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Winds of Desire by lindslo2012
Chapter 22 : Expecting A...!
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 Hermione woke up before Draco; she shook him awake at nine a.m... “Wake up! We have to go to the doctor! Today’s the day to find out the baby’s gender!” Hermione exclaimed excitedly.

“’Kay,” Grunted Draco sleepily and then rolled over.

 She got out of bed and walked to find some clothes for herself.

Draco did not budge, but Hermione left him alone for the moment and kept looking for something to wear, she knew he had a hard day the day before being strangled by his own father and ending up in St. Mungo’s. All because he told him how he really felt...

Ginny had dropped in some maternity clothes in Hermione’s room the night before last that she wore when she was pregnant with James to Hermione’s happiness because she could not fit into any of her usual clothes anymore being twenty-two weeks now her belly was getting bigger by day.

Her little one was already awake and kicking, not seeing the baby on screen since ten-weeks, she really was curious to see what the baby looked like now. 

Hermione found some maternity shorts and a cute floral top, her baby bump was more defined than ever this morning as she looked at herself sideways in the full-length mirror. Draco opened his eyes finally and looked at his girlfriend examining herself.

“You look so cute pregnant,” Draco suddenly said, making Hermione jump.

She blushed, “Erm, thanks!”

“No problem, it’s what I live for, complimenting you, after I said so many horrible things to you in the past...” He mumbled, sitting up. His blonde hair was sticking up like he had rubbed a balloon on it, making Hermione giggle. He tried to tame it with his hands to no avail but it didn’t work.

Hermione left Draco alone in her room and she walked into the kitchen where Harry was drinking coffee and eating toast he made, it was a Saturday, so he was not going to work.

“Good morning ‘Mione!” Harry exclaimed, seeing her happiness radiating off of her.

“’Morning Harry!” Hermione exclaimed back, picking up her cell phone and dialing her mum’s number.

“Hi mum, will you meet us at the doctor’s office?... Yes we find out the gender today…Draco’s mum is going to be there too!... Ok love you mum, bye!”

Harry choked on his coffee as he looked at Hermione in shock, “No way!”

“Yes way, I know it’s hard to believe! Narcissa Malfoy agreed to come to a muggle doctor’s office to see her grand-child on the sonogram!”

Harry chuckled, “I never knew her much but I KNOW two years ago that would never have happened in a million years!”

“No, not at all, I would not have been having a baby with a Death Eater two years ago either, that would have been quite rightly barbaric I must say,” Laughed Hermione.

But Draco was in the room with them now and he was frowning at her comment and felt offended.He grunted, “’Morning,” to Harry and then grabbed the cereal for him and Hermione to eat and after making it sat down without a word.

Hermione felt bad for what she said, “I’m really sorry Draco I didn’t realize...”

“No, it’s true what I was; I am not that man anymore, so I’m not ashamed, but I’d rather it not be rubbed in my face that I made mistakes in life, because who doesn’t?” Draco sneered, eating his cereal in silence, frowning.

Ginny then walked in the room with a squirming seven month old. “Hi guys, good morning love,” she greeted them and Harry, kissing her husband and handing James to him.

“What are you off to do?” She asked Hermione, noticing her clothes.

“I hadn’t told you, we are off to find out the gender of the baby!” Hermione exclaimed, forgetting she hasn’t told Ginny last night.

“Oh, I want to go!” Ginny said, turning to Harry then, “Can you watch him for a few hours?”

Harry smiled and said jokingly, “Of course I will, he is my son too, Ron’s coming over with Lavender at one, he just texted me.”

Hermione frowned at this and exclaimed, “Just great!” Draco looked at her questionably, Hermione just shook her head and tried to forget about that and move on with the happiness of finding out the gender.Harry and Ginny knew why it still bothered her to see Lavender, but they didn’t say anything. There was no question that she too still cared for Ron.

Draco had called his mum and confirmed where they would meet, and it was nearing eleven now, the appointment was at twelve and they had an hour drive with some usual traffic and flying since Draco could not apparate. They were meeting Jean Granger and Narcissa Malfoy at the doctor’s office, Narcissa would apparate and of course Jean would drive, she lived close to the office.

Ginny was not as thrilled about going when she heard Draco’s mum was going too, they didn’t have the best past, Ginny had tried to curse her during the war.

It was time to go so Ginny, Hermione, and Draco got in Ginny’s Ford Anglia and left for London. The ride seemed to take forever, Draco drove and Hermione sat up front with him and Ginny was snoring in the back seat and jumped awake when they arrived at the doctor’s office. Draco landed the car a block away, not wanting to attract too much attention.

Narcissa and Jean were standing at an awkward distance near the entrance, Ginny and Hermione couldn’t help but giggle at the differences of clothing. Narcissa was wearing black wizarding robes as she always does, her wand was tucked away but you could tell she was different than the rest of the people around, and Jean Granger was wearing jeans and a blue blouse. Draco now wears normal muggle clothes as well when he wasn’t at school or work, they all did, but some witches and wizards prefer robes all the time unless they go somewhere where you require muggle wear.

The mums didn’t really talk at all, Narcissa kept her distance away from Jean and came to Draco’s side at once when he arrived, “I feel very off from everyone else Draco, I don’t know if I can stay,” she nervously whispered to her son.

“Mum, you need to stay this is one of the most important moments of my life!” Draco told his mum, “I’m so glad you came!”

Narcissa nodded and stayed for her son and entered the muggle doctor’s office. Jean, a bit more obnoxious than Hermione excitedly squeezed her daughters hand as they walked in, Hermione just smiled at her mum back.

Ginny decided to strike up a conversation to Mrs. Granger and they sat and talked about Hermione’s baby and bet on the different genders.

It didn’t take too long for the nurse to come and get Hermione, the whole lot of them went through the door, people noticed Narcissa’s clothes and started to whisper. Luckily she didn’t notice.

After they weighed Hermione and measured her belly they went into a sonogram room and Ginny and Mrs. Granger still were talking, Narcissa awkwardly sat in the corner and Draco sat right up by Hermione not really saying as much as a word to anyone else in the room to no one’s surprise.

The Doctor came and greeted everyone, and after gazing at Narcissa for a quick few moments, making her blush, he straightened up and talked to Hermione, “Now, today we will find out what the little kiddoe of your’s is by sonogram and we will do a few blood tests, this is one of the most exciting times in a pregnancy, I’m glad you brought your family with you that always makes it so much more amazing and real.”

Ginny was squealing from excitement and Narcissa was glaring at her in annoyance as the doctor put the goo on Hermione’s stomach, Narcissa then watched closely, even though she wouldn’t admit it she was impressed with the stuff they do.

He put the sonogram scanner on her belly and moved it around, the two mums gasped and Ginny said, “Aww!” Narcissa was even getting excited now and was looking very curiously at the screen.

“There’s a head…” he moved around so they could see the width of the baby’s head and then measured the squirming baby’s width and length of it, “There’s the heartbeat…” the heart was beating very strongly and they could hear it like a thumping of drums, a tear came to Hermione’s eyes and she was nervous to find out what her baby was but had been awaiting this moment for what seemed like ages, “And it’s a…” he moved it around so he could see better between the baby’s legs, even though the baby was squirming you could see for sure that the baby was a… “GIRL!” The Doctor exclaimed, “Congratulations are in order, you are having a bouncy baby girl!”

The mums cried out in joy and Ginny told Jean Granger, “Told you! I was right! My son, James already has a wife for him!”

Draco was smiling so big and kissed Hermione’s forehead, and Hermione was crying in tears of joy.

“I had dreams it was a girl, I knew it, my baby girl…” Hermione said dreamily, rubbing her stomach.

“Daddy loves you,” Draco whispered, leaning close to her stomach.

Hermione just smiled at him and wiped her tears away, this all just felt like a dream to her, all of this.

The Doctor did the blood tests he needed and then left, saying their next appointment was at thirty weeks.

Everyone was so excited, even Narcissa hugged Hermione and kissed Draco’s cheek, “I always wanted a little girl, now I will have my very own grand-daughter,” She said with a smirk.

The lot walked out of the room, paid the cashier, and left the doctor’s office and stood in the parking lot.

“Goodbye and congratulations!” Narcissa said still feeling awkward around all the muggle population around her and hurriedly walked off.

“Thanks!” Hermione said, beaming. 

Narcissa then apparated when she walked to the back of the building.

“Oh ‘Mione! I love you sweety, and that little girl, and it’s so nice to meet you Ron, I feel like I know you already!” Jean Granger said, and everyone got quiet.

Hermione’s cheeks felt inflamed. Malfoy frowned. Jean noticed the silence and looked at Hermione, then remembered.

“I am SO sorry! Draco, I’m sorry, silly me… it was so nice to finally meet you, Hermione speaks so highly of you, and you too Ginevra! Oh, how silly of me I feel so dotty!” Jean Granger, embarrassed from the mis-naming Hermione’s boyfriend hugged everyone and left in a hurry.

Draco kind of looked down since Hermione’s mum called him Ron, she tried to cheer him up, “Let’s go shop for some clothes in some muggle kid stores!”

Draco and Ginny agreed to go with her. Hermione was so excited she knew she was having a baby girl so she could pick out a name now and get clothes for her. They entered a store called Tiny Tots Unlimited: Baby and Toddler Clothes. It was lined with rows and rows of baby clothes of every age until three years old.

Ginny and Hermione ran to the girl’s aisle and started picking things immediately while Draco sulked behind them, not liking the environment and wanting to leave the store, but today was a special day; he was having a baby girl so tried not to let the muggles around bother him, that was something that he had not been able to let go yet, muggle disliking. He always wanted a little girl first; he already knew he was going to raise her much better than his parents raised him.

The girls bought the baby many things and went to checkout to Draco’s relief because he was ready to get home with Hermione. He had decided he would stay with Hermione for a while, but would she be okay with this? He hadn’t asked her yet…

They finally finished and got back into the Ford Anglia and flew back to Harry and Ginny Potter’s. Hermione then remembered what waited there as they got out of the car and she frowned as they walked inside, holding Draco’s hand tightly. Her baby girl was kicking in her ribs, making her extra uncomfortable.

“Hi there everyone! Long time no see!”  A high pitched voice piped up at them right when they closed the front door behind them. Hermione didn’t even look up; she didn’t want to look into Lavender’s face again. But Lavender hugged Hermione and then examined her baby bump, “Getting bigger! Wow!” Lavender squeaked excitedly. 

Draco, oblivious to Hermione trying to ignore Lavender, blurted out, “Yes, she’s twenty-two weeks now and we are having a little girl!”

Hermione rolled her eyes at Draco just as Ron said, “A girl, how nice (hiccup).” Ron was drunk again, obviously.

“A little girl, I still can’t bloody believe our best friend Hermione’s having a baby!” Harry cheerfully said.

“I know, it’s hard to believe, but she’s coming soon so be ready!” Hermione answered, smiling at her friend, hiding her annoyance of the presence of Lavender.

“Maybe it’ll be my turn soon!” Lavender said, giggling.

Everyone fell silent and looked at her.

“Not anytime soon!” Ron blurted back, and then burped loudly.

Hermione violently rolled her eyes at Lavender’s comment and then all turned their eyes to the drunken red-headed bum on the couch. Obviously he was not looking forward to their announcement.

Ginny saw her brother drunkenly on their couch and accused Harry, “You let him have drinks Harry?! You know he’s been struggling with it!” Hermione had not really even been aware that Ron had been drinking more than usual until now.

“No! Lavender brought them for dinner and Ron snuck them and started drinking them by bottle!” Harry defended himself.

“Ginny, it’s (hiccup) fine! Shut it!” Ron said.

“Yeah, he does this every time he’s off now and we have a night without any plans!” Lavender said bluntly.

Ginny and Hermione looked worriedly at Ron, who was laughing at nothing. 

“Every time? And you let him?!” Ginny yelled at Lavender.

“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was not supposed to happen!” Lavender yelled at Ginny.

“Well, quit being witty and start seeing that he shouldn’t be drunk all the time!” Ginny screamed back, “You know he’s still head over heels for Hermione and he gets drunk because he doesn’t have her, Malfoy does, and she’s having a baby with another man! Of course he does it on purpose! Stop letting him!”

“Fine, I’m sorry and he never loved her, if he did then why are we here now!” Lavender said back, looking at Hermione with piercing eyes.

“Lavender, drop it!” Harry chimed in, knowing his wife is very skilled in doing spell work when she’s mad, and Ginny was very close to pulling out her wand but after Harry said that she refrained and picked up James and talked to him, trying to calm down.

Hermione just cuddled Draco on the couch and didn’t say anything, embarrassed that Draco had to hear all this and what Lavender said saddened her but she didn’t show it. She felt bad for Draco, how must he be feeling being around all these Gryffindors, and being around Ron, Hermione’s ex-fiancé who cheated on her not long ago with the girl screaming at Ginny, Lavender. Hermione looked at him and he was awkwardly playing with his cell phone, probably, like her, pretending not to hear any of this. If Hermione got into it, it would put stress on her and the baby, so she chose to just stay out.

The night dragged on and Lavender brought pizza for supper and they all ate in weird silence.  Ron’s alcohol was taken away and Ginny made him drink three bottles of water so he was starting to sober up and she even apologized to Lavender, who clearly did feel bad. Draco and Hermione kind of sat in a corner at the kitchen table and Harry and Ginny sat with them and Lavender and Ron on the couch.

 James was already in bed and it was nearing eleven at night so Lavender announced her and Ron were leaving to his apartment, this made Hermione cringe, he still had their apartment? When it was just theirs, the first thing they got together? And he’s staying in it with another woman? Hermione breathed in and out like twenty times trying to contain herself from saying anything in front of Draco and said bye to Lavender and Ron normally with a forced straight face.

Ginny and Harry went to bed shortly after and Hermione and Draco got into her’s.

Hermione didn’t seem quite right and Draco noticed.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“N-nothing,” She said, trying not to cry.

“I hear your voice cracking Hermione, now tell me!” Draco said to her, raising his tone, he didn’t like when she kept things from him, this was something he had about him now since he had been lied to so many times as a child.

Hermione let it all out, “R-Ron still has our apartment! It m-makes me s-so angry! He ch-cheated on me with h-her and he’s staying in our old apartment with h-her? I’m not sad, I’m angry, I just d-don’t know how to express how angry I am in any o-other way!” Hermione said, bawling now.

Draco just hugged her to him, “It’s wrong, I agree Hermione, but as long as you no longer pay him any money and it’s under his name, he can stay there all he wants.”

“Y-yes but, that’s n-not right to stay in there with the woman he ch-cheated on me with!”

“Shhh,” Draco said, trying to soothe her, “Remember Hermione, we just found out we are having a little baby girl, think about that…”

Hermione nodded and wiped her tears, trying to control the crying and thinking about her baby.

“Let’s talk about names!” Draco said, trying to make her feel better.

Hermione already felt better, she hadn’t even thought of a name yet! She turned toward Draco and snogged him, he was surprised but snogged her back and then she broke from his lips and just looked at him, deep in thought.

“I love you Draco Malfoy,” Hermione whispered to him, saying this still felt shocking to her.

“I love you too Hermione Granger, and our baby girl,” Draco answered back.

Her tears stopped coming now and all she thought about was her baby girl and a name for her now.

They were silent and Hermione was still deep in thought, Draco decided he would let her pick out a first name and he would pick a middle name.

“How about… Savanna?” Hermione asked Draco.

“Yes, that’s beautiful, Savanna Isabella Malfoy,” Draco answered, smiling big. 

“That’s perfect,” Hermione said dreamily imagining her little girl like the one in her dreams. Beautiful little Savanna.  



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