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For Them by MissesWeasley123
Chapter 1 : For Them
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“Gideon, easy. Just wait for the little pieces of slime to come to us,” whispered my twin Fabian, holding me back.

“We were bloody Gryffindors Fabian,” I hissed, letting my anger take over. Those Death Eaters weren’t even fit to lick the dirt off my shoe.

“I hear you mate, but we can’t just ambush them. Moody would kill us if we didn’t follow the plan.”

“When have we ever?” I retorted.

“You know what he would say right now? Constant Vigilance.”

“Moody and his Constant sodding Vigilance,” I replied through gritted teeth.

In the distance I could see my cousin – I don’t even know how many times removed – strutting along the field with her husband Rodolphus Lestrange. What a pathetic excuse for a human being... Antonin Dolohov followed them in his wake, along with two other Death Eaters whose faces were covered by masks. They were dragging a Muggle through the grass.

“Let’s do it now,” I said in an undertone.

“What, two against five? Don’t you think it’s a bit unfair? I mean, the poor things won’t even last minutes,” he joked. Trust my twin to make a Wizarding War funny.

I checked my watch that we both were given by our uncle Ignatius Prewett years ago. “We should do it,” I said again in a rush. We had to anyways. Of course we'd rather let them attack first, and not jump into battle. Let them do the honours. But we didn't roll that way. It was something in our blood, I'm sure of it.

 “For Molly,” whispered Fabian, starting the ritual we had first started every time we would go on a mission.

“For the Order,” I replied in the same soft tone. This was the only time we ever saw each other’s soft side. The vulnerable side.

“For all our Weasley nephews.”

“For Mum and Dad,” I said, trying hard to stop my voice from cracking. For some reason, this time seemed important. Like it was going to be the last. A whole load of rubbish really, Fab and I are the best wizards around.

“For my brother Gideon,” he said looking at me intently.

“For my brother Fabian,” I replied, returning his glare.

“For them,” we finished, saying the last part together.

“Now,” I said firmly.

“OI! YOU LITTLE WHORE I HAVE THE MISFORTUNE TO BE RELATED TO!” roared Fabian. Bless his soul, my brother’s one of a kind.

“Avada  Ked –"

With a flick of my wand, I launch a shield charm in front of my brother. You’re not taking him today you little bitch...

“How’re Mummy and Daddy coming along?” jeered Bellatrix, her wand flying in every direction throwing curse after curse at us, her fellow colleagues doing the same.

“Better now, now that they know we’ve secured you a one-way ticket to hell you brat!” I retorted, sending a Stunning curse at her. As much as I wanted to kill the twat I resisted... We never did kill.  To my resentment she dodged it; clearly she wasn’t going down without a fight.

“STUPEFY! STUPEFY!” I heard Fabian cast, sending a masked Death Eater down to the ground. The Muggle man’s body that they had been dragging lay beside them.

“DON’T YOU TALK TO MY WIFE LIKE THAT – " began Rodolphus, but hell, who was he kidding – he couldn’t fight like his wife and soon fell victim to my Reductor curse. I was well known for that back at school... Oh the days when I annoyed the snot out of the caretaker Apollyon Pringle.

Bellatrix whipped her hair around to face me, her face gaunt, seething. I knew what was coming next, “CRUCIO!” she yelled, and I fell victim to her spell.

Hot iron nails and screws were being drilled into every limb and bone, as I shrieked and writhed in pain, my legs drawn up to my chest. I continued screaming until suddenly it stopped. My brother had used the Furnuclus charm on her. An odd choice indeed, though I rather not see Bellatrix Lestrange covered in boils.

“Thanks mate,” I said to him, grinning weakly. “Let’s go get them.”

It was now three-on-two. Antonin and the other Death Eater duelling Fabian while I had her. Curse after curse, dodge after dodge, we fought for what seemed like hours though it could only have been minutes. Where are they... They should have been here by now...

Fabian turned to glance at me; clearly he was thinking the same thing. The rest of the Order should’ve been here by now, but where were they?

The passing of wonder was shattered when Dolohov yelled, “Stupefy!” and Fabian was thrown back, rolling on the dusty floor. I turned to face Dolohov, breaking my attention from my dear cousin completely.

“You arsehole,” I hissed before punching him square in the nose, causing him to double over.

“You fool, you filthy blood-traitor!” shrieked Bellatrix while laughing. “You fight the Muggle way! Avada Kedav - !”

But I interrupted her yet again. It really wasn’t her day eh? “Expelliarmus!” I yelled, the force of my spell knocking her back onto the floor beside Rodolphus who was still miserably unconscious.

“AVADA -!” began the Masked one, and for a second I thought he’d really done it. But a voice croaked behind me.

“Protego...” said Fabian who was clutching his chest but back on his feet nevertheless. I could sense there was a broken rib underneath his robes. Molly would not be pleased. I hurried towards him and let him lean on me as we took shelter behind a building, away from the Death Eaters.

“Ferula,” I said, bandages erupting from my wand, but he waved me off.

“No point in trying,” he wheezed and I could tell he was in a lot more pain then he let on.

We panted slightly for some minutes until we heard loud cracks. In those moments I thought about Molly, our Mollykins, who absolutely hated it when we told her we had joined the Order and that she – being younger –, was not allowed. She wasn't quite the fighter, but if only you'd seen her the day when Death Eaters attacked her in Diagon Alley. It was dirty. I suppose she gets it from us.

And that Muggle loving fool Arthur. I still remember the day Molly brought him over for dinner, Arthur, Fab and I all ended up in St. Mungo's. My brother and I hexed him and Molly raging with fury hexed us back. We learned not to mess with Arthur that day. Ever. But she was happy with him, and if Mollykins is happy, we couldn't give a rat's fart about who she married.

I remembered when little Bill was born, the look on Fabian’s face when he picked him up. That soppy git. And oh dear lord – Charlie. The boy who wanted to fly. On dragons. And even our least favourite nephew Percy who was destined to be a Prefect, and our most loved twins Fred and George. We called them Gred and Forge, but hell, we both knew that even we were both called Fideon and Gabian behind our backs. Little pranksters they were, always hiding Percy's shoes. And then there was the one in Molly’s belly. I bet Fab ten galleons saying it’s a boy. He reckons it’s a girl, because Molly wants a girl. But I know it’s a boy, it always is.

People were apparating this instant. It wasn’t the Order; they had brought back up. “Are you ready?” I asked in a rush.

“No,” he said truthfully. I grinned.

“Well that’s rotten luck mate. We have to go.”

“I know. And we’ll take as many as we can with us,” he said with a fire in his eyes. I nodded.

We heard Bellatrix’s cackling voice. “Pricky Prewetts come out, come out!”

We limped out from the wall and turned around to face the trio who had also gotten up, each of them sporting bloody lips and eyes. Along with them were two new Death Eaters I recognized as Yaxley and Nott.  I looked over at Fabian. He was worse. A long deep gash went across his face, ending at the bottom of his eye. His red hair which was identical to mine was ruffled and dusty. I smiled at the thought of what I must look like – we were bloody heroes him and I. That was for sure.

“Ready Gid?”

“Ready Fab.”

“FLIPENDO!” we both shouted, sending Bellatrix and the Masked one flying. Then we turned to Dolohov.

"Expelliarmus!" I sent, but he dodged it swiftly. And then I saw him getting ready to send his next curse, his wand pointed at Fabian. I opened my mouth to warn my brother.

But it was too late. He’d already sent his spell.

“AVADA KEDAVRA!” he yelled, and Fabian gave a little “oomph.” His face showing a shocked expression.

I knelt down beside him, anger boiling as Dolohov laughed. This couldn't be happening... He was bound to wake up any moment now... Any second... “Now, I promised dear Bella I would leave you for her, but it doesn’t seem like she’s going to be getting up any time soon,” he sneered taking a glance at Bellatrix. “So why don’t I do the honours? AVADA -!”

“CONJUNCTIVITUS!” I bellowed. He killed my brother.. I’m going to kill him...

Antonin growled in pain as his hand leapt towards his eye I had just injured.

“CRUCIO!” I roared, enjoying the pain he was feeling. That bastard killed him... that bastard. And then I was blown off my feet, my head hitting a metal pole, white lights blurring my vision. I crawled beside Fabian and knelt down by him once more. We were supposed to live, this wasn’t supposed to happen. We were supposed to see our nephews grow up, Molly was expecting another one. We were supposed to recieve Weasley sweaters Molly'd been knitting for us every year for the past years with the letters F and G one them. Hell, one day we were supposed to have kids Molly would knit for. We were fighting for them after all. So they’d be safe.

And then I heard Dolohov scream the curse.

 And then I was done.

AN: My third fanfic! Yaaaay. This one was hard to write cause I can't write dueling scenes, I'm so bad at them :( But I hope I did justice to this, and I hope LilyLou likes it! If you want... You can leave a review with some CC so I can make it better:D 
Thanks for reading, reviewing, and if this implies to you - validating! Also a shoutout to my new friend I met on the forums Lauren, who provided me with some solid CC.
P.S. That quote in my summary was from Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix page 151-178( not entirely sure since I don't have the book on me, but it's chapter 9; The Woes of Mrs. Weasley) by J.K. Rowling it belongs to her.

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