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Science and Magic by GenerationGap
Chapter 1 : The Hogwarts Express
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A/N: Doctor Who and anything from the franchise trademarked by the BBC, is not in any way mine at all. Doctor Who was created by C.E. Webber, Sydney Newman, and Donald Wilson.

“Albus Potter, will you wake up?!’

                I jolted awake, my eyes adjusting to the brightness pouring in from the glassy window. Looking around, I remembered exactly where I was, compartment 17 of the Hogwarts Express.

                “Albus, you really shouldn’t sleep right now, you know. It’s bad for your stress.”

                I sighed. My cousin, Rose Weasley, and best friend in the universe, sat beside me, talking about something she had read in one of her muggle magazines, no doubt.

                “I read in the Science Monthly magazine that when stressed, you are more likely to have nightmares, therefore you become even more stressed when you sleep!”

                “Rose,” I responded. “Sorry, but I really don’t care at the moment. I feel like I’m going to be sick.”

                A laugh sounded from across from Rose. I turned, and realized that Jeremy, my Uncle George’s son, was sitting there. “C’mon, Al, lighten up! It’s Hogwarts, It’ll be fine, you’ll love it!”

                “Yeah,” I said. “But I’m more worried about being put in Slytherin, thanks.”

                My name is Albus Potter, and yes, I am the son of Harry Potter, and I hate it. I mean, I know it’s not exactly Dad’s fault that he’s famous, but still.

Every time Rose and I go to Diagon Ally, we get spotted by someone from the tabloid section of The Daily Prophet, or something. Seriously. One morning I woke up to a small article in Wizards Weekly questioning why we “Potters” (this nick-name includes the Weasley family) still shop in Diagon Ally with the “middle-class” wizards. First off, we’re not at all rich, like everyone apparently thinks we are. Secondly, don’t these people have anything better to do than follow us around?

Rose always helps me through those tough times, like when there’s a lot of media pressure on us. She’s the best person I know, and we’re inseparable. She’s the only person I can rely on to talk to when there’s something really bad happening in my life. And we can just talk, for hours and hours at a time. Basically, even though she’s my little cousin (well, not that little, she’s only 3 months younger than I am), and can be annoying with her know-it-all personality, she’s my best friend.

                But, Rose is also into this really weird muggle science stuff like physics and chemistry. I haven’t bothered to look into it, personally. I think it’s a rather silly idea, a witch studying a muggle-only subject. She’s super-brave, as well as studying for the sake of knowledge, so I think that when she is sorted, she’ll go to Gryffindor, not Ravenclaw.

                I slumped onto the seat, and rested my eyes again while Rose was distracted with her book called Hogwarts, A History. I’m really nervous about sorting, if you haven’t noticed yet. There’s just so much pressure on me, as a Potter, to be sorted into Gryffindor. If I’m not, there will be outrage, and I’ll be at the center of it! It’s really nerve-racking to just think about it.

                Fortunately, Dad said that the Sorting Hat accepts choice, but I personally think he might have made that up to make me feel better. It just defeats the whole purpose of the Sorting Ceremony, if you ask me. I mean, if we could just choose a house, why even have a Sorting Hat in the first place? So yeah, I’m pretty nervous.

                “Hey Al, want to play Exploding snap with us?”

                I looked up, and noticed that Jeremy’s girlfriend, Trish, who was sitting across from me, had said that. She is the fourth and final member of our compartment, and also happens to be a school legend.

                Trish is a 5th year, like Jeremy, and is the best Quiddich player in the school. Seriously, she’s an incredible. She holds the position of Seeker on the Gryffindor Quiddich Team, and has sense her Second year at Hogwarts. She also holds school records for (drumroll, please) fastest time in which the seeker has caught the snitch and most times caught snitches within a given amount of time. Yeah, she’s that good. Also, she’s one of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet. She can be a little loud sometimes, and has gotten a load of detentions for punching Slytherin’s square in the nose, but she only ever gets into a fight when someone says something mean about one of her friends or she sees a bully. She’s really protective, and I think that’s a good thing.

                Jeremy’s the same way, but rather than getting into fights, he pranks as his revenge and from what I heard, his get-backs are legendary. Once, he let two rabbits, an owl, and a badger into the Slytherin common room! Nobody knows how he did it, and he refuses to even talk about it. He and his brother, Fred, are always pulling some amazing prank.

                Anyway, I said yes to the game of exploding snap, which made me feel a little better, I guess. Jeremy one two rounds, and Trish and I each won three. Soon after, a very young, pretty woman came around with a trolley full of sweets for sale. We all bought Pumpkin Pasties, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, Chocolate Frogs, and Licorice Wands. This whole time, however, Rose had her nose stuck in that dreadfully boring-sounding Hogwarts, A History, so I decided to do something about it.

                “Hey Rose,” I said, as I finished my last pastie. “Do you want to check out the rest of the train? C’mon, let’s explore a little, get exercise!”

                Rose hesitated. “Al, I…” She looked at me, her book, and to me again. “Well, alright. But only for a little while.” We both stood up.

                “You want to come, too?” I said to Jeremy and Trish. They looked at each other and smiled. “Not for us, thanks,” said Trish, shaking her head.

                “Suit yourself,” I said, and Rose and I ran out of the compartment.

 The small corridor outside the compartments was very thin, making it so Rose and I had to squeeze to get by someone heading in the opposite direction. We walked for a while, wondering where we were going, and what we were going to find, when-


                Out of nowhere a man bumped into me, and sent me onto my back, sprawling. The man noticed, and hoisted me up by the arm. “Sorry,” he said, “In a bit of a rush.”

                The man was tall, had brown, messy hair, and wore suspenders, a bow tie, and an old, battered tan jacket. He moved with a certain strange swagger about him, as he spun around slowly, with a strange, wand-like metal device that had a green light shining at the tip, which emitted an odd-sounding screeching noise when he pressed a button on the side of it. This situation confused me.

“Sorry,” said Rose inquiringly. “But…who exactly are you?”

The man paused, and rummaged for something in his jacket pocket. It looked like a small black book, but the pages inside it were blank. He showed it to Rose and I.

“Oh, sorry to bother you, Professor,” said Rose, turning away. “C’mon Al, let’s check out the rest of the train!”

                I raised my eyebrows at her. “What?”

                “Let’s go explore more!”

                “No, before that.”

                “What, about the Professor?”

                “Yeah, that paper or whatever. It’s blank.”

                Rose looked at me funny, while the Professor, who was walking away, stopped dead in his tracks.

“Al, it obviously showed Professor Smith’s credentials as a teacher at Hogwarts.” Rose looked worried about me, but I swear, that paper was blank when I saw it.

                The professor spun round, and walked towards me. “What did you just say?” He whipped out his metal device again, and pointed it straight at me, buzzing it.

                “Erm…I said that that paper you showed us…it’s blank.”

                Curiosity spread across his face, followed by joy. He smiled, and said “You appear normal, according to the scans. Must be defective somehow, though.” He stuck out his hand. “My name is Professor John Smith, and I’ll be your new History of Magic teacher starting this year. Of course,” he said thoughtfully, as I shook his hand. “I personally prefer The Doctor, so just call me Doctor. Not Professor Doctor, that sounds a bit weird. Although, I am certified in Rodi Science as Professor Doctor on Hoverst’s Third Moon, but that was because I lost a bet on a game of Gorsho to Supreme Ruler Justankular Korako, but that’s a game of chance anyway. And I have a sneaking suspicion that he cheated, the little…Dalek. But what’s done is done.

                “Now, if you’ll excuse me,” he said, turning away and walking in the opposite direction we were going. “I’m missing a Pond and an idiot, so tell me if you see them.” He disappeared into the depths of the train, leaving Rose and I stunned.


                “Yeah, Al?”

                “Who the bloody hell was that guy?”




                About two hours after meeting the new professor, Rose, Jeremy, Trish and I were sprawled out in different positions throughout our compartment, sweating and looking very tired. Rose sat with her back leaning on the wall where the compartment window was located, her feet outstretched on the seat. Trish laid on her side the opposite seat, her head facing the wall next to her. Jeremy and I both lay right next to each other, our heads down….on the floor. Not my best day.

                As soon as Rose and I had gotten back to our compartment, we explained what had happened to Trish and Jeremy. They both didn’t have a clue, and just told us that we’d have to wait to actually take his class to learn more about him. They also explained that, recently, the History of Magic’s ghost teacher, Professor Binn’s, had absentmindedly wandered off into The Forbidden Forest, and hadn’t been seen sense. Naturally, a new professor was needed, so it looked like this Doctor fellow is an actual professor, which is good news. Though why he’s riding the Hogwarts Express, I’ve no idea.

                After explain everything…the heat wave began. The voice of the conductor had sounded over the intercom, and told us that a freak heat wave was moving across the area, and that we should all change into lighter clothes, if necessary. So, Jeremy had immediately taken his shirt off. We’re a weird family.

                Suddenly, Trish stood up, making me jump a little. “I need to use the bathroom…” she mumbled under her breath, still sweating heavily. She opened the compartment door and wondered off, while I lay still on the floor, and Jeremy moaned something that sounded like “Ice, ice, baby….ice, ice, baby.” Yep, my family, again.

                About a minute later, I heard the compartment door open. Assuming it was Trish, I didn’t look up. But then, a voice sounded that I hadn’t heard before.

                “Well, well, if it isn’t Jeremy the Imp, hanging around with a couple of 1st year losers. Ha!”

                Jeremy opened his eyes, and with a fury that I’d never seen in him before, got up quickly, and pulled out his wand. “Hello, Trent,” said Jeremy trough gritted teeth.

                I pulled myself to my feet and I heard Rose stand up behind me. Trent was in his school robes, a Slytherin emblem planted on his chest. He was twice the size of me, towering over Jeremy, too, with short, black hair and piercings in his nose. The two boys glared at each other with a burning hatred.

                I’ve never seen Jeremy like this in my life. He is the most laid-back person I know, and to see him like this…it’s quite the shock.

                “Well,” said Jeremy, breaking the silence. “We never actually finished what we started last year. Care to make it happen? Right here, right now. We could end this thing.”

                Trent smirked. “Now, now, let’s not get carried away here. We wouldn’t want to involve innocent firsties. Tell you what, when we get back to school, maybe. But now is not the time. How about-“


                Out of nowhere, Trish entered, planting her foot in the back of Trent’s head, sending him flying. He crashed into the window, denting it slightly, making Trent groan. Trish had a look of fury on her face. Everything from her eyes to the placement of her cheekbones showed absolute hatred about Trent.

                Before I knew it, she was grabbing him by his hair, pulling his head up, and their faces inches apart. Trish stared for a second, and then- “If I ever see you around my friends again, I-Will-Kill-You. Am-I-CLEAR?!” Trish said the last few words through gritted teeth, and nearly screamed the last one.

                Trent, looking terrified, nodded slowly. Trish released him, and he went running out of the compartment.

                Trish and Jeremy eased, and sat back down in their seats. “Sorry about that,” said Trish. “I suppose you want answers, huh?”

                Do I want answers? That’s a bit of an understatement. First off, I meet a whacky new Hogwarts professor that thinks he’s been to the moon, and now Jeremy and Trish start acting like Voldamort has come back, and walked right through that compartment door. And I haven’t even gotten to Hogwarts yet. Joy.

                “Well, actually,” Trish began, as Rose and I sat down. “Trent should be dead right now.”

                Rose and I looked at each other confusedly. “What does that have to do with you hating each other?” I asked.

                “Well,” said Trish, playing with her long, brown hair. “Trent and Jeremy both got detention one time, back in their second year. Basically, the two both had to go to the Forbidden Forest with Hagrid to investigate the reappearance of Forest Trolls in the area.”

                I nodded to show understanding. Hagrid the half-giant was an old family friend. He came around for Christmas and birthdays, and was accepted as a family extension. I particularly loved his stories about the Forbidden Forest. Like how he once fought off a giant snake from eating his house, or the time that a group of giants captured him. Dad says he made all those stories up, but I don’t care. I love Hagrid and his stories.

                “So,” Trish continued. “Hagrid told the two to stick together and make sure a certain area of the woods had no trolls in them. They went, and found a troll there. Unfortunately, the troll found them too, and attacked Trent. But Jeremy grabbed onto thee trolls leg, confusing it, and saving Trent’s life and distracting the troll long enough for Hagrid to come and take care of it.

                “Later that year, when Jeremy and I first started hanging out (we weren’t dating then, mind you. We were just friends then), Trent bullied Fred, who was in first year, and, was obviously, Jeremy’s little brother. To get back at him, Jeremy created an elaborate prank in which Trent’s pants were pulled down in front of the entire school. God that was a great moment…”

                For a moment, Trish drifted off into her thoughts. “Uh, Trish?” Rose said, worried about her health, no doubt.

                “Sorry, sorry…” said Trish, coming back to her senses. “God, I love it when a Slytherin gets embarrassed. But yeah, that’s about it. Ever sense then, the two of them have been trading pranks on each other.”

                “Wait, wait,” I said. “That’s it? A prank war? Blimey, the two looked like they wanted to kill each other!”

                “Yeah,” said Rose. “I thought it was something way worse. And you made it sound like him saving his life was a big deal, you didn’t even need to tell us about that part!”

                “Well first off, Jeremy over-reacts a lot, and Trent is basically the Slytherin version of Jeremy, no matter how much they hate each other. Second off, I wanted to sound all dramatic at the beginning.” She smiled brightly when she spoke the last line.

                “Okay, but why did you attack him like that?” Rose asked.

                “I just hate Slytherin’s,” answered Trish. “Especially when they are around first years. They might do something awful to you, and I won’t stand for that.”

                I sighed. This has been the weirdest day of my life so far. I just want to sleep, to be honest. I looked over at Jeremy, who has fallen asleep, still shirtless.

                “Okay,” I said, standing up. “I’m going to go change into my robes. The heat has stopped, and I’m sure that we’ll be to Hogwarts, soon, right?”

                Trish nodded. “We should be there within the hour. Might be a good idea.”

                So, I exited the compartment, school robes in hand, and went to change in the nearest bathroom. Getting there, I opened the door, latching it behind me, and changed quickly. But as soon as I exited the compartment, I found a woman standing there, with her back to me.

                She was tall, with long, orange hair, and some freckles, she could have easily passed as a Weasley. She wore muggle clothes, a short skirt, and a bright red shirt. When she heard be slide the bathroom door open, she turned quickly around.

                “Sorry,” she said, in a clearly Scottish accent. “But have you seen a man with messy, brown hair? Sort of…weird, with a…big chin and goes by The Doctor?”

                My eyes lit up. “Yeah, yeah! I did! He called me defective when I saw his little paper booklet-thing was blank, didn’t he? He said to let him know if I found a ‘Pond and an idiot.’ Is that you?”

                The woman sighed. “Yeah I’m the Pond, not the idiot. Look, sorry, but I need to find him quickly. Where did he go?”

                I pointed in the direction he had left. “Erm…he went that way, but that was more than two hours ago!”

                “Thanks kid!” She said, calling behind her shoulder as she ran off, most likely to find the Professor.

                I was half-tempted to follow her, but in the end, I resisted. Normally I would, but I was too tired of strange things, so I slouched back to the compartment where I found everyone changed. Before I even had a chance to sit down, the train began to slow. “We’re here,” said Jeremy, smiling fondly.

Maybe I would like Hogwarts. I mean, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Sure, there’s a strange professor character, several Slytherin bullies, a strange prank war, and a mysterious red-haired woman. But I liked it. I was different from the normal back-home stuff, but I couldn’t help but love it here so far.

And you know what? I will be in Gryffindor. No matter what, I am determined to be in the same house as my family, no matter what. And I’m sure that’s where I’ll end up, anyway.

So yeah, maybe Hogwarts won’t be so bad after all.

A/N: Thank you so much for reading this first chapter! Please review, I really appreciate it! Also, let me know in the reviews if I wrote our two crossover characters correctly, I am a little nervous about that...Chapter two should be out by next weekend. No official update day yet, and things are to change when school rolls around, so updating will be harder then. But for now, every weekend, sometime!

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