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A Traitor is Amoung Us by Harrysavesme
Chapter 4 : Is it a Betrayal?
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                Harry had all of his files spread across the kitchen table in number twelve.  The house had a neglected air about it.  Harry couldn’t make himself get rid of Sirius’ house.  He knew Sirius hated the house, but so many of Harry’s memories of Sirius were in this house.  So now the house stayed vacant for most of the year, it was only really used when the whole family got together.  Harry also used it as an office in times like this.  He pushed himself back from the table and paced back and forth in front of the fire.  He had been over the files again and again.  He didn’t like what he saw; Noah had been connected with every suspicious case.  As one of the new aurors Noah had been assisting on many different cases to get some experience under his belt.  All the evidence was stacking against him, but Harry still couldn’t believe that Noah was his leak. 

                Harry remembered the first time he met Noah; Teddy had invited him over during Christmas break their first year.  Harry had taken a liking to the boy as had Andy and the Weasleys.  Noah and Teddy soon became inseparable, and then Noah’s parent’s died when he was in seventh year.  After that Noah really had been adopted by the family.  They had been there for him a year later when his daughter was born.  Noah’s baby girl, Amelia, had been born of an accidental pregnancy.  Her mother Anna had died due to complications from child birth and Noah found himself at eighteen a single father trying to work his way through Auror training.  It had been hard for him at first with his family gone, but Harry had been so proud of Noah for pushing through.  He was a great father and shaping up to be a good Auror.  Through it all Teddy and Noah had been together, they were like brothers.  Harry couldn’t imagine Noah doing anything to betray Teddy or the Auror department, unless, but no Noah would have told someone if that had happened, wouldn’t he?

                Finally Harry grabbed his invisibility cloak and headed out the door.  He spun on the spot and after the discomfort of apparition came out in front of Noah’s apartment building.  Pulling his invisibility cloak tighter around him Harry walked around the building to the fire escape.  Noah was on the second floor and Harry could see his window was open.  Trying to climb the rickety metal fire escape as quietly as possible Harry made his way up to Noah’s window. 

                The sight Harry saw through the open window took him by surprise.  There was a pot of porridge on the stove that had boiled over and the table was set for breakfast.  Harry thought it very odd that Noah had left the window open when he didn’t appear to be home.  Harry stepped through the open window carefully, he took in the apartment.  Harry got a sinking feeling in his stomach.  There were signs of spell damage on the walls and right by the door as though it had been dropped in a hurry Harry found Susie.  Susie was Amelia’s doll, she never went anywhere without her.  Harry picked up the doll off the floor and knew that his worst fears had come true.  The only thing that would make Noah betray the Auror department was if someone had threatened Amelia.  Sticking the doll in his bag, Harry exited the apartment closing the window behind him.  He needed to find Noah before it was too late. 

                Still under his invisibility cloak Harry aparated into the ministry, and made his way down to the office where they monitored the trace.  Slipping into his friend Joe’s office Harry pulled off the cloak.  “Merlin Harry you’re going to give this old man a heart attack.”  Harry smiled over at the older man, “I don’t know about old man Joe, you seem to get younger every time I see you.”  Joe smiled back, “That is probably because you’re getting older Harry, Do I spot some grey hairs.”  Harry laughed, “Yes Joe, my baby girl has started taking an interest in boys I expect them all to be gray before too long.”  Joe laughed and then turned serious, “Not that I don’t love to visit with you Harry, but what exactly are you doing here.  I heard IA came in and took over your department.”  Harry grimaced, “Good news travels fast doesn’t it.  I’m actually here to ask for a favor Joe.”  Joe was silent for a moment, “Harry I’ve known you since you were a trainee, you saved my life ten years ago, and you’ve been a damned good friend for the last ten years.  You tell me what you need and I’ll do my best.” 

                Harry smiled at his friend, “Thank you Joe, I can’t give you a lot of details it’s better if you don’t know, but I need records on a trace, Amelia Mansfield.  I need to know what spells have been performed around her and when.  Everything from the last week if you can.”  Joe nodded, he rummaged through some files copied one and handed it to Harry, “this copy should continue to monitor her trace and update.”  “Thank you Joe.”  A look of understanding passed between the two men.  Harry put the file in his bag covered himself with the cloak and turned to leave, but not before Joe spoke, “Harry you be careful.  There are plenty of people rooting for you to fail.  If IA gets wind of you doing anything not completely by the book the consequences will be bad.”  “I’ll be careful Joe I promise.” 

                With that Harry left the office as covertly as he had entered it.  Harry dropped his bag off at Grimmauld place and aparated home, just in case IA was watching the house he needed to be seen entering and leaving his home.  Harry walked into his kitchen and almost died of shock.  Sitting at his kitchen table looking like death warmed over was Noah.  “Harry, they took Amelia.  They took my baby girl; they promised she’d be safe if I did what they asked.  I’m so sorry Harry.”  Noah went to stand and collapsed Harry caught him and levitated him to the couch in the living room.  This was an unexpected turn of events. 

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