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Get in Line by dobbyismyhero22
Chapter 3 : The Devising of Evilness
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Face claims for the characters so far: (And no, I don't own any of the face claims) 
Jordan Moseley - Nina Agdal
James Potter - Francisco Lachowski
Hazel Scott - Crystal Reed
Cyrus Palmer - Chace Crawford
Mitch Walker - Dave Franco
Scorpius Malfoy - Alex Pettyfer
Silas Greengrass - Dylan O’Brian 

Here we have Scorpius Malfoy looking deeply attractive in the incredibly awesome chapter image made by the lovely sanadamaiko at TDA

“So how much trouble are you guys in?” I asked Cyrus, Mitch, Silas, and Scorpius as we headed out of Transfiguration to go to dinner. 


Last night, after I moronically decided to team up with James, he let me shoot off the signal that I promised so I didn’t raise any suspicion. I went back and crashed in my bed immediately only to wake up and find out that they had been caught. 


Apparently they accidentally shot off one of the fireworks early and it shot straight into the Whomping Willow causing half of the tree to set on fire, which, as you can guess, made quite the ruckus. I, personally, thought that they did the school a generous favor but the professors that found them didn’t seem to think so. 


Hazel had instantly dove into the nearest bush and hid there until the morning while sobbing hysterically so she managed to evade getting in trouble, but the boys weren’t so lucky. Harboring illegal fireworks, being so drunk that you can’t even remember what your last name is, being out after hours, and blowing up one of the school’s most famous trees doesn’t exactly look good. 


It was fortunate for the boys that Professor May, Head of the Slytherin house, was with McGonagall because she managed to save them from getting kicked off the quidditch team which would’ve drove Silas to sacrificing himself to the Giant Squid. Unfortunately for them, because McGonagall was there, they couldn’t fully escape punishment. 


“Two months of detention and we each got twenty points taken.” Silas muttered morosely. 


No matter what his detention was for, he always managed to get the worst tasks assigned to him. In third year, after he and Mitch got caught with porno magazines shoved into their bags, he had to scrub all of the bed pans in the hospital wing while there was a nasty stomach bug going around that resulted in half the school having explosive diarrhea. It was a bit too much for a thirteen year old to handle, to say the least, and it resulted in him crying underneath one of the beds for three hours. 


“Would’ve been more, but lovely Lucille wants to make sweet love to us all night long so she did a bit of ass kissing to McGonagall and was able to convince her to loosen up a bit.” Mitch said with a grin, fist bumping Cyrus and causing me to roll my eyes. 


Lucille May was probably the nicest lady you could ever imagine, bloody brilliant at Potions, and absolutely gorgeous. She had wisps of dark brown hair down to her ass and these intense brown eyes that practically pierced into your soul not to mention a killer body for someone in their early thirties so pretty much all the guys wanted her. It was rumored that during her first year teaching she and a student were caught in a very compromising position but although it was never exactly proven true, now every bloke in the school thought they had a chance with her. 


“You’re repugnant.” Hazel told him, shaking her head with a disgusted grimace attached to her face. “Why would someone like Professor May ever want to get with you?”


“Trust me, Hazel dearest, I can sense it.” Mitch said confidently, patting Hazel on the head patronizingly making her narrow her light green eyes dangerously. 


“Just like you could sense that Annabelle Fitzpatrick wanted you in fourth year?” I questioned with a smirk, causing Mitch’s mouth to set in a hard line and for everyone else to laugh. He probably would’ve punched me had I not been lucky and been born a girl. 


Annabelle was finishing up her seventh year at Hogwarts when we were fourteen and Mitch was fully convinced that she wanted to steal his virginity that he was desperate to lose. Annabelle was Head Girl, captain of the Ravenclaw quidditch team, and straight up beautiful. As it turns out though, the only reason why Annabelle paid so much attention to him was because she wanted his older sister, Tess, not him. The pair are now happily engaged but Mitch never really got over it, especially because he ended up losing his v-card to a girl named Bertha who now has green hair, a child, and at least twenty five piercings on her face alone. In his defense, she was fairly normal back when they shagged except for the fact that her name was indeed Bertha. 


“This is different.” He insisted irritably as we entered the Great Hall and took our usual places at the Slytherin table. “She sends me signals.”


“What like giving you P’s and D’s on all of your essays last year?” Scorpius asked, chuckling as he spooned some mashed potatoes on his plate.


“Yeah mate, newsflash, but you’re just really shit at Potions.” Cyrus said with a mouth stuffed full of roast beef.


“Think what you want, but I’m telling you that by the time we graduate, Lucille will have professed her undying love for me in the form of hot sex that lasts until morning.” He said, pointing his fork at us with every word, causing little bits of food to hit us in the face. 


I snorted into my soup at that as did Hazel, but she added to it by gagging a little bit, which I thought added a nice dramatic effect. The boys, on the other hand, merely looked interested. “Care to make a friendly wager on that statement, Mitchy?” Silas asked with a raised eyebrow. 


“If I’m right, you lot all have to pay me a hundred galleons each.” Mitch proposed with an easy grin. 


“Alright, but if we’re right then you have to run through the Great Hall naked and shake your ass right in front of McGonagall.” Cyrus told him with an evil smile. 


“I want no part of this.” Hazel said instantly and submerged herself back into her eating. 

“You act as if that would be a punishment for him.” Scorpius laughed.


“Fair enough, but it would amuse me greatly.” 


“You just want to see me naked, Cy.” Mitch said and blew kissy faces at his best friend. 


“I’ve seen you naked plenty of times, and trust me, it’s not a pretty sight.” Cyrus responded easily and flicked a pea at Mitch’s face. 


“Piss off, you know you’d kill to have my abs. Either way, I’m about to become a rich ass motherfucker.” Mitch said in a self satisfied way.


“Your dad’s the owner of one of the most successful magic restaurants chains in the UK and your mum comes from one of the oldest money pureblood families in the world.” Scorpius pointed out with a roll of his striking silver eyes. “You’re already rich.” 


“Says the kid that got a total of three broomsticks for Christmas last year and all of which were brand new.” Mitch shot back and punched him playfully on the arm. 


“I like to have my options and my parents recognize that.” Scorpius responded nonchalantly and added a small shrug. 


This was typical for Slytherins. The majority of the house grew up in old pureblood families that came with loaded trust funds or new money families whose parents just happened to be incredibly ambitious and very generous when it came to just handing out galleons to their children. 


Scorpius’ parents, Silas’ mum, and Mitch’s mum were all old money. Cyrus and I were both new money. Cyrus’ dad used to play professional quidditch for a good twenty years and his mum is a high end fashion designer for witches. Pretty much anybody who was anyone wore her designs which cost nearly 10,000 galleons for a simple robe. My dad was just recently made head of St. Mungo’s and basically ran the place so, needless to say, we were all fairly well off. 


Hazel, on the other hand, lived in a pretty house in Godric’s Hollow with her little brother and sister (twins, one in Hufflepuff and the other in Gryffindor) as well as her parents. Her dad worked at the Ministry in the Department of Magical Transportation and her mum was a Healer’s assistant. They weren’t well off by any means, but they were comfortable.


I think the boys and I would all agree that we’d trade all of our galleons, sickles, and knuts to have her life. Her family was so put together while all of ours were so broken. 


There’s Silas and me, for starters. He never even met his dad while mine worked almost constantly. Not to mention our mum’s. I didn’t have a clue where mine was and I haven’t heard from her in ages meanwhile his spends all of her time either showering our irritating half sister, Ava, with presents or at the spa. 


Then there’s Mitch, whose parents basically lived in a loveless marriage and were only still together for image. Mitch didn’t like to talk about it but there was a reason why he always stayed at one of our houses for Christmas and the summer. 


Cyrus’ parents divorced when he was twelve after his dad got caught in a cheating scandal...with another man. It was front page of the Daily Prophet for two weeks straight. His mum got her revenge though by dating every amazingly attractive eligible bachelor in England. This, of course, didn’t exactly make for the happy family picture that Cyrus always dreamed of. 


Scorpius’ parents were still together and happy with their relationship, but they lived in constant scrutiny of the media from uncle Draco’s past. They’ve learned to live with it, but it had to be shitty getting constantly ostracized by the entire wizarding community. 


“Fuck, we’re going to be late for detention.” Silas said suddenly with a mouth full of food after a quick glance at his watch. All of the boys shoved another bite into their mouths, muttered quick goodbyes, and hastily fled the Great Hall after him. 


Hazel and I packed up our stuff shortly after. “Do you want to go to the library to get started on our essays?” She asked, looking hopeful.


Truthfully, I didn’t, but Hazel’s innocently delicate face always made me want to be a better person... For about twenty minutes, at least. “Sure,” I agreed with a sigh. “But I’m going to need to borrow that quill I lent you earlier.”


Her face lit up excitedly, as it always did when the prospect of doing homework with someone other than herself became a possibility, and she began rummaging through her bag. Her brow furrowed confusedly. “Have you seen my Transfiguration book?” When I shook my head, she huffed to herself. “I must’ve left it back in the classroom. Meet me in the library?” 


When I nodded, she ran off and I set off in the direction of Hazel’s chamber of happiness only to be grabbed from behind and shoved into a broom closet. Before I even had a chance to scream, a wand light came on and James Potter appeared before me, as if out of thin air. 


“You really need to stop doing that.” I told him, putting a hand over the heart that was practically trying to jump out of my chest as an effect from being scared shitless. 


“I found something.” He said, choosing to ignore the fact that he just all but kidnapped me. He thrust a piece of paper into my hand and I tossed him a confused look before reading what it said. 


Dear S,

I wouldn’t worry about the train incident. My family can’t possibly know anything...we’ve covered our tracks well enough. My guess is that they were just bluffing. I think we’ll be fine. We’re going to need to be more careful this year when we


It was only part of the letter. Rose must’ve gotten sidetracked while writing it and saved the rest for later. “Where did you even find this?” I asked while skimming over it a few more times. It had only been a day and he already discovered major gold while I was headed off to do bloody essays. 


“I nicked it out of Rosie’s nightstand after I searched her dormitory.” He responded, not at all sheepish in any way, and I looked up at him with an amused expression. 


“You have a lot of free time on your hands, don’t you, Potter?” 


“To hell if a Malfoy ever enters my family. I’m going to nip this shit in the butt before it even starts.” He said in a determined voice. 


“Fair enough, but isn’t she going to notice that her half written letter is gone?” 


“Have a little faith, Moseley.” He replied with a grin. “That’s just a duplicate. The real one is still there when she goes back to finish.” 


“How does that help us in any way though? Don’t we want the letters to stop? What’s the point of knowing what they say if we’re not going to do anything about it?” I questioned, folding the letter back up, deeming it useless. 


“You underestimate me,” He said with a smirk and after I shot him a slightly puzzled and annoyed look, he elaborated further. “I put a charm on the other letter, tracking it, so we’ll know when she sends it. We’ll then intercept it before before it ever reaches Malfoy.” 


I had to admit that I was surprised that he actually had brains. “Impressed?” He asked in an arrogant tone, as if reading my mind.


“Hardly.” I lied, handing the letter back to him.


“Well, it’s more than your ass has done so far,” He said, making a fair point. “I have something for you.” He muttered in a flat tone as he started fishing around in his pockets. 


He tossed me whatever it was and I realized, after a quick inspection, that it was just a galleon. “For me? Potter, you shouldn’t have!” I said with fake enthusiasm and placed a hand on my heart as if flattered which caused him to roll his eyes. I had no fucking clue what I was supposed to do with it. I could buy him a nice new quill or, you know, a personality to make up for the on he severely lacked. 


“It’s a way for us to communicate without owls, dipshit.” He said shortly and then went into explanation when he saw my dumbfounded expression. “My parents, aunts, and uncles used them when they formed Dumbledore’s Army during the second war so they could find out when their next meeting was. They could change the time on the coin and, to anybody else, it would look like just a typical galleon. I’ll have an identical one to yours so if need me than you can change the time and place on yours and it’ll work on mine.” 


I examined it between my fingers, not noticing any difference between it and what a real one would look like. Once again, I found that James actually knew what the hell he was doing. 


“I guess you would’ve known this if your parents had fought for Dumbledore instead of Voldemort, right?” He said in a suddenly cold tone, assuming that because I was from a generation of Slytherins, that automatically meant that my family was full of Death Eaters. 


“My parents actually did their best to stay out of the war.” I snapped immediately, shooting him a hard glare. 


“How very brave of them.” He responded roughly with his gold eyes meeting my caramel ones and I felt a strong surge of hatred for him. 


Ever since the war, things had been like this. The prejudices had been flipped and instead of muggleborns being on blast, it was now purebloods. Everybody now just figures that if you have a pureblood last name then you automatically stand for everything that Voldemort did and it’s shit because every sane person out there knows that he was off his fucking rocker. 


“Not everybody’s daddy can be savior of the wizarding world.” I shot back, feeling my fists clench. A sudden burst of intense heat burned the inside of my hand and I hissed in pain and dropped the galleon, realizing that it was the source. “What the hell?” 


“It heats up when I change the time and place.” He said with a shit eating grin and picked up the devil coin that now read: ‘Broom closet. Now.’ In very tiny letters at the bottom. “Looks like it works.” 


“Yeah, no shit it works.” I muttered through gritted teeth and looked down at my palm which was blistering where I had just been holding the coin. I had a very strong feeling that he might have charmed mine go a bit hotter than normal. I highly doubted that when I changed the time and place of his that it would sear off parts of his skin. 


Still, I couldn’t fully complain considering he’d already done three semi helpful things for the cause of destroying any chance of Scorpius and Rose’s happiness as a possible future couple in the matter of less than a day while I sat on my ass. Then it came to me. “Silas, Cyrus, Mitch, and Scorpius are all in detention right now.” I said, mostly to myself, but considering that James was standing less than two feet away from me, it was to him as well. 


“Your point being?” He asked lazily as if the information meant nothing to him. I take back what I said earlier about him having brains considering right now he was as daft as a mountain troll. 


“My point being that their room is very much empty and for all we know, Scorpius could have valuable information hidden that we could use to our advantage.” 


“What the hell are we waiting for?” He asked, looking excited. “Let’s get a move on.”



Sneaking James into the Slytherin common room was easier than I expected. His invisibility cloak really was brilliant and nobody really noticed anything weird about me heading to the boy’s side instead of the girl’s considering I spent most of my free time there. 


I didn’t exactly get along with any of the girls in my house. Hazel and one of our other roommates, Elizabeth Brooks, or as she likes to be called, Izzy, were the only exceptions. 


Izzy, though, is a bit too quirky for my taste and rarely talks about anything other than quidditch. The only person I’ve ever met that is as obsessed as her is Silas. You’d think the two would get along swimmingly but the pair have hated each other since Silas got made captain over her two years ago. Apparently she’s been a right pain in the ass for him ever since but she’s too incredible of a Chaser to let go.


The only reason that she doesn’t have a certain distaste for me is because she doesn’t exactly have any friends except for Ravenclaws, Lorcan and Lysander Scamander, and other than them, she pretty much lives in her own little world. 


The rest of the girls in my house don’t like me because of the she-devil herself that goes by the name of Cassie Sparks and her faithful sidekick Astrid Hale. The pair made a personal vendetta against me when they found out that I snogged Mitch during a game of spin the bottle in third year. Apparently Cassie had a crush on him at the time and they failed to realize that I was forced to kiss him, but it was still considered ultimate betrayal. 


Their hatred for me only intensified when they found out that I was hooking up with Cyrus who had been Cassie’s first ‘love’ back in fifth year when they dated for a total of three months. The two managed to convince the entirety of the girls portion of my house that I was evil and a slag that slept with anything that moves. And, of course, any words that were uttered out of Cassie’s mouth were instantly believed by the naive and idiotic prepubescent girls that practically worshiped the ground she walked on. 


Hazel and I ignored them for the most part considering they wouldn’t dare ever try to cross us with anything other than words because they knew that we could kick the living shit out of them if we wanted. 


My reputation still stood on the girl’s side which is why I just prefered to hang out on the guy’s side. 


Less death glares, drama, and aligning menstrual cycles. More weed, alcohol, and abs. 


When we reached the 7th Year boy’s dorm, I took a quick peek and found that the coast was clear, and stepped inside. After I shut the door half a second later, James appeared to my right, surprising me, even though I knew that he had been there. 


“Isn’t Malfoy in his sixth year?” James asked, sounding confused. 


“Technically.” I responded shortly as I walked to the closet and pulled out the trunk labeled SHM and dragged it to the middle of the floor. I wanted to get this whole thing over with as fast as possible. I felt like I was betraying some sort of sacred Slytherin oath by bringing a Gryffindor into our home. 


“Which bed is Malfoy’s?” James asked, and without looking up I pointed to the bed in the far corner. 


I popped open the latch on Scorpius’ trunk and almost laughed at how everything was organized perfectly. It was classic of him to not have a single article of clothing out of place. I carefully avoided messing them up too much and began removing the first layer of shirts from the top. 


I glanced up to see what James was up to and saw him riffling through a notebook next to Silas’ bed which was labeled Playbook. I whipped my wand out instantly and summoned it to me so fast that even James didn’t see it coming. He looked up at me with a startled expression, clearly taken off guard. “You’re supposed to be helping me, asswipe.” I snapped with a hard glare on my face, keeping my wand pointed at his chest. “Not trying to steal quidditch secrets.”


“As if I need your step brothers predictable plays to help me win.” He retorted. “If I recall, we won the cup against him for the past two years.” 


I rolled my eyes, but was satisfied when I saw him abandon Silas’ drawer and begin looking through Scorpius’ bedside table. I went back to pawing through his trunk, but it wasn’t until I got to the bottom, with my hope nearly abandoned, that I found a tiny black leather box wrapped in a little white ribbon. I delicately pulled it off and gasped when I saw what was inside. 


They were quite possibly the most gorgeous pair of earrings I had ever seen...Round, sparkling rubies encrusted with two rows of spectacular, shimmering diamonds. They were the type of earrings that would match perfectly with a Gryffindor uniform. 


“Potter?” I called, not taking my eyes off of the jewels. 


“Hmm?” He said, distractedly and I turned to see him looking through the books that were in Scorpius’ drawer, seeming frustrated that he wasn’t finding anything. 


“Does Rose have a birthday coming up, by any chance?” I asked, hesitantly. 


“Yeah, her seventeenth is in less than two weeks.” James responded with his eyebrows furrowed, confused as to why I was asking. “Why?”


“Because I think I found something.”


I tossed him the box and his eyes widened. “What do we do?” He questioned immediately and threw the box back to me.


“What do you mean what do we do? Why do I have to come up with the plan?” I demanded and launched it back at him, not wanted to be responsible for figuring out the next step.


A second later, it was fired straight back into my reluctant hands. “Because you’re supposed to be the conniving little snake. This is what you do.” He responded as if the answer was clear. “You Slytherin lot are evil and know what to do in situations like this.”


He acted as if all my house did in our free time was devise plans to destroy people for fun. Lucky for him, an idea hatched suddenly in my head. 


“Although I don’t appreciate the stereotype,” I started and looked down at the box, thinking for a moment. “Does Rose have any enemies or somebody that she really hates?” 


“She’s Rose Weasley. She’s incapable of hatred.” He said fondly as he crossed the distance between the two of us and sat next to me.


“Someone then that she’s always competed with or something?” 


James kind of stared at the ground and ran his hands through his mop of messy black hair, thinking about it for a moment, before saying, “Well there’s Ellie Markes, the only person besides Malfoy that’s ever beat her on an exam.” 


“Okay, that’s perfect.” I smirked and further mentally formulated the plan. “We’re going to take these and--”


“Take them?” He interrupted. “You mean steal them? They probably cost, what? A few thousand galleons?”


“Don’t think of it as stealing. Think of it as temporarily borrowing.” I replied easily adding in a shrug. “Anyway, don’t wuss out on me, Potter. We’re going to temporarily borrow them and send them to Ellie from Scorpius. If Ellie and Rose have always been competing then it’s likely that Ellie will brag about the fact that Scorpius is sending her presents.” 


He considered it for a minute before a sly smirk appeared across his face. “I like it, but you know what I think would step it up just a notch?” 


“What?” I asked cautiously, nervous at what that somehow deviously attractive smirk meant. 


“Love potion.” He stated simply. 


“Love potion.” I repeated with a grin. 


This was either going to be the most brilliant idea ever thought of since the invention of cookie dough ice cream or it was going to bring us down in flames. Either way, I couldn’t give two shits. 


Hello loves, look at me with the quick updates. Amazing, I know. I think next I’m going to try and work on Enemies with Benefits...We’ll see how that goes. 


What did you think though? Any ideas of what you think is going to happen in the next chapter? I’m curious to see your predictions. Please be even more incredible than you already are and leave me a review. They really do make my day and I promise to respond to them all for this story. 


You guys all rock. Xx

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