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I'll Love Her Enough For The Both Of Us by alicia and anne
Chapter 17 : Sleepless
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“Have you slept?” Horatio asked with a yawn as he looked over at Louis, noticing his pale face and the dark circles under his eyes.

“Not really, no.” Louis told Horatio honestly. Horatio came to sit next to Louis on his bed.

“You look like shit, mate. What happened? Are you nervous about the exams? You shouldn't be too worried, they’re only end of year ones.” Horatio stated.

“No, Freya sent me an owl yesterday. She’s not happy.” Louis stated, leaning across his bed to pick up the now tatty letter. Louis couldn’t help but read it over and over again during the night, her words, playing on his mind and causing him to freak out more and more as time went on.

“Freya’s never happy,” Horatio told Louis honestly as he took the letter and began to read it.

“Horatio,” Louis warned, rubbing his eyes and yawning.

“Louis, you can deny it all you want. But even you can admit that she rarely smiled.”

“She did around me, she just didn’t like you.”

“Everyone likes me,” Horatio tutted.

“Hardly anyone likes you,” Louis told him, giving a sigh as he tried not to think of the long day ahead of him.

“Do you like me?” Horatio asked, turning to look at Louis.

“Well, yeah.” Louis told him with a shrug.

“Does Molly?”

“More than you seem to realise.” Louis stated, watching Horatio’s reaction to this comment. Horatio seemed to choose to ignore it.

“Then that’s everyone I care about. Now be quiet so I can read.”

Louis waited in silence so that Horatio could read. He didn’t feel too tired at the moment, but he knew that would change later on, he just hoped that he didn’t end up collapsing during his exams. Louis was thankful he only had two today, Charms and Care of Magical Creatures. Horatio had the same, as well as Ancient Runes afterwards.

“Well, I can see why you were worried,” Horatio stated, passing the letter back to Louis. “But you shouldn’t have let it play on your mind so much Louis. I get that you were worried, but there is and was, physically nothing that you could do. She’s with your parents and sisters, the best people she could possibly be around. They’re taking fantastic care of her, I’m sure of it.”

“But...” Louis began, Horatio interrupted him.

“Now, you’re going to not worry about this until later. At this moment in time you’re going to worry about your exams. Then you have my permission to worry about Freya.”

Louis looked at Horatio, before sighing and giving a nod.

“Now let me get dressed and we can go and fill you with sugary goodness and lots of coffee.”

“I don’t like coffee.”

“Of course you don’t, it’s disgusting. But you need the energy.”

Louis rolled his eyes at Horatio and made himself stand up, knowing that if he kept sitting on his bed, he wouldn’t want to move and would just want to crawl into bed and sleep.


Louis had never been more thankful to have a Care of Magical Creatures exam than he was now. He had struggled through his Charms exam, thankful to have Molly near him again so she could poke him awake. She didn’t seem too happy at the fact that Louis had little sleep the night before, but there was nothing she could do or say about the matter.

Now he sat on the field a short distance from Hagrids hut, watching a Puffskein that didn’t seem to want to move much. Hagrid had given them a Puffskein each to look after for the entire exam, Louis knew that if this had been an O.W.L or an N.E.W.T exam, he would have set a much more difficult challenge to them all.

“Are you using this as practice, Weasley?” Malcolm Port taunted from a few feet away as he held onto his own Puffskein, which seemed to have fallen asleep.

“Shut your pie hole, Port.” Horatio growled. Louis looked down at the Puffskein that he was letting sit on his legs. It was gently humming at him, and he could feel himself being lulled by it, his eyes wanting to close so he could fall asleep. He shook his head roughly as he looked up and glared at Malcolm.

“How can you expect to look after a kid, when you can’t even look after yourself, Weasley?” Malcolm laughed; a few of his friends gave a chuckle beside him.

“Anymore ou’ of yeh Port, an’ yer’ll be in detention an’ ou’ of the exam,” Hagrid warned Malcolm, who instantly quietened.

Louis looked up and gave his teacher a small smile before looking back down at his Puffskein, he leant forwards to grab some items from the small pile by him and Horatio and attempted to feed the creature, but it didn’t seem to be hungry.

“Mine’s just humming at me,” Louis stated to Horatio quietly. “That means it’s happy, right?”

“Yeah, it does. Mine is humming too.” Horatio stated, leaning forwards so he could get his ear closer to his Puffskein so he could hear it. The Puffskein decided to stick out its tongue and attempt to stick it in Horatio’s ear, Horatio moved away quickly with a yell, before giving a chuckle.

“I like this little guy,” Horatio stated, rubbing his ear with his arm before grabbing for a carrot. He held it in front of the Puffskein’s face so that it could eat it, which it did quickly and loudly.

“They’re brilliant, aren’t they Louis?” Horatio asked his friend.

“Yeah, they’re pretty neat.” Louis stated, with a yawn. He was feeling pretty exhausted now, and he knew that if he kept sitting down, he was going to fall asleep, which was why he began fidgeting around. It was a good thing his Puffskein didn’t mind being moved about so much. Louis attempted to feed the creature some carrot as well, but it didn’t seem to be hungry.

“I love this exam, it’s the most relaxed one I’ve had. I think I definitely needed this before my Ancient Runes exam. Remind me why I took that subject again?”

“Because your father made you, and you’re very good at it.” Louis told him simply.

“Oh yeah, there is that. Also, I have a need to get more O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s then my dear brother. Which is difficult as it is, did you know that he got nearly all outstanding’s on his exams? I know. I was shocked as well.” Horatio added, seeing the look on Louis’s face.

“I hope that you’re going to study hard for your N.E.W.Ts when you do them next year.”

“When don’t I?” Horatio said with a laugh. “Not that I’ve got Molly in my life I’ve got no choice in the matter have I?”

“I’m afraid not.” Louis stated with a smile, looking down at his Puffskein again and seeing that it was attempting to roll itself onto the ground. Louis placed it gently on the ground and watched as it rolled towards the pile of food on the floor and began to inch its tongue towards the items.


“I can’t believe how lucky you are that you’ve finished your exams, whilst I’ve still got one more to go.” Horatio stated as they walked across the field, away from Hagrids Hut and towards the castle.

“It’ll be good to get some rest.” Louis stated, feeling his walking becoming slower. Horatio turned to look at him in question as he realised that his best friend had almost come to a complete stop.

“Are you even going to make it into the castle?” Horatio asked him.

“Probably not,” Louis said, before sitting himself down on the grass. “I think I’ll just wait here until I get more energy. You go off to your exam and I’ll meet up with you later, I’ll either still be here or I’ll be in the dormitory.”

Horatio gave a laugh as he walked away from Louis. “I’ll see you later on.”

“Good luck!” Louis called after Horatio’s retreating form, before laying himself back on the grass. He felt the warmth of the sun on his face and his eyes were beginning to sting. He’ll only close them for a second, before he would get up and go to the dormitory to have a nap.

Louis felt like he had only just closed his eyes when he heard a noise from above him.

“Is he dead?”

Louis felt a poke to his face, which caused him to begin stirring. He opened his eyes slowly as he gave a groan, and looked at three faces that were hovering over his face.

He gave a confused frown as he saw two of his cousins, Albus Potter and Fred Weasley, with their friend Leanne Walsh, who were all in their fourth year. Fred gave a smile, as they all leaned back so Louis could sit up. He still felt exhaustion filling him and he only just realised that he must have fallen asleep on the field.

“You fell asleep on the field,” Albus stated with a frown.

“I can see that,” Louis muttered tiredly. He wondered how long he had been asleep for and whether or not anyone else had noticed.

“Your face is really red,” Leanne stated with a smile, Louis raised his hand to his face but could only feel the warmth of it. He was probably going to have sunburn on his face, he shouldn’t have sat down on the field, and he should have forced himself to go to the Hufflepuff common room.

“You should probably get some sleep Louis,” Albus stated to his cousin. “Especially if you’re going to be looking after that kid of yours soon, I remember mum moaning about how little sleep she got with us lot when we were babies.”

“I think that you’re too young for a kid,” Leanne stated haughtily, Louis resisted the urge to scoff at her.

“Well, that’s your opinion isn’t it?” Louis said, sitting up and feeling slightly light headed. He saw that Leanne opened her mouth again to speak, but Louis cut her off quickly, not wanting to deal with the fourth year’s attitude when he was this tired. “Have any of you seen Horatio around?”

“I think I saw him in the castle,” Albus said with a shrug, pulling at the grass by his feet. Louis noticed that the fourth years had decided to settle themselves around him. He wasn’t sure what time it was, but judging by them not hurrying off to a lesson, Louis gave a guess that it was possibly the end of the school day.

“I thought you might still be out here." He heard Horatio call across the field.

“There he is,” Louis stated, turning himself to look at Horatio. Who had bounded over to him and attempted to jump on him, but Louis managed to move himself out of the way in time, so Horatio landed on the grass instead.

“How are you feeling? Are you still tired?” Horatio asked, leaning backwards and lounging on the field, squinting slightly at the sun that was in his eyes.

“Still utterly exhausted,” Louis told him honestly. “I think that I’m going to go to sleep early tonight. After I’ve sent Freya a letter back, I might not even make it to dinner.”

“Want me to bring you some dinner?”

“No, that’s okay.” Louis told him, “I’ll probably be asleep until tomorrow, unless some more owls come in our dormitory and wake us up.”

“I think I’ll kill anyone who attempts to send us a letter.” Horatio muttered darkly, looking over at Albus, who was whispering with Leanne and Fred and smiling.

“If you try anything that will wake us up tonight Potter, I won’t hesitate in coming up to Gryffindor tower and making your life a living hell.” Horatio told him, pointing at him threateningly.
Leanne gave a scoff from beside Horatio, causing Horatio to turn to look at her.

“Don’t think I won’t... girlfriend of Albus.”

“I’m not Albus’s girlfriend,” Leanne told him with a frown; Albus gave him a hard look and shook his head at Horatio’s words.

“Huh, it’s a pity I don’t really care.” Horatio muttered before standing up and looking down at Louis, ignoring the glare he was now receiving from Leanne. “Shall we get out of here?”

Louis stood up and took his bag from Fred, who held it up to him, with thanks. Horatio began walking away with a wave back at the fourth years as a goodbye. Louis had enough manners to say goodbye to their faces, whilst thanking them for waking him up.

“I guess we can add three more people to the list of people who don’t like you.” Louis told Horatio, who had slowed down his walk so Louis could catch up with him.

“Oh please, Louis.” Horatio said with a roll of his eyes. “It should be a list of people who actually do like me.”

Louis gave a laugh as he ran his hand over his tired face; walking up the steps that would take them into the castle and feeling his legs and feet ache with every movement.

“If you want to go straight to bed, I can send your letter to Freya for you.” Horatio stated, as they walked through the entrance hall and towards the entrance to the Hufflepuff common room.

“Thanks,” Louis told him with a smile. “See, you can be nice. I don’t know why you don’t try to be more often.”

Horatio gave a shrug. “We don’t want to alarm everyone by me suddenly being nice to people.”

“I think the world would stop spinning if that were to happen.”

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