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Soaring through the clouds by Siriusgirl
Chapter 1 : The honeymoon
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Harry and Ginny were on their honeymoon. They decided to go to Southeast Asia for a nice change of scenery.

“If you go to Southeast Asia, you have to try magic carpets out at least once, they do tours and races and all sorts of things!” Hermione told them. “It’s even bigger to them than brooms are to us!”
Harry and Ginny decided to go on a three week flying carpet tour. They used a portkey to go to where the tour was set up. It was a very large carpet with about fifty people on board.

“Just take a seat,” the tour guide said
After Harry and Ginny took their seat, the tour guide tapped the edge of the carpet with his and and it rose into the air and glided forward.

“Welcome to the Ali Baba Magic Carpet’s Tour and thank you for choosing the extensive Arial Tour of Asia. I’m Pradeep Singh and I’ll be your guide. This two week flying carpet will include some stops, and don’t worry about Muggles spotting us, this carpet has a disillusionment charm, so no one can see us,” he said. “And don’t worry about falling off; this carpet has a containment charm to ensure everyone’s safety.”

Flying on the carpet was very from flying on a broomstick. The carpet was enchanted to move with the wind while maintaining its momentum. The carpet was controlled primarily by the movement of the driver. There was enough room on the carpet to move around and shift positions. The first day included a tour of the most famous magical sights of India. In the meantime, the magic carpet was getting some treatment.

“That carpet is by the brand Regal Bearings,” said Singh. “There are two kinds of magic carpets: Travel and sport. There are over a hundred different types of magic carpets commonly used in Asia and parts of Africa. Carpets needed to be treated regularly and respected, they have their own personality.”

After seeing the sites the ground once again mounted the carpet and went on their way. The guide turned to the crowd. “After a bit, I’ll be giving each person a chance to fly the carpet for a bit. I’ll first show you how to manipulate this carpet.”

He demonstrated some maneuvers. The carpet moved not only forwards and backwards, it could also tilt sideways and even go upside down since the charm ensured no one would fall off.
“Just stick to simple maneuvering,” he said. “Who wants to try first?”
“I will!” Ginny said eagerly. She walked up to the front of the carpet and tapped it with her wand. It sped up dramatically; the other people screamed and clung on for dear life. Harry was sure he was going to plummet to his death! Who knew his new wife was such a crazy speed demon!
“Ginny, you’re gonna crash us!” Harry yelled
“What you survived Voldemort, what’s a bit of flying carpet excitement!” teased Ginny.

The carpet suddenly started to bump around. They had hit turbulence.
“I’ll take the controls for a bit, until we get through this. Hold on,” said the guide.

Ginny held on tightly to the edge of the carpet. It was definitely a rough ride since they were virtually riding on top of the air currents. After navigating the turbulence, the guide directed their attention to what was below.
“Below you’ll see the famous wall of China, a popular tourist attraction among muggles and wizards, there is a wizarding village not far from the wall, one of three in China.” He said. “The other two villages are located near the southern border.”

Looking below Harry and Ginny saw how small everyone looked. Like tiny enchanted figurines moving on some sort of display. It was intriguing to see everything from up in the sky. Something Harry had never been able to do while flying on his broom because he had to focus on driving. Flying on the carpet really allowed him to see the sites. After a while Harry felt daring and took his turn to drive. It wasn’t that difficult, as it moved mostly with the body, the trick was not to lean too far forward or backward it could give quite a sudden jolt. Driving the carpet was actually quite enjoyable and Harry soon was able to gain a feel for flying the carpet.

The next stop was a little known wizarding village. This village was the also the village that produced the Regal Bearing carpets, and everyone owned one. The group was given a tour of the factory that produced the carpets. They were shown where the carpets were spun, how they were enchanted and how they were tested.

“The workings of these magic factories are generally kept secret to avoid rival companies from spying and sabotaging. These factories are hidden with various charms and have intrusion charms and such to protect them.” He said. “Travel carpets are wider and have larger builds and are steadier than sports which are used generally for racing.”
After spending the day in the village they resumed their tour. They flew over the City of Petra, and the pyramids in Egypt.

While Harry and Ginny were both accustomed to brooms, travelling by carpets did have its advantage. There was more room and seating on the carpet was generally comfortable. The material was very sturdy so it didn’t sag.
Harry remembered someone saying that merchant wanted to import them to Great Britain, even though they were proscribed as Muggle artifacts. The merchant thought there was a potential for a family vehicle and Harry could see why, it could support several people all at once. He had flown on other things, a hippogriff during his Care of Magical Creatures class, and also on a thestral. He hadn’t really felt comfortable on either. This was better. It was probably the best way next way other than flying a broom. It was also very relaxing.

Harry and Ginny alternated taking turns driving the carpet with the other guest. Ginny seemed to be natural at it though she reined in some of the craziness.
They returned home having been exposed to something new and something they would definitely try again, maybe next time they would even try some racing manoeuvres.

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Soaring through the clouds: The honeymoon


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