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Vegas by ATLpaintingflowers
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 Disclaimer: I’m not J.K. Rowling, and I don’t own Harry Potter.






The room smelled of alcohol, the air was warm, and soft rain was pattering against the lone window. The curtains were partly torn, and pale moonlight peeked through the fissures. A stack of books lay in a pile on a bedside table. There were two suitcases haphazardly thrown into a corner of the room. Bottles and various pieces of trash littered the carpeted floor. In the middle of the room stood a small bed, with two figures, a boy and a girl, lying upon it holding hands and seeming very much awake. 

The boy finally spoke breaking the silence. “I’d have married you tonight, Molly.”

“I know.” The girl responded, her red hair splaying across the pillow.

“We should probably get a move on, if we want to get to the next city by morning.” The boy said as he stood up and pulled on his clothes. “I’ll be in the car.” He rolled out one of the suitcases and balanced the stack of books in his other hand, and kicked the door shut behind him.

The girl, Molly, stood up as soon as the boy left the room. She pulled on a black dress, and walked over to the lone suitcase. She was rummaging inside until she pulled out a stone bowl and a wooden stick.

She put the wooden stick to her temple; she drew out a silvery looking substance and deposited it into the bowl. She then turned the wooden stick, which could now be safely assumed as a wand, towards the door, and whispered, “Colloportus.”

Molly took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and completely submerged her head into the small pool of silver.

The scene was very familiar; she’d seen it almost every month for four years to know exactly what it was.

The jubilant faces of the freshly graduated and their parents were milling about the village. Molly moved closer to the rather large family standing near the Three Broomsticks. There had been two graduates, but by the way the family was acting, you’d think there was only one. They were crowded around an obviously beautiful, willowy blonde girl; whilst the short curvy girl with the ginger hair was left off to the side.

A turquoise haired boy gently kissed the blonde girl on the cheek as she let out a very pretty laugh. Molly could see a very sour look creeping upon the redhead’s face. 

“Victoire,” An uncle spoke, as the blonde girl turned to face him. “What are you planning to do now that you’ve graduated?”

The blonde girl, Victoire, smiled. “I’m planning on being a healer, and training starts in two weeks. Teddy’s going to be training me, so I’m really looking forward to it.” She gave the turquoise haired boy a soppy smile, and gave her one in return. It was disgusting.

The women in the family started tittering excitedly; the redheaded girl had an irritated look set upon her face, and her hands were very tightly clenched around her rolled-up diploma.

They laughed at something Victoire said, Teddy put his arms around her waist, the family hadn’t even really acknowledged the ginger girl, and even her own parents were surrounding the blonde.

“Fuck that bitch,” she muttered, as she chucked her diploma at the princess' head, strongly hoping that it’d hurt.

The redhead apparated as soon as she’d thrown the diploma; she’d heard indignant shouts, but hadn’t found it in herself to care much.

The scene changed, the redheaded girl was no longer in her graduate robes. She’d swapped them for a short navy-coloured dress, and was sitting at a bar in what looked like a club; judging by the strobe lights, loud music, and the multitudes of people donning club-wear.

Molly moved closer. She knew what had happened here had caused a chain of events to take their course.

The redheaded girl was sitting at the bar downing shots as fast as she could. The bartender was looking on at her with amusement. A boy with light brown hair falling into his eyes moved closer to her.

“Hey,” He grinned, showing off his perfect teeth.

The girl looked up, and stared at him with an unfocused look in her eyes. “If you want sex, then you can fuck off.”

“Woah, jumping to conclusions are we? Relax; I don’t want that, though I wouldn’t mind if you offered.” He laughed as he eyed her up.

“What do you want then?” The girl sighed.

“What’s your name?”

The girl turned to face him. “Molly. And honestly, what do you want?”

The boy frowned. “You just looked really lonely.”

“Well, I’m not.” Memory-Molly answered in a curt voice, despite the fact that she was lonely. Very lonely.

“That’s BS.” He called her out.

“Whatever it is, I’m past caring.” Memory-Molly rolled her eyes and downed yet another shot. “You’re American.”

“Great observation.” He looked amused. “I just graduated high school, and decided I wanted to backpack around Europe. I know, how very cliché.”

Memory-Molly didn’t seem quite so irritated with him at this point; she needed a way to get out of England, and she’d found it. “Can I come with?”

The boy threw his head back and laughed, it was a nice sound. “You don’t even know my name.”

“What is it?”

“Lucas.” He grinned. “Yeah, you can come with.”

Memory-Molly stood up, and started to make her way towards the exit. Lucas hurried to catch up to her.

“Where you going now?” He said as he fell into step.

“We are traveling Europe aren’t we?” Memory-Molly raised an eyebrow.

A smile graced Molly’s features as she followed the pair at a distance listening to their idle chatter.

The scene changed once again. Molly was now outside a strip club in what she remembered to be Amsterdam.

Memory-Molly and Lucas were leaning against the hood of a car, chatting amicably.

“Well, aren’t you talented?” Lucas smirked.

Memory-Molly rolled her eyes; she seemed to do that quite a lot around him. “It was a new experience.”

“I’ll bet,” He grinned. “I didn’t really have you pegged down as the stripping for money type.”

“I didn’t either, but we needed it.”

“So,” Lucas spoke as he looked up at the sky. “How much did you make?”

A smile spread across Memory-Molly’s face. “Roughly two thousand I’d say. How was the bartending?”

“Not fun.” He frowned. “I only made three hundred, and the people weren’t saying very polite things about you.”

Memory-Molly shrugged. “Well, I was stripping. Hardly a very polite thing to do.”

Lucas looked Memory-Molly in the eyes. Electric blue clashing with bright brown. “I think you’re worth so much more than you give yourself credit for.”

“I don’t think so. I’m a shit person, you just don’t know much about the shit part.”

“Well, I don’t care. We can be shit people together.” Lucas leaned in and kissed her. It was soft and sweet. Molly remembered it tasting slightly like oranges. Tangy and passionate.

When they broke off, all Memory-Molly could manage was: “Come on, let’s go travel the world.”

The scene changed. Molly remembered this one rather well, considering it was last night and she was completely smashed.

They were in the Las Vegas Strip. The night was flashing with bright lights and the air was hot.

Lucas and Memory-Molly were laying side by side on the roof his car, holding hands, and looking up at the stars. A half-empty bottle lay in between them, and their clothes were stuck to their skins with sweat.

Molly knew exactly what Memory-Molly was thinking as she looked up at the stars.

She used to watch the stars with her mum and Lucy all the time when they were younger, but as the years went on, everyone was far too busy to do such silly things as look at stars. There were nights though, when everything was calm, and Molly and her mum would sneak up to the roof to watch the stars. And for the first time in a long time, Molly wanted her family, she wanted her mum. Oh, she wanted so badly. She wanted to go home, but she wasn’t quite sure where that was anymore. She missed the comfort of her family, but she had felt more at home with Lucas and the road and all the traveling, than she had with her family in all her 19 years.

She was so immersed in her thoughts, that she hadn’t noticed Lucas get up on his knees.

“Molls,” Lucas cleared his throat nervously. Memory-Molly looked up at him curiously.

“I’m pretty sure I love you. You’re smart, and you’re witty, and every day is a surprise. I never know what to expect from you, and it’s exciting. You’re wild and spontaneous, and I don’t think I’ve ever met a girl like you. I don’t think I ever want to meet another girl like you. I’ve had this ring for a while, and I’ve been debating on the perfect moment to give it to you. And now seems just right. So Molly Weasley, will you marry me.” Lucas had an eager expression on his face.

Memory-Molly’s face fell. She knew this was going to happen eventually. It’s not that she didn’t want to, but she remembered what her Nana Molly told her. Marry the one who makes you feel at home. She didn’t know what home was anymore.

“I don’t know.” She whispered brokenly.

Lucas who had looked so happy moments before, now looked like his world had shattered, and it probably had.

“It’s fine, you look dead tired. Let’s go back to the motel and some rest, yeah?” He swallowed back what were most likely tears.

Molly gasped as she lifted her head from the pensieve.

She knew home was where the heart was, and she counted on her heart. If her heart apparated her to her parents, she’d know Lucas wasn’t the one. If it didn't, then she'd marry him.

She quickly tossed her wand and the pensieve in the suitcase and zipped it shut. She took a deep breath, and turned on the spot.

When she opened her eyes, Lucas was standing in front of her looking quite shocked. Tears started falling down Molly’s face. She placed her arms around his neck, and kissed him fully. He tasted like oranges, just like he did that night in Amsterdam.

“Oh,” Molly gasped when she broke off. “I’ll marry you. I’ll travel the world with you. I’ll go to the ends of the earth with you. I wouldn’t mind where we were, as long as you were there with me, because you are home.”

And Lucas picked her up and kissed her again. It was tangy and passionate and soft and sweet and best of all it was Lucas. 

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