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First Year Mischief by DaniPotterhead
Chapter 1 : Arrival at Hogwarts and the Sorting Hat
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So I always wondered what happened in Fred and George's first year and so after doing a bit of research decided that I wanted to write this story. I hope that you enjoy reading this so please read and review as I am going into unknown territory and would like to know what you think . I will always use Harvard referencing system with references to extracts from the books at the bottom.

Disclaimer: I do not, nor do I claim to own Harry Potter. I just like to dabble into Rowling's amazing world.

A giant of a man stood on the Hogsmeade platform in front of the newly arrived Hogwarts express calling for first years to gather around him . He was at least twice as tall as an average man and about three times as wide. Although his size made the first years cower, his kind eyes and big caring smile made them feel less scared. This was Rubeus Hagrid, keeper of keys and grounds at Hogwarts. As the train emptied two first years stood out amongst the crowd. With bright red hair they couldn't be missed. Fred and George Weasley, identical twins of Molly and Arthur Weasley stood in the rabble of students drinking in the sights and sounds. At first glance the two boys looked the exactly the same, the same with a second glance. Only those who knew the boys well could tell them apart from the difference in the way they talked and acted. Sometimes even those who knew them well couldn't tell them. Mischievous grins appeared on the twins faces as they looked at the amount of students surrounding them. Lots of unsuspecting suspects for pranks. These two red-haired twins were masterminds of pranks and their mother knew it all too well.

"Now boys, I don't want to get any letters from any of your professors about any misbehaviour, and that means no pranks! Understand?" said Molly Weasley glaring at her identical twins standing in front of her. "I want you on your best behaviour, no fooling around. You two have yet to start at Hogwarts and already I'm tearing my hair out. I don't know where you get this behaviour from but it stops now." Molly shook her head and missed the knowing look that passed between her two sons. Once their mum got started she didn't stop until she had said everything on her chest and they didn't want to be there till Christmas. Sometimes they even wondered if she planned these conversations. "We understand mum, but we got to make sure we've got everything packed, don't want to be late for the train." they said as they vanished up the stairs to their room.

The trip across the lake had been quite eventful with the giant squid making an appearance and the amazing first view of Hogwarts . With the arrival of the boats they went up the steps. The first years entered the great hall behind a stern looking women named professor Mcgonagall, the twins took in their first sight of the inside of Hogwarts. As they reached the front an old hat was placed on a stool and silence fell throughout the hall. The hat suddenly moved and started to sing a song. This was the sorting hat, all year it sat in Dumbledore's office thinking of a new song to sing the next year.  

The whole hall burst into applause at the end of the song and the twins grinned, a talking hat was great. Professor Mcgonagal started to call the names of the first years and as each student had the hat placed on their head it would shout out the name of the house they belonged in. As the group of first years got smaller the twins recognised the name of one of the students next called up. Lee Jordan had sat in the same compartment as the twins on the train and had even showed them his pet tarantula. As the hat was placed on lee's head it shouted "Gryffindor!" There was a large cheer from the gryffindor table and lee went to join them giving the twins a thumbs up. Finally "Weasley, Fred" was called and Fred made his way up to the stool and the hat placed on his head. "Ah another Weasley eh," said a sly voice in his ear. "Your brothers wanted to set a good example but I see lots of mischeif planned in your head, along side...your twin. Well, well, well as they say keep all trouble brewing in one cauldron. You'll be best in GRYFFINDOR!" Fred took of the hat and walked over to the Gryffindor table awaiting the arrival of his brother, who was annouced Gryffindor before the hat even touched his head. As George joined the table he high fived his brother. As the two boys settled down the headmaster stood up. "After a splendid sorting I'm feeling rather peckish, so tuck in." With these final words every type of food imaginable appeared on the once empty tables. The twins were over awed but immediatley got over their shock and piled food on the plates in front of them. Further up the table they could see they could see their pain in the ass brother Percy and Charlie, who was a newley appointed prefect. After eating their fill the twins were feeling rather sleepy and so didn't really hear Dumbledore's end of feast speech.

So that's the first chapter, please review, I love to hear what you think and what you would like to happen


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First Year Mischief : Arrival at Hogwarts and the Sorting Hat


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