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Risen: Out of the Ashes by PhoenixFlame86
Chapter 1 : Introduction
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 A/N- Hello lovely readers. Writing a note to say that as of April 12th 2014, this story is undergoing some edits and minor re-writes. So if you're an old reader coming back to read again (hey- a girl can hope)... you might notice that some things are different. If you're reading this for the first time- you're getting a better story. Hopefully. :) 

Anyway- I'll stop rambling. I hope, hope, hope you enjoy this. 

Charlotte was sixteen, and spending her first full summer in England. This may seem strange, because she is from England and lives there with her mother. It's also strange because Charlotte is a witch and attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She is what you'd call half-blood. Her father is American and her mother is English (and it's where she gets her magical blood).

Until this year, summers were spent in America, with her father’s family. Due to a growing distance between herself and her father and his family, she had opted to spend the summer in England, with her equally distant mother. Both choices sucked, but she thought that maybe she ought to try and be close to her Mom, since it wasn't working with her Dad. 

Her mother, so far, was ignoring her as much as her father usually did. Summers usually meant trips to various aunts and uncles, trips to the beach, and to old plantations. Not to mention, time with her cousin and friends. Charlotte, unfamiliar with having so little to do over summer vacation, was going on yet another run.  

It was far better to try and enjoy the countryside than to sit in an unfamiliar home that reeked of all the negative things life had to offer. Her parents divorce almost ten years ago had unraveled her mother, who wasn’t all that together to begin with. Her father had told her many months ago that he had once been attracted to the brokenness, but his love for her couldn’t break past the walls. He had retreated back to America, back to his family who were more than happy to be rid of the sad English girl he’d chosen to marry.

Out of a misplaced sense of duty, Charlotte had stayed behind so that her mother wouldn’t be entirely alone. She was bitterly regretting this decision. There were no distractions, her sisters were in America. Her cousin and best friend, Georgia was with her family in Switzerland. Books didn’t bring their usual comfort when that’s all you did, besides eating and sleeping. It was a wonder she hadn’t gained 20 pounds. It was either run, gain 20 pounds, or have a mental breakdown. Running was clearly the best choice.

After expending all her pent up energy from today’s frustrations, Charlotte stopped at the top of a rise and took a deep breath. England was much prettier than Savannah, Georgia, her home away from home. The cool weather and rolling green hills filled her with a peace she never found in America. She looked back over her shoulder and saw her grandparent’s house off in the distance. It was still too close.

Being outside was the only time Charlotte found that she could remember who she was. The dark veil lifted every time she got far enough away from the house, and returned as soon as she walked through the front door. Her mother carried her demons like trophies and the darkness spread, permeating everything around here. This was the only time she could breathe, and her entire being lived for these runs.

The start of school could not come soon enough. Of course, being a Ravenclaw, Charlotte actually looked forward to the start of school. More than that, she much preferred her fellow students and the majestic, though sometimes scary, Hogwarts castle. A smile had crept across her face. It was happening again, the rambling thought thing that she was oh so prone to. Charlotte shook her head, in a failed attempt to clear her thoughts. 

The countryside really was quite beautiful, and she could see the small town down the hill. This area was mostly full of muggles. Her family, as well as the Potters and a few other wizarding families lived near the local town, but not too close that the magic would attract attention. If she strained her eyes enough, she could actually see the Potters house in the opposite direction.

Yes, the famous Potters. She knew them, attended school with them. More than that, her sisters were best friends with the two youngest, Albus and Lily. Charlotte had been to their house for parties, but never interacted with anyone past the formalities. After enough time, you’d find her curled up with a book in a quiet corner of the very large house.

One very memorable Christmas, James Potter and his girl of the moment had come barging into the room she was occupying and it took them a full five minutes before they noticed her. Talk about an awkward encounter. They mostly avoided each other, not out of dislike, they just didn’t run in the same circles. Still, the few times they were in the same room they got on quite well. She was one of the few girls in Hogwarts that didn’t have a raging crush on him, and found speaking to him much easier when needed because of that.

Charlotte tore her thoughts away from James Potter, and climbed up the little hill near where she stopped. It was one of her favorite spots, with a small grove of trees that had a perfect view of the area. She climbed up, lay back against a tree and proceeded to let her thoughts drift. Eventually she fell asleep and dreamed a dream about a happy family. Her day, her life was about to take a dramatic turn. Things would never be the same again. 

A/N- Shout-out to Autumn.Shades for desinging the banner for my story! I could not have done something like that, and want to thank her for making it for me! :) 

Warning- here beings a long explanation of sorts. As I said above, as of April 12th, 2014 this story is going through edits. This means multiple things- fixing spelling mistakes (damn fast typing), inconsistencies, etc. This means changing the format, so that I can explore more things. This means most likely the addition of new chapters. I've been very blessed with the reviews, and it made me realize that I can do better with this story, so I'm going to. I hope you can bear with me while I make changes. This is making me a better writer, and for this experience, I am very, very grateful. 

This story will be easier to write the second time around, because these characters are very much alive inside my head and I understand them much better now than I did when I started. They deserve to have their story told the right way... and at the end of this edit... I hope that it not only becomes a better story, but that you have the answers you (the reader) deserve. 

So thanks for reading... and welcome to Risen. I hope you enjoy Charlotte and James as much as I do. :) 

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Risen: Out of the Ashes : Introduction


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