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Allie 'you're not a' Star by HorseMad99
Chapter 3 : The One where Allie is social...with added custard
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 a/n: I’m actually so sorry that I have taken so long to update this but I have lately been editing my other story, which I still haven’t even finished editing. However I managed to take a break from editing and write this (very short) chapter for you!

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing.


After some relatively feeble attempts at actually conversing with people, well they may seem feeble to others but to be honest I was quite proud of myself.  Anyway the amount of talking I had done left me exhausted. My bed was calling me but who was I to say no?

Well the answer is a fool but I Allie Star pride myself on at least not being a fool so naturally I gave into temptation.

Beds are beautiful things, it’s almost like they give you a warm cuddle at night, it’s the only type of physical contact I can deal with.

The next morning I managed to get up without fainting or falling out of bed so I was quite proud of myself. If anything I was uncharacteristically early, it was the time most girls would use to go their hair but I had no intention of trying to tame my unruly locks. Instead I let them run wild, figuratively speaking obviously because hair can’t run nor is it free because it is attached to your head. I had come to the conclusion long ago that it was far too much effort to do anything other than brush my hair. I lay back down hoping to sleep for another hour but I couldn’t settle due to the rumbling off my stomach. I headed downstairs for breakfast and when I reached the great hall it was empty.

Well almost empty, there was one lone figure sitting at the Gryffindor table, messy dark brown hair…good lord it is James Potter.

I sat about 10 metres away from him but in the time between me sitting down and serving myself breakfast before looking up, he had shuffled closer so he was only about two metres away. God that kid can bum shuffle, I wonder whether there is a bum shuffling championship because James Potter would win it.

Anyway, I digress.

I looked down again to butter a slice of toast, when I was done I looked up again and he was sitting right in front of me.

I shrieked in surprise and slipped backwards, I would have fallen unceremoniously to the floor and hit my head on the floor if a certain idiot Potter hadn’t grabbed my hands and pulled me back into a sitting position.

Oh my god, hands holding mine. Contact, physical contact, please make it stop.

I snatched back my hands, blushing furiously - well you could say that, but it would be more accurate to say that I had just turned into the human embodiment of a tomato.

“Allie,” he said. Oh god, he knows my name, why does he know my name!? I am widely considered anonymous and that is how I would like it to stay thank you very much. Oh wait, he knows my name because I told him, good mover there Allie. I had only told him because I either assumed or at least hoped that he would forget and to be honest I would look a bit weird if I refused to tell anyone my name.

There was also the one time when I went to the Weasley family Christmas, I was co-ersed by Lucy. Just let me say, never again. There are far too many Weasleys/Potters and they’re all friendly and want to talk to you, except for maybe Hugo. He spends the whole time communicating through various different grunts, I wish I could get away with it like Hugo does but I can’t because I am not a hormonal teenage boy. Clearly, well I hope it is obvious anyway…I don’t look like a boy do I?

I digress again.

Merlin help me now, I am supposedly/possibly in a conversation with James Potter, though does  one word really count as a conversation?

I just sat there, blank faced – I must say it makes me look so attractive- until I finally managed to mumble a quick “yes?”

You see talking to an arrogant prat like James is a lot harder than talking to Lucy.

“Uhm, have you seen Lucy?”

Oh that’s a relief, for a moment there I thought he actually wanted to have a full blown conversation with me.

“Oh, um yeah. She’s up in the dorms. She was a bit pissed off with you last night though,” I replied quickly, trying not to prolong the conversation.

“Oh, right…thanks.” Then he smiled at me which made me squirm. Smiling should be banned, supper-banned in fact as in 10 years in Azkaban type banned. Why was he still sitting there? I almost hissed at him in an attempt to make him leave but fortunately he got up before I had the opportunity to act like Albert when you try to remove him from the washing machine.

“Well, I’m going to go now,” he stuttered as he walked backwards from the Gryffindor table. It was weird seeing James look so awkward when he is usually so cocky.

Oh well, maybe he knows how I feel all the time now. I generally blunder through life hoping I won’t fall over to many times. I was just starting breakfast when Lucy appeared and slumped down onto the bench beside me.

“Did James find you?” I asked, she groaned in conformation. It was clear that James’ plan had become even more extravagant. I was dreading how it would turn out, once they magically glued the house tables to the ceiling and somehow stopped the effects of gravity  in the great hall so that everyone floated around. Let’s just say that James and Fred had detention for quite some time.

“I really do wonder what does through their brains sometime.” She huffed.

“Oh calm down, as long as you don’t get into trouble,” and with that, I began eating. No one was going to keep me away from my breakfast. You wouldn’t take my breakfast away from me unless you had a particular death wish.

The prank was planned for the next day apparently though I didn’t know exactly when it was going to take place or what it was. To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t sure I wanted to know.

The rest of the day passed with Lucy keeping up a constant stream of mutters about how ridiculous James and Fred were whilst the pair of them sat at the back of all of their lessons scheming. It was quite ominous, Lucy had helped them with most of the pranks they had ever played. They would come up with the idea and Lucy would make it feasible and take the precautions to prevent things from going wrong. Never in the whole time that I had known Lucy had I ever seen her so worked up about any of the pranks that James and Fred had ever dreamt up. It didn’t exactly leave me feeling confident about what we would be facing the following day. If Lucy thought that it was completely ridiculous then we were in for some trouble. I could tell that the boys would finish the day with a large set of detentions and Gryffindor would finish the day with far less house points than we would start it with.

After the whole day of trying to put up with Lucy I snuck off and escaped to the safe haven of the kitchens. There’s only so long that you can put up with being socially active before you simply can’t take it anymore and I had reached my limit by about 10am.

As soon as I entered Misty, Blinky and Dinky all set about getting me something to eat and only a matter of seconds later I was handed a large jug of custard, a spoon and a bowl. Custard has to be the most amazing food ever because you can eat it warm or cold. At the current moment I was simply eating a whole bowl of just custard. I find it is better that way, who needs cake to ruin it? Don’t get me wrong, I love cake but custard is always better on its own.

I was halfway through my third bowl of custard when the door burst open and the mischief makers themselves practically fell through the door. They abruptly stopped laughing at the sight of me.

“Oh, heyy Allie!” said Fred cheerily, James simply grinned at me. It was slightly off putting.

They whispered conspiratorially to one of the house elves that I didn’t know before being handed a large package which had been wrapped in brown paper.

Once they had left I spent a couple of minutes contemplating what they could possibly be doing before looking back down at my custard and taking another large spoonful.


a/n: Again I’m so sorry that this has taken so long especially as it is also very short, but what did you  think? Hopefully seeing as the summer holidays are about to start I should be able to post/write a bit more often!

Beth xx

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