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Aroma of Love by Caeai
Chapter 1 : Turned Bloody On
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 Turned Bloody On

{Vicky Malfoy}

                I crept around Hogwarts, skirting the castle where I could as the sun rose higher in the sky. I found the little alcove at which my friends always meet me and made a face at the dirt that is everywhere on my body before coughing to catch their attention.

                "Vicky!" I turned to one of my three best friends, Lily Evans, with her perfect red curls, gorgeous green eyes, and envy inducing hourglass figure, when she screamed my name. "You normally don't take so long! What happened?"

                I wrinkled my nose, blinking the sleep out of my eyes. "Couldn't find my clothes." I stepped into the pool of light, and Mary Farr, with her impeccably straight blonde hair, cornflower blue eyes, and stick thin body, shrieked.

                "Whose shirt is that?" I threw my hand over Mary's mouth and held one finger over mine. I heard someone coming.

                A moment later, my three best friends heard three distinct male laughs.

                "Moony, I don't understand how you lost your shirt. You leave it in the same place every month. How do you lose something you don't even use all night?" And that, of course, was dear Lily's lovely crush, and leader of the 'Marauders,' James 'Prongs' Potter.

                A voice, deeper than the first, chuckled. "But this stupid girl forgot something herself." I clenched my jaw. The boy I simply can't stand: The arrogant, stuck up, know-it-all, 'Holier-than-thou' git-king himself, Remus 'Moony' Lupin.

                The footsteps passing our alcove stopped as the same voice muttered, "Someone's there."

                I took a breath through my nose, and my eyes widened. I knew that scent. I didn't know how it got there, but I knew that scent. And I needed to hide from the owner of said scent. I brushed off my best friends’ questioning glances as I ducked behind them, peeking over Lily and Liza-Jane's shoulders as a boy walked into our alcove. A shirtless boy.  A rather fit shirtless boy that is even dirtier than me. See, I told you he's a git-king! Who walks around shirtless all the time?!

                "What, Moony? Who is it?" Three more boys shoved their way past Lupin.

                "Dammit." The curse was out of my mouth before I could bite it back. I slunk around to Lily's side, pouting like a scolded child.

                "Remus, what the hell did you do last night?!" My 'cousin,' Sirius 'Padfoot' Black, womanizer, flirt, and overprotective prick, stared at me, taking in my white button-down shirt, the shoulder seams landing halfway to my elbows, and showcasing my legs, covering four inches of my thighs. Even completely buttoned, the collar fell just above my collarbones.

                "Oh, shut up, Sirius. I wasn't going to go around with nothing on. This was the best I could find."

                Sirius looked at me with disgust. "One, why were you parading around without clothes?! Anybody could bloody see you! Even if I have elected to not be evil, I have to look out for you!" He blew a breath out his nose. "Two, why does it look like you and Moony had sex in a dirt pit?"

                I didn't miss a beat. "These pricks," I motioned to the three girls behind me. "-knew that I was planning on a calming swim in the lake. They waited until I was in the lake and threw my clothes to the squid." I decided that, if Sirius really needed an explanation for why it looked like I had had sex with Lupin, (Though why I would betray my biggest secret like that, I don't know!)  he would invent something himself.

                "What, too shy to walk up in your bathing suit?" Peter ‘Wormtail’ Pettigrew, a mousy looking fellow with an odd sort of spunk, smirked at me.

                My eyes smoldered in the candlelight as they rested on Pettigrew. "I would be proud to walk in the castle in a bathing suit," I pouted prettily, biting my bottom lip while looking him over. I leaned forward slightly, as if I'm departing a dark secret. "If I owned one." I whispered into the silent room, licking my bottom lip before taking my sensual eyes off of Pettigrew.

                Pettigrew just blinked in quiet shock, while Sirius pulled a face, and Potter made eyes at Lily, who blushed and returned them. "Is that something I could see?" Pettigrew's eyes widened when he realized he'd spoken aloud.

                Sirius slapped him. "That's practically my cousin! Bloody hell, have some respect! Even if she didn't have her bloody wand-"

                "I don't." I interjected, grinning foolishly, right as Lupin snarled, "She doesn't." Lily and Potter shot us a strange look before going back to staring lovingly at one another.

                Sirius waved his hand pointedly at the two of us, as if we’d proved his point. My 'cousin' was a nut. "Even though she doesn't have her wand, she could rip you limb from limb without thinking about it." I blinked in surprise. Sirius actually made sense for once. I guess he's not so much of a nut. "Besides," He sent a sideways glance at Lupin. "She belongs to Moony." I shoved the arms of my borrowed shirt up and leapt at Sirius. Lupin stiffened as I past him.

                "What-the fuck did-you-just-say." I grabbed his collar, dragging his face closer to mine.

                Lupin's resounding growl jerked even Potter and Lily from their thoughts. He spun me around so my back was to the boys.  "Why the hell did you take my shirt?" He took a step forward, so he stood nose to nose with me. Except my nose reaches Lupin's collarbone, and he towered over me. I might have been slightly bitter about my height. Maybe.

                I glared at him. "Merlin, Lupin, I didn't know it was yours. I'm sorry," I hissed my apology bitterly. "Do you want it back?" I yanked the first button through its hole. Lupin's eyes dipped down at the movement, and his gaze softened for a moment. I looked down, but that didn't make it any clearer. I was in no way endowed, and the only thing that was revealed was the smooth skin over my collarbones. I cleared my throat, and Lupin's eyes jumped back up to mine.

                He sneered. "Keep it. I don't want anything a Malfoy has touched."

                I dropped my gaze suddenly, hiding the tears burning in my eyes. Even if I'd seceded from the Malfoy family, it didn't mean that it didn't stab me right in the heart every time someone degraded me for the family I was born into. I took a deep breath and focused on Lupin's hand to calm down. My eyes widened in realization when I figured out what was hanging from his fingers, and I smirked.

                I minced toward him, swaying my hips as I closed the distance between us. "Well, then." I walked my fingers up his chest, stopping to flex them, digging my nails lightly into his toned shoulder. He hissed, grabbing my other wrist, dragging me closer. My eyes met his slate grey ones, and I smiled. I trailed one finger down his arm to the back of his hand. I winked at him. "You can keep those. As a souvenir." I tapped my finger on his hand and pulled away from him, stopping only when he won't let go of my wrist. I turned back and flipped my hand over, tracing the veins on his wrist.

                "Keep what?" Potter frowned at me.

                I threw my head back and laughed. As the urge to laugh decreased, I settled down, looking expectantly at Lupin. Who, again, had his eyes glued to my chest. That had to be the oddest thing ever. I really didn't have breasts to be proud of, and no cleavage at all, even with the help of specially designed undergarments, which, if you can remember, I was not wearing at the moment. What could he possibly be so entranced with?! "Lupin, Potter asked a question. I thank you for finding them, but, really," I put on my innocent face. "What man would give up his lace?"

                Pettigrew nudged Sirius in silent question. Mary caught the movement, and nudged Liza-Jane Penz, the smart ass Ravenclaw I loved to pieces, with wavy light brown hair, lavender eyes, and a killer curvy figure, and gestured to the two boys opposite them. Liza-Jane rolls her eyes. "Merlin, Peter, he found her lingerie!" Sirius shouted at him right as Liza-Jane hissed, "Pettigrew, idiot, it's her bloody lingerie!"

                Sirius's shoulder length deep brown hair flew over one shoulder as he looked Liza-Jane over. She blushed and dropped her eyes to the floor.

                Potter's jaw dropped. "'That stupid girl' is Vicky Malfoy, as in Lucius Malfoy's little sister, and the things she 'forgot' was her bra and panties?!"

                I pouted. "My only lace ones, too. Where'd you find them, anyway?"

                "By a different side entrance into Hogwarts. With a haphazard pile of other girl clothes." Lupin raised an eyebrow at me, and I glared at him. I hated people that could do that. I could never manage to get one to stay put, so they both ended up moving, while one of his was practically dancing on the ceiling! And I'm not even kidding! He wiggled it! His freaking eyebrow was dancing on the ceiling!

                Pettigrew's eyes brightened as he got it. "I thought the giant squid ate your clothes."

                If I wasn't a Malfoy and a Slytherin, I would've been panic stricken and spit the truth out like a good little girl. But telling the truth wasn't ever an option, there were always lies you could tell to make everything make sense. I rolled my eyes at Peter. "What sounds better, Pettigrew, my gitty friends stole my clothes and gave them to the giant squid, or I took my clothes off and couldn't find them again?"

                Lupin opened his mouth, and I smacked his stomach with the back of my hand before I thought about it. He exuded heat like no one's business. I jerked my hand back, glaring at him. "I am the only deceptive one here, remember that. It's in my nature to not want to admit my faults. Lying is a better option than revealing weakness for any worthy Slytherin."

                Sirius continued to peruse Liza-Jane like she was some kind of object for his leisure, and she turned her face so far away from him I could only see the back of her head. Liza-Jane gasped. "Shite! Filch is up!" I looked at the sun, and, as Liza-Jane had so eloquently stated, you could see the entire yellow disk hanging at the eastern horizon. Filch was awake and moving.

                Everyone started rushing out of the alcove, but, as Lupin passed me, I was frozen.

                I was vaguely aware of someone calling my name, but I couldn't be bothered to answer. That damn smell. The one that floated in my head every damn month. The one that would hit me at random times and leave me frozen. The memory of it would pause all thought, every movement. This, this full force hitting me in the face, because Lupin carried it around. This scent was the most complex thing, and yet the most simple. Like rain at midnight, and the forest in the middle of fall, and something I couldn't name. But this damn scent belonged to one person.

                Here's the truth, even if I didn't really want to share. I attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for the fifth year straight, I am a Slytherin, a Malfoy, my three best friends were, respectively, a Gryffie (Lily), a 'Claw (Liza-Jane), and a 'Puff (Mary).They were waiting for me in a secluded alcove that leads outside right before dawn. This specific dawn was right after the full moon. They were waiting for me because I was a werewolf.

                Of course, what my friends didn't know was that there was another werewolf. A male werewolf, one that, for one glorious night out of every month, I could play with, without worrying about hurting someone, about being too rough, without worrying that someone will discover my secret. This scent, Remus Lupin's scent, that had me standing like a statue, it belonged to that werewolf. I blinked, and, just like that, I could move again. I dragged my feet out of the alcove, grudgingly following the line of people before me.

                "Vicky?" Lily's green eyes bore into my painfully boring brown ones and I nearly flinched.

                "Yeah?" I mumbled, more to get her to move so I could go curl up in the Room of Requirement and hope to forget about my revelation than to relieve her.

                "What's wrong?" Lily's open expression, so worried and heartfelt, didn't let me lie.

                "That smell again." I muttered, hoping against hope that none of the boys heard me. But Lupin, who was in the front of the line, twenty feet had to have been between myself and him, snapped his neck back, stopping abruptly and making Pettigrew, who was not so sneakily sneaking glances back at Mary, crash into his back.

                "Smell?" Lupin's mouth hardly moved, but I could hear him like he whispered it into my ear.

                "So?" I muttered back at him, still standing twenty feet away from him.

                "What smell? I didn't smell anything." Lupin turned to face me, his beautiful eyes boring into mine. His voice was hardly more than a breath.

           "It's nothing." It was like a sigh across my lips, not even Lily, standing right beside me, could hear me. But Lupin's eyes narrowed.

           "Any smell that you were alerted of, I would have smelled, too. What was it?"

           I pursed my lips. "There was no danger. Just a smell that's been bothering me."

           "You're bothered but it's not a danger. Right." Lupin snorted and rolled his eyes.

           I gave up on being quiet. "Stop being so condescending!" Six pairs of eyes landed on me. "You think you know every damn thing, don't you?! But you can't even figure out what a girl saying she's bothered means!" Pettigrew looked questioningly at Sirius, who rolled his eyes, flicked Peter on the forehead, and mouthed 'turned bloody on.' "Look who's so smart now! Merlin, Lupin, you're an idiot. There's a scent floating around the school that turns me on! Of course you don't recognize anything out of the ordinary!" I stormed over to him, pushing against his chest with one palm. "How could you? Bloody hell, I only ever smell it once a month! Leave me the bloody hell alone, with your condescending attitude and your freaking sce-" I clamped my jaw shut, taking a deep breath through my nose. But then Lupin enchanted me. His smell rolled off of him, mixed with the dew on the grass in our hair, the three girls' perfumes, which they so graciously let me choose, what with my enhanced senses, the other boys' cologne; it seemed that Lupin had browbeat them into having scents that didn't fight one another just as I did with the girls. But most of that is in the background. My eyes slid shut as I let Lupin's scent fill me. That scent was my entire world for one everlasting moment.

           "Vicky?" Liza-Jane touched my shoulder and brought me back to reality.

           I slowly opened my eyes, finding those cold, slate grey eyes that have mocked me for four years staring back at me. "Sorry. Dead on my feet." I muttered under my breath, jerking myself away from him and practically running up the stairs.

           "Vicky!" I turned at the top of the stairs. Sirius pointed his thumb behind him. "Dungeon's are that way."

           I smiled slightly, jerking my head toward the next flight of stairs. "I'm banished from the Slytherin dorms."



Here's my first stab at a fanfiction. We'll see how it goes. Hope you like it. I've got a few plans. Probably going to have a novella for Liza-Jane-Sirius and Mary-Peter. Not so sure about Lily and James. 

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