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Acceptance by Rintunes
Chapter 1 : Memories
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A/N So this is just a one-shot I wrote quite a while ago, and I wanted to put it up since my other story isn't being validated at the moment. I hope you enjoy!


     Luna chuckled to herself as she watched the frazzled students of Hogwarts dash back into the castle, some a bit befuddled by the sudden onslaught of rain. You'd think that they would have gotten used the abrupt arrival of rain, since it happened more often than one might expect, but many still managed to be surprised. Even Luna, on occasion, was startled by it. Unlike others though, she welcomed the feel of the drops flecking her skin, soaking her blond hair to the scalp. She was never one to rush away from the storm, only towards it.

     She inhaled the fresh scent now surrounding her, then began to tromp towards the forest, just skirting the outsides where the more friendly creatures lurked. She had found out a few years ago that the thestrals of Hogwarts enjoyed the downpour just as much as she did. She grinned wistfully when she spotted the gentile creatures, going up to stroke the fragile, leathery wings of one. Ever since the Battle of Hogwarts, most students now knew the previously invisible force that pulled the carriages to the castle. It saddened her to see how much most of her peers feared the creatures, but it was understandable.

     "How can you stand them?" Luna turned slowly, not even slightly startled by the voice that spoke to her. She smiled even bigger when she saw who had also chosen to venture out to this part of the forest.

     "Hello Neville." Her voice as lofty as always, taking him back a bit. She saw the astonishment in his face as his eyes darted back and forth between her and the creature standing lazily next to her, the creature that she was still petting with small strokes. She waited a few more moments before speaking again. "They're entirely peaceful, you know. They would never harm a soul. They don't have that capability within them." She took a few more steps towards him, separating from the thestral. "It's not their fault that you feel so much sorrow when you see them."

     "It's not just sorrow." He said intensely. "I feel so angry. Sometimes lost." He shoved his hands deep into his pockets, turning his head way from Luna so she wouldn't she the tears filling his eyes. "I can't help but remember them." His voice broke on the last words, a few tears dripping down his face. He hoped that Luna wouldn't notice through the heavy rain.

     She walked even closer to him, reaching for his one of his hands. "C'mere." Neville attempted to resist for a few seconds as she began to drag him towards the nearest thestral. Panic flooded him as she placed his hand on the thin skin of the creature's back. She held his hand in place so he couldn't pull away. He gasped quietly as warm, light memories flooded his mind, his brain filling with the images of his friends that had passed. They smiled, they laughed, they bickered playfully, always teasing. Luna let his hand drop off of the thestral, but kept his in hers. 

     "They aren't here to remind you of their deaths. They're here to remind you of how they lived. Of how you should be living." She whispered from where her head now rest on his shoulder. Neville hugged her closer, burying his face into her damp hair, holding on to the joyous memories, and the quirky girl who was keeping him anchored, with all of his might.

A/N So I hope you liked it, and if you did I would really appreciate a review! Thank you so much for reading!


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Acceptance: Memories


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