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Confronting Temptation by EarthsTrueGreen
Chapter 13 : Traveling Clarity
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Chapter 13

Vivian walked inside, took a glance around the apartment before letting her bag fall to the ground with a thud. Smirking to Scorpius her hands were on her hips “Miss me?”

“Always,” Scorpius said dryly. “I thought I was picking you up from the portkey site in two weeks.” He mentioned walking into his room grabbing a shirt and pulling it over his head.

“My assignment in the Amazon ended early, I swear professor Jingles is an idiot.” She yelled to Scorpius.

“I’ve been telling you that for years,” he said coming back into the room.

“Yes, well now I see the light. I spent two months with the man who would get scared of his own shadow. However we actually did come across a creature of Bazzos so his article will be published in Mysterious Creatures Magazine meaning I will get an extremely large pay check for being the photographer on site,” she watched as Scorpius pulled down a mug and pointed to it, nodding yes he reached for another. Taking a few steps closer she let her arms rest on the breakfast bar “So are we going to get back to the original topic.”

Scorpius heaved a loud sigh “Don’t you mean my soon to be ex-wife? Speaking of which any insight as to why she has not signed those damn papers yet?” he handed the cup of coffee over to her.

Taking a long sip Vivian nodded “You know the answer to your question you just don’t like it."

He groaned loudly “This is getting ridiculous, it has taken longer to get divorced than our actual marriage lasted.” grabbing his own cup he placed it on the breakfast bar across from Vivian “Hasn’t Lexie put me through enough? Can’t she see that I don’t want to talk to her, all I want is for her to sign the papers and give me my divorce,”

“Well unfortunately she isn’t going to sign them until you talk to her.” She said matter of factly.

“I know and that’s what is so frustrating,” He took a sip of his own coffee.

Vivian carefully thought of her next words “Scorpius,” she said softly “I honestly think that she just wants to explain.”

Scorpius’ eyes went wide “What is there to explain? We got married and then two months later she tells me that she slept with Hugo Weasley the night before our wedding and that she is pregnant with his child. I think that covers it.” He could feel his anger starting rise, there was a reason why he avoided this conversation and it was because every time he thought about it for an extended period of time he couldn’t help but get mad, “I don’t want to know how it happened or why, I just want her to sign the divorce papers that I filed before I left London.”

Vivian kept her eyes on him “You’re going to hate me for saying this but Lexie doesn’t do anything unless there is a purpose for it."

Crossing his arms, Scorpius knew that she was right no matter how much he didn’t want to accept it. “Except for shag her co-worker.” He mumbled bitterly.

A suspicious smile appearing across Vivian’s face “While we’re on the subject of shagging co-workers…” Scorpius stiffened knowing exactly where she was going with this “Not that I particularly about Rose’s wellbeing, but does she know?” she said coolly while looking at her fingernails.

“Thanks Vivian,” Scorpius said sarcastically, watching as she glanced up and grinned snidely “And no she doesn’t know.”

Vivian’s face scrunched up “So let me get this straight, you left London to get away from everything, only to end up right in the middle of it?”

Scorpius thought about her words “In my defense I didn’t know that Rose was in New York when I transferred, that was complete coincidence.” He said the last part softly, thinking back to how Rose was in his arms less than an hour ago.

Noticing how her friend’s expression changed, it was written all over his face that he wasn’t sure if coming here was good or bad “So what are you going to do?” she asked almost sympathetically.

He remained still honestly thinking about the answer “I have no idea? I know I need to tell her but…” he trailed off, looking straight in Vivian’s eyes he finished “How do I tell the one person that I can’t live without, that I betrayed her?”

Judging by the look on his face this was a struggle that he had been having for some time “I mean you should have seen the way she looked at me when she told me that she knew about my engagement.” Sighing he shook his head “To tell her that I actually got married and made that commitment to someone else, is going to kill her and I’m not sure that I can handle doing that. Especially now that…” he was going to say now that things were getting good but he wasn’t sure that things were good between them this weekend was a onetime thing, it didn’t actually change anything they were still in the situation of being in love and not be able to be together. “Then there’s the whole thing with the baby and Hugo, which really isn’t my place to tell Rose seeing as how it’s her family.” Looking down to the table “I know that the situation is fucked up, and she is going to be mad at me regardless of if I tell her or not.”

Vivian looked at him tenderly. “Well in all honesty the longer you avoid this conversation the worse it’s going to be, and if she finds out from anybody else but you I can guarantee that she’ll never forgive you.”

“So basically your telling me to walk directly into a pit of fire.” He stated.

“Mind if I make a suggestion?” asked Vivian.

“Sure,” he said drinking down the last sip of his coffee.

“Get your divorce finalized first, it might help soften the blow.”

Tapping his fingers on the counter, he knew that was right as much as he didn’t want to admit it. “Fine,” he grumbled, grabbing his coffee cup along with hers and taking it to the sink. “For the sake of changing the subject, since your back early does this mean that you are going to Stacy and Bryan’s baby shower next week?” he asked.

Vivian sighed “I think I have to,”

“You could sound a little more enthusiastic.” He chuckled.

“I love Bryan and I am over the moon that he is happy and in love, and married with a baby on the way, he was never this happy with me but…” she paused seeing Scorpius cock an eyebrow “But it is awkward being around Stacy.”

“Well if it means anything I’m sure she feels the same about you.”


Rose, Matt, Carla, and Rex all stood in front of the large white house with a large set of woods in the back. “So this is where you grew up?” Matt asked.

“Yup,” Rose answered.

“So just to clarify, you played in that yard right there.” He pointed his fingers “And ran through that door a thousand times?”

“Yes and yes,” she answered taking a slow step towards the direction of the door.

Stopping on the door she slowly raised her hand and knocked. Biting her lip she heard the footsteps rush to the door and quickly open it. Ron Weasley stood in the doorway, his red hair slightly dusted with specks of grey and a large grin on his face.

“Hi daddy,” she said softly

His grin widened as he stared at Rose “Hey Hermione did you know that we have a daughter.” He joked, calling to the other room.

“You know now that I think about it I do recall that twenty- three hours of labor because she wanted to be born on her exact due date.” Hermione said coming from the kitchen with a bright smile on her face.

Matt asked his eyes wide “You’re joking?”   

“Wish I was, the first time we went to the hospital they sent us home, to wait until she was closer, and then when she was finally born it was exactly midnight.”

Rose felt her cheeks redden “I was a perfectionist even in the womb,”

Ron waited the slightest second before engulfing his daughter in a hug, making her laugh.


Rose stood in the middle of her old room staring at the walls. It looked as if nothing had changed since she was seventeen, the walls were still a rich shade of purple and framed pictures of her adolescence were scattered across the room.

Walking over to her desk she ran her fingers across the wood carving on the front, letting her hand stop at a slight hitch in the wood. She smiled to herself having forgotten about the secret compartment in her desk. Pulling on it a drawer opened up revealing a piece of parchment with the words Scorpius I written on it.

She remembered writing that letter, or attempting to write that letter to Scorpius over Christmas holiday, when she was seventeen. Thinking she tried to recall what it was that she was trying to say. Scorpius I love you, but we can’t be together.  Only that last part never actually made it into word format, it took being with him and breaking up with him for her to actually see that that was what she was trying to say all along, from the beginning. Funny enough Rose had the feeling that if she wrote the same words now and sent it to him, it would very much apply to their current situation.

“So this is your room?” she heard Matt say from the door way.

Quickly closing the drawer she turned around and smile “This is my room,” Matt took a step through the door and looked around “I know yours was much bigger,” she mumbled trying to decipher the look on his face.

He shook his head “Mine was decorated by my mother and I was hardly allowed to touch anything inside of it.”

Turning around he stopped and looked at a large poster on the wall, “Vampire Goddess?” he stated pointing to it, recognizing their logo.

Rose, feeling slightly embarrassed nodded her head “I was slightly obsessed.” Biting her lip she added “When I was fifteen I actually took a poll around school to prove that Vampire Goddess was better that Wizards of Wonders.”

Matt laughed “Why would you do that?”

Feeling her cheeks blush she answered “Because Wizards of Wonders was Scorpius’ favorite band.”

“That’s horrible Rose,” he said picturing a young Rose pestering students over the question.

“I know he has crap taste in music,” Rose sarcastically joked.

He couldn’t help but shake his head lightly “That’s not what I meant,”

“I know,” she said sweetly.

“Rose, Matt,” Carla’s voice yelled from down the hall.

“In here,” she yelled back, listening as footsteps came down the hall and both Carla and Rex entered into the room.

Carla glanced around “Do you have enough books,” she mumbled observing the large bookshelf in the corner.

“Oh that’s nothing, you should check out the attic, but that’s a combination of my brothers and mothers books as well,” she said simply watching as Matt took a seat on her bed and Carla walked over to her closet. Carla waited a moment for Rose’s approval before opening it.

Shrugging Rose had to admit that it was slightly uncomfortable to have all three of them in her room looking around but that was why she had brought them here, for them to get to know her.

Turning to Rex she noticed how he carefully picked up one of the frames and looked at. Walking up beside him she could see the smile on his face, as he looked to the picture. “How old were you?” he asked.

Rose glanced down to the photo, her hair was just below her chest and she had her curls brushed together so that they made large loopy locks, instead of thin separated ones like now. She had a devious look in her eyes and a smirk on her lips, the expression on her face looking as if she had the entire world in the palm of her hand. Sitting beside her was Stacy who had a simple smile on her face and just looked happy to be there with Rose. “Judging by my hair I would say about sixteen,”

Rex laughed as he looked over to Rose “You look intimidating,”

Rose gave a slightly sympathetic smile to the picture trying to think of when it was taken “Sadly I’m sure that that was what I was going for.” Meeting Rex’s eyes she said softly “I didn’t like to give people a reason to think I was weak.”

Seeming to understand what she referring to, that day when he had caught her crying, he skillfully slipped his arm around her back, making it seem like a natural, innocent gesture and pulled her into a half hug, “I have a hard time ever believing that you were weak.” Giving a quick squeeze he let go of her and turned to Matt handing him the picture.

Matt looked it over, and then shot his eyes to Rose, and then went back to the picture “Wow, I have a hard time believing that this was you,”

“Told you I was mean,” she stated.

Matt nodded in agreement “Yes, well now I believe it.”

Silence fell into the room again as Rex went back to the dresser to look at some of the other photos.

“What’s with the depressing black robe?” Carla asked looking at the outfit that was hanging in the middle of the closet.

“My Hogwarts uniform,” Rose clarified.

Carla nodded her head slowly “And the red and gold tie?”

“The Gryffindor house colors,” noticing the confusing look on Carla’s face Rose walked over to her dresser and took one of the picture frames down “See,” she said handing the picture to her friend.

Carla saw a young Rose who couldn’t have been older than thirteen smirking. She was wearing the black robe, a white dress shirt, a black uniform skirt, and a red and gold tie. Beside her was a boy who didn’t look that much younger than her with brown hair that resembled her mothers, he was dressed similar except for wearing pants and a blue and brown tie. They both looked equally frustrated, each of them looking around the train station, practically begging to get away from the photographer, finally they scooted together and gave fake smiles.

“I’m assuming that this is your brother.” She pointed to the boy.

She shook her head “He was the only one to not be in Gryffindor, the blue tie represents the Ravenclaw house.”

Seeming to understand Carla put the picture back on the dresser and moved to sit beside Matt on the bed “Speaking of the ghostly brother, are we actually going to get to meet him?”

Rose laughed at how Carla said the word ghostly. Hugo had been a long running joke between Matt, Carla, and Rose. Rose had told them that she had brother, but she could never actually provide any proof to prove it, she didn’t have any pictures of him in New York, and every time her parents visited he tended to stay behind. If weren’t for the fact that Carla had heard her parents mention him once, they probably would have thought that she made him up.

“Yes,” Looking to her watch she added “Let me go check what time he is supposed to be here,” and she walked out of the room and down the hall.

“Mum,” she called coming down the back stairway that led into the kitchen.

“What dear?” Hermione said stopping what she was doing in front of the stove and turning around to look at her daughter.

Halting at the bottom step she leaned onto the railing and saw her father give her bright smile from the kitchen table where he sat writing in what looked to be some of his Auror case files. “What time is Hugo supposed to arrive?”

Hermione sighed giving a nervous look to Ron, who had stopped what he was doing before shifting her eyes back to Rose. “He’s not coming,”

Rose’s jaw dropped “What do you mean he’s not coming?” she said slightly disappointed “I haven’t seen him in nearly two years, I’m starting to think that he is just avoiding me."

“Rose you know that’s not true, your brother loves you, he is got caught up at work and he can’t make it tonight,” her mother said smoothly, walking over to her daughter.

“Busy doing what?” she said her voice rising slightly, “His job is as the sports journalist, he watches quidditch games and then summarizes them for the Prophet, it’s not exactly difficult. I understand that the world cup is tomorrow but what story could he possibly be covering tonight, how to set up a tent?” she added sarcastically.

Hermione rubbed the temple of her forehead “The past few months he has been distant from all of us, it’s not personal.”

“And you are just going to accept that sort of behavior from him?” Rose countered thinking it bizarre for her mother.

“For now,” she said through gritted teeth, as she gave a sideways glance to Ron, “I’m trying not to push him,” From the way her mother was glaring at her father Rose was curious as to how much influence he had in her decision to not push him.

Ron ran his fingers through his hair and let out an exaggerated breath of air, “I’m telling you Hermione, the boy will come around eventually. He always does,” he said reassuringly to his wife.

Both Rose and Hermione kept their eyes locked on Ron, giving the same unmoving glare.

Ron pointed his fingers “Don’t give me that look. He is a grown man, whatever he has gotten himself into he seems to think he can handle it by himself.”

“And what if he can’t,” Hermione quickly shot back

“Then he will come to us for help.” Ron said giving his own stern glare. “Until then we have to let him make his own mistakes.”

Her parents remained in a glaring showdown before Hermione heaved a frustrated breath. “I swear you should have never allowed him to drop out of the law program at the ministry.” She stated walking back over to the stove.

Ron rolled his eyes “Oh for crying out loud,”

“For merlin’s sake,” Rose mumbled realizing the can of worms that she had just opened. When Hugo had dropped out of magical law program last year, her mother about killed her father for letting him, since then it has been a touchy subject. One that Rose didn’t want to be in the middle of, as much as she was pissed at not getting to see Hugo she decided to keep her mouth shut and sneak back upstairs.


“Alright,” Rose said turning to Matt in a hotel hallway “You have to promise not to hate me,”

“Why would I hate you?” Matt said crossing his arms and cocking his eyebrow, becoming more curious as to why Rose had awoken him so early and why Carla and Rex couldn’t come along. Her response was that she only had two passes and that was it, nothing more.

“You’ll see,” she said somewhat excitedly.

Matt followed along as she went inside the elevator, “So Carla and Rex are meeting us at the field?”

Rose nodded pressing the level thirty three. When they arrived to the hall the floor was crowded and full of commotion, people quickly walking from room to room, frantic. “Where are we?” he mumbled confused.

“Pass,” a large man said in front of the elevator. Not paying Matt any attention Rose pulled two visitor passes from her pocket and handed them to the man. Examining them the man handed them back to Rose and moved out of the way to let them through “Thank you,” he said professionally.

“So,” Rose started to speak, walking out of the elevator and down the hall “You know how you and Carla always like to joke about how I’ve never been in a serious relationship?”

“Yeah,” he eyed her, stopping beside Rose at one of the door towards the end of the hall.

“Well,” she peered up to him through her eyelashes giving a sheepish expression “I may have neglected to correct you,” Matt kept his confused stare on her while she raised her hand to hit the door.

“Rose Weasley,” a deep recognizable voice said. Rapidly Matt snapped his head away from Rose and looked straight into the bare chest of Benjamin Brent, the star Quidditch Chaser for the Falmouth Falcons. His mouth was agape when he looked back to Rose unsure if he should be saying thank you or hex her for not telling him that she knew his favorite quidditch player. “That’s Benjamin Brent,” he said to himself attempting to process the new revelation.

Smiling up to Ben, Rose gave a him a hug “It has been a while,”

“Too long,” Ben replied, letting her go and taking a long look at Rose before looking at her friend “Is he alright?”

“He’ll be fine,” Rose answered not concerned.

“Seriously you couldn’t have told me that you were friends with Benjamin Brent?” Matt finally squeaked.

Subconsciously Rose scratched the side of her forehead “Actually he may be my ex-boyfriend.”

Now that truly did shock Matt, “You’re joking?” it wasn’t that he didn’t think that Rose could date someone like Ben, it was just that Rose didn’t do commitment, so for her to actually say that she had a boyfriend was hard to grasp.

“No…” she stretched out the word shaking her head.

Gawking at Ben “Dated nearly two and a half years, broke my bloody heart as well.”

“Well I do think everything ended up working out fine with you,” remarked Rose as she playfully hit him in the shoulder causing Ben to laugh.

“No arguments there,” he laughed moving out of the way to let Rose and Matt through the door.

Rose held out her hand to Matt “Ben this is my Auror partner Matt, the one I told you about.”

Seeming to connect the lines “Nice to meet you,” he said extending hand towards Matt’s,

Glancing around the large room Rose noticed how someone had stuffed extra chairs in the corners, along with the long couch that sat along a wall. She also noticed the one bed with a large lump laying in it. Scrunching her face up at the body, she looked Ben dead in the eye “Is Albus seriously still asleep?”

“I tried waking him up,” he said walking to the bed and plopping down beside Albus.

Rose shook her head, “Oh and what did he say?” she asked grabbing Matt by the arm and taking him to the couch to sit.

“That if I ever wanted to be happy in this relationship again then I would shut up, and then something about the morning and how it should go die.” He said innocently.

“Albus wake up,” Rose said loudly, forcing Ben to laugh. The thing with Albus and Ben was that when they had told her that they were together she was honestly happy for them, even though it was a weird thought to grasp, she had always known that Ben was somewhat curious and eventually she was able to see Ben simply as a friend and not an awkward ex. Although she was about ninety-nine percent sure that a ton of alcohol was involved the first time they hooked up.

Albus popped his head up and glared to Ben and then to Rose “I’m up,” his voice dark.

Turning over he sat up and rubbed his eyes slowly focusing on the room around him, his eyes settling on the file bag that was on the floor beside one of the chairs, “Is he still in the bathroom?”

Ben nodded slowly “He had to take a call, but didn’t want to go out into the hall because of the chaos.”

Albus nodded and pinched the bridge of his nose and smiled to Rose. Glancing to the bathroom door she noticed that the light was on and that she could hear a slightly familiar voice speaking on the other side. “Who is in there?”

Albus was about to answer the question when the bathroom door opened and out walked Hugo with an annoyed expression on his face. Rose remained very still as she took in her brother and his appearance, he looked as if he hadn’t slept in months, he had stubble across his chin, and his hair was riled up in a messy way. 

Hugo seemed to be just as stunned to see his sister sitting in the room, his face was blank as they both kept their mother’s perfected glare fixed on one another. “Another ex?” Matt asked picking up on the sudden tension in the room.

“No this is my prat of a little brother who can’t make time to see his only sister.” She stated sternly.

Matt quickly went silent remembering the fit that she had the night before when she found out that he wasn’t going to come.

Hugo slipped his phone into his pocket, still keeping his eyes on Rose “I’m covering the pre-game interview with Ben,” he said, explaining his appearance and nothing more.

The room sat in silence for few minutes before a loud bang came from the door. “Finally,” Ben said jumping up from the bed and rushing to let the other person in “It’s about time you’re here,”

Rose looked away to the door to see who had arrived “I’m sorry but I ran over with Anderson,” Stacy’s voice said.

“Seriously Anderson?” Ben groaned.

“You do realize that you’re not the only player that I have to check?” she said walking into the room.

Rose saw the dark grey and white scrubs that she was wearing with the Flamouth Falcons logo in the top corner of her shirt. She was carrying a large medical bag and a clipboard in her hand, her long brown hair tucked behind her ears, and her stomach bulged out in front of her.  

“Alright you know the drill sit,” she said quickly to Ben, paying no attention to anyone else in the room. Pulling out a thin flash light she flashed it in his eyes, and nodded writing something done. Laying the clip bored on the bed raised her fingers to his neck and began press in “Does that hurt?” she asked.

“No,” Ben answered.

Moving down slightly she asked “How about now?”

Ben shook his head. “Nothing.”

“Bend forward.” She beckoning him forward with her hand as he did so, tracing her fingers along his spine, she nodded lifting her hand up for him to raise. “Alright last follow my finger,” and she waved her finger in front of his eyes watching as his eyes looked shifted with her finger. “Good,” she grabbed the clipboard and checked boxes off signing her name at the bottom. “Your clear.” She said starting to turn away.

“Stacy wait,” Ben said harshly.

“What?” she whipped around quickly slightly losing her balance.

“What about bandaging and stretching?” he asked almost worried.

“I’ll be right back,”

“Can’t you do it now?” he asked tapping his foot.

“Do you want to play in the world cup at all? If so I have to get these clearance forms to coach Baxter.” She crossed her arms and eyed him, watching as Ben gave her a dismissive wave “I thought so, give me two minutes.” And she walked out the door.  

“I recognize her, why do I recognize her?” Matt asked under his breath.

Leaning in Rose whispered “She was the other girl in the photo yesterday.”

“She’s normally not that uptight.” Albus said getting out of the bed and pulling a shirt on, “When she comes back she’s usually calmed down,” he mumbled grabbing his bag and headed into the bathroom.

Matt nodded and looked to Ben “So you dated Rose.”

Ben laughed and started to talk, giving Rose the perfect opportunity to escape and integrate Hugo. Standing up, she walked over to him, observing as he seemed to put all of his attention into something that he was writing. Crossing her arms she hovered over him and narrowed her eyes. “You know you have mum freaking out about you?”

“Well it must be a nice break for you?” he griped back.

Walking in front of him she bent down and let her hands rest on the arm of the chair, trapping him. Hugo looked up to her with a venomous stare “I know that you are avoiding me and I’m going to figure out why,” she seethed, for some reason she was unable to shake the gut feeling that not only he was avoiding her but somehow that she was involved. It was the way he looked at her when he first saw her, that look of utter dread and terror in his eyes. 

“Good luck with that,” he spat back.

Hearing as the door opened, Rose pushed herself off of the chair and turned to Stacy who had sat down in the nearest chair and took a heavy breath. “I hate it when we go to the World Cup,” She had her hand against her forehead and the other wrapped protectively across her stomach. Catching her breath she looked up to Rose and smiled “How have you been,”

“Good,” Rose smiled back and walked over to Stacy “How about you,”

Stacy smiled to herself as she thought about the answer “I’m really good,” she said honestly, unconsciously rubbing her thumb over her wedding rings.

“I’m glad,” a slightly guilty feeling washed over Rose, “You look good,” surprised at how skinny she seemed to look regardless of the fact that her stomach was massive.

“Thank you,” she said sweetly, shifting in the chair and looking to Matt with curious eyes.

“That’s Matt, my friend and Auror partner.” Explained Rose.

Stacy nodded “I thought that Malfoy was your partner.”

Rose felt as Hugo’s eyes bore into hers. “I don’t tell your secrets and you don’t tell mine,” she snapped pointing her finger to her brother. Staring back down to Stacy, who had a shocked expression on her face “This is my Auror Partner who screwed up and had to be replaced by Malfoy.”

“Well if it means anything Rose I’m so sick of that file room right now that the thought of spending another day in it is unbearable.”

Rose gave a satisfied smirk “Good,”

Slightly chuckling Stacy had an intrigued look in her eyes “How long are you in town for?”

“The week,” answered Rose.

“Well if you want, you should come to our baby shower on Saturday, it will give us a chance to actually catch up.” She had a happy look on her face.

Rose bit her lip, she wanted to go but she felt that it might be uncomfortable seeing as how she cut all contact from Stacy “I don’t want to intrude.”

“Come on Rose, you have known me since I was five, you won’t intrude.” Her voice seemed honest.

Tucking a piece of hair nervously behind her ear “Okay,” Rose said quietly.

Accepting her answer Stacy sat up in her chair and pulled the medical bag toward her. Picking out three rolls of first aid bandages all different sizes she looked to Ben “You ready?” 

“I’ve been ready,” he sounded slightly annoyed although Rose knew that he was always like that before a quidditch game, a nervous habit.

Awkwardly pushing herself out of her chair Stacy hobbled over to Ben and took his out stretched arm and started to pull it behind his back, “Ouch.” He said turning his neck to wince in pain.

“I am going to be so happy when I’m back at St. Mungo’s Hospital, then I won’t have to deal with babies like you.”

“Rephrase that Stacy” Albus said walking out of the bathroom freshly shaved and clean “Soon you will be dealing with nothing but a baby.”

“True,” she shrugged “Two weeks,”

“What exactly is your job?” Rose asked while Stacy dropped one of Ben’s arms and moved to the other.

“I’m the team’s Physician healer during the season and then I work at Mungo’s the rest of the year,” Dropping the other arm she reached for one of the bandages “Mostly contract work,”

She had just started to wrap a large bandage around Ben’s chest when a loud noise came from her bag. “Shoot, Rose will you get that? It’s my phone, in the front pocket.” Rose reached for the phone “Just put it on speaker,” doing as she was told she set the phone on the bed. “I’m not done yet,” she said to the person on the other end.

“We realize that dear, but you have our tickets,” Bryan said from the other end.

Stacy blushed remembering that they were in her bag, she meant to leave them for him on the kitchen counter that morning before she left, but she was in such a rush she had forgotten. “Yeah they’re in my bag,”

“I knew you would forget,” he joked “Anyway you can come down and give them to us?”

Stacy gave a questioning look to Ben who shook his head and mouthed the word up to her. She and Ben had developed a close friendship over the years and he always wanted Stacy around before a game because she had a way of calming him down, that’s part of the reason why she always did his physicals last. “You don’t care? He’s not alone.” she asked looking back and forth to Albus and Ben, both shook their heads. “Hey why don’t you guys just come up I can’t really get away right now.”

There was silence for a few moments when Bryan’s voice said “Were trapped by some maniac at the elevator door.”

“Give him the phone,” Ben said loudly.

“Mr. Brent they don’t have passes,”

Ben rolled his eyes “I know, can you just let them through?”

About thirty seconds later there was a soft knock on the door. Answering it Rose was shocked to see Bryan, Scorpius, and Vivian there. She wasn’t sure why she was shocked, who else would she have expected Bryan to be with. Opening it wider she let the three of them in. “Well this just got awkward,” Vivian smirked to Scorpius with raised eyebrows.

“Not funny,” he mumbled to her giving a slight smile to Rose as he passed her.

Stacy’s eyes lit up at the sight of Bryan “Good morning dear,” she smiled leaning in to kiss him briefly before finishing up the first bandage and clipping it. “Is that tight enough?”

Ben twisted his torso back and forth for a second and nodded. “Hey Bryan,” he said standing up to stretch his arms up, making sure that the wrap wouldn’t fall.

“Hey Ben,” he crossed his arms “So we going win today.”

“We better win my dad wouldn’t stand it if the Vratsa Vultures beat us.” He had a slight annoyed tone as he talked about the other team.

“Hello Vivian,” Stacy said politely through tight lips “I’m glad that you got back early,” Bryn snorted at the comment as he gave Stacy a weary stare.

“It’s nice to see you too,” Vivian answered in a similar way.

“Malfoy,” Stacy had a softer tone when regarding him. 

Scorpius didn’t answer. Glimpsing up at him Rose saw how his eyes were fixed on Hugo’s with a deadly glare. Slowly turning her head to her brother she noticed the blank expression that plastered his face, he almost seemed conflicted. Grabbing his bag he rushed to leave “I’m going to head up to the sports box,” he said, slightly brushing Scorpius as he walked by. Rose saw how rigid Scorpius became at the mere sight of her brother.

A few seconds after Hugo left, Scorpius walked out without a word except for a shaking his head no to Vivian.

Crossing her arms, everyone else seemed fine and not to notice, Matt was talking to Albus, while Ben, Stacy, and Bryan seemed to be involved in a another conversation. Rose moved to walk to the door when Vivian slightly blocked it “Trust me when I say you don’t want to follow him,”

Raising her eyebrows to Vivian, she could still pull off the bitch look if necessary “I’ve never trusted you before so why would I now?”

Vivian scowled and moved out of the way “Be my guest Weasley.” She said snidely and walked across the room taking a seat in a chair.

Rose paused at the door not sure if she should go now, but she sort of had to after the way she just talked to Vivian. So grabbing the handle she opened the door and walked out.

Heading towards the emergency stair she went straight up not stopping until she reached the rooftop door with the no trespassing sign on it. Waving her wand she walked out and saw Scorpius standing against the rail looking down.

As she got closer she took in his stiff posture and how unnatural it seemed “I figured you would be up here.” She said taking slow steps closer to him “It’s the one place I would go as well,” she added reaching his back.

He stayed still his breathing hard and full of rage, she noticed how his knuckles were white from how hard he was gripping the railing, his face blood red. Raising her hand to his shoulder “Scorpius,” she whispered letting her hand rest for a slight moment before he whipped around and grabbed ahold of her and kissed her.

This kiss was different from any other kiss, it was full of drive and frustration, along with rage and anger. Roughly he held her forcing her lips to move the way he wanted them to. As much as Rose liked to kiss Scorpius, she didn’t enjoy this kiss, he was forceful on domineering, but a part of her told herself to just let it play out and she did. Meeting him with the same sort of forceful style she fiercely flung her fingers into his hair and yanked on the strands forcing his lips to press deeply against hers. Sure enough his anger started to disappear and a calm wave of emotions took over him as he pulled away from her.

Rose took a deep breath and meet his eyes “Feel better?”

“Yeah actually,” he said unable to look at her, shifting his body so that he could look back over the railing.

“Good, now what the bloody hell is going on between you and my brother?” her voice was hard, but not enraged.  

Peeking back up to her he sighed, he had the perfect chance to tell her everything and quit lying but he couldn’t take it, she looked at him with such trusting and nervous eyes he couldn’t take hurting her right this second, Vivian was right he needed to get his divorce first. If he told her now he knew he wouldn’t be able to sit through an entire conversation with Lexie, he wouldn’t be able to look at her for more than about two seconds, which would get him nowhere. So he said “It’s nothing Rose,”

“I know there’s more to the story than that?” she insinuated.

Scorpius kept still, his heart pounding under her intense gaze, “This may seem like a bizarre question, but do you have any idea why Hugo might be avoiding me?”

Confirming her suspicions Scorpius bent his head forward and became extremely interested in the peeling brown paint on the rail. Crossing her arms Rose had to settle her mind, at least know that everything was okay. “Is my brother in some sort of trouble?”

Scorpius heard the unsure concern in her voice, for her brother. Tapping his finger he said “It’s not illegal and it’s not going to get him killed.” Although he wasn’t entirely sure about the last part, because a part of him still wanted to rip the bastard into shreds.

“Well that’s certainly reassuring,” Rose sarcastically commented.

Holding his gaze, she was going after a lost cause, he wasn’t going to tell her, not now. Looking away her eyes went down, which was a big mistake. She hadn’t realized how close to the edge she was and when she saw how far away the ground was well she nearly fainted taking a quick step backwards.  

Scorpius smirked “You still scared of heights?”

“Oh yeah,” she kept her eyes closed for a minute “That will never change.”

Turning he watched as the wind lightly blew her hair from her face, she was stunning and yet so simple. Raising his hand he pushed the hair behind her ear and paused momentarily, letting her head lean into his palm for comfort. Opening her eyes he saw the true worry she had for her family and him. Tugging her gently he pulled her into a hug to hold her “I promise that I will tell you everything, but I need to straighten some things out first.”

Wrapping her arms around his neck “Please give me something,” she pleaded.

Sighing Scorpius let her go and looked at her, still keeping his hand on her cheek “You trust me right?” he hated the words as he spoke them.

“You know I do,” she quickly said.

“I can guarantee it’s not as bad as you think.” He could see the sudden relief in her eyes. Even though he had used her trust in him to reassure her of Hugo, he had also made it worse for himself, because when she found out his role she would be forced to doubt her trust in him.

Accepting his reassurance as all she could get, “Alright,” she responded letting go of the subject.

They stood still for a minute. Even though she didn’t know everything she felt assured enough to believe that Hugo wasn’t in any real danger and put her mind at ease. Letting her mind rest she motioned that they should go back to the room, only they didn’t move.

Scorpius let his fingers trace along her face, skimming her soft skin, he wasn’t sure what made him do it but carefully he leaned forward once more and kissed her again. This time softly and delicately, the way that she deserved to be kissed, not because he needed to calm down. Her knees went weak as her heart sped up, she craved more of the kiss, it was so simple but at the same time exactly like Scorpius. He was reaching into the coldest parts of her and starting a fire, touching his cheek she let the warm feeling consume her.

Gently pulling a way she bit her lip. It had been six years since they kissed for the sake of just kissing each other. Over the weekend they ravished each other’s kisses, they needed them, and a few minutes ago on the rooftop he kissed her in rage and frustration, but this time they had no purpose except that the moment was right. Rose sighed as she started to walk back to the door, hearing as he followed. Smiling to herself she blushed, sometimes a kiss was just a kiss and nothing more, but still it was a great kiss.

A/N: So I covered a lot of topics in this chapter I think. I hope that I explained Scorpius’ reasoning a little bit. I’m wondering what you think of the ending?  Also the parts with all the characters from Fighting Temptation?  The first time that I ever had all of them in the same room with each other and thought that was interesting. I also am curious about the scene in her room, it was fun bringing up a lot of Fighting Temptation things. Anyways I hope you enjoyed it, it was a fun chapter to write and there are a lot of interesting things that I like about it. So please review and let me know what you thought?

Update in two weeks.



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