill in between my fingers before grasping Al’s hand and began to doodle on the pale skin of his hand. “She goes a bit mad with boys.”




He hummed as a response, allowing me to draw pictures of unicorns, hearts, and food all over his hand. Don’t judge me, okay, I wasn’t the most artistic kid and I guess I was never blessed with the skills to draw anything better then stick figures. 




“You’re quite the artist,” He smirked and I jabbed the pen a little deeper into the skin as retaliation.




“Don’t make fun of my masterpiece,” I stuck my tongue out at him before releasing his hand and putting my quill back in its box before tossing it inside my messenger bag. I began to roll up my half-written essay, placing it in between my Charms book.




I don’t know why but I couldn’t help but shake the feeling that something was off with Albus. He was still the same charming person that he was in the beginning but he almost seemed on edge, almost. Every time the library doors swung open he would crane his neck to see who was there before relaxing.




I wonder who he was looking for….




“You know the first quidditch game is next week,” I trailed off as I adjusted my bag in my lap, looking up to give him a goofy smile. He reciprocated it quickly.




“Yeah, Slytherin versus Gryffindor. I’m sure you’ll be there to cheer me on, now won’t you?” He had a teasing edge to his voice as he leaned back in his chair, a easy smile on his lips.




Oh, well I’m not sure…” I put a finger to my chin in mock-ponder and Al clutched his heart dramatically. What a wanker. “You know, Freddy and James already told me they reserved me a set in their stands.”




“Bollocks,” Came the incredible and intelligential response from Albus Severus Potter.




“I’ll tell you what,” I began to say, standing up and dusting off my yoga pants. “I already promised to sit in the Gryffindor side with my team because Fred and James went to all the trouble to charm the seats to only let us sit in them but if you get me something green to wear to the game I’ll wear it.”




“Sounds like a deal.”




I gave Al a quick hug before making my way out of the library, having the sudden need to crash on my bed and never get up. Merlin, I’m such a dramatic Ravenclaw. My mom would have a cow if she heard of how much of a slacker I was.




Speaking of mi madre (Spanish, y’all!) were the hell is my letter?! It seems to be that I am no longer her favorite (and only) child. I didn’t even get one from my Aunt either. I’m starting to feel the idea of abandonment real quick.




I still better get a Christmas present or all hell is going to break loose. Yes, perhaps I should send out my Christmas list soon just to remind my darling mother that she actually has a daughter that she needs to take care of and buy gifts for.




Don’t judge me you little pansies. I know you guys all want pre –








I stumbled over my own feet as I felt someone grab me by the arm and yank me into a random classroom. I swear to Godrick if this is one of the boy’s plots to try to get their shoes back from then I’m totally going to have to kick their arses. I don’t have time for this shit, man.




Shh! Don’t be so loud or people will get the wrong idea,”




Wrong idea? I’m sorry; I think I have the wrong idea right now because standing in front of me is Dominique Weasley. You know, She-Devil roommate and semi-owner of that cloak I borrowed a few weeks back.




I stared up at Dominique with big eyes. If you haven’t had the chance to really see Dominique in her full fury then consider yourself lucky cause she’s one scary beast of a women. She throws objects and breaths fire through her nostrils. Not a pretty sight.




“Are you going to kill me?”




She cocked her head to the side, releasing her tight grip on my arm, before tossing her head back and laughing. What was she even laughing about? Did she think the idea of my pre-mature death was funny? She continued to laugh and this time she was now clutching her stomach.




“Are you okay, Weasley? Did someone slip you some odd potion or something?” I asked carefully sidestepping the hysterically laughing Dominique and instead prodded her in the chest to make sure she wasn’t injured or anything.




“Oi!” She stopped laughing and rubbed her side, giving me one of her famous glares. There we go, that’s our evil Dominique back. “You didn’t need to be so rough ‘bout that, Patil.”




I shrugged, “My bad. Didn’t want you dying on my behalf.”




She snorted before flipping some blonde hair of her shoulder as she began to twist it around and around her index finger. She pursed her lips and stared at me. I mean she really stared at me. She gave me the whole up and down look over before smiling at me.




Call Witch Weekly. Call St. Mungo’s. Call every living breathing person in Scotland. Call every living breathing person in the whole entire UK. The world is ending. Dominique Weasley just smiled at me.




“Is it true?”




“Is what true?”




“Don’t play dumb, silly, is it true.”




Since when did Weasley call me silly? Was this some reverse psychology shit where she pretends to be nice to me before pulling out her wand and hexing me into obliviation? I really hope it isn’t because I didn’t bother to bring my wand with me today.




She must have got the idea that I still had no idea what she was talking about because she sighed before saying, “My cousin, James, is it true that you kissed him?”




How does one respond to this without risking their lives? Eh, I’ll just go for the whole honesty is the best policy garbage and hope Weasley will spare my life.




“Well, yes, I suppose so.” I began and she clapped her hands together in excitement. What is going on here? “But I mean, it was a dare so I doubt it meant anything to him.”




“Oh no! It probably meant a lot to James, trust me, he comes off as player but he’s a real genuine bloke.”




“Uhm, thank you Weasley?” How am I supposed to respond to this either? I feel like I’m being punked or something like that. Perhaps I’m on my own teli show. That would be pretty rad, I’m not going to lie.




“Dominique,” She said quickly with half of a lingering smile of her red lips. “Just call me Dominique.”




Merlin save me for I believe I had gone mad. 

A/N: Long time no see guys! I had a small break but i'm back! The que was closed on vacation and I took some time for myself after school ended and for myself to deal with some personal stuff. 

I got a lot of positive responses from the last chapter and i'm really glad to finally get to post this because it is REALLY important for the plot line that I have in mind for this story. I don't know if you guys are aware of this but we are *this* close to 20,000 words and that just amazes me! In response to that I am deciding that I am going to start another fanfiction but this time with James as our main character's love interest. I'm planning on giving a sneak peak for the story in the next chapter so stay tuned. 

As always, if you want more please leave a review adn tell me what you think and your thoughts. Love you all and you guys seriously rock. xx


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The Invisible Thief : The Aftermath and Her


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