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Moving to Salem Witch Institute by Siriuslover177
Chapter 1 : Moving to Salem Witch Institute
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“Dad, why are you doing this to me?” I whined, wishing he would just leave me alone. 

“Molly, you have been in trouble way to many times at Hogwarts with your friends that are boys, and your mother and I are sick of it. We’re going to the States and we’re going to see how this Salem Witches' Institute is.” My dad sighed, not looking away from the paper.

“But dad! All of my friends go to Hogwarts, and girls don’t like me! I am already in fourth year; I can’t change schools now, please!” I cried, hoping he would see where I was coming from.

“No, now go pack. We’re leaving in the morning and that is final,” he glared at me, obviously meaning business. So I quickly ran up to my room and slammed the door behind me.

“Alright Lucy, we’re going to be back in a couple of days. If you need anything just send an owl to Ron and Hermione and they’ll come here,” my mom kissed Lucy, than quickly joined me and dad by our portkey, which was a soup can.

“Alright, everyone have everything, right? It leaves in a minute” My dad reminded all of us, although not looking in my eyes.

“Yes,” my mom and I said at the same time, although I sounded much angrier.

“Okay, three, two, one” my dad said, finally as we get sucked out of my house, and taken to Salem Massachusetts, the place I may spend the next four years at.
When we arrive and Salem Massachusetts I was extremely grumpy. Salem is the last place I want to spend my summer break. Their headmaster; Professor Marlowe was “nice” enough to meet up with my family and I to talk about me transferring this upcoming year.

“Come on Molly, let’s look at the sights until our meeting tomorrow. I talked to a bunch of people about what to do in Salem, and I heard of these great stores they have close to the institute, and that is where the pub we’re staying at is. Maybe we can get you and Lucy some gifts.” My dad said, taking me by the shoulders and leading me and my mom to a street.

“How are we going to get there?” I ask curiously, because truthfully it is my first time out of the country.

“You know the night bus? Well, they have one of those here. It will take us there.” He said, taking out his wand, and soon after a huge bus came by us.
The bus ride took over an hour, but eventually we arrived in the Salem village, and it was just extremely beautiful.

There were lilies, roses, and daises all along the path, birds chirping, and many trees along the village. We all stood in awe, looking at all the different shops lined up.

“Alright, let’s check out all the different shops! But first, I want to go eat, I am starving.” My father said, rubbing his stomach.

“Dad, I’m not really hungry. Can I just go to the shops and buy some stuff?” I asked, a big smile on my face, hoping he will let me go off alone.

“Sure, but be safe honey. And buy your sister some things.” My dad said, giving me a bag of money. It sure is great to have the minister as your dad; there are no money problems.

I went into the first shop I saw, and it was a huge book shop. Now, I may be a little naughty, but I still am really into reading, and learning. I scan a few books, and finally I see one that looks interesting. I get a couple more books for me, and some for Lucy.

I got a couple different quidditch books you can’t get by my house, and some spell books for beauty and pranks. I paid for them all, and then left to the next shop.

I went into this amazing shop for all girly girls, and I bought a lot of things. I got potions, and make up, and so much more. I stayed in that shop for a good hour, looking though all of the products. Potions that help to make your skin and hair better. Makeup that goes on your face perfectly by itself; and much more.

I went into much more shops: clothes, candy, pranks, and best of all, the quidditch shop. One of the scariest parts about leaving Hogwarts is my reputation with quidditch. I made it second year as the keeper, and I am the best in the school.

But what happens if there is no room as a keeper on any team? What if I cannot make it on the team, even though I am really good at it? It just scares me so much.

I go into the store, and buy a new pair of gloves. I’ve had the same since second year, and they are starting to tear. I bought dragon hide gloves that fit amazing. I also bought a new kit to clean up my broom.

I went and bought many things, for me and Lucy. And eventually met up with my parents at Nox, the pub we’re staying at. My dad bought me a grilled cheese, and I ate it hungrily.

We all talked about our day, and then eventually left the lobby and went up to our room. I hit the bed, and fell asleep instantly.

“Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, I’m glad you could make it,” Professor Marlowe smiled, shaking my parents hands, and than mine.

“I’m glad you could have us, it really means a lot,” my father smiled, following him up the stairs into the huge castle.

“Now, this school has only been around for a couple thousand years, and it is the youngest school here in the United States, but it has certainly made its impression on many people. But the thing is it is extremely hard to get into. It is an all girls school, and we require a exam to be taken before you can be accepted. The first years have to take summer classes, and based on that they can get in. So, we’d have to have you take a test before you come in, and if you don’t pass, you cannot come in.” Proffesor Marlowe looked at me, a serious look on his face.

“Well sir, I was top of my class, so I don’t think that will be a problem,” I smiled, hoping that he will believe me.

“Well, not to insult you, but we take things much faster here, and we have a lot of different classes. We also expect you to take a lot of extracurricular classes than at Hogwarts. So I will be giving you many different books you need to buy, and a lot of homework. You will have to teach yourself over the summer, and then on August 23rd you will take all of the exams and that will determine if you make it or not. So I advise you to have a backup plan in case you don’t make it.” He tells us all this as we walk very fast up the stairs.

Salem Witch Institute is much different than Hogwarts. Hogwarts is very grand, old looking, and beautiful. Salem seems very rich, and clean. The walls made out of stone, and it looks as if specs of different minerals are across all of the walls. The floor is beautiful, as if it has never been walked on before. The floor is made of a different stone, but just as marvelous.

Like at Hogwarts there are also pictures on the walls, but each painting has either a gold, silver, or bronze picture frame. It was extravagant.

Eventually we got to the place that the professor wanted to. He said a password that I missed, and then we walked up the stairs to his office, and started to figure everything out.

I am planning on taking the regular classes as I do at Hogwarts: Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfigurations, Potions, Herbology, and Astronomy. Along with that I am taking Divination which I took at Hogwarts, and then I am starting Shop, which is to teach us how to make magical objects, Art, and Music.

Salem loves creativity, which is great, because I am a very creative person. I have been playing flute for years and I also sing, and I also love to draw, paint, and create different things.

After a couple of hours talking with the head master, and figuring out all my classes I want to take next year, and all of the homework Professor Marlowe showed us out. We went back to the book store and bought all of my books I need, and then we took a portkey home.

After the two days in Salem I realized that it actually wasn’t that bad. The classes seem really amazing, and I really like how difficult it is to get in, and stay in. Once I got home I started straight on my homework, and began imagining my life as a Salem Witch Institute student.

The trip was definitely worth it, and I am very glad my parents took me there. I cannot wait to be a student there.

I really liked writing this one-shot, and I really want to continue this with an actual novel. I am going to give a shout out to all my fellow Hufflepuffs. I love you guys so much, and I know we can win the house cup this year!
And any other houses, I wish you guys all luck (:
Thank you all for reading, and please leave a review to help me with my writing(:





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