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JJ Gone.... Wild? by PotterPrincess7
Chapter 22 : A heart of black, and a world of red.
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 Christmas had come and gone and we were all getting ready for the Potter's annual New Years party. Most of the people on the street were coming (muggles included), and some other friends and order members, it seemed odd to have a party in the midst of everything going on but it was tradition and that's something we all needed right now. I was all ready except I could not decide on a shirt, I had a black cotton pencil (ish) skirt, but all my shirts either didn't fit comfortably or made my pregnant stomach look like ten times bigger.



"Ugh!" I blurted, frustrated to no end. " This is ridiculous I could go shirtless and it would look better!" I yelled at no one in particular.







"I think that is an amazing idea." Sirius had appeared at the door, smirking.








"Cute, but dont start." I sighed planting a kiss on his lips.








"Eww! Just please with the sexual innuendos and PDA." Halen laughed from the bed, rolling her eyes.








"I'm gonna go before Halen hits me but I'll see you later," He kissed me again whispering in my ear. " preferably without your clothes on." I smiled and pushed him out the door, blushing feverishly as I turned back to my suitcase.










"Too small, ugly, gross, never, Why did i even pay for that." I said rifling through my shirts. " I give up" I sank down to the bed, sighing. 










"You'll find something Hon, it's okay." Lily said.










"Yeah" I said jumping up, I finished. "found something" I walked out of the room still only wearing my skirt and bra, Mr + Mrs. Potter were out so the only people who would see me were Sirius ( who had quite obviously already seen this and more) and the other boys who I hated to say had also seen a lot more than just me without a shirt , I mentally cringed at the memory , I made my way to the boys room. I burst in the door, 










"Hey!" James shouted, covering himself with a towel.








"Oh please. i wouldn't want to look even if i could see anything." I stomped over to Sirius' suitcase and dug through it pulling out a plain still white shirt and throwing it on. 








"Think you looked better the other way" Sirius smirked as I sat on the bed next to him.








"Either nothing fits or i cant even fathom why i bought it in the first place, so I'm wearing this and if anybody says anything I'll bite their head off." I knew I sounded like a total bitch but i couldn't help it words kept coming out all snarky and i kept going from nice to crazy physco bitch in the blink of an eye, while i was babbling to myself, time hadn't simultaneously stopped and, Sirius was snapping and waving his fingers in front of my face saying,










"Hello, earth to Jaynee." I shook my head.








"huh?" I mumbled at him.










"I was just asking, my darling fiance, if you were okay,  you seem a little .... on edge." He said eyeing me like i may explode.










"Okay, I'm pregnant not a nuclear bomb, jeez!" I said rolling my eyes. " I'm on edge because i have clothing that looks like a blind clown picked it out and is two sizes too small and a party  i supposedly  have to attend , oh and to add to it i get to see all the bitches who made my life hell before i went to Hogwarts and, for lack of better words, grew a pair of balls." they all stared at me in silence for a few seconds until Sirius unfroze and placed his hand on my leg.












"Hey, sweetie it's gonna be fine we can get you new clothes when we get back to school and for now you look amazing and you dont need to worry about some petty bitch who's just jealous of how amazing you are , tonight'll be fun i promise." I looked at my beautiful boy and sighed. 












"Okay, you're right I'm being stupid, thank you for reminding me that I'm no longer that little eleven year old who couldn't stand up to a fly, I'm a fully grown witch who's about to be a mother and has seen more in the past seven years than those girls will in their lifetime, i love you, gotta go finish getting ready." i kissed him all big and sloppy and when James groaned, smiled and said. " You want one to big bro?"  I puckered my lips and then twirled and left the room. I went back to the room to finish getting ready, i was over exaggerating my stomach wasn't that big, it was big enough to make me about 3 sizes bigger but you couldn't tell unless you focused on my stomach or you knew, that i was pregnant.  When i got to the room I tucked my shirt into my skirt and continued on my hair and make-up.














"Oh!" Lily said. "Cute shirt Jay" She eyed me questioningly.










"Dont get me started." I sighed. Halen walked out of the attached bathroom, putting a little bit of lip gloss on her already glossy lips,










"You guys ready, I think I  just heard the potters get home, the people should be coming soon."










"Yah we're done, lets go see if theres anything we can do to help." we went downstairs , meeting up with the boys in the hallway.










"Hey ma, need any help?" James asked as we walked into the kitchen.










"Oh, perfect, I'll put you all to work , boys go help dad lay down the 'dance floor', dont forget your wands." she ordered, air quoting 'dance floor', which i knew was really planks of shiny wood they laid on the grass under a canopy tent. " and girls, you can help in here, Halen you can chop those vegetables, Lily you can cut the fruit for the desserts and Jaynee you can grab all the snack stuff and organize it on the table, while i make the lasagnas." she finished.










"Great" I said cheerily going to the mess of snack food on the counter. There was no noise except for the rhythmic chopping and crumpling noises in the kitchen, so when the scream of,










"Fuck!", rang through the kitchen, I jumped and spun around, my hand automatically reaching to pull my wand from my boot, before i realized there was no unseen evil lurking in the jam cupboard.










"Halen, what in the world." Mrs.Potter gasped. 












"Sorry" Halen said quickly, holding something tight to her hand.










"Oh dear did you cut yourself, here put this on it." Mrs.Potter said.










"Thank you, guess i got a little spaced out, sorry about the language." she blushed slightly when she turned away i saw a weird look in her eye, could it be anger or annoyance, it was gone as fast as I saw it, jeez being pregnant was really screwing with my head.






















Everyone had arrived about an hour ago, I had made my way around saying " hi" to the neighborhood kids and parents, and was headed into the bathroom when I ran into someone. "oops!" I said.








"Jeez!"  the person i ran into sneered, " oh it's you", she said in a disgusted tone. I looked up and smirked, oh great, i just stood there smirking acting like she was boring me, waiting for her next snarky remark. " So, Jones, heard you're knocked up, where's the daddy, did he run away when he woke up and realized what a skanky cow you are." Wow this girl sure knew how to be a bitch, she should write a book.














"Oh my god what is that?!" I pretend shrieked, "Oh it's just your face, Williams." I fanned myself as if I'd been truly terrified. Abbigail Williams was that bitch in school who thought she was better than everyone in my old muggle school and had decided years ago that i was even more so below her than others ,and needed to constantly  remind me. She stepped closer to me, towering over me, Jeez this chick got tall. Sirius appeared beside me, he wrapped his arm around my waist. 












"Hey babe, wanna dance?" He said smiling down at me.












"I'd be careful, Hot stuff, this ones baking a bun in her oven." Abbigail sneered, running her finger down his arm in a shameless attempt to flirt, Sirius flinched slightly and moved his arm out of her reach. 














"I know, it's mine. By the way, Jay, Lil wants to know if she can borrow your lipgloss." 












"Oh yah, I'll tell her." I gave him a kiss, with a satisfied smirk at Abbigails retreating scowl and we went to meet Lily on the dance floor.
















It was about quarter after nine and we were still dancing, we had slowed ourselves a bit, and it was a good thing I was just thinking I should sit down for a bit, when a sharp shooting, stabbing pain went through my abdomen and my knees collapsed underneath me as I gasped in pain. James' arms shot out and caught me before i hit the ground and everything around me blurred.














I could hear people bustling around, and a mixture of voices, "is she gonna be alright?" , " What about the babies?". my head was pounding and the voices were not helping. I sighed,and opened my eyes. 












"My head already hurts, i dont need to add another headache on top of it." Sirius jumped out of the chair beside me.












"Jay!" all of the memories of what had happened came rushing back, panicked I sat up.












"The babies are they alright?"














"Dr.Thomas was waiting till you woke up to say anything, there he is now." Dr.Thomas walked in the door. 












"Hello, Jaynee, nice to see you're awake." the doctor glanced at my huge group of visitors. "If you'll all just step out for a bit I have the results of the tests and ultrasounds I performed while Ms. Jones was unconscious." There was a mumble of ' oh yeses and 'of course' and everyone shuffled out of the room. "Well, the good news is you and your babies are both fine." Dr.Thomas started. Before i could get to relieved,i stopped myself. 














"I sense a but coming on." I said to the doctor.














"Well, you may be fine now but, there is a possibility, that during the delivery, one of the babies can be turned sideways making it impossible to have a natural birth if this happens and we dont get to a ER for a caesarian operation the babies will not survive." The doctor paused allowing us to speak, I would , i should, but i just couldn't find words, what was i suppose to do, I was a seventeen year old , engaged, pregnant witch who just found out her babies could die if she gave birth to them naturally, so instead I stayed silent, and the doctor continued. " The pain may occur again , which is a sign the baby has started to turn, it may occur more than once before labor. If you get here fast when you go into labor, we can check the babies and if they are in the wrong position we can perform an emergency caesarian, if not we can attempt to go ahead with the natural birth." the doctor paused looked at his watch and continued. " I really must be going, I have another patient waiting, if you need anything or have any questions, just give me a call." 












"Thank you Dr.Thomas." I called after him as he left the room. "Lets go" I said jumping from the bed and leaving the room.


















"NO!" I screamed, feeling like I would lose my mind. " I dont care if there's a chance of it happening, I'm not  just gonna give up  on having a natural birth, if it wont work on the day , then we can do the operation, but it's my body, I get to choose, Black!" I finished in  an angry huff.














"Your choice is risking the lives of our babies,"  he yelled right back at me. " You're being so stubborn about this, you're not thinking straight, you're acting like a stupid little girl." I was so pissed I wanted to hit something.














"Do not call me a stupid little girl Sirius Black!" I spat. " I'm going for a walk and don't follow me." I stomped from the room, but before I could leave he grabbed my wrist, 






















"No! Leave me alone." I pulled my wrist from his grasp and stormed out the door.


I left the house and walked down the street, it was a cool dark night, and a slight breeze blew my hair around me, I walked for a long while, and was thinking about turning around and going back to apologize when i heard something . Two voices, whispering angrily at each other were coming from a dark alley way. I crouched behind a tree and listened curious as to what could have these people out here at almost two in the morning, when I caught the words they were speaking, a man who was tall and menacing, was in the part of the alley closest to the street, the other figure who was shrouded by the shadows spoke.














" I told you what you wanted to know what more can I give you." I held in a gasp as I recognized the voice of Halen Wren, my best friend.












"Nothing!" the man yelled flinging his arms over his head to reveal the dark mark on his forearm, causing both me and Halen to flinch slightly , in a quieter more menacing voice he continued. " Your work is no longer needed, the dark lord sees you as no more than a loose end that i am about to tie up." with a horrifying flash of green, Halen's body dropped to the ground , the ghost of a shriek plastered on her still face. With a pop the body of my best friend and the death eater disappeared. I pressed my hand to my mouth as I bent over and emptied the contents of my stomach on the wet, icy cement. I turned around, tears pouring from my eyes and ran. I ran and didn't stop until I ran slam into the familiar and strong arms of Sirius, of safety.










" Jaynee, what's wrong?" I didn't answer, I couldn't answer, so I just held tight to him letting a sob escape from between my lips.



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