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{insert evil laugh} by TheMarauderChick
Chapter 2 : two. moose poop
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Disclaimer: I don't own anything except the plot and my OCs




 “Are we there yet?”

I sighed and rolled my eyes. Dad had been asking the same question every five minutes since we left the house. He was gripping the edge of the seat and his pallid face showed nothing but pure terror.

Every year, mum insists on taking the car to Kings Cross and I have no idea why. Scorpius sleeps the whole way and is a total bore, the radio only plays muggle rubbish, and Dad can’t ride in a car without nearly wetting himself (honestly though, the man catches dark wizards for a living).

“Draco, you can relax. We’re here.” Mum pulled into Kings Cross and Dad barreled out.

I poked Scorpius in the face. “Oi, wake up!”

He let out a light snore. Clambering to the front of the car, I reached towards the wheel and slammed my hand down on the horn.

That sure woke him up.

Scorpius shot up, hitting his head on the roof, making the car jiggle a bit. I snorted and motioned for him to hurry up. Mum and Dad had already loaded our trunks onto trolleys and had started to make their way to the plat form. I grabbed one of the trolleys and followed them, briefly glancing back at a half asleep Scorpius, making sure that he was following as well.


“Laila!” At first I though I’d imagined it, it was so faint.The platform was bustling with families as always and I was amidst it all.

“Laila!” I heard my name again, this time for sure. It came from behind me. I whipped around only to be blinded by the bright flash of a camera.

“Son of a banshee!” I threw my arms up, even though it was too late to shield my eyes from light, and squeezed my eyes shut, trying to make the white spots go away. When I uncovered my eyes, there was a boy staring down at my wearing the goofiest grin ever. It was Al holding a bulky looking camera (something I was starting to regret buying him). His hair was all over the place and glasses somewhat askew. He held his free arm out and, squealing, I tackled him with a hug.

Al chuckled and hugged me back. “It’s good to see you too.” He looked around me, “Where’s your brother?”

“With my parents. Come on!” I grabbed his sleeve and dragged him in their direction. We waded through the huddles of families till we come across mine.

Scorpius was leaning against a trolley. looking blase. Mum was chatting with Al’s parents (I don’t know how they found each other) while Dad stood there, glaring at anything that moved.

Scorpius spotted us and relief washed over his face.

“How long have they been at it?” I gestured with my head at the parents.

Scorpius shuddered, “Too long.” Ministry talk always drove him up the wall.

By now, the parents had noticed Al and I were there.

“Hi Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy.” Al, always the polite one, waved lightly. Dad gave a curt nod.

“Hello Al. How was your summer?” Mum asked.

Al’s eyes lit up. “It was great! I went on a trip to northern Germany with my Aunt Luna’s family. They were trying to find a Glibberty Fibbet - or maybe it was a Flibberty Gibbet?” He shrugged. “Anyways, we never really found it but we did find this like rare small dragon called a Green Horned Moose Dragon. Did you know their horns can be used for medicinal purposes? Also, their feces can be-”

“Hey guys!” I cut in before Al could start on the medicinal purposes of moose poop. “Shouldn’t we be, er, boarding the train?” I pointed to the giant clock, there were only five minutes before the train left. The platform was already clearing out as students got on the train.

We all said our goodbyes and boarded the train faster than you could say moose poop.


Al and I spent ages searching for a compartment. Scorpius had headed off to do prefects duties and left us to snag one. We had to bypass annoying first years who ran up and down the corridors and the occasional snogging couple till we found a half empty one.

As we entered, there were two boys, one holding the other in a headlock. The boy in the headlock struggled to break free. He had a thin frame and was borderline scrawny. A pair of thick framed glasses, much like Al’s, were slowly slipping off his nose and threatened to fall off.  

The other one was a tall, moderately bulky boy. You could see slight shadows of toned muscles, a result of hard days on the quidditch pitch. He wore a giant smile that contrasted the gangly boy’s scowl.

“Ok girls, break it up, break it up.” I said. Al slid the compartment door shut and took a seat across from me. I gave the taller boy a pointed look, “Zabs, leave him be.” He reluctantly let the boy go.

“Aw Laila, I was just having some fun.”

“Fun? Jasper’s like half a foot shorter than you. Even I can put him in a headlock and probably with an arm tied behind my back.”

“Hey, I resent that!” huffed Jasper. Zabs only shook his head. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, Zabs putting Jasper in a headlock. It was only his way of showing affection.

Zabs and Jasper are my other two friends and the only people, other than Al and Scorpius, who talk to me voluntarily. Zabs was a tall burly quidditch player who thinks headlocks are the equivalent of hugs whereas Jasper was the complete opposite.

Al began to poke around on his camera, becoming completely oblivious to us.

“So . . .,” Zabs started, “How’d you guys do on your O.W.L.S?” Al turned his attention from the camera to us.

“I did so bad guys.” Al whined and pushed out his bottom lip.

I grimaced, “Oh. My. God,” as Zabs went ‘can you not?’ at the same time.

“What?” Al’s eyes widened and he stared at the three of us. Zabs and I lifted an eyebrow with our arms crossed while Jasper’s face stayed expressionless. “What?!” Al repeated. His head kept turning from me to Zabs to Jasper.

“Uh, let’s see.” I looked up and pretended to think back. “You got an O in Defense, an O in Transfiguration, an O in Herbology, Arithmancy,” I started rattling them off on my fingers, “Care of Magical Creatures, Potions, Astronomy, Charms, Runes.”  

Al shot me a glare and went back to fiddling with his camera.

“Oh, and don’t forget! An E in history.” He muttered something about ‘your fault’ and ‘making me skive off class’. I turned towards Zabs. “How about you Zabs?”

Zabs leaned back and stretched his arms behind his head. “I did okay. More O.W.L.S. than ol’ Jasper here.” He smirked and elbowed Jasper, who returned a meek smile. “What about you Laila?”

Al looked up from his camera again, this was something he wanted to hear. The thing is, I’m not exactly the best student. I mean, I pass all my classes, but in the end I’m just average. If there’s one thing I for sure didn’t inherit from Dad, it was brains.

“You wouldn’t believe it, but she got two O’s.” Scorpius was leaning against the doorway. I hadn’t even heard him open the door. “Catch.” He threw a small box of chocolate frogs at me.

“All right!” Zabs held up his hand for a high five. I giggled and high fived him.

I unwrapped a chocolate frog and popped it in my mouth. Chewing, I said,“It wasn’t just that. They were in Divination and, get this,” Al gave me a disgusted look and I paused to swallow, “Defense!” Zabs started applauding and I stood up to take a bow. “Thank you, thank you.” I cleared my throat, “I would like to dedicate this award to all my wonderful minions sitting in this very compartment with me today and Professor Eugene Penderghast, the most amazing teacher ever!” I sat back down grinning while everyone laughed.

Oh, the irony of it all.

Professor Penderghast taught Defense and was Head of Gryffindor as well. To say he hated me would be an understatement. I’ve served more detentions for him in a month than I have from all the other teachers put together. For the past five years, I’ve been barely passing that class and was sure I’d fail the O.W.L. I studied hard, but I didn’t think I’d even get an A, nevertheless an O. It proved what an absolutely horrid teacher Penderghast was.

“You think you’ll take the N.E.W.T. level for either?” Al asked.

I only shrugged. “Who knows? Whatever I feel like doing tomorrow morning I guess.” Discussing schedules with him was going to be a pain.

“I still don’t get why Profesor P hates you so much.” said Jasper.

“Maybe because of my dashing good looks,” I flipped my hair and gave them a ‘sexy’ look, “or maybe because I’m supposed to actually be in Slytherin. You know, house traitor and all? But I’m betting on the looks.” I wiggled my eyebrows and everyone laughed.

Stuffing my face with another chocolate frog, I leaned back and sighed.

It was good to be back.

A/N: Hi guys! So, what did you think of Laila's friends? Anyone ship Al and his camera? Hehe. Drop a review if you liked it! I'd love to hear any feed back you have :) I know this chapter is not much different frome the original. The next chapter is where all the real changes start and I'll hopefully get that out sometime this week!

-Sankavi ^_^


*edited 01.15.2014 new chapter image*

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{insert evil laugh}: two. moose poop


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