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What It Is To Love by amandatonks
Chapter 1 : What It Is To Love
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      The day was quite beautiful; sun shining bright with not a cloud in the sky. One could say it was a perfect afternoon for the autumn season. Molly Weasley was content. She had her legs stretched out across a worn, plaid picnic blanket, with her stomach protruding to the point where it seemed as if it would burst any second. Her back was propped against some pillows that Arthur had placed against an oak tree. He fretted over how comfortable she was, but Molly just shooed him.


     “Here. Be a dear and watch Ronald for me. Fred and George are getting quite mischievous around him already,” she offered instead. She knew Arthur wanted to be of some sort of help to her, and Molly knew that when could not do anything for her, he needed something else to occupy his mind. Ron was sleeping soundly in the sleeper they had received as a gift for their first child, Bill. It was a blessing for both her and Arthur, for if Fred and George weren't bothering him and causing him to fuss then the loud noises her sons would make while play would set him into a crying fit.


      Molly noticed Arthur become quite fond of their youngest son in his years as a baby. Perhaps it was because he was the only one that listened to him while he eagerly explained what new Muggle contraption he had discovered in yet another Ministry raid.


     The only thoughts crossing the minds of Percy, Fred, and George was coming up with new games to play. Although Percy was often seen with an irritated scowl on his face, arms crossed over his chest. Molly usually discovered it was because of something Fred and George had done. How they managed to sneak it past her watchful gaze was beyond her comprehension.


     As for Bill, he was preoccupied with his excitement for going off to school soon. If he wasn't asking Molly or Arthur about the allure of Hogwarts, he was busy telling Charlie all about it. Charlie stared at his brother, mouth agape in wonder as his imagination went wild. Nothing was more magical and mysterious as Hogwarts. Bill would even brag of seeing all kinds of sights like dragons and ghosts and goblins. Charlie seemed most fascinated with dragons.


    One day, Charlie raced into the kitchen where a still pregnant Molly had sat to rest, barely coming to a halt in front her. He gazed up at her with wide eyes. “Mum! I'm going to fly on a dragon one day!”


    Molly looked at her son with an amused smile. “Of course you will, dear,” she encouraged him softly. Without a second thought, Charlie ran back toward his brothers.


    “You'll see, Mum!” he called to her.


    Molly loved her children more than anything in the world. Even with all of their personality differences and conflicts, they were part of a family she helped create and could care for. She could no longer look after her twin brothers nearly as much as she would have liked. They were off helping to battle a war in which it was hard for Molly to see the end of, and here she was lost in her own world of being a mother.


     It was a world she would rather be in, but she was torn at not being able to keep an eye on Gideon and Fabian. Molly worried for them; she was prone to doing so. They were her brothers. Her younger brothers. And they were out there risking everything to keep her safe. She was so used to keeping them safe. Her mother had constantly reminded her to make sure the twins were safe when she was unable to. Make sure they stayed out of trouble. Molly felt the disappointment her mother was sure to feel toward her deep in the pit of her stomach. She felt the lingering, heart-wrenching fear that the brothers she loved so much since the day they were born would be lost to her. Because it was out of her power to ensure they would come home at the end of the night safe.


    Molly watched her sons play under an autumn sky, leaves changing a beautiful variety of colors as the season slowly changed with them. For now, she felt warm and content. In her grew a child who she hoped would finally fulfill her dream of having a daughter. A daughter who she could one day teach to be a loving mother, as much as Molly herself thrived to be.


    Being a mother was a gift to be cherished in its entirety. It was something that Molly's own mother could not fully embrace. Something deep within her often saddened the features of her face. Molly never understood what brought this out in her mother, but she vowed to be stronger for her brothers and her children. Molly wondered whether the actions of her mother or the existence of her brothers defined her. But then she concluded that it did not matter. In the end, she would always be responsible for who she ended up becoming, linked only to others by the love she shared for them. She certainly had plenty of it to share.

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What It Is To Love: What It Is To Love


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