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Brutal Love by Fonzzx
Chapter 15 : A Surprise Visit
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Chapter 14: A Surprise Visit




Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy




She's definitely pregnant.


She hasn't said anything for an hour. She just keeps getting paler and paler. I took her hand and squeezed it. She squeezed back feebly, and then ran off. I've only ever seen her move that fast once, which meant she was about to bring up her breakfast. I conjured a glass, filled it with water and followed her.


She was bent over the toilet, retching. The light coming through the window bounced off her golden hair, making her look beautiful even as she threw up. When she was finished, I handed her the glass. I sat on the edge of the bath and she leaned against the wall and looked at me. I've never seen her look so scared.


"I'm not ready for this," she whispered.


I moved to sit beside her and she leaned on me and cried for a bit. I tried my best to comfort her. I was scared too. Excited, but scared.


Eventually her tears dried up. She was so beautiful, even with her face all red and puffy. I moved to kiss her and she pulled away, making a face.


"What?" I asked her, confused.


"I just puked," she said.


I kissed her forehead instead and helped her to her feet. She grabbed her toothbrush and I left her to it.


I made her eat some lunch later on, and she managed to keep it down. I'd been putting off getting a job just in case she needed me (our NEWT grades came last week), and now she definitely does.


After lunch, she went to get dressed, and came downstairs dressed in my old Quidditch jumper. She only wears it when she's stressed, she says it smells like me and it calms her down. She must've been feeing better though, as she'd put some make up on. I was stretched out on the sofa with a book, she joined me and quickly fell asleep. She must've been worrying for days. I put my book down and looked more closely at her sleeping form.


Underneath the make up she was still pale, with dark circles around her eyes. She looked like she'd lost weight, despite being pregnant. Her boobs were definitely bigger though. As soon as I noticed this, I began to get aroused. Even though she was obviously ill and stressed out, I still wanted her. She was still beautiful. I picked my book back up and tried to distract myself.


It didn't work. She unconsciously snuggled even closer, which didn't help. She stirs up this mix of emotions in me, I simultaneously love her, want to protect her, and oh God I want to tear her clothes off and do her right now.


I kissed her, trying to gently wake her up. It worked, she started kissing me back. I kissed her harder, hoping that she'd get the hint. She did. She moved her hand to stroke my groin. I moaned and pulled her on top of me. She pulled away, teasing me, and opened her beautiful brown eyes. I can always tell how she feels just from looking into her eyes; they're very expressive. I lifted my head up to kiss her, and again she pulled away.


"You're making it worse," I told her, and pulled her back towards me.


I traded her my Quidditch jumper for my t shirt afterwards. She closed her eyes and smelled it. "This is better," she said, "it smells more like you." She pulled it over her head and it hung off her delicate frame perfectly. I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards me, wrapping my arms around her waist.


There was a cough from the door. My grandfather was stood there, pockmarked and definitely ill, and he looked furious.


I moved to stand in front of Emily. She reached around for my hand. She was all the courage I needed for this.


"So I finally get released from St Mungo's, sad about missing my only grandson's wedding, and I find out from Goyle that he not only married a mudblood, he got her pregnant too," my grandfather hissed. "You're a disgrace to this family, Scorpius Malfoy."


I heard her breathing quicken, and I knew she was starting to panic. I squeezed her hand, lacing my fingers with hers.


I looked straight at my grandfather, and was reminded of the time my so called "friends" had assaulted me once they found out I'd proposed to her.


"She's my wife, and I love her. I don't care what you think." I said boldly.


He walked right up to me. I knew what he was doing; he was trying to intimidate me.


"Is that your final answer?"




"Then you are no longer my grandson."


"Fine by me."


He glared at me and disapparated.


I felt Emily fall to the floor and start to have a panic attack. I sat down next to her and pulled her close. Her breathing seemed to even out, and she calmed down.

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