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Brutal Love by Fonzzx
Chapter 13 : The End of an Era
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Chapter 12: The End of an Era




Well this was it. We were on the Hogwarts Express, never to return. In just under two weeks, Scorpius and I would be married and would begin our life together.


All too soon, the Hogwarts Express pulled into King's Cross. Scorpius was waiting with our trunks while I said goodbye to Louise and Allie. We all cried. Never again would we share a room, stay up late trading gossip, or completing late homework. Eventually we said our goodbyes and Scorp and I disapparated to Malfoy manor. His parents are keeping our new house as a surprise for after the wedding, so we're not allowed to see it.


My mum was already sat in the kitchen waiting for me, chatting away with Astoria, which surprised me. I wasn't sure how she'd cope staying in a magical house for two weeks, but as she said, "I brought you up, so there are no surprises anymore."


Yeah thanks Mum, I thought to myself. She was the first muggle ever to be invited into Malfoy Manor.


We had dinner in the garden that evening. Candles floated in the air and the house elf had basically prepared a feast, even if it was only the five of us.


Scorp and I were the only people still awake later on. We were still sat in the garden, watching the sun set at around half past ten. It was nice just being together, not having to be anywhere by a certain time, not having to worry about tomorrow. We'd already agreed that there was no sense in looking for jobs until we had our exam results, which should come some time at the beginning of August. So we had the weeks up to our wedding and maybe a few days after of just relaxing.


We were also completely alone, pretty far from the house, and not having sex. I turned to face Scorpius to rectify that, but he was already ahead of me.







I woke up alone on the day of the wedding. Mum came in with breakfast on a tray, Astoria not far behind her. They were inseparable now. As I was eating breakfast, Louise and Allie apparated in. As my bridesmaids, they were required to help me get through the day. I'd probably freak out at some point, it would be inevitable.


Bath time after breakfast. Relax relax relax relax relax.


Until Louise burst in anyway.


"I'm so sorry, I'm desperate for a wee and I'm on my blob." She wandered in with her hands over her eyes.


"It's fine," I said, then I sat bolt upright, bubbles flying everywhere, counting the days on my fingers.


"What?" she asked, mid wee.


"Shit," I said. "Shit shit shit shit shit."


"What?" she asked again, more urgently.


"I'm late," I hissed.


"What do you - NOOOOOOO."


I swore more violently this time. "The one time we don't use protection, of course it has to happen."


"No," said Louise, "you don't know for sure until you've completely skipped. You're probably just stressed from the wedding plans."


"I'm going to kill him." I grabbed my towel.


"You're not allowed to see him."


"What?" That threw me.


"Your mum's orders. She says if you're having a magical wedding, that's fine, but you have to stick to two muggle traditions; not seeing the groom on the wedding day, and something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, which we've already done anyway.”


"He'll be blue when I'm done with him," I snarled.









I had to apparate into the tent that I'm going to walk out of, Scorpius wanted me to be surprised with everything he's planned for today. I swear, he's more of a woman than me sometimes.


Speaking of Scorpius, he was right there on the other side of the tent.


"You're not supposed to be here," I hissed at him.


"I can't see you, it's fine," he pointed out. "Charlie says you might be pregnant."


"How does he know?"


"Louise told him."


"I'll kill her. I'll kill you first."


He laughed.


"What do you have to laugh at?!" I demanded.


"You're freaking out and there's no reason to."


"It's. A. BABY." I snarled at him. "You know, a little person that's completely dependent on it's parents for the first eighteen years of it's life."


He found a flap in the tent and put his hand through to hold mine. "It's fine. You're only just late, it's probably wedding stress, and anyway, having kids is just one of the things I'm looking forward to in our life together."


I heard Charlie calling him to go and stand in place. He squeezed my hand and left.


Panic panic panic. And where are the people who are supposed to stop me freaking out? Nowhere to be found.


Well until my mum came in anyway. She took one look at me and sat me down.


"I think I might be pregnant," I blurted out.


And here comes the panic attack.


Breathe. Breathe.


Time to go. I think I have it under control.


My mum's giving me away. Louise, Allie and Rose are going ahead of me down the aisle.


Fucking hell. The aisle.


I'm trying to walk in these shoes, they're ridiculous and I can't even stand in them, let alone walk. I kicked them off. Who the hell cares if I'm going barefoot, it's my wedding.


Out the tent and round the corner.


They all stood up to watch me walk down the aisle. I wish they wouldn't.


Then I saw Scorpius. And I saw him seeing me for the first time in this dress.


Ok. I can do this.


As I got closer, I realised he was looking at me in a completely new way. And suddenly it didn't matter if I was pregnant. All I wanted was him. For the rest of my life.


"I swear you're usually taller," he grinned at me, and then he saw my bare feet poking out from under my dress.


"Shut it," I smirked back.


Then my mum placed my hand in his. My panic attack fizzled away.


"I owe you one kick in the balls," I whispered to him, and he laughed.

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