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Advanced Potions for the Pathetically Dimwitted by NaughtyLittlePotato
Chapter 14 : Fourteen
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 “The truth.” Aunty Pans says and I swallow hard.

“I erm,” Gulp, “I don’t know.”

“Cassie,” She looks at me softly, “She’s my daughter and she’s lying in that bed battered and bruised, possibly pregnant. Can you understand how this feels for me?” I nod because I can understand. She’s my best friend and that’s my baby. “So, can you help me out a little bit here? It’ll just be between the two of us, promise.” She smiles.

“She’s pregnant,” I start, “or was, I mean what if something happened? Does it make me a bad person to say that I’d feel… relieved?” Aunt Pans takes a deep breath but doesn’t comment, waiting for me to continue, I take a second to calm down before I carry on, “She’s going to keep it.”

“Who’s baby is it, Cassie?”

“It’s erm, James’s.”

She sighs and closes her eyes, “Right, should have guessed, shouldn’t I?” She knows Cassie’s been like in love with him forever, the only person who seems not to know is the boy himself. Fucking typical men.

“But there’s something else,”

“Oh for the love of God, don’t tell me you’re pregnant too. I mean one of you I could take, but two? You’re pushing me here, Cass.” She smiles at me and for the first time in a long time I feel like everything will be ok.

I contemplate telling her the whole situation but I couldn’t do that to Alvie, so instead I say, “It could be Albus’s too.” suddenly realising Alvie might change her mind and decide to tell people it’s not James’s.

“Well… Shit.”

“Yeah, shit.”

There’s silence between us for a few minutes before she lets out a sigh and a sort of half hearted chuckle. “You’re just like me when I was your age.” I look at her confused, “When your mum was pregnant, I was just like you. I can tell you think it’s best if Alvie doesn’t keep the baby, and believe me I felt the same way when your mum told me, especially since it was twins. But look at how Maddi and Nate turned out. They’re fine, Hermione is a brilliant mum and maybe I was wrong to doubt her, but it’s difficult to put yourself in their position. To understand what it’s like to hold something so precious. Obviously this is different, I mean Alvie’s still my baby and I don’t want to be a grandmother, that would mean I’m old!” She laughs a little and I try to too, in light of the situation. “Look, I’m not going to say anything, Alvie will tell me in her own time. No doubt she’s going to say she’s not actually pregnant for the face of things.” Aunt Pansy rolls her eyes.


Turns out she was right, when Alvie came to and had her bones fixed she laughed it off and told us all she didn’t even remember saying it and that she certainly wasn’t pregnant. She says it so convincingly that I start to believe her, I want to believe her, but obviously I can’t.

She’s told she has to stay in hospital for a couple of days, just to make sure she’s ok and there was no lasting damage, which thankfully there isn’t.

After my talk with Aunt Pansy I start to reconsider things, I mean, maybe this is for the best, I have no doubt Alvie will be a great mother and I know it’s best that she does raise this baby. I have no uncertainty that had I been in her position I would not have decided to keep the baby, because deep down I know I’m not my mother, and I know I couldn’t have looked after a child. The fact that Alvie is willing to look after someone else’s child just shows how much more suited she is to being a mother. Some people are just like that; I’m clearly not one of those people.



Somehow our ‘girls’ trip to Hogsmead turns into a sort of double date. I mean it had already gone from the three of us to just Dom and I after Alvie had a change of heart and decided to go with Albus after their little talk in the hospital. I know! We were all super shocked. She even seemed, dare I say it, excited?

Then Mason asked Dom and she didn’t want to leave me out so it ended up being Dom, Mason, Orion and I.

Although Dom claims it was not a date.

It quite clearly was a date.

I wondered briefly why Alvie and Albus weren’t joining us on this loved up outing, but Dom told me she wanted them to be alone, so they could have a proper date, for Albus’s sake. Please Merlin, let them fall hopelessly in love, I wont even complain when they’re sickeningly loved up and call each other soppy pet names or finish each other’s sentences.

“So, we’re having a Halloween party in the room of requirement on Wednesday.” Dom says.

“This is James’s planning?” I ask, although I needn’t have, clearly this is James’s idea.

She nods, “Come here, I’ll do your hair.”

“Get off,” I bat her away, “I don’t need my hair doing…” Oreo knows what I look like, why should I bother putting an effort in? “Do I?” I ask, suddenly feeling a little nervous. Oreo and I have never been on a proper date. Dom smiles at me, clearly hiding a laugh while I’m having a sort of breakdown.

“Sit down.” So I do as I’m told and take a seat in front of her vanity. She starts to draw potions and lotions through my hair at rapid speed before she grabs her wands and casts a few charms. Only when she’s finished do I dare look at my appearance. Thankfully she hasn’t gone crazy, she’s just plaited some hair from the front right of my head and pulled it back into a messy bun that sits at the back of my head. Most of my hair is wavy and hanging out of the bun, but Dom convinces me I look fine before she gives her own hair a slight wave.


Mason is waiting for Dom at the bottom of the stairs like a perfect gentleman. He smiles at her, then at me. Dom draws him into a hug before grabbing his arm to steer him towards the door.

“Where’s Miller?” Mason asks. It’s strange that before I wouldn’t have ever considered calling him anything else, but now it’s somewhat uncommon to call him Miller.

“He’s meeting us in the courtyard.” I answer growing more nervous with every step. He’ll notice I’ve made an effort with my hair. I know it’s supposed to be a cute I’ve-made-no-effort do, but it clearly took effort when I usually just leave my hair as it is, at the most I’ve charmed it to be straight. I consider for a moment that maybe I’m nervous because I kissed James, but I quickly disregard this because I don’t like to think about it.

“Hi,” I squeak when I see him. He looks taller than usual and I feel smaller.

“Hey,” He grabs my hand and I pray he doesn’t notice my sweaty palms. He gives me a quick peck before the four of us start to walk. We talk casually until we reach Hogsmead and Mason drags Dom off to some quidditch shop, not like she puts up much of a fight, leaving Oreo and I alone.

“Come on. I need a costume for Wednesday.” He looks at me confused. “We’re having a Halloween party.”

“Oh,” He looks a bit surprised. “What’re you dressing as?” I shrug. “Should I assume this is James’s party?”

“Yes.” He groans a little and I laugh. “Don’t worry, I wont let him hex you.”

“Are you sure I’m invited?”

“Of course. I’m inviting you.” He looks at me sceptically, “Does it matter if you’ve got an invite? You’d be coming anyway, right?” I look up at him through my lashes. I know he hates James but I doubt he’d let James stop him from going to this party with me.

He rolls his eyes, “I don’t much like dress up parties.” I pout a little and tilt my head, Dom taught me that, works a treat. “Fine. I’ll go.”

“Good.” I smile, satisfied and squeeze his hand, pulling him towards a costume shop, my nervousness completely forgotten.



“I’m not going like this. No way.” I hear him call through the curtain.

“What, let me see!” I laugh.

“DON’T OPEN THE CURTAIN!” He all but screams attracting the attention of other shoppers, I giggle and slip behind the curtain into the changing cubical.

He’s dressed as a devil.

Sort of.

I bite my lip to stop from laughing as I take in his ‘costume’. It’s composed mainly of a pair of black and red boxer shorts, a red cape, some devil horns and a black and red plastic trident type thing. He glares at me; I pull on the strings of his cape. “I think it looks sexy.” I lick my lips and trail my hand down his abs. Jesus, he does look hot.


“Mmm?” I answer vaguely, staring at his lips.

“I’m not wearing this.”

I wrap my arms around his neck, “Maybe you should take it off then.”

His green eyes go wide; he looks startled but also intrigued. “We’re in a changing cubical.” He whispers.

“I know.” I reply, leaning up to kiss him. I push him against the wall and he smirks at me. Our lips meet again and his hands are on my waist when there’s the wooosh noise the curtain makes when it’s opened at speed and the clearing of someone’s throat.

“Only one person is allowed in the changing booth at a time.” I can’t suppress the small squeak that escapes my mouth when I turn to see her standing there. The woman looks about sixty and she’s staring at us, aggravated. I hear someone laughing and I look past her to see Dom and Mason chuckling away.

“Sorry.” I mutter embarrassed, my cheeks as red as Oreo’s cape.

“Yes, well, make sure it doesn’t happen again.” She walks away angrily and I look at Oreo who’s laughing. I slap his chest, pulling the curtain across, shielding us from the eyes of other customers.

“It’s not funny!”

“Oh come on, it is pretty funny.” He pulls me toward him.

“Get off. She’ll probably come back, that’d be even worse if we got a second warning.” I roll my eyes.

“Hey, not my fault you couldn’t control yourself, Shrug.” He smirks.

“Jerk.” I start to turn away but he pulls me back, kissing me when the curtain is again ripped across its rail.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.” I mutter closing my eyes, turning with my hands up in surrender to meet the no doubt furious woman.

“Get out here, Cassie.” I hear Dom laugh and open my eyes to see her standing there shaking her head. I glare at Oreo and leave the cubical before the woman can come back and see that I hadn’t left after her first warning.

Dom smirks at me with a raised brow. “Oh come on.” I push her, “Did you see what he was wearing?” I say in way of an answer to her silent question.

“I did.” She smiles and I don’t like that smile one bit, “Maybe I’ll pop in there myself.” I push her again, shaking my head although I know she’s joking.

“Where’s lover boy gone?” I ask, looking around the shop.

“He’s just gone to look for a costume,” She points through the shop and I see him rifling through a clothes rack.

“So?” I smile and she smiles back at me shyly.


“Has he kissed you yet?”

“Well we’re not at the level where you try to have sex in changing rooms yet, but…” She trails off and I stare at her blankly. “Yes.” A grin makes its way onto her face. I try to press for details but she’s adamant that she wont tell me, something completely new for Dom. Usually she’s dying to tell.

“Well, it’s decided that I won’t be wearing that to the party.” Oreo drawls when he’s done changing.

“Oh, but it looked so good!” I pout.

“Maybe I can wear it some other time,” He winks playfully at me and I smirk at him, knowing he’s only trying to make Dom squirm. She may not hate him now but she still doesn’t appreciate us acting like this.

“That sounds like a great idea.” I wrap my arms around his neck and lean up to nibble his ear.

“Oh my God, you guys! Can you just save that for behind closed doors, or curtains.”

We start to laugh at her while she’s cringing. “We’re only kidding, Dom.” Oreo says, hanging the costume back up on a rack. “I don’t need a costume.” He adds and she groans again.

“What’re you going as?” I ask her as Oreo walks off to look for another costume.

She shrugs, “Maybe a fairy or something.” Typical. “You?”

“Maybe a mummy.” I say, mostly joking because the girls always dress up as something slutty at these things.

“Maybe that’s what Alvie will be going as.” She jokes, a sort of upside down smile on her lips.

“You don’t seriously still think she’s pregnant, do you?”

She shrugs, flicking through some costumes. “What did her mum want with you anyway?”

“Oh just to see if I knew anything, which I obviously didn’t.” Didn’t I mention I’m about as smooth as extra smooth butter when it comes to lying? Yeah. Ok, maybe not but Dom believes everything you tell her.

“I’ve found the perfect outfit.” Oreo pops up beside me, an excited smile on his face. He kisses the top of my head then ducks into a changing booth.

“Don’t you want to,” Dom nods her head towards the closed curtain, so I throw a halo at her.

“Close your eyes!” Oreo shouts a few minutes later. “Are they closed?”

“Yes!” Dom, Mason and I chorus. We hear the curtain open then Oreo orders us to open our eyes.

“You like?” He looks at me and I grin so wide I think me face is going to split. He’s dressed as an actual Oreo.

“I love!” I circle round him, laughing.

Dom and Mason share a look, “Because I call him Oreo.” I clarify, and I’m disgusted with myself but I find that Oreo and I are having one of those soppy couple moments where we stare lovingly into each other’s eyes.

Dom is probably planning our wedding. Oh fuck.


“Hi, mum.” Apparently I gave up trying to stay away from home when I remembered how much I rely on my mum to confide in.

“Hello, sweetie! How’ve you been?”

“I’ve been good, mum. How have you and dad been?”

“We’ve been great, hold on, I’ll fetch him, he’d love to see you.” I swallow hard. I’d planned on introducing my mum to Oreo but I don’t think dad would appreciate meeting him through a magic mirror. While she’s gone I turn to him on the bed next to me, just out of view of the mirror.

“We can’t do this. I don’t want the first time my dad meets you to be through a mirror.” I tell him.

“Well I told my mum through a letter, via my sister. She was thrilled by the way.” Oreo never talks about his dad, he never tries and I don’t push the subject although I know I should probably ask. “Wants to meet you as soon as possible.”

I grimace at him, “Parents hate me.” Although I’m not really bothered about that, I’m more bothered about this whole actually meeting his mum thing. When did our relationship that this turn?

“She’ll love you, I’m certain.” He smiles at me and gives my hand a reassuring squeeze. I’d never in a million years imagined I’d ever talk about meeting parents with Oreo. I’d like to say love sneaks up on you, but I’m not sure ‘love’ is what this is just yet.

“Hey, Cass!” My dad bounds over and I instantly snap my face to the mirror so as not to look like I was talking to anyone.

“Hi, dad.” We have some general chit chat for about five minutes, including about Aunt Pansy being pregnant and Alvie’s fall off her broom, seemingly Aunt Pansy stuck to her word because mum doesn’t seem to know about Alvie being pregnant.

I turn to look at Oreo, figuring I should just bite the bullet; he sees the silent question in my eyes and nods with a gentle smile.

“What’re you looking at?” Dad asks.

“Erm, daddy.” He must sense something’s up. I only call him daddy when shit’s going down and I want him to feel like I’m younger than I am.

“What?” He narrows his eyes at me.

“There’s someone I want you to meet.” He looks at me confused and mum’s sporting a similar expression. “This is Orion.” I shift over on the bed and readjust the mirror so that we’re both in view.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Malfoy, Mrs. Malfoy.” He nods, “I’d shake your hand sir but it would appear I’m unable.” Orion tries to joke but dad looks kind of livid.

“Cassie?” Dad says, wanting an explanation.

“Erm, we, he, erm.”

“I’m Cassiopeia’s boyfriend, sir.” Orion says squeezing my hand.

“Her what?!” Dad’s about to fly off the handle but mum rolls her eyes at him and slaps a hand over his mouth.

“Ignore him, honey. It’s lovely to meet you, Orion.”

 I bite my lip to stop from smiling so much, but I can’t help it, I’m thrilled.

“Ew! Draco!” Mum chastises and I conclude that he licked her palm so she’d move her hand.

“Well, this is certainly unexpected.” Dad all but growls. I don’t understand why he’s so mad. “We’ve never heard of you before.” Dad says plainly.

“We were friends.” I say quickly, “It just sort of happened.” I shrug because I’m not lying.

It just sort of happened?” Dad repeats and I swallow hard.

“Not that.” I glare at him in that way that daughters do to their fathers, the look that says, ‘please Merlin, do not embarrass me’.

“Draco,” Mum puts on her voice that I recognise as the one dad obeys. Dad likes to look like he wears the trousers in their relationship when really mum does. He groans, “I suppose it’s nice to meet you.” He rolls his eyes like a teenage boy.

I bite my lip and open my eyes wide, “Daddy?” I wait for him to look at me and do that voice he can’t help but love, “You’re not mad at me, are you?”

“No.” He rolls his eyes again and sighs. “I’m just shocked.”

“He’s happy for you really, Cassie.” Mum slaps the back of his head and he moans and mumbles something I don’t hear, rubbing his head. “We’d love to meet you personally sometime, Orion.” Mum smiles.

“I’d love to meet you too. I’ve heard so much about you, not from Cassie but you know, you’re the Malfoy’s.” He shrugs laughing casually, like he’s known my mum years. But I guess he has, there's always shit printed about my mum and dad in the Prophet. 

 “Yes, well, all good things, I hope.”

“Of course.” He says although there are bad things posted all the time, which are obviously lies, and before dad can say anything embarrassing that will turn my cheeks a permanent shade of red I clear my throat.

Dad opens his mouth to speak so I quickly cut in, “Ok. Got to go, love you. Bye!” Shouting sort of, before throwing the mirror to the end of the bed and kicking desperately to cover it with pillows and the like so I can’t hear dad no doubt shouting on the other end.

Oreo looks at me with a raised brow, “Weirdo.”


“Have you guys seen James?” I ask around the dorm because I’m supposed to have a tutor lesson with him but I’d not been able to find him.

“Albus?” I look over to Alvie’s bed where the two are sat, working on some Arithmancy paper. So much for Alvie giving up on her work-hard ethic. Fuck, the girls pregnant and shit and she still does better at her work than I do! Albus shrugs at me and I look at Alvie, she usually knows his wearabouts, “Alvera!”

“What?” She asks, annoyed that I’ve interrupted her.

“Where’s James?”

“How should I know?” I look around the dorm as if to ask everyone else who the fuck this girl is and what she’s done with Alvie. I shake my head and look to the others.

“We don’t know.” Char says while she braids Saffi’s hair.

Raven looks up to me, “I’m sure I heard him and Izzy saying something about meeting tonight. James has obviously been flunking heads duties.” She shrugs, looking back down to her paper, “Hey! Don’t you think you should be doing this paper for transfig?” She shouts after me while I storm from the room, hearing a ‘What’s up with her?’ and a ‘PMT’ over my shoulder. As for that transfig paper I’m sure I can scramble something together tomorrow, potions is more important given I’m going to fucking fail it. And as for Raven, I’m still pissed at her for the petty reason that she was so shamelessly flirting with James when Alvie was unconscious! So disrespectful.

“Hey, Cassie!” I hear a girl shout from the common room floor as I pass, I turn and I can’t keep the scowl on my face when I see Phoenix playing wizards chess with Oreo who has his back to me.

“Hi honey, you kicking his ass?” I ask her, walking over and crouching down quick enough to plant a kiss in Oreo’s soft hair before I stand back up.

“I’m letting her win.” He mumbles but we both know he’s lying. He’s just shit at wizards chess.

“You wouldn’t happen to know where James is, would you?”

“What? Why?”

“Don’t panic,” I smile, Oreo never did get over the whole ‘slut’ debacle, “I just have tutor with him but I can’t bloody find him and no one seems to know where he is, only that he had a meeting with Izzy.”

“Don’t they usually do prefect meetings in the old Alchemy class on the third floor?” Nix says, making her move and letting one of her pieces destroy another one of Oreo’s. I’d explain that in more depth only I have no sodding idea what’s going on with chess. I don’t understand it at all.

“I’ll look there, thanks.” I smile at her, “And baby,” Oreo looks up at me, “Try not to be a sore loser.” I give him a teasing sympathetic smile and he flips me off.


I’d hate to stay at Hogwarts alone at Christmas or any other holiday. I don’t know how anyone could entertain themselves, yes it’s interesting to look around but you get bored quickly, everything’s the same. It’s all made of stone and it’s all old. Dad told me he had to stay here sometimes because of Granddad Lucius, he doesn’t like to talk about that much so I don’t push it. I get the impression that Granddad Luci used to be a real git, especially to mum, but dad says he changed wholeheartedly when the dark lord fell and that he apologised frequently for his ways.

I try the door to the disused classroom and find it locked, I don’t find this odd, some of the doors lock automatically when they’re closed. I pull out my wand and unlock the door, I push it open and set the lights on, the beginning of a ‘hello’ almost leaving my lips when I hear a girl gasp and I set my eyes on James and Izzy, both of whom are only partially clothed, wrapped around each other.

“Jesus! James, I thought you locked the fucking door!”

“Oh fucking hell. Nox.” I say, then realise it was a bad idea because although I can’t see them anymore, I can’t actually see anything and somehow I’m in the middle of the room. Stumbling over chairs and tables in the dark, muttering ‘sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry’ over and over and trying to get the image of a half naked James out of my head. And then I find myself on the floor having tripped over a chair leg, “I’m sorry!” I mutter before I illuminate the room again, and hear Izzy squeal, as if those thirty seconds of darkness weren’t enough for her to cover herself.

Silly bitch.

I look up to see that my head is directly in front of James who’s peering down at me, shirtless, smirking. “Hi.” I’m surprised he hears me, but he does.

“Hello, stranger.” He steps around me and helps me up. “Izzy and I were just having a meeting about the prefect schedule.” He says like he completely believes this was the case. He makes no move to put his shirt back on. Part of me is glad and another part isn’t, because it’s totally distracting.

“Yes, well, I erm, our tutor session?” I swallow, then begin to bite my nail.

“Hello!” Izzy pops up from behind a desk and somehow she’s still not got enough clothes on to make me comfortable. Not that either of us could be comfortable given what I just walked in on. James on the other hand couldn’t give a shit, clearly. She’s pulled on James’s shirt, only the buttons are in the wrong holes but I’m just glad I can’t see anything.

I notice her skirt on the chair beside me and I feel icky, “Do you erm,” I pick it up, looking at the floor the whole time.

“Thanks.” She mutters grabbing it from my hand.

“No,” James interrupts, “We weren’t finished our meeting.” He says in that commanding voice which makes me shiver and I’m sure it has the same effect on Izzy too.

“I’ll meet you in the library in,” He looks at his watch, then at Izzy, he shrugs and his head wobbles like he’s trying to work out how long it’ll take him to fuck her senseless. “Twenty minutes.”

I scoff. “Make it half an hour, you can take a shower first.” I storm out of the room, slamming the door behind me taking my anger out on it so that I don’t go back in there and rip Izzy’s pretty little dirty slut head off.

Oh Cassie. Poor girl.

Why does this shit always happen to her? Damn it. Ok, so there’s a little Jassie tension in this chapter, kind of. Looooots of cute Dom/Mason and Cassie/Oreo and some Albus/Alvie and some Izzy/James. Jesus, there was a lot of pairings in there.

I’m thinking the next chapter will be the Halloween party where shit is bound to kick off, right? And then maybe the chapter after that will be Alvie’s POV. Look at me! Planning my chapters! I’M GETTING MY SHIT TOGETHER, GUYS! Thanks for reading and leave a review, if you feel like it xo

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