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Radio War by s2rocks
Chapter 2 : The Big Day
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A/n: Here is another chapter. Hope you love this one.

Thanks to all the people who reviewed and have put me as favorites, it means a lot, please leave a review too!

All characters belong to J K Rowling. 

This beautiful image is by the wonderful Eponine@TDA

Chapter two: The BIg Day

I woke to the sound of my alarm ringing noisily at four o'clock in the morning. It´s times like these that I regret taking the job at the station.

People take part time jobs in the afternoon or evening, but no - I had to choose the one where I didn´t get much sleep

I am a fucking idiot.


I quickly had a shower then dressed in my nicest skinny jeans and best lavender coloured top. I had an interview with a well-known, important person and I needed to look good and professional otherwise it would also affect the image of the show. My Wiz-mobile rang and I quickly answered, seeing that it was Amy.


"I'm leaving the house right now, Amy," I told her.


This is the first line I had said whenever I answered her call.


"I know that, Key. I was just calling to remind you that today’s the interview with James Potter," Amy said.


As if I could forget.


It was the interview that kept me up most of the night.


James Potter had been all over the news since his joining Puddlemere United. It was no secret that he was the new Quidditch hero of our world and people wanted to know him, what he did, what he wore and even what he ate. This type of hunger always led to the rumours, and James Potter was the king of the rumours. he never denied any words said about him and never showed anger about anything wrong, not even when the media claimed he was gay.

He just laughed and said ‘Oh! that guy was hot’ when a reporter asked him about his views on Voldemort.


So it was natural that people needed answers about the rumours that were spread about his life. I wasn't sure why he agreed to have an interview on our morning show.


I mean he could talk to any of the newspapers after his recent win but he chose ours, on the start of the new term at Hogwarts, and that was huge.


"I know, Amy, which is why I'm on my way so early," I replied as I walk out of my front door, locking it behind me.


After graduation, I had left home because I wanted to be independent. I wanted to have the freedom of being an adult who could take care of herself. Lily and I had made the decision of living together in a flat which was affordable if we both shared the rent. But she had recently moved out to that Scamander asshole’s appartment after he bought one for himself and I had no other choice but to let her go.


Fucking Ministry job.

I couldn't just ask Louis, the Prat or Hugo, the Oblivious, to come and live with me. I mean they were working fine together and didn't want to take the wrath of Natalie Finnegan, Hugo’s one and only girl. She and Hugo had been dating for two years and things had been going smoothly.


I mean who wouldn’t like a girl with an Irish accent *wink*.


Ron had been shocked when his son had told him that he was dating Seamus and Lavender's daughter.


His ex-girlfriend’s daughter.


But he accepted when George joked that it was better for him to date Nat than to date Viktor Krum’s son.


That could have happened too.


Alas, Hugo is not gay.


"Alright Key, see you when you get here," Amy said before hanging up.


I needed to make a quick stop at my favourite diner. I swore they served the best coffee in all of London. I quickly apparated near the area, as it was a muggle café, and entered wearing my baseball cap, pulling my hair through the opening.


I loved my job and the Wizarding world but hated that we looked so different from the muggles. I always wore something like this cap to blend in with them. I looked at myself in the mirror and figured that no one would notice anything out of the ordinary. Then I rushed to go inside before Amy could call me again. I walked in and was greeted by the owner who knew what time I came in like clockwork.


"Hey, C."


"Hey Vance, how are you this morning?" I asked him as I walked up to the bar. He smiled at me and already started making my coffee even before I asked for it. We talked while I drank my coffee and apparated to my office.


If I could describe today's work in one word, it would be chaos.


Everyone was rushing here and there finalizing all the necessities to make this show a success. I went to the reception and tapped Penny on the shoulder; she was busy on the phone.


"Don't work so hard, everything is going to be fine," I reassured her.

"C, you need to be at the studio in twenty-five minutes to start the show," she told me. I waved my hands telling her I already knew.


Amy had been calling me since last night to remind me and it was almost thirty reminders.


"I'm good. Why you are in such a jovial mood? It seems like in a few minutes you’re going to scream like a banshee," I joked but stopped when I saw her panicking face.


"What's the matter?" I asked, getting nervous at seeing her expression.


Nothing could go wrong now.


"Everything is ready, it's just I can't seem to get hold of Mr. Potter," she mumbled her voice no more than a whisper.


"WHAT!" I exclaimed and she looked at me, silently telling me to keep my voice down.


"Where the hell is that guy that you can't get in touch with him?" I asked, becoming anxious now and my heartbeat becoming fast, if he didn't come then it was going to a big case and the reputation of our station could go down.


"I really don't know, I've been trying for two hours," she replied helplessness showing on her face and I took out my phone and called Albus.


Hate them all you want but muggle things are awesome.


"Hey, Al," I said when someone answered.


"Hey, Key, it's Scorpius. Al is in shower," he replied in a boring voice.


He might have been the pureblood, but his fascination for muggle things was really intriguing.


The fact that he loved talking with Mr. Weasley was the one point in his favour.


To date Rose Weasley.


Merlin save Scorpius.


From Ron Weasley.


Now back to his boring voice.


It would happen to you too, if you worked in the Auror department. They had so much paper work and they always cursed like sailors whenever I saw them after work. It was last weekend when I met them when Al rambled on how his senior was firmer with him as his father was the boy who lived.


The funny thing was that his senior was his own father, Harry Potter, the man himself.


"It's an emergency. Tell him to call his big-headed brother. Today is the big interview and we can't get ahold of him at all," I told him seriously and I thought he understood me, so he gave the phone to Albus.


"Hey, Key." I could hear the sound of shower running.


"Al, call your brother right now and tell him to get his ass in the office otherwise believe me when I say I am going to beat the shit out of him when I get hold of him," I literally shouted at him.


"Don't worry, I'll call him now," he said before ending the call.


I called Lily, hell even Ginny but they didn't know where he was either.


James Potter, I swear to god if you don’t come...


"C, we have to be on the air in five minutes," Penny said and I took off towards the studio. I had no idea what I was going to do if he didn't come.


But this I knew that James Potter was going to pray that he had never asked for this interview when I would be done with my work today.


"Good morning guys and the best of luck to all those people who are going to start their first day at work and a safe journey to all the students who are starting school. I am your host Ciara Jordan and you are listening to the Witching hour at WWN," I said as Shawn just sat and watched me, not able to say anything.


"Guys, yesterday I told you that today we were going to invite none other than the famous James Potter of Puddlemere United for an interview. He is twenty-two, single, the oldest son of the famous Chosen one himself, Harry Potter, and the most famous journalist of our time, Ginny Potter," I explained all about him trying to hold on as much as I could but Penny shook her head when I looked towards her, there was no news on the whereabouts of the idiot.


"Well guys, I know you've been waiting for quite some time but I'm sorry to say that it seems Mr. Potter hasn't been able to make it. Our assistant has been trying for two hours to contact him but our famous friend doesn't seem to be ready to show his face. It is very disrespectful of him, you know that yesterday we confirmed about the show time and today unfortunately there won't be a show. Even his manager hasn't been in contact with us. Knowing his reputation, I think he must be sleeping through a very bad hangover," I said faking enthusiasm as sarcasm, ready to play the music but


Penny shook her head to stop me as Nicholas, our manager came and gave me the green light.


Shawn took off not wanting to have any part in this and I wasn't going to stop now.




"Well, I guess you all have heard the rumours about him, his relationship and his working style and no one has been able to say anything. But I think it isn't good of him to make you all wait like this. He should respect his fans because without all of you he would be nothing."


"Success comes with pride and arrogance and this ego of his makes one think that he is above all. So let me ask you something, is a player good enough when he doesn't give a pig’s fart about you when you all worship the ground he walks upon? A person only becomes famous by his fans and if he doesn't appreciate them then these fans have the power to bring him down. So call me if you want to tell me your thoughts about him or to ask him something. But first let's hear 'Potion in the Cauldron' from the Weird Sisters before we start the calling session." I took my headphones off.


"You know that this is a big mistake you are making and he could sue you right?" Nicholas said. I nodded.


"I don't have much money and my salary is very low,” I said and he quirked his eyebrows at me at my playfulness, “so he won't be getting that much from me," I said, winking at him and he laughed, knowing I wasn’t going to stop now.


As though it was yesterday, I remember my first show.

I had joined as an assistant to Amelia; she was the assistant producer for the show and had been promoted to producer. She was in Ravenclaw in the year above me and we became best friends since my first year when she yelled at me for spilling juice on her and I called her a bitch and showed her my favourite finger; but, she had transferred to France after her fifth year when her mother died and this company was owned by her uncle. She was working hard as she would have to lead it someday. She trusted me and gave me the job when I told her I was searching for part time work. I was paid well and the salary was enough to pay for my internship and half of the rent. We had ten minutes before we went on air and Grace, our host, was throwing a tantrum.


"Damn it Penny. Knock for once!" Amy yelled when Penny came inside without knocking.


"I'm sorry, Amy, but I think you should know Grace refuses to go on air," Penny said and Amy practically lost it.


"What the hell do you mean that damn brat refuses to go on air? The show starts in fifteen minutes!"


"I know, but she said something about not being able to work in these conditions."


"Ugh!" Amy growled then stormed out of the room with Penny and me close behind her. Amy walked up to Grace's room door and began to bang on it repeatedly.


Grace was one of the older and more experienced hosts, but she was the drama queen and always wore pink.


I never liked her that much. Sometimes I wonder if she might be related to the toad face Umbitch—my dad’s word not mine.


"Grace, open this damn door. NOW!" Amy yelled and I looked at Penny as we both shared the same scared look.


"Amy you can shout as much as you want, but I'm not going out there. No one appreciates me here and I'm going to make you dumbasses regret it!" Grace yelled back and Amy kicked the door this time. "I swear to God Grace, if you don't open this door and get out here I will kick your ass!" Amy shouted. This time the drama queen didn't respond but the door didn't open either. Amy banged on the door again and I tried to get her attention.


"Amy, stop before they have to call security."


"This is my job on the line. I waited three years to finally be able to produce my own show and now that I am here doing it she wants to pull this shit!" Amy yelled and I flinched.


"Amy, I can do it by myself," Shawn said and Amy shook her head. "No, you can't do it without a co-host," Amy told him before kicking the door again.


Amy then looked at me with pleading eyes. I knew that look and I shook my head. "C, please, you already know what is being discussed today, and you know your stuff.


Please one day, just one day," Amy begged and I shook my head again.


"Amy, I'll lose my nerve. I mean what the hell would I say?" I asked her. Amy took a deep breath. "Just comment like you did in school, and then state your opinion on what the topic is."


"Amy, that was school, this is the whole Wizarding world, and I just can't."


"C, please, I will never ask you for anything else I swear. You would be saving my ass right now, please," she begged. I looked at my best friend and couldn't say no to her again. "Alright, what do I have to do?" I asked and she jumped up and down. I entered the studio and sat with Shawn. He gave me a smile which came out as a grimace and told me to relax. We were going to fuck it up.


"Good Morning!" I and Shawn said at the same time. "Guys, this beautiful woman next to me is Ciara and she will be filling in for Grace today. Ciara, it's great to have a fresh voice around here. Nervous?" he asked me and I smiled.


"Yes, I am actually."


"I'll take it easy on you then," he said and then laughed as if he had told a joke. We started off with reading the teleprompter and I tried to stay focused and not become too nervous. When we broke for the first song, I looked at Amy.


"Amy, how am I doing?" I asked knowing I was very nervous and whether it was showing over the radio in my voice.


"You are doing great, next is the calling session, just say what you think I know you are good with replying," she encouraged me and smiled. When it was time to talk opinions

I started to get nervous, afraid of what people would think about what I had to say. The others held their thumbs up telling me to relax.


"Hey, Shawn and Ciara, I'm Mandy from London. I wanted to ask what's your opinion on muggle music which is becoming famous in our world? I noticed that you just played a muggle song a few minutes ago," she said.


"Well Mandy, I know our world is not that familiar with muggle music but let me tell you, I think muggle music is awesome. Even though we are sometimes prejudiced against them these guys have so many different types of music and their lyrics can touch your heart." I replied, this was coming easily to me.


"Are you a muggleborn?" she asked.


"Even if I am, this doesn’t concern you. But no, I am not and doesn’t mean I don't know the muggle things. My best friend's mum is a muggleborn and I have spent so much time in her home and learnt so much about the muggle places. I live in a muggle apartment," I told her. Amy's mum was a muggleborn so she was familiar with muggle things and I was always there in the summer, her mother made a killer chocolate cake.


"But even today people don't like it," she said.


"I think the people you are talking about are certain Purebloods. If you are saying that and I cordially invite any wizard who thinks that the muggle thing is rubbish, then tell them that we work with magic and cook our food and even apparate but muggles have their own measures too. Hell, you use these new wiz-phones whose idea came from muggle world. Try riding a bike and if you don't love it then I think you are a stuck up ass," I ended the call and turned to the others.


"Ciara, that was amazing! I mean great job really," Shawn said and I blushed again. I went through some more calls before closing the show.


Nicholas told me that I was going to replace Grace. The extra money was going to go towards saving for my future house which I wanted to buy someday but now it was going to be used for the rent. Argh.

I knew that the reviews were going to go to a high peak today as I had just told everyone about James Potter's shit but I didn't give a damn about him. I mean, he should respect the deal he had made, but he was a lazy, egoistic person. I couldn't say how he had changed; his family was so sweet and kind and he was an asshole, in school and even now.


After the break, I took the first call.


"Hey this is Mia. Don't you think it's rude what you are saying? I mean he could be really busy or there might be an emergency. Do you think that people are going to believe you?" she asked almost snarling at me.


"Mia, is it really, sweetheart? Maybe it is rude but if Mr. Potter is busy or in an emergency I think it's his responsibility to inform us of this, not leave us hanging. He promised not just us, but all of you, that he was going to talk with us. I am sure many people are disappointed. And on the topic of belief, this is just my view, our company is not involved. I am sure I will be hearing from him or his manager soon but I want to ask why then and not now. I am leaving it to you to what you think about this."
I left the office after the calls were finished. One caller accused me of making the interview up and I told him to fuck off.


I shouldn’t be cursing on air but when people tried to kill you verbally what could you do.


As I made my way to St. Mungo's many people glared at me while others just stared; I guess they had all heard the show today.


"Is it wrong of me that I am happy you kicked my cousin's ass in front of the whole world?" Roxy asked. Roxanne was one of my favorite people and my god sister, her dad George, my godfather and my dad were best friends and I knew her family as much as I knew the Potters. She was part of the James Potter and friends group and if she didn't give me the dirty glare then I knew I was fine.


"Thanks for not killing me," I said and she laughed. "It's not your fault, he is an ass but I can't believe you said that in front of the whole world. I mean this is huge," she warned me, her face concerned. James Potter was famous for revenge even in Hogwarts. Anyone who talked wrong about him got the bitter taste of his worst pranks and in the end had to apologize to him.


"I was just angry and let him come, I think you guys will support me," I said, winking at her and she smiled; although, it wasn’t her full blown smile.


Her concern was making me doubt everything too.


"I won't let him sue you but I can't guarantee that he won't do anything," she raised her hands in defence. I knew he could be cruel when he went into payback mode, but I was also the Ciara Jordan, the one who became Head Girl even when I had the most detentions in my year.


"I can handle him. Besides, what the hell he can do?" I said even though I knew that he could do much worse.


It was later that I regretted saying it.


If I had known where it would lead, I would never have agreed to do the show in the first place.


But if I didn’t then I would never know who James Potter truly is.


(Editing done by amazing mammateej and MadiMalfoy. Thank you!)

Let me know what you think, your reviews mean a lot to me. I would really appreciate all feedback. They will motivate me to write on :)

I would try to update soon and the next chapter will be all about the one you know who I am talking about.

Okay, the answer is James Potter. Wait for the next chapter to know the reason of it all and well, how he reacts.

See yaa xx

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