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A Magical World by missclaire17
Chapter 1 : Bulgaria
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“Do not offend a Veela. Zey are very easily offended, mon cher,” Fleur warned her son.

Louis resisted the temptation to roll his eyes. He had heard this speech numerous times. “Mum, it’ll be fine. Aren’t I technically one of their kin?”

Sighing, Fleur brushed a piece of hair from behind Louis’s face and said, “‘aving a great-grandmuzzer for a Veela ees not going to save you eef zey choose to keell you. Zis ees as far as I go. Many magical creatures do not take kindly to wizards.”

Louis gave his mum a kiss on the cheek and smirked. “Au revoir, Maman. Maybe I’ll bring back a souvenir for you.”

Fleur watched her youngest child walk away up the hill of her childhood towards the Portkey waiting to take him to Bulgaria. She had hoped spending a week in France with Louis and her part-Veela family would open his eyes about how dangerous his mission was. If anything, it had only made Louis more eager and more confident.  

Trouble has been stirring in Europe between magical creatures and Muggles. There had been an incident a year past with a Muggle accidentally stumbling upon a dragon in Romania. A couple of months later, centaur land was trespassed by a Muggle expedition to explore every centimeter of the forests in Slovenia.

The International Confederation of Wizards (ICW) and the British Ministry for Magic had been having a difficult time, especially since political tensions have been rising amongst the Muggle countries themselves.

The most recent news of trouble came from a Muggle, claiming that he had seen a Harpy of the Muggle Greek mythology. Reports from the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures said that it was possible the said Muggle in question had found a colony of secluded Veela. Subsequent reports of attack by the same alleged Veela in other countries of Eastern Europe necessitated the Ministry and the ICW to interfere.

Fleur hated the idea that her only son had to be sent in to try to make peace; she didn’t understand why the British Ministry had to fix a problem in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe. It was even more confounding a thought to try to reason why Louis of all people had been sent in to discover the identity of the magical attacker and either bring her to the Ministry or settle an agreement.

Had Monsieur Levine lost his mind? Out of his entire Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, surely Lorcan Scamander was far better suited for this task. He had, apparently, spent all of his life fascinated with magical non-human creatures.

Louis was many things, being arrogant included. Perhaps being the only male with Veela heritage in his blood and having Victoire and Dominique for sisters had caused him to grow up extremely confidant in his looks and very witty in his sharp remarks.

None of those traits, arrogance and a sarcastic tongue, were things a Veela appreciated in a male.

The first thought that Louis had when he first stepped foot in Bulgaria was how the weather in France was hotter than that of Bulgaria’s.

To be completely honest with himself, Louis wasn’t sure that Mr. Levine had done the right thing, picking him to be the one trying to track down Veelas.

It was one thing to be part Veela but another thing to be trying to bring reason to an actual Veela; he didn’t think that Veelas fancied the idea of a male having a drop of Veela blood.

Louis didn't have many expectations for Bulgaria as he first stopped by the Diagon Alley of Bulgaria. As it turned out, Bulgarian wizarding folk weren’t that different from British wizarding folk.

The book store, titled something in Bulgarian that Louis couldn’t hope to understand, had books piled as high as the ceiling with titles that were as dynamic and diverse as the ones in Flourish and Blotts.

Their broomstick store had the latest model of the Firebolt and numerous other specialized equipment. The advertisements of Quidditch players, though with far more Bulgarian players like Alek Krum, looked familiar.

Except for the fact that Louis tried and failed at communicating with a waitress of a café who obviously didn’t find the need to learn English (or French), Louis felt quite comfortable.

Louis was ready to head to the Bulgarian Ministry for Magic as he left the café when he felt a tap on his shoulders from behind.

Whirling around and immediately pulling out his wand, he came face to face with a young woman, looking not much older than he.

Louis wasn’t intimidated by tall females; his own sisters were extremely tall. What Louis couldn’t process was her eyes and hair.

Her hair, though appearing black, was in actuality a blue so dark it was only visibly blue in the sun light. Her eyes weren’t the deep blue that appeared to be almost violet; they were literally purple.

“Louis Weasley.”

Her accent was one Louis was not familiar with, though it was distinct.

“Who are you?” Louis asked, bewildered by the woman’s existence. He had never met a woman quite so unlike anyone else before. “And how do you know my name?”

Her coy smile made him feel uncomfortable in a way Louis never felt before. “I know what it is you seek. If you follow me, you will save your time trying to locate your goal.”

Louis’ first instinct was to run away. He looked around, wondering if anyone else found this woman’s appearance odd, but it was as if no one else had even noticed.

“Will you come with me, or will you search in vain for a colony of Veelas you will never find?” She asked again, the persuasion in her voice working like a charm.

He had no reason to trust this woman, yet somehow Louis felt that he owed it to himself to discover how a mysterious woman could know his identity, his mission, and his exact location.

With that thought, Louis answered her, “At least tell me your name.”

The woman took his hand, her own cold in a way Louis didn’t think it was possible with the Bulgarian summer heat. “You can call me Sirena.”

Without warning, the two of them Apparated to the middle of a forest, Louis blinking in bewilderment once again.

“If you go to the Bulgarian Ministry of Magic, they will point you to this forest deep within Bulgaria as the location for Veelas. Whether Veelas would indeed live in a forest is beyond their reasoning. You can comb through every inch of this forest using both Muggle and Magical ways. However, you will not be able to find a single trace of a single Veela here, the exception being you, Louis Weasley,” Sirena told Louis, her hand still gripping his tightly.

Her eyes darted all around a forest faster than humanly possible, and her presence seemed to cast a magical influence on the trees and wildlife. Louis started wondering what breed of magical creature she was, though he could not remember ever having knowledge of creatures like Sirena.

Noticing Louis’ lack of response, she noted, “You are much quieter than I thought you would be. Why is that?”

“You are in possession of a lot of information that I would personally want to know how you got. Not to mention, you cannot be human,” Louis concluded, casting Sirena an appraising look. Nothing about her except her hair and her eyes really stood out; then there was the issue about her voice.

Louis felt complied to answer or respond each time a question was being directed at him. It was a phenomenon that he couldn’t quite explain himself. The feeling of being charmed by a Veela was far different, and based off of what he had heard, this certainly wasn’t the Imperius Curse.

Never before had Louis been so stumped, by a woman no less.

“An astute observation you made,” Sirena responded, almost sarcastically but not quite. She looked at him and continued, “You will receive an answer to all of your questions soon enough, Louis Weasley.”

Once again, without warning, the two of them Apparated again; when Louis processed what had happened, they were standing on the edge of a cliff, overlooking the sea.

“Before you ask, I will let you know that we are at Crete, one of the Greek islands sitting at the southern edge of the Aegean Sea, an extension of the Mediterranean Sea,” Sirena said, closing her eyes as a smile appeared on her face.

What?” Louis couldn’t help but exclaim. “Why aren’t we in Bulgaria? Why are we at Greece? Where are we going to next? Turkey?”

An unsympathetic roll of Sirena’s eyes only made Louis more indignant. “Louis Weasley, I am showing you the truth you want to know. You have been sent to try to bring the magical creature in question to the Ministry for Magic, eventually be questioned by the International Confederation of Wizards if the creature is not considered a beast without intellectual thinking. I am telling you that the magical creature in question is not a Veela. Searching Bulgaria for Veela won’t do you any good.”

“Then I’ll search in Romania. It has got to be a Veela. How could our information be incorrect?” Louis demanded to know, ruffling his hair in angry frustration. He was one second away from Apparating back to Bulgaria. What had he been thinking, following this woman all around the globe?”

“Because you wizarding folks think you know everything,” Sirena snapped, her eyes flaring dangerously. “Being a human does not put you on top of the magical world. Being a human does not mean you control the magical world.”

Louis exhaled a breath of frustration. “It does if we’re the ones trying to stop Muggle from finding out about our magical world.”

“Then be rid of the Muggles!” Sirena said angrily. “They do nothing but pollute the planet.”

Louis couldn’t believe his ears. Here he was, his entire family having fought the most dangerous Dark wizard of all time and having made so much sacrifices in a War that the cost of losing was unjust action taken towards Muggles and Muggleborns, and this woman was suggesting that Voldemort should have won!

“So you’re telling me that Voldemort should have won; Muggles are underneath us, and Muggleborns stole magic from the purebloods,” Louis concluded with a tone barely controlled due to his anger.

Sirena glared at him. “He was a despicable human being. He and his kind had no care for anything in the Magical world other than the purebloods. There is a difference between knowing Muggles have done nothing but pollute the planet and thinking that only pureblood wizards are worthy of inhabiting this planet.”

Louis wasn’t convinced, but he was done trying to argue. “Well, good luck with your crusade against Muggles. I’m leaving before you take me to Turkey or Antarctica.”

“No, Louis Weasley,” Sirena shook her head, a wry smile appearing on her face. “I’m taking you to the sea.”

Before Louis could ask her what she meant, Sirena’s lips were on his and the two of them were freefalling into the sea.

Louis was panicking. Any other circumstances, a decent-looking female taking the initiative to snog him would be a very good thing if they weren’t about to die.

He braced himself for the hard impact with the water, but it never came.

Instead, the two of them fell deeper and deeper into the ocean, Sirena’s lips never leaving his for even a moment.

The confusion and chaos of everything happening all at once threw Louis off balance when he realized that he was breathing underwater.

When Sirena finally pulled her lips from his, Louis didn’t have the strength to attempt to figure out why he could breathe underwater or try to pull himself back up towards the surface because Sirena was changing, literally.

Her once indistinctive features were sharpening themselves to look as perfect as possible. Her hair was now a shocking and very visible deep blue, and her violet eyes looked like they were on fire. Her clothes were literally melting off of her body and the tiny hints of scales could be detected.

The most shocking change wasn’t that Sirena suddenly looked gorgeous or that her clothes were disappearing. What Louis couldn’t believe was the tail taking the place of where her legs were just a moment before.

Sirena was a mermaid.

“I am the one who the Muggle saw. I am the one who attacked him. I, Sirena, the mermaid.” 



















A/N: Hello! This is written for the House Cup from a plot bunny that I had for a LONG time. After the House Cup is over, I do plan on making this into a short-story or a two-shot, but until it is over, it will stay as a one-shot. 

According to Google, mon cher means my dear in French.

Let me know your thoughts and criticisms in a review below please!
(Go Gryffindor! Whoo! ^-^ )

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A Magical World : Bulgaria


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