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Get in Line by dobbyismyhero22
Chapter 2 : Deal With The Devil
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Disclaimer: I don't own Punk'd nor anything else you recognize. 

James Potter looking flawless in the gorgeous chapter image made by the fantastic sanadamaiko at TDA

One of the benefits of being a Slytherin, along with the fact that I look fantastic in green, is that no one gives a shit. Nearly all of us have grown up turning a blind eye at illegal activities of all sorts so when nearly the entire boy’s half of the dormitories filled up with smoke of the shady sort, no one would even think to rat…Well, with the exception of Harrison Sloss, that is.


Harrison, or as we like to call him Hairy Slossage, is Cyrus, Silas, and Mitch’s fourth official roommate. He’s the type of kid that farts in the middle of class and then purposefully tries to waft it in your direction in an attempt to suffocate you with his own brand of toxic gas. He only showers about once a month and if you make fun of him for his rancid body odor he uses his prefect power to land you in detention for two weeks.


We would have been in danger of him squealing on us to a professor, but fortunately, Mitch caught him doing vastly inappropriate things to himself last year that he managed to get a picture of. Let’s just say that we’ve been successfully blackmailing him ever since.


Granted, it isn’t exactly the best thing morally to do, but it gets the job done. For instance, they managed to get him to switch dorms with Scorpius so now Slossage is with all of the sixth year trolls instead.


“Mose, for Christ’s sake, stop blowing that shit in my face, I’m trying to explain the plan!” Silas snapped irritably, waving the smoke away from himself. I grinned lazily before taking another hit, blew more of it directly at him, and passed the joint to Cyrus.


Silas, who would give up both of his kidneys for quidditch, refused to do anything that might get him kicked off the team so drugs, no matter how innocent, were not his thing. Of course he was already quite drunk and slurring his words, but he decided that shots of Firewhiskey were alright. 


Everyone else was quite drunk as well, with the exception of me, who was just high. Hazel’s night played out almost exactly like I said and she was currently residing on the floor, giggling at a sock. Cyrus was both high and drunk and I could tell he was just trying not to fall asleep. Mitch, on the other hand, who got very worked up when he was drunk, was pestering Scorpius to tell him what the letters were about and was currently on his knees, close to tears because Scorp wasn’t giving in. 


It was driving me to insanity already, not knowing what the deal was with Rose and Scorpius. I was used to Scorpius being private and elusive but right now it was just pissing me the hell off. Granted it could be nothing but part of me knew deep down that there was something going on and I fucking hated it. Since Scorpius was Silas’ cousin, I thought of him as my cousin and I’d go running through the Great Hall butt ass naked professing my love for Gryffindors before I allowed him to date Rose Weasley. 


Silas was trying, to no avail, to get everyone to listen to him, but he was just having difficulties forming proper sentences. “Does everyone understand the plan?” He managed to get out after struggling for a good five minutes. 


“Yes, goddamn, you only went over it fifteen times!” I responded exasperatedly and kicked him off his own bed. His lack of the ability to currently balance made him land in a pathetic heap on the floor. 


The plan was really quite simple as well as idiotic. Our original, brilliant prank that we devised on the train was shot to hell as soon as we cracked open the first bottle of Firewhiskey when almost all of us realized that we wouldn’t be able to so much as perform a first year level spell let alone a complex charm. 


The one that we currently had was obviously come up with by drunk, stupid teenagers. A good majority of the plan involved me, which is why I wasn’t drinking so I didn’t royally screw it up. Basically, I had to sneak in to the Gryffindor common room (not difficult after threatening a first year into giving us the password), find the 7th year boy’s dorm, and shoot a signal out the window indicating which window was the correct one. 


The boys and Hazel would be circulating the tower on their broomsticks waiting for the signal while I had three minutes to leave the tower before they threw in their entire stash of Dr. Filibuster’s Fireworks, thus waking and scaring the living shit out of all the lion bastards in the room. 


I know what you’re thinking... Why am I, of all people, the one that sneaks into the dorm? Well, for one, I have a ridiculously crippling fear of heights that prevented me from getting on a broomstick even if you paid me a thousand galleons. Also, Silas felt it was essential that I was the one that was the key part of the plan because I was the one that was truly getting back at James Potter. 


That’s a complete load of bullshit if you ask me but considering that Silas couldn’t even walk in a straight line, I knew he wasn’t even near capable of quietly sneaking into Gryffindor territory without getting caught.


The real question is, how in the hell are Scorpius, Mitch, Silas, Cyrus, and Hazel going to successfully fly their broomsticks without killing themselves in the process? To that, I had no answer and I was more than thankful that it wasn’t my problem. I trusted Scorpius, the most sober out of the bunch, to get them through the prank without nosediving into the ground or purposefully flying into the Whomping Willow. 


Scorpius and I lead the parade of morons that we called our friends out of the dorm with their broomsticks and into the Slytherin common room where Silas insisted we go over the plan one more time. We didn’t bother being quiet, knowing that no one would ever rat, but the eyes of all the cleaning house elves made me paranoid, which was one of the untold side effects of being high.


None of us had any fears about walking around the school corridors in the middle of the night. We were Slytherins and therefore far more cunning than the rest of the school and we knew how to use that to our advantage. I’d like to think of us as fairly nice people overall but when it came to getting information, we knew how to get shit done. We knew when each prefect or teacher patrolled each hallway and at what time. We also managed to get Peeves on our side in our third year so if he sees us out in the middle of the night he throws venemous plants on whichever authority figure that is in a thousand foot radius. 


I parted ways with the rest of them at the foot of the staircase that lead in the direction of the Gryffindor common room so they could set out to the base of the tower. 


They all attempted to wish me good luck but such a simple task for them could not currently be done. 


Hazel couldn’t manage anything besides random fits of giggles where she nearly collasped into a portrait of an affronted looking old man clutching a bowl of fruit. 


Mitch tried to lean in for a hug but just decided to slap my ass like the disgustingly loveable pig that he is. 


This then caused Silas slam his hands to head and moan about how his friends always tried to hit on his sister. After that he was too bitter to talk to anyone. 


Cyrus, not wanting to cause Silas even more of a stroke, just looked at me, pounded his fist on his chest twice, and then shot me the peace sign. 


Scorpius was too busy trying to get Hazel to get her shit together to say anything to me so the rest of them just left without another word and to be honest, I was happy to be shot of them for the next twenty beautiful minutes. 


Being around drunk people when you’re not drunk may be entertaining for a good ten minutes but after that it’s fucking annoying. 


I got into the common room successfully after telling a portrait of a throughly confused obese women the password. I crept as quietly as possible up the boy’s staircase that seemed about eight miles long; there was a reason I was a Slytherin and lived in the dungeons…I don’t do fucking stairs.


Truth be told, I have no bloody idea why I agreed to this. Did I honestly care that much about what James Potter thought of me? No. But unfortunately, as I reached the 7th year boy’s dormitory, I knew I was too late to come to this conclusion.

I slowly twisted the door handle and slid in as silently as I could. Immediately, the retched smell of boy odor masked with body spray infiltrated my nostrils and I had to resist the urge to gag. It was pitch black but I could hear the chainsaw like snoring sounding throughout the room so I took that as a good sign.


I, however, couldn’t have been more wrong. I wasn’t even three feet inside the door when a nonverbal disarming spell sent my wand flying out of my grasp, and a rough hand was suddenly clamped down over top of my mouth, preventing the shrill scream that I tried to let loose, while the tip of someone else’s wand was jabbing at my throat.


“Nice try, Moseley,” James Potter’s voice growled with his lips brushing against my ear as a result of his extremely close proximity.


He backed up slowly toward the door and I could do nothing but follow along with him as he moved. My heart was thumping outside of my chest since I was completely and utterly useless without my wand. My fate now resided in James Potter and we all know that that is a horrid thing.


Once we were back in the stairwell with the door closed, James hissed with a certain ferocity, “I’m going to let you go now, but make a single sound and I’ll hex you into next week.”


The imbecile had my wand so I knew he’d actually follow through with that so when he did let me go, I didn’t even bother to try and run. Instead, I spun around to face him and said with a raised eyebrow, “Is that a threat, Potter?”


“Might I remind you, Moseley, that you snuck into my dorm. Now why, do tell, don’t I have every right to threaten you?” He instantly retorted, folding his unfairly muscular arms across his deeply toned chest and cocking his head to the side as if he was seriously interested in my response, or there lack of.


I took all of him in, in the little amount of light that the fire on the stonewall provided. His black hair was even more perpetually messy from his pillow and he was clad in an old scarlet quidditch tee shirt and black athletic shorts. He looked just plain boyish and I didn’t understand why someone that was so much of an asshole could be so attractive.


Since I really didn’t have an adequate response to this, I remained silent and he took that as a sign to continue to open his idiotic mouth.


“I’ll make you a deal, Moseley. If you help me out with getting to the bottom of this Malfoy/Rose business, then I won’t tell anybody about you sneaking into my dorm room in the middle of the night with unknown intentions.” Potter said, throwing in a little smirk as if I was planning on sexually assaulting him. “I’ll even let you continue with your pathetic little prank that you were surely going to pull and pretend to give a shit about that outcome.” He added in nonchalantly at the end, reading me like a book.


About 97 different emotions flooded through me at one time, which, as you can imagine, was quite overwhelming. I’m a Slytherin. We are taught to feel two things: Irritation and anger.


The main feeling that took over though was confusion.


“My father taught me to never make a deal with the devil, Potter.” I snapped, trying to seem as if I was merely just annoyed. 


“Your father must’ve taught you not to get blazed out of your mind, fuck around, and drink until you puke either but that hasn’t stopped you, now has it?” He shot back immediately. 


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I blurted out stupidly, deciding that playing dumb was the best choice.


That’s when he took the light of his wand and shined it directly in my, most likely, very glassy and bloodshot eyes. “Come on, Moseley, I know a stoner when I see one.” He said arrogantly and I swatted the wand light out of my face.


“Why would you need my help in the first place?” I hissed irritably. “Why not just enlist the help of your band of idiots that you call your family? I thought that I was just a dirty slag to you?”


He chose to simply smirk at this. “Who ever said I thought you’re dirty? You look fairly clean for a Slytherin.”


“So I’m just a slag then, is that right?” I snarled with color quickly rising to my cheeks. My hand yearned for my wand so I could blast him halfway to Mexico.  


“Aw, Moseley, you’re not just a slag. I’m sure you’re many other things than just that.” He said patronizingly and to add to it, dared to give me a pat on the head. 


I was at the point where I’d probably kill someone (aka James Potter) just to have my wand. 


“How very kind of you.” I grimaced, slapping his hand away. 


“I do try. Back to your original question though, the reason why I am not enlisting the help of far more preferable company is that you and I are after the same goal here. It’s clear it’s killing you inside not knowing what’s going on between Rosie and Malfoy and it’s killing me as well. It’s obvious that you hate Rose and it’s evident that I loathe Malfoy so we might as well help each other out on this one.”


My ears must not be working. This was James Potter…James BLOODY Potter saying that I, a Slytherin, should team up with him.


This is when Voldemort jumps out from around the corner and tells me I’ve just been Punk’d.


“Say I were to help you, Potter, who would know about this? I can’t have hanging out with a Gryffindor ruining my rep.” 


What I mostly meant by that is that I can’t have my friends know that I was teaming up with James Potter. I’m pretty sure they’d all shit their pants twice and then keel over and die. 


“Ah yes, your glowing reputation as a good-for-nothing snake?” He commented lazily while leaning against the wall and ruffling his already tousled hair. “Don’t you worry, it won’t be tarnished in any way. It’ll be kept between the two of us.” 

I weighed the pros and cons of actually going through with it.


Pro: I would hopefully find out what the hell Scorpius and Rose were up to.


Con: I’d have to spend time with Potter.


Pro: Honestly though, think about it, what the fuck else did I have to do with my time?


Con: I’d have to spend time with Potter.


I couldn’t fully decide if the pros outweighed the cons and, although it was against my better judgement, I had to admit that I was curious and it would make for an interesting last year. 


“Once again, assuming that I did help you, how do you expect to figure out what Scorp and Rose are up to without them finding out?” I asked, folding my arms across my chest. “I mean, Rose may be as daft as half dead troll but Scorpius isn’t stupid.” 


“Don’t even, Moseley.” He snapped and his golden brown eyes narrowed. “You know that Rose is one of the best in her year.”


“Yeah, second to Scorpius,” I pointed out with a small smirk and a quirked eyebrow. 


“Did you shag him too, Moseley? Is that why you’re so jealous of Rose and defensive of Malfoy?” He questioned with an evil grin. He pulled his arms behind his head and stretched backwards casually, revealing a bit of his incredibly toned stomach which cause a bit of my brain to go blank. 


If I ever met Harry Potter and his wife I wouldn’t know whether I should congratulate them or slaughter them both for putting such a beautifully attractive yet absolutely infuriating creature on the planet. 


“You’re vile,” I spat and had an extremely strong urge to shove him down the steps. “Scorpius is practically my cousin.” 


“Hey, I’m not judging.” He said with his grin spread even wider across his face and his hands up in surrender. “I heard you Slytherins were into incest.” 


“I’m sure then that you’ve also heard that I’m the best in the year at defense so I’d keep your mouth shut unless you want me to hex you to the point where you can’t even remember how to take a piss.” I said with a deadly tone. 


“That’s all very well but it’d be quite impossible to do so without your wand, now wouldn’t it?” He pointed out, twirling my wand between his fingers, throwing in another smirk with his golden eyes twinkling. 


“I’ll make you a offer, Potter,” I started causing him to raise an eyebrow in interest. “If you give you back my wand then I’ll agree to help you.” I proposed and held out an open palm for him to place my wand in if he knew what was good for him. 


“You’re not exactly in a position to bargain, are you?” He commented wisely, smirking, once again. “You’re in my house territory and I have your only prayer of ever being able to take me on resting in my hand. You don’t exactly have an option.” 


“You do realize that I could agree to help you just to get my wand back and then just change my mind immediately after?” I said while balling up my fists frustratedly.


“Fair enough, but you won’t.” He said confidently. 


“Why so sure, Potter?” I asked and folded my arms across my chest while leaning back against the wall. 


“Because you want to know just as bad as I do, and while you could investigate on your own, you know you wouldn’t get half as far without me.” He answered easily, and began doing tricks with my wand absentmindedly, letting it emit red and gold sparks, just to further infuriate me. 


After I didn’t answer he continued by saying, “I have ways of getting around the castle that you don’t know of.” 


“I know about the cloak. It’s not exactly a secret--”


“Everyone knows about the cloak,” He cut me off, waving a dismissive hand in front of my face impatiently. “It still comes in handy but there’s more. I know secret passageways that you’d never discover and different places that only my family knows of.” 


“You think I don’t have my resources as well?” I replied cooly, annoyed that he immediately thought that he and his moronic family were the only ones that knew the hidden secrets of the castle. 


“Why else would I ask to team up with you? It’s obvious that I’m not doing it for your shining personality.” He responded in a sardonic tone, but to my surprise, he held out my wand for me to finally take back. “Together we’d be unstoppable.” 


I considered it for a moment, I mean, truly considered it. I figured I had nothing else to lose, with the exception of my dignity, and everything to gain. 


“You have yourself a deal, Potter.” 

Hello all, nice to see you again. Thank you to those that have read the story and reviewed, it really means a lot especially with my scarce updating. You lot are the best and I'd love some more feedback and I'd be more than willing to answer any questions you have on THIS story. I'm interested to know who your favorite characters are so far so if you could drop a review than that would be more than fantastic. I LOVE YOU TO PIECES. xxxx


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