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Winds of Desire by lindslo2012
Chapter 20 : Escaped
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 It was five weeks later and Harry and Ron walked into the Auror office after apparating to the Ministry after using those weeks to gather all information possible on the Death Eaters, Ron was excited to be helping Harry but kept complaining about having to be at another meal with Hermione and Draco the night before last to Harry’s annoyance.

“Am I going to have to be around that bloody couple all the time now? I can hardly take it Harry, I see her all the time and it’s hard to get over her when she’s right there!” Ron complained. 

 “Yes mate, but it is over with you and her, you need to realize that, now shish up so we can concentrate on what to do!” Harry responded to his best friend, waving his hand to quiet him.

There was a time for life outside of work and it wasn’t now.

“Right, sorry, so how are we going to get the lot back to Azkaban?” Ron asked, remembering why they were at work.

“Well, we have ourselves a new mission to find them, mate, and it probably won’t be easy,” Harry said, grabbing the Daily Prophet which he hadn’t read in quite a while since the Ministry had been quiet.

There was nothing in the paper that pointed to another Azkaban escape, so this led Harry to think that Kingsley, who was the Ministry of Magic and his favorite so far now knew nothing of the escape of the Carrows, Dolohov, and Zabini.

Harry knew that Kingsley had no phone, cell phones were only used by wizards after the war and Harry’s friend Seamus Finnigan was the one to discover them, the older wizards chose to do things in old ways. 

Harry decided he would have to cast a Patronus to get ahold of Kingsley and have him come into the Ministry when he probably already headed home for the night. It was now nearing five in the evening.

He sat in the comfy black chair in the head office of his which was large and decorated in his favorite things.

A picture of Ginny and Harry right after they had brought baby James home was his favorite, and it sat right by his computer, there was pictures of the Weasley family on the walls, even a picture of Harry and his cousin Dudley Dursley (who is on friendly terms with Harry now but Harry still doesn’t really talk to Vernon and Petunia), and many other pictures of various important things in his life. His office was lined with many important books such as some of Hermione’s favorites which she suggested.

Ron came in as well and sat on a couch in the corner staring silently at the picture of Hermione, himself, and Harry back before the war; they were sitting near the fire in the Gryffindor Common Room and laughing like old times in the photo, it gave Ron a jab of sadness, why couldn’t they go back and fix things in life?

 “Expecto Patronum!” Harry’s stag of a patronus left the room in a flash to get Kingsley.

“I always wondered how to do that spell, I never practiced it, not even when we had the DA meetings,” Ron thought aloud looking away from the picture of the Golden Trio and watching the stag as it left in a hurry.

But Harry was not listening, “Ron, we have to get Draco to come here with us, put your differences aside for the night. Kingsley will want to know everything he saw.”

Ron’s face turned angry, “Bloody wonderful, let’s invite your new friend to the party then!”

 Harry ignored his comment and picked up his cell phone to call Ginny as he did not have Draco’s number, not really caring to.

Draco agreed to come and was on his way to meet them in the Auror office.

Suddenly a strong knock on the door startled the two boys.

“Come in,” Harry said.

Kingsley Shacklebolt, as tall and threatening as ever stormed in.

“What is going on Potter?! Where’s the Malfoy boy?” Kingsley asked with his gruff voice, looked frantically around the room.

Harry eyed Ron as if to say see! Told you!

“Here sir,” Malfoy’s cool voice said, coming from the door.

He walked in and joined Ron on the couch, Ron immaturely got up and went to the very far side of the couch to sit again, as far away from Malfoy as possible.

Harry looked at Ron with a scowl, would Ron ever grow up?  

“Who is it did you see Malfoy?” Kingsley questioned him, towering over him like a building almost as he was raging and standing up over him.

“There was Dolohov, the Carrow siblings, and the Zabinis, that was all, but Amycus Carrow told me that more was probably going to come out soon, they have a plan I assume,” Draco answered Kingsley, thinking hard on what all the woman said to him that morning when she interrogated him in his own home.

“Just wonderful,” sighed Kingsley, “I thought we were done with this mess.”

“So did I Shacklebolt,” Harry added, shaking his head.

“I hoped they were too, I have no desire to see Father right now or ever again, it has been so nice without him,” Draco added while Ron looked at him and snorted, not believing Draco would never want to see his father, who he used to threaten people back in Hogwarts with all the time.

“Potter, we need to go to Azkaban now to investigate the cells there, Malfoy, Weasley, you come as well, that’s an order,” Kingsley said, looking seriously at the boys.

“Why me sir?” Draco asked.

“You are an ex-Death Eater Malfoy, you can help us out by trying to think how they do,” Kingsley stated.

Ron snidely said, “Still seems like a Death Eater to me, once a Death Eater always a Death Eater in my book!”

“Shut it Weasley, would you just stop!” Draco spat back at him.

Kingsley was also glaring at Ron, Harry just rolled his eyes and got some documents that they needed to go to Azkaban with, pictures of all the Death Eaters in capture that they could look at and check off who was there and who was not.

Draco was uneasy about the trip to Azkaban, what would the Death Eaters say when they saw him with Weasley and Potter? What would Father say to him? He didn’t have much time to think about this because Kingsley had already ordered them to get ready and apparate and he had dissed the escaped Death Eaters at his home earlier today, he is probably in enough trouble already.

They got in a place in Harry’s office where there wasn’t much room but the most they could get, and put one of each hand on top of another’s hand. Then before they knew it they were spinning in air and then landed on a ledge near the wizard prison, Azkaban.

The prison looked as scary and unwelcoming as ever. There were many Aurors and other Ministry personnel surrounding the property like ants, and there were ten guards near the entry way armed with swords and other weapons as well as wands, there were no longer dementors after the war because they can’t be trusted after so many of them turning sides. Kingsley found some Aurors and interrogated them with Harry by his side.

The scenery of the ocean and horizon was rather pretty and breath-taking though as Azkaban was in the middle of the ocean. This was Draco and Ron’s first time here, they felt a little terrified of what was inside and didn’t know what at all to expect. Ron stood and watched the ocean deep in thought, and Draco decided to just stand by Harry and wait to enter as much as he didn’t want to, he did like to help out on the good side now.

Harry leaned into Draco’s ear and whispered, “I know you are worried about what your father might say so if you want you can pretend you loathe me still, I’ll understand.”

Draco shook his head smirking, not taking his determined eyes off the entrance as he was scared, “No, it’s fine. I already crossed the line with them by being with Granger and I don’t care anymore, the war is over.”

“Still doesn’t change how I loathe you!” Ron added, joining them again.

“Weasley, no time for that now! If I hear one more comment from you then you are suspended from the Ministry for a month!” Kingsley bellowed at him making Ron shut up.

Harry pushed Ron to walk ahead as Kingsley walked toward the entrance.

Kingsley went first into the prison with Harry at his heels, Draco and Ron somewhat lagged behind, their hearts palpitating. Ron glared at Draco the whole time.

“Speed up Weasley you snail!” Draco said impatiently as Ron hesitated to enter for a moment. Ron looked back at him dangerously but did not say anything again within Kingsley’s hearing range.

Hermione and Ginny finished their dinner and Hermione set the dishes to wash and lay on Ginny and Harry’s couch, stroking her tummy which was even a little bigger now than two days ago.

“What do you think they are doing?” Hermione asked Ginny, who was rocking James in the recliner.

“I would guess they went to try and catch the Death Eaters, what they do best,” Ginny answered with a shrug and a little grin, thinking of how hard-working her husband is.

Hermione felt a pang of worry; she hoped they were all okay.

“’Mione, you said yourself, Harry’s the best, they will all be fine so stop your worrying,” Ginny reassured her, seeing her concerned face.  

Draco and Ron did a double take when they saw what was inside, Harry had to urge them to keep walking and start doing their job.

A man that Harry recognized from the Auror office shook his and Kingsley’s hands; he stays within Azkaban to keep watch on most days and he gave Kingsley the report which angered Kingsley because he felt if they were doing their job no one would have escaped. There were so many jail cells, too many to count it seemed and they mostly all filled with Voldemort’s ex- followers.

The walls looked wet and dirty, and the place was very noisy with the calls from the Death Eaters and smelled of dung.

“Bloody hell,” Ron whispered out loud.

Harry and Draco turned to look at him; Draco was in awe as well. He was thanking Harry and whoever fought for him in his trial that day very much now in his head.

Kingsley stopped walking and turned to look at Draco, “Malfoy, tell me, if they escaped through the wall last time, how could they have escaped now? Had your parents ever mentioned anything on their tactics?”

Draco thought hard, it was hard to because he heard his name being shouted to his horror and didn’t look up to see who all was shouting at him and he tried his best to block it out. “Erm, no sir, Father mentioned once that a few had escaped from the windows somehow.” 

Kingsley nodded and then looked at the windows; sure enough there was a broken window just feet away from them. They walked toward it and discovered it was neatly cut, so it must’ve been broken by wand. Kingsley examined the window, “This must be how. The windows have no bars; we must put bars on them now and we still have to go looking for the other lot that escaped!” And he did a spell to seal all the windows with very thick black bars, similar to the ones that were already on the cells.

But Draco wasn’t listening, he heard his name come from a familiar voice, and Harry and Ron were both looking at Draco as well to see how he reacted to his father screaming at him.

Draco, my son! You are here, oh my wonderful boy! You came to get me out of here!” Lucius cried out, clutching to the rusty bars of his cell.

Draco coldly looked at him without any facial expression and didn’t move.

“Come here son, please?” Begged Lucius, tears coming from his eyes now.

“Go,” Whispered Harry.

Draco listened to Harry and walked slowly toward his father. He arrived at the cell and looked into his father’s face. But it didn’t look like his father anymore, his usual long blonde hair was much longer, dirty and graying and he had a beard almost as long as his chest. The only thing Draco could recognize is the gray eyes that were identical to his.

Lucius clutched his hands to his son’s face.  

A couple of Aurors who were very nearby raced to Draco’s side but Harry sent them off on their way because he knew Draco needed to see his father whether he thought he did or not. Draco just frowned and didn’t say anything.

“I miss you and your mum, it’s so good to see you! I can’t wait to break free of this wretched place, I’m so glad you came to get me!” Lucius cried to his son, melting down to his knees.

Draco’s eyes got big and watery, he did not want to cry, and he hated his father but did not like seeing him this way, he was still his family as much as he hated to admit it.

“I’m not here to get you Father, I can’t. I’m sorry...” Lucius must not have heard him because he then carried on conversation.   

“Draco, tell me what has been happening with you!” Cried Lucius desperate for communication, his body pathetically against the cell bars as if Draco was about to open them.

Draco looked at Ron, Harry, and Shacklebolt who were still examining the prison with the prisoners, the Death Eaters still shouting and screaming at them and threatening death upon them if they didn’t let them out.

They weren’t paying attention so Draco decided to tell his father things he wanted him to know, “Father, I have changed since the war. I am not a Death Eater anymore and never really was,” He started, pausing to show Lucius the mark on his left arm which was just a scar now like his father’s but Draco had crossed his out as much as possible, “I am in love with Hermione Granger, a muggle born and we are having a baby. I rather you stay in here and die than come back out and hurt mum and me like you always have! That’s what’s going on with me! I believe you deserve to be in here father,” Draco spat at his father going to walk away but he was too slow.

Lucius punched Draco in the nose and broke it and then grabbed Draco’s throat, “How dare you, you snotty little prick! How could my own son mate with a mudblood? How could you turn your back on us?! You are no son of mine!” Lucius was choking Draco, his hands were very tightly wrapped around his throat and Draco was turning purple and losing oxygen fast and screaming for help but it only came out with a grunting sound and Lucius held on for a good five minutes, there were no employees around.

Luckily Harry noticed what was going on and he hit Lucius Malfoy with a Jelly Finger curse, causing Lucius’ fingers to fall like jello back onto his hands and he looked at his son, not believing what his hands just did to his son and felt ashamed.

Draco immediately fell to the concrete floor and lost consciousness, his nose bleeding badly and dark bruises around his throat. Lucius screamed pointlessly that he was very sorry and kept repeating himself over and over again, crying.

“Draco! Draco wake up!” Screamed Harry as the Death Eaters around him jeered and yelled at him, “Potter! YOU WILL DIE AT OUR HANDS WHEN WE LEAVE THIS PLACE we will revenge what you have done to Him,” repeatedly as they shook the cell bars and spat at him.

Draco was not coming to, and Kingsley finished his task at barring the prison windows had also ran to Draco’s aide.

“If only Hermione was here, she’d know what to do, but with her being pregnant she would probably die of a heart attack seeing him this way so we will leave her be, no one tell her until we get there, she’s too vulnerable to deal with this!” Harry yelled at Kingsley who took Draco up into his huge arms, placing Draco’s wand back in his wand pocket because a nearby Death Eater, who happened to be Yaxley reached out and almost grasped it in his hands after it had fallen.

They left the inside of the prison to a quieter outside and lay Draco on the ground, his father screamed for him as they left and the Death Eaters just laughed at Lucius as he reached out for his son who was no longer in sight.

“He’s a traitor anyway, let him die Lucius! I heard what he said!” Yelled Thorfinn Rowle in disgust.

Ron thought hard of some of the spells Hermione used in the past, but he couldn’t even though they lived together for a year, he just couldn’t remember and he wished he could because he was actually saddened by watching Draco nearly grasping for his life for those few moments, just imagining how Hermione would be devastated if the father of her child died. Wow, Ron must really care for Hermione…

Finally, after about thirty minutes of trying to wake him up after surrounding him now outside of the prison on the cliff’s floor, Draco woke up. He coughed up blood and then vomited, this concerned Kingsley so he felt that he should be taken to St. Mungo’s.

“I’m f-fine; really Shacklebolt there’s no need!” Draco pleaded but to no change as Kingsley told Harry and Ron to apparate to St. Mungo’s at once while he called for a thestral because Draco was not strong enough to apparate.

The boys did as Kingsley told them but made a stop first, and the thestral arrived in a knick of time.

Kingsley Shacklebolt adjusted Draco onto the animal and then got behind him, holding him steady as they took off.

After about an hour, they finally arrived at the hospital to an awaiting Ron and Harry, and Shacklebolt escorted Draco in after feeding the thestral meat and sending it on its way.

Draco dreaded Hermione hearing about this happening and her being pregnant and worried about him.

The Healers escorted him in, taking him away from Harry, Ron, and Shacklebolt and performing spells to repair his nose at once. Well, this is the last place Draco expected to be on this night… he planned a nice night with Hermione.

Looks like plans would have to be postponed because Kingsley was not letting Draco out of his sight ever since they had left Azkaban.

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