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Just Decide by katiefelton
Chapter 25 : Epilogue
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 It was a warm summer night in the English countryside. Lush fields covered the landscape between forests, as the grass softly ruffled with the wind. In the distance, dark clouds began to gather, turning more ominous by the second. With the rumbling of thunder, a flash of lightening cracked over the fields, threatening a thunderstorm.


 Within an expansive collection of trees, a large manor stood elegantly at the end of a long drive. Ancient vines wrapped around sides of the house, twisting up windows and drainpipes. Gardens surrounded the estate, filled with colored roses, marigolds and sunflowers.


 The house itself was silent, the many darkened rooms still for the evening. Suddenly, the clouds outside issued a large lightening sound, and small water droplets began to softly fall on the grass. Within moments, rain began to fall onto the estate, and the water began to patter against the windows.

   Up the stairs, and at the end of a long hallway, stood the entrance to the master bedroom. The room was large, with a lounging area at one end of the room, and a grand bed at the other. Two long windows stretched from floor to ceiling, allowing a view of the summer thunderstorm outside.

  Two figures lay peacefully in the large bed, their chests rising and falling as their dreams progressed within their minds. The loud sounds outside did not seem to disturb the two, seeing that they remained still beneath the covers. The rain began to pound with a greater intensity against the glass windows, and the thunder rumbled with higher force.

  Beneath one of the covers, one of the figures on the left side of the bed began to stir. After rubbing her eyes and looking around the room, Hermione yawned, and readjusted her sheets to cover her feet. She glanced at the grandfather clock at the edge of the room, which reminded her that it was still in the early hours of the morning.

  She looked over her shoulder, noticing that her husband had shifted beneath his blankets.

“Draco, are you awake?”

After a few moments, Draco leaned himself up against one of his pillows and stretched his arms with a yawn.


“I am now. That last one was the loudest by far.”

Hermione nodded, resting her head back against her pillow.

“We haven’t had storm this bad in a while. I hope the flowers we just had planted in the side garden will be alright,” she stifled through a yawn.


Draco nodded.

“They’ll be alright.”

The two shifted their eyes to the windows, watching the rain fall in sheets outside. They could see the trees shaking furiously in the wind.

“Do you have a big day at work tomorrow?” Draco asked.

Hermione pulled her covers upward.

“Nothing too serious. Just a few meetings. I can probably get out early, which will be nice, since your mother wants to have us over for dinner in the evening. You?”

Draco yawned again.

“A fairly normal day for me as well, just typical Minister duties. Although I’m meeting the French Minister for lunch next week.”


Hermione nodded


“I like him.”


“Me too, he’s a good man.”


Hermione turned over to face Draco.


“Also, Ron asked me to come help Adelia with the new baby tomorrow. The first is always the hardest. And you know how determined she is, she would never ask for advice unless Ron pulled it out of her.”


Draco scoffed.


“Very true.”


“And Harry and Ginny want to have us over for dinner sometime soon. She offered to cook.”


In the dark, Hermione could see that he had risen his eye brows causing her t chuckle.


“Don’t worry, I offered to help her. We all know she could always use some extra help in the kitchen.”


A large lightening flash seemed to strike close by, creating a large booming noise, and making the floorboard creek.


“That was the worst so far,” Hermione noted.


Draco glanced at Hermione.


“How long do you think we have?” Draco said, motioning towards the door.


Hermione paused for a few moments.


“I’d give it about ten minutes,” she responded.


Draco flashed a smile.


“We have ten minutes then,” Draco said as he slid over to Hermione, wrapping an arm around her before kissing her cheek.


Hermione smiled, nestling against his warm chest. The two stayed like this for a few minutes, listening to the sound of the booming thunder and rainfall.


Suddenly, from the side of the room, one of the double doors began to slowly creek open. From behind the door, a tiny set of hands could be seen pushing the door forward. A small girl around the age of four emerged, her blue eyes wide with fear. In her hands, she clutched a small doll to her chest, and her light blonde hair fell in ringlets down her back.


“Mummy?...Daddy?” she whispered into the dark.


Hermione and Draco both sat upwards after hearing her voice.


“What is it Madeline?” Hermione asked.


The girl’s looked past her parents and to the water streaming by the window.


“I…I heard thunder. I’m scared,” she whispered again.


Hermione extended her arms.


“Come here, it’s alright, we’re safe,” Hermione reassured as she helped her daughter climb into the large bed and settle beneath her parents.


They helped tuck Madeline into the covers, and made she her doll was in a comfortable position.


“Goodnight Madeline,” Hermione said through the darkness.

 “Night mummy,” she whispered as her eyelids fluttered shut.

Draco and Hermione waited to hear the even rhythm of her breaths to assure she was asleep. After this, they both looked at one another, and Draco reached out to squeeze Hermione’s hand.


“Goodnight,” he said with a smile.


Hermione squeezed his hand in response, and nestled back into her covers after making sure her daughter had fallen asleep. Her eyes felt heavy with the break in her sleep, and she was prepared to dream again despite the weather. After a few moments, she felt sleep begin to take her.


But just as before, one of the doors began to open. This time however, a small boy, a year or two older than Madeline crept into the room. His tousled dark blonde hair showed signs of anxious sleep as he peered into the room.


Draco heard the door this time, and sat upwards. The small boy slowly came to the bed and Hermione began to wake again.


“The lightening…it’s loud…I can’t sleep,” he whimpered.


Draco began to slide over.


“Come up here with Madeline, Darian.”


“Are you alright?” Hermione asked, helping slide Madeline over.


“He can’t sleep,” Draco answered as he helped tuck his son in beside his sister.


Hermione tucked one of her chestnut curls behind her ear 


“Where’s your older brother?” Hermione asked.




“He said he isn’t scared,” Darian responded.




Hermione laughed.


“Of course he isn’t.”

The small boy took a few moments to position himself in a proper place beneath the blankets, and soon became still.



“Thank you Daddy,” Darian whispered as he too began to fall back to sleep.


The two made sure the two were settled, and attempted to fall asleep themselves. As soon as the small chests began to rise and fall beside them, Hermione and Draco began to breathe evenly in sleep.


Hermione wasn’t sure if it was fifteen minutes of a half an hour later, but sure enough, she awoke to the sound of one of the double doors being pulled open. Another blonde boy placed his head around the door to peer inside, except he was a few years older than the last. A corner of Hermione’s lips turned upwards as she watched her eldest son debate whether to enter the room.


“Scorpious, did the storm frighten you?” She called out into the darkness.


The boy’s eyes widened as he saw Hermione rise.


“No…No, I’m not scared. I’m almost eight.”


A loud bolt of lightening cracked across the sky, causing Scorpious to jump.


“Come on,” Hermione said as she pulled the covers back, allowing him to crawl into bed beside his siblings.


“I’m not scared mum."


“Of course you aren’t,” Hermione chuckled as the tucked her feed back into her covers.


From the opposite side, Draco leaned towards them.


“Out of bed, Scorpious?” Draco teased.


“I’m not scared….I just went to see where Darian went,” The boy mumbled as he settled in next to his brother and sister.


Draco smirked as he readjusted Madeline’s doll under her arm.


“Goodnight, Scorpious.”


“Goodnight Dad,” he muttered with annoyance into his covers.


Hermione watched Draco grin as Scorpious became still. Even after all these years, her heart raced while she looked at him. Beneath his nightshirt she could make out the graceful curvature of his strong arms and toned chest.  As she watched her three children sleep peacefully, Hermione smiled. She never thought this could all be hers with Draco. 


Draco reached over the three children and grabbed her hand, giving it a squeeze.


“We always have tomorrow night,” Draco grinned.


Hermione rubbed his arm in return.


“And every other night,” she reminded with a smile.


The two released each other’s hands and began to settle underneath the blankets and covers that surrounded them. As the storm raged on, the family slept peacefully into the night. 


The End. 


I can't believe that this magical journey, almost 5 years in the making, is finished! I'm sorry i've kept this final chapter from you all so long, but I just wanted to make sure I was ready to close this story for good. This is the epilogue that i've had pictured since I began writing this story years ago. You may hate it, or love it, but this is the ending i've been waiting to share with you all. I felt that after all the trials these characters went through, they deserve a happy ending.


Thank you to everyone who stayed with this story, despite my long absences, grammer mistakes and sometimes cheesy dialogue from my earlier chapters (college DEFINITELY changes your writing for the better :) This story has always been special to me, and looking back I find it hard to believe that I actually completed this. 


Thank you to the faithful reviewers (you know who you are) who wrote beautiful, kind, paragrahs encouraging me to continue, and complimenting my work. You guys kept my going. It makes me so sad to think that i'm leaving this story, and you all, but I'm so thankful that I was able to know you all. I'll probably continue to edit this story once in a while, and as for my other stories, i'm not exactly sure what i'm going to do. I'm not sure if I want to coninute the Very First Kiss, or add another chapter that i've been thinking of. If you have read that fic and have on opinion on that, please mention that as well. I would LOVE to finish Titanic too, but with Grad school looming, I may have to put it on hold. 


Oh my, here come the tears. I lOVE YOU ALL so very much. I honeslty don't know what I would do without you all and your confidence in me. Remember to keep Harry Potter alive!






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