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Naive by ohmymerlin
Chapter 5 : Chapter the Fifth
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A/N. I've edited chapters one to four if any of my old readers are still here. There aren't that many changes, but I recommend re-reading those chapters before starting this one.


I feel awful. Like seriously awful. I feel like I’ve been banged over the head with a saucepan.

I struggle to open my eyes but as soon as I get a small sliver of light, pain shoots up in my head and it’s unbearable. I groan and roll over, feeling like absolute crap.

Someone please help me out of this pain.

I didn’t even drink that much. I’m just a ridiculous light-weight.

My mouth tastes funny and I really just want to curl back up and have some more sleep. But I know I won’t be able to sleep until I get this headache and sticky feel off of me.

I decide to finally get out of bed and look for my glasses. I roll unceremoniously on the floor and hear a loud crunch under my bum. I sigh and try to roll over again but my body aches so much. I heave a sigh and lift myself up to feel shattered glass. Luckily my thick quilt protected me from the shards but now I can’t see and I don’t know where my wand is.

Oh bugger.

I wipe my hands and try to rub my eyes. Squinting I try to make my way to the bathroom but I trip over a pair of shoes. I want to look at the time but I can hardly see the little red numbers.

I pull myself off the floor again and grope the wall to find the bathroom. I finally make it, and still squinting, I try to start looking for a potion to cure my headache. I lift a bottle in front of my eyes but I can’t read the tiny lettering. I let out a grunt of annoyance and open the bottle to smell it to see if it smells like the potion I need.

I sniff each bottle a few times until I remember that the damn potion doesn’t smell like anything.

It’s like the world is out to get me.

I splash my face with cold water in hopes of clearing my head a little bit. I need someone to help me with this. I remember I have a roommate so I call out tentatively, “Glitter?”

No response.

I huff. He’s probably out or something. I’m surprised he didn’t try to wake me up.

I decided to have a shower because I don’t need to see my hideous appearance and it will probably clear my head. I can’t even think about eating because then I’ll be ill. I hop into the shower and turn the water to an extremely cold temperature. Halfway through though, I change it to hot water because I start to shiver.

I feel like a wet cat, my hair sticks to my shoulders when I exit the shower and I grab a towel. I still am rendered blind but my head does feel clearer. My mouth feels a bit fresher but I haven’t brushed my teeth because I don’t want to accidentally pick Glitter’s toothbrush because ew.

I grope my way back to my bedroom and quickly put my knickers on (which is extremely difficult) and pat around for a large shirt so I don’t have to deal with any unnecessary buttons or zips.

I end up finding an old Quidditch jersey – I recognise that the stitching says ‘Harpies’ – so I pull it over my wet hair. I want to dry it but due to my inconveniently placed wand, I can’t dry it. And due to my terrible vision (thank you, Dad), I can’t look for it.

Ah, blind witch problems.

I try to bundle my hair on top of my head to stop it from dripping on my back, but it is a lost cause as it just falls back down, slapping my back loudly. I decide to sit on my bed and wait until Glitter comes home or someone else comes to rescues me.

I think a few hours pass – I have no idea – and I’m out of my mind bored. My hair finally dried and I am just hanging upside down on my bed feeling the prickly-ness of my legs. I shaved them two days ago, so they are providing me some entertainment.

Suddenly there is a knock at the door and I scream, “Come in! Please! I’m blind!”

I hear a loud bang and a, “LILY?!” It’s Dad. Oh thank God.

“Dad, I’m in my bedroom. I’ve accidentally broken my glasses and I can’t find my wand!” I whine. I see his figure walk into the room with (what I’m assuming) Mum trailing behind him.

“Oh, Lily,” she says, sighing. “What have you done?”

I make a face and sit up properly, just thinking that I am probably showing my knickers off to the world.

Ah well, it’s not like I’m naked or anything.

I pout in her general direction. “Can I have my glasses first?” Dad picks them up, repairs them quickly and hands them to me.

I eagerly pull them back on my face and sigh with relief. My vision is finally clear. “Thank you so much, Dad!” I say. My head hurts a bit because I haven’t worn them in a while and I haven’t eaten all day.

Dad chuckles and says, “Are you feeling better?”

I look at him confusedly for a moment before I remember that I threw up in front of them. I gasp and put a hand to my mouth. “Oh my God. I’m so sorry about vomiting! It’s never going to happen again!”

Mum snorts. “Lily, you’re eighteen years old. It’s going to happen again.” Dad laughs and agrees with her.

I shake my head. “No. I am never ever getting that drunk again! I’ve never felt so bad.”

Mum says, “Have you eaten, Lily? You’re looking awfully pale.”

I shake my head. “How could I? I was completely blind. I only just made it to the shower.” I say, getting off my bed and finding a pair of shorts. The jersey still covers over them but it is now ‘socially acceptable’ and all that pish posh.

Mum says, “Come on. I’ll make you lunch. It’s nearly two in the afternoon, did you know that?”

I grip my nose between my forefinger and thumb. “Mum, I was blind. We’ve been through this.”

She rolls her eyes. “Stop being dramatic and go clean yourself up a bit. Lunch will be ready soon; your father and I want to talk to you.” Dad gives me a wink before following Mum out to the kitchen.

Oh no.

Talk? What do they want to talk about?

What have I done?

Uh-oh. Did yesterday’s ‘adventure’ get leaked into the press or something? We’re eighteen year old girls – of course we’re going to drink!

Oh good grief, have they found out the time that I accidentally put parmesan cheese on someone’s pasta even though they specifically asked not to and then I just covered it with more sauce and pasta?

Oh no.

What do they want to talk about?

I’m so screwed.

I take a few deep breaths and walk as calmly as I can to the bathroom to brush my teeth, apply deodorant, put a dab of concealer under my eyes so I no longer look like a zombie.

I tie my hair in a messy bun and look at myself in the mirror, scrunching my nose up. A few strands of my ridiculously messy hair (again, thanks Dad!) is already trying to escape from my bun. I look deathly pale – I mean, I’m always pale but I have kind of a grey tinge.

Combine that with boring brown eyes you really have a bland human being.

My lips are chapped and my eyebrows desperately need to be shaped. I contemplate whether or not I should pull out the tweezers to pull out my eyebrows but then Mum calls out, “Lily, your lunch is ready!”

I sigh, tucking a stray lock behind my ear. It bounces right back up sticking at an odd angle.

Yeah, Dad, that’s just ace – give me all your bad qualities, why don’t you?

“Lily!” Mum snaps. I jump and quickly hurry out of the bathroom where Mum has a Nutella sandwich – with crusts cut off of course – waiting for me on the table. There’s also an apple.

I sit down and grin at Mum, giving her a peck on the cheek. “Thanks, Mummy!” I say picking up the sandwich.

She smacks my hand and says, “Lily, have your apple first.”

I groan. I just want to eat my sandwich. But Mum gives me a warning glare and I regretfully pick it up and bite into it. Even though it tastes delicious and the juices are running down my hands, it isn’t as good as a Nutella sandwich.

“So what did you want to talk about?” I ask after swallowing a bite. I take another massive bite grinning to myself as I hear the loud crunch. I love the crunch of apples. There’s no other sound like it.

Dad and Mum look at each other before looking back at me. Oh no. I tuck my legs under me like I used to in Muggle primary school. I take another bite of my apple and look between them nervously.

What have I done?

“Lily,” Mum starts and I flinch, prepared for the onslaught. “Why did you flinch?” she asks, her voice changing its tone dramatically.

“Am I in trouble?” I ask in a small voice. I feel like I’m three years old again and I’ve drawn on Nana Molly’s walls.

Dad laughs and Mum shakes her head at me, grinning. I relax slightly as she says, “No, of course not.”

My shoulders slump and I lift one knee to prop under my chin. I continue eating my apple and Mum continues speaking, “Anyway, as I was saying. Glitter told us yesterday he mentioned about starting a bakery.”

Oh. So that’s what this is about.

What a relief.

“Oh,” I say, taking another bite of the apple. I make sure to swallow before saying, “What about it? It’s probably just another one of Glitter’s convoluted plans that never work out.”

Mum shakes her head. “No, Lily. That’s the thing. I think this is a plan that should work out! It’s brilliant! Your father and I think you’d be perfect at it, don’t we Harry?”

Dad nods. “Lily, you’ve always loved baking. Even when you were a baby, you loved watching Mum and Nana Molly cook. Nana taught you how to cook and she said that you told her you and Glitter were real into cooking lately, and be honest, how much cooking does Glitter actually do?” he says shrewdly.

I grin. “Not much. But he cleans up.”

“See!” Mum says, holding out her hands. “I think you really should look into this bakery-thing. After all, you can’t keep working for Hannah forever, can you?”

I make a face and go to take another bite of the apple when I realise I’ve finished eating it. I place the core down and pick up my sandwich.

Aw yeah.

I shove half of the sandwich in my mouth and think about what they’re saying. It might be a good idea. I do like baking.

I quickly swallow and say, “I don’t know. Won’t it be hard to organise? I don’t know anything about running a business!”

Mum and Dad look at each other before looking at me again. Dad says, “Lily, we helped your brother get his own business. We know enough to teach you and James will help you if you want.”

I chew thoughtfully. “I dunno…” I say eventually.

Mum says, “Lily, look at me and tell me that baking isn’t your favourite thing to do.”

I look into her identical brown eyes and grin. She knows me too well. I laugh and concede, “Okay, maybe it is my favourite thing to do. But as a hobby!”

“Lily,” Mum says, sighing. “What do you want to do then?”

I shrug and Dad snaps harshly, “Lily, you’re eighteen. You should know what you want to do!”

I glare at him and drop my sandwich back on the plate. “Yeah, I should! But I don’t! And I can’t help that! I don’t purposely be a loser! It’s not like I choose to be so stupid that I don’t even know what I want to do! I’m not Al or James!”

Dad looks apologetic but I just stand up, pick up my plate and storm to my room, slamming the door. I hear Mum snapping at Dad but I don’t care.

One thing Dad always pestered me about is the fact that I have absolutely no idea what I want to do. I can’t help it!

Dad knocks on the door and says, “Lily, come out. I didn’t mean to say that. Come on, I’m sorry.”

“Go away!” I snap with my mouth full. I take another angry bite of my sandwich.

“I won’t leave until you come out and talk to me,” he says. I throw a shoe at the door.

“GO AWAY!” I shriek. I’m not in the best of moods already and him being an annoying git is NOT helping.

He sighs and I hear him walk away. I finish off the sandwich and put the plate on my overfilled desk. It still holds all my rejection letters and a few pair of pyjamas. I decide to pull them on and start fiddling with my hair.

I can hear Mum and him arguing, but not the exact details. After an annoyed shout, there’s a crack and I assume one of them has gone home. I want to poke my head out of the door but I don’t want to talk to Dad. He’s always bloody harassing me for not knowing my ‘career path’. Why do I need to know it anyway? I currently have a job and getting an income – isn’t that good enough?!

No, of course not. Auror Potter must have all his children’s lives in control! God forbid that one of them would turn out to be a dead-beat, good-for-nothing girl that gets drunk every other week at five in the afternoon!

Someone knocks on the door and I grumpily mutter, “Go away.”

“Lily,” Mum answers, “let me in, please,” she says softly. I debate whether I should allow her in but eventually succumb to her pleas. I can never reject my mum on anything.

I open the door and she pushes herself through. “Lily,” she says, opening her arms to hug me. I gratefully accept and she sits me down on the bed. “You know you father didn’t mean it,” she says.

I mumble into her shoulder, “But he does mean it! He can’t believe I don’t know what to do with my life! I’m eighteen years old, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person in the whole wide world who has no idea what she wants to do! Just because our family is weird and everyone knew what they wanted to do doesn’t automatically mean I know what I want to do!” I rant furiously. I blink back tears and sniff a little.

Mum rubs my back lightly and says, “We were just saying you should think about it. We’re going to be proud of you no matter what.”

“Even if I get pregnant?” I ask cheekily.

Mum snorts. “I wouldn’t even care then. I get a grandchild so it’s all good for me! No matter what you do your father and I will be proud of you. He just has a funny way of showing it sometimes.”

I pull away from Mum and flop down on the bed. She lies down next to me and I curl up on her like I used to when I was three and about to have a nap with her. We used to have our nap-times together and occasionally when I was home on holidays we would have ‘sleepovers’ where we slept in the same bed and I told her everything about my life and she’d listen and make funny comments. I really miss doing that with her. My mum is my best friend.

She strokes my hair and waits for me to say something. “It’s just,” I say before I really know what’s about to come spewing out of my mouth, “I don’t know if I want to do my hobby for a living. What if I get bored of it? What will I do then?”

Mum shrugs. “Who cares? We’ll sort it out then. But seriously Lily, can you imagine ever getting sick of baking?”

I think about it. Whenever I’m upset I bake something. Whenever I’m bored I bake something. Whenever I’m in a good mood I bake something.

I remember in fifth year I had finished all my O.W.Ls and no one else had finished so I went down to the kitchens and helped the house elves bake a celebratory cake. I routinely went there and by the end of my school years I knew all their names and they all knew mine.

I really miss them actually. In the next Hogsmeade Day I’ll have to visit them.

And there was the whole summer job. Nearly every summer I got a job at a Muggle bakery. I never got to bake but I was surrounded by recipes and I often copied them to make at home. I asked for a permanent job but they said no, which was sad.

I close my eyes and envision myself owning a bakery. I can see myself doing it and I start to get excited thinking about it.

“I guess you’re right,” I finally say, opening my eyes and grinning next to me. Mum is grinning right back at me and nudges me with her leg.

“See? I think it’s a good idea. I think you should really go for it! And your father and I will help you every single step of the way.”

At the mention of Dad I feel a bit guilty. I try not to dwell on it, I’ll apologise to him later.

“Thanks, Mum,” I say, hugging her tightly around her middle. It’s a bit squishy but I love that about my mum. She’s not all bony and is the best cuddler.

She laughs and holds me tightly. “When you were little you always said you wanted to own a cake shop, don’t you remember?”

I lift my head to look up at her. “No, I don’t,” I say confusedly. I don’t remember that at all.

She says, “You used to run around telling everyone that you were going to become a famous chef and you’d own your own shop. And Uncle Ron once asked if he’d get a discount and because Uncle George never gave him discounts you told him no and you giggled like a cheeky little monkey. He chased you around the house after and you two ended up knocking over the Christmas tree.”

I laugh and say, “I remember Uncle Ron chasing me and knocking over the tree. Not the bit before.”

Mum laughs. “You were always being cheeky to your uncles. You’re exactly like I was when I was a little girl.”

I grin. “Good, because I’d hate to be like Dad. ‘Oh no, Voldemort is after me again no one must follow me I must die alone even though I don’t know that much about the magical world’,” I imitate him.

Mum laughs loudly and snorts. “You really are me. I once said something like that to him. He started to blame himself for your Uncle Fred’s death and I smacked him for being so stupid.”

“I would too!” I say, giggling. “Dad can be so overdramatic! Maybe that’s where Glitter gets it from?” I ask cheekily.

Mum pokes me but she’s laughing. “Oh, what am I going to do with you?” she says, pretending to look wearied but the twinkle in her eyes gives her away.

I shrug and squeeze her even tighter. “I don’t know.” Mum and I keep talking for a while and we’re still laughing. As a joke I ask, “Hey Mum, what’s it like having the best daughter in the world?”

Without even a second to think, Mum replies, “I don’t know. Ask Nana Molly.”

“Hey!” I protest, laughing. “You’re meant to say ‘the best experience ever’ or something like that!” I poke her side and she twitches next to me.

“I would, Lily, but I sadly do not know this answer,” she says solemnly. I roll my eyes and she ruffles my hair. “Anyway, I better get going. Dinner isn’t going to cook itself.”

I pout and hold her tighter. “No, don’t leave. I’m having fun.”

She takes my hands away from her body and says, “You can always come over, you know that?”

I roll my eyes. “Of course I know that, Mum. I’m not silly.”

“Well you do have some of your father’s traits. I have to make sure,” she responds cheekily. I look at her in outrage but she winks back at me and gets off the bed. Her hair is a complete mess. I snicker at it but she shoots back, “At least my hair lies relatively straight sometimes.”

“Touché, Mum,” I concede. “But I’m going to pass on coming to dinner tonight. I think I’ll get Glitter to order Chinese.”

Mum nods and presses a kiss to my head. “I’ll see you soon, okay?” I nod and she Disapparates away with a loud crack.

I sigh and take my plate to the kitchen sink. I leave a mental note to clean it later. I’m going to find my wand. I decide to look in my room and after tearing the place apart, I decide it isn’t in my room. My hand automatically goes towards my pockets to pull out my wand and clear the mess I made.

I’m such an idiot.

I look in the living room and check between all the pillows of the couch. I end up on all fours and looking under the couch. Sure enough, it is lying in the middle of the couch where I can’t reach it from any angle. I huff and try to push the couch over to get my stupid wand.

It’s surprisingly heavy, I hardly get it two inches before I flop down on the couch, puffing. I decide it’s a lost cause and contemplating my life as a witch without a wand before an idea hits me.

Glitter’s costume! Last year or the year before he had to dress up for a dance and they had to use canes. Maybe if I grab it and poke my wand out?

I rush to his room and go through his excessive amount of costumes. There’s far too many in here but I finally find the thin black cane and shout a loud, “Hurrah!”

I scurry back to the living room, lie down on my stomach and poke at my wand. It rolls out to the other side and I jump over, picking it up.

“Oh, how I missed you,” I say lovingly to my wand. It has dust covering it so I blow on it and wipe it on my pyjamas.

“Erm?” I look up and see Glitter with a girl I’ve never met before.
She looks confused at my attire and/or position. Which is kinda rich for her. Half her hair is shaved off and the other half is dyed a terrible pink. She has multiple piercings and a few tattoos running down her arms.

Glitter snorts. “This is Nadia, Lily. Nadia, this is my deranged cousin, Lily. And also my roommate.”

I smile briefly at her, incredibly aware how weird I must look. I have a cane at my feet, I’m caressing my wand while in short pyjamas with no bra on and my hair is all over the place.

The glasses are probably no help, they just make my eyes bug out so I probably look like I’ve just escaped from the loony bin.

She nods slowly and whispers to Glitter, “Why does she have a stick?”

Glitter looks at me in alarm and unfortunately I say the first thing that comes into my mind, “I collect sticks. This is my most prized one.”

I already look like a loon, and that is just a sure fire way to make sure I’m never getting the ‘sanity’ card.

Glitter snorts and I say politely, “So how do you guys know each other?” I’m still aware I’m holding my wand but I don’t know how to hide it without seeming suspicious about it.

“Oh, we go to the same college. But I go do the dancing stuff, Nadia does music stuff,” Glitter says. “She’s actually helping me with my comp.”

I nod. “Ah, okay. I’m just going to leave you two then. Nice meeting you,” I say shyly before retreating back to my room.

“Nice to meet you too!” Nadia calls out. I give her a small smile before closing my door shut and looking at the terrible mess I made before. Luckily I have my wand and with a dramatic wave, everything returns back to normal.

Oh who am I kidding? Nothing will ever return to normal because nothing is normal in the first place.

Hello everyone! Long time no see, huh?

I'm so sorry for the massively long wait. I just lost all motivation to finish this but it's getting back on track!

I've currently got an outline for the story and it should be 28 or 29 (one chapter might be split into two) chapters. So I will definitely finish it!

However, I am currently at school and there's only a few weeks left, but those weeks will be pretty full-on so I'm not sure how much writing I'm going to get done. I'm going to try to write as much as I can but I make no promises.

The bright side is that I will have a much lighter load after the 4th of November, so I'm sure I'll be getting a whole lot of stuff done then!

Anyway, hopefully you enjoyed this chapter! Tell me what you think. (That's if anyone is still here oops)

Thanks for reading! :)

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