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Memory loss by beccam
Chapter 1 : Who am I?
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                 “Wake up boy! Came the shouting from the hall. Here I was almost seventeen years old still sleeping in the cupboard under the stairs. I was supposed to get Dudley’s second room years ago until we found out that Dudley was going to have a little sister.


            Just  one more day and I would be seventeen and I wouldn’t have to stay here, I was leaving tonight. We tried to get them to leave number four privet drive for their safety but they would listen and the refused  leave.


                Martha, Dudley’s sister did bring something positive, it brought Dudley and I closer, we both hated the little brat. Dudley was actually moving out to get a place with his girlfriend, Jenna, she was a witch but Mr. and Mrs. Dursley didn’t need to know that. Dudley believed me and wanted to get out of there.


                    “Didn’t you hear me? Get out here boy!” Vernon barked again. I sighed  and went to get up, hitting my head like usual, it’s just unavoidable in this space. I was to help Dudley move today, which really wasn’t that bad, seeing  how we were actually friends


                   “You’re going to be alright Harry, leaving tonight and all?” Dudley said as we got into the car to drive across town.


             “Yeah, don’t worry Big D,” I picked up calling him that, it was a sort of inside joke really from the days he would torment me.


              “I wanted to thank you Harry, you saved my life from those dementy things and put up with me, and helped in getting me away from that house…” Dudley said shyly.


                “Don’t mention it” I replied, we were friends but still he had never thanked me for anything before. We made small talk, talking about Jenna and Ginny until out of nowhere, while crossing an intersection a truck slammed into the side of Dudley’s small car. The car rolled after being lifted into the air before crashing against a building.


                “Dudley,” I called out with no answer, “Dudley are you ok?” I asked beginning to panic. Sirens filled my ears and the world slipped away.


              I opened my eyes to a harsh white light, beeping from a monitor was the first thing I noticed, good that meant I was alive. My vision was beyond blurry but I managed to find the call nurse button, she came within minutes.


               “Oh dear! You’re awake” the blonde nurse exclaimed. She was really pretty. She  went to get the doctor, fat man, not pretty.


              “Do you know your name?” the fat man asked me. I shook my head, I didn’t know who I was…


             “Ok… do you know why you’re here?” he asked. I again shook my head, I only knew that my body hurt badly and my head was pounding.


                    “Do you know who this is?” he asked again, showing me a picture. It was of a boy, my age not as fat as the doctor. I shook my head, I’d never seen him before.


                     “Do you know any family or friends we can get ahold of?” the fat man said but I wasn’t listening, I was amused by the way his double chin flapped when he talked. “Do you?” he asked again. Family and friends… I didn’t even know who I was how was I supposed to know who my family and friends were. I shook my head, the fat man excused himself and left the room, leaving me alone.


                   I called back the pretty nurse and asked for a newspaper and began reading. There was a sad article of a car accident where one boy, named Dudley, what a weird name, was killed and the other passenger was unknown.  Stock market was going up, Sara Riley got married to Bart Smith, and the worlds’ fattest cat died, nothing interesting.


                      The blonde came in again and gave me medication and I was soon asleep again. I opened my eyes to the fat man looking at me curiously.


                  “What?” I asked grumpily, not liking waking up to the fat man in my face.


               “You have an owl on your head” he muttered, his chin flapping again, I looked up to see an owl staring at me, making my shout and it fly to the side of my bed.


           “What kind of hospital is this, letting wild animals hassle patients” I huffed, shooing off the owl.


                “I’ll call someone, I’m so sorry” the fat man said as he waddled out of the room. Then the owl screeched and I thought it was trying to claw at my face until I saw I piece of paper tied to its leg. I took the paper and the bird flew out the open door. I unrolled the paper to find a letter,



    Where are you?! The order is worried sick about you! They went to Privet Drive and there was nobody there, all your stuff was though so where are you? Are you ok? Lupin went to pick you up the night before your birthday and the house was empty. You write me back right now Harry before we take drastic measures. We’re worried and I miss you Harry, please come back to us, Ron says hi by the way and says if you come to the burrow soon you two can play quidditch before school starts, we love you, please write me back,



                    So many things about the letter confused me, who was Harry? Whoever he was, people really missed him. The order? What was that? Lupin, Ron, Hermione? Who were these people? Where is the burrow, and what in the world was quidditch? All the thinking was making my head hurt, I rubbed it my forehead, finding something weird.


                     I asked the nurse for a mirror, and I saw a lighting scar on my forehead. Well that’s pretty weird, looks old too.


                Then the fat man came back, with a bird expert only to find the owl was gone, I only shrugged, it was hilarious watching them try to figure it out where the owl went.


               I awoke a few days later to see an old and very mean looking lady. “Hello, do you know who I am?” she asked kindly. I shook my head, why do all these people think I know them.


                  The mean lady then looked sad as she sighed, “Don’t be sad” I said, not knowing why she was sad. She let out a small laugh, the mean lady actually wasn’t mean at all, she was like a grandmother, one who should have cookies and read stories.


                  “Has anybody told you why you’re here?” she asked suddenly, I shook my head. She looked mean again, very mad. “You were in a car accident, the driver of the other vehicle fell asleep at the wheel. You were with your cousin and he was killed” she said somberly, mean lady was gone again.


                    “Was that the article with the Dudley guy?” I asked intrigued. She nodded, that would explain why the fat man asked if I knew who he was. “Do you know Hermione?” I asked, happy to finally get answers.


                     “She’s one of your best friends, her and Ronald Weasley” she replied. I guess I should have written her back, if she’s one of my friends she’s probably really worried…


               “OW!” I exclaimed suddenly as it felt like someone lit my forehead on fire. This made the mean lady worried as she looked out the window. After a while the pain went away and I was ready for more answers. “Who am I?” I asked, since I didn’t even know that much, except the letter was addressed to Harry.


                       “You’re Harry James Potter, the son of Lily and James Potter” she said hesitantly.


                  “Why aren’t they at the hospital with me? I mean you found me, surely others could too” I said, wondering why she looked sad again.


                       “Harry, this isn’t going to be easy for you to understand… you’re a wizard and I’m a witch, as were your parents and they killed by a very evil and dark wizard…” she said slowly.


               I laughed, this wasn’t a mean lady this was a crazy lady. I pressed the nurse button, it was time for my medications and it was time for the crazy lady to leave. I fell asleep again, waking up to weird noises.


                  There were probably half a dozen owls in my room. I growled unhappily and untied the letters only to make the owls leave so I could rest in peace. Sleep never came back to me as the curiosity of the letters became too much…


Hey mate,

    McGonagall filled us in on her visit with you and it’s just awful. We were told to write about memories, so that maybe you could start remembering again. There was that one time where you me and Hermione snuck out into the castle and found Fluffy, Hermione was afraid we were going to be killed ‘or worse expelled’ that was a fun night… then on the train you bought the entire sweet cart and swear we should have puked from all that sugar. Another time we were getting ready for the yule ball and we couldn’t find dates, it was pretty pathetic really, you’d almost died and girls still wouldn’t go out with you. Well Harry, I hope you remember soon and come see us, we miss you!

                                                    -Ronald Weasley.


                  I put that letter down, trying to remember these things but I just couldn’t. I picked up the next letter and began reading it, all the same, memories I didn’t remember and that meant nothing from people I didn’t know. I picked up the last one and the smell of perfume met me, it smelled familiar…


Harry baby,

        I love you. I’ve been told I’m not allowed to come see you, it might stress you out but I miss you so. This is unbearable, the fact that you can’t remember… as you know by now, we’re telling memories to try and bring you back... there was the first time you kissed me in front of Ron, you just did it and then you were afraid he was going to kill you but he was actually pretty cool with it. That day after quidditch practice before the house cup against Slytherin, it was raining so hard but you had us keep practicing, the team was so mad at you. Then after practice we stayed behind and made out in the rain in the middle of the pitch. Then, once at the burrow during Christmas when we were caught under the mistletoe then we danced that night, it was amazing having you that close to me. I miss you harry and you have to come back to me, you’re the love of my life and I need you…                                                    

-          Ginny Weasley

                Ginny…. The name ran through my head, bringing images of a gorgeous red head. The memories of kissing her and laughing with her all flooded my mid, bringing other people into the picture. Laughing with a red head boy and a brown haired girl, those were Ron and Hermione.


                Memories and people were all coming back to me, the years at Hogwarts and all the things that have been making no sense all rang clear. I jumped out of the bed, ready to get out of here only to fall on my face, it’s been a while since I walked so give me a break.


              I found Mr. Fat guy and told him I remembered, he asked some questions and then I was discharged, given my belongings from when I was admitted into the hospital. My wand! I hid behind an alley and cleaned my clothes, they were gross from the accident and apparated to the burrow.


                       “Ginny!” I yelled from the garden, to see that beautiful face pop up in the window. She ran right into my arms as I hugged her, “you brought me back” I whispered before kissing her and never wanting to let this perfect girl go, my savior and the one who helped me remember.


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Memory loss: Who am I?


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